Country’s Most Exciting Artists Headline the ™ SEVENTH MUSIC FIESTA If you’re a country music fan, Balloon Fiesta Park is the place to be on the second Saturday of October! Every year, the lbuuerue International Balloon Fiesta’s® annual usic Fiesta hosts hot youn country artists for an afternoon of music and fun Plan to stay for the iht aic Balloon lo­ and fter lo­ Fire­orks! Justin Moore •e Artist of te ear tro‚ at An Arkansas native o gre u te A–… Aars after releasing is ioliing igt oakam an ­eit criticall‚ acclaime tir albumƒ €itle‚ƒ „ustin …oore knos a ting “Off ‹e Beaten Pat”ƒ an in 201—ƒ or to about it recors imself† e roe “­ina on’t –are”ƒ is ‡e lane is fi rst countr‚ ˆ1 it tir consecutive ˆ1 recor† ‡is lat‘ “Šmall ‹on ŒŠAƒ” te breakout est albumƒ “’ate •igts an ’ong‘ single off is 2009 self‘title ebut† necksƒ” tis its ca to Alan „ackson ‹e recor ent latinumƒ as i its an ˜eorge Štrait it a no‘frills 2011 follo‘uƒ “Outlas ’ike …eƒ” ortrait of small‘ton life an ic ‚iele ‚et anoter ˆ1 single big‘time reams tat’s not afrai it “If ‡eaven €asn’t Šo Far Aa‚†” to let its air on an art‚ at In 201”ƒ …oore lane te covete te en of a ar a‚’s ork† ‹e •e ork ‹imes aile …oore as roof tat “ol forms can stan even stronger it in™ections of ne ieas†” Cassadee Pope ‡itmaker –assaee Poe foun er nominee after assion for music at a ‚oung age ‘ inning Šeason ›† Šince tenƒ se singing 90’s countr‚ covers at local as returne to er countr‚ roots† talent contests in er ometon of ‡er its “€asting All ‹ese ‹ears” €est Palm Beacƒ F’† As a teen‘ an “Šummer” became fan favoritesƒ agerƒ er musical tastes sifte er an no as an ineenent artistƒ to unk rock as se became te se as foun creative freeom it lea singer for an travele te ne songs “‹ake ou ‡omeƒ” “One orl touring it er ban ‡e‚ …ore œe ’igt’ an er latest single …ona‚† After acceting an invi‘ “If …‚ ‡eart ‡a A ‡eart†” –assaee tation to comete for a sot on as recentl‚ fi nise er fi rst ine‘ ‹e šoiceƒ se became te fi rst enent countr‚ albumƒ ‘Štages’ƒ female inner an ˜ramm‚ ic is available noŸ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 16 ®

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