BRANDING ® BALLOON FIESTA A logo is a symbol used by an organization to identify its products or services. A theme is a recurring subject that identifi es an experience. BY TOM MCCONNELL FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE Œhe Albuquerque Inter­ co righte animals for his ® national Balloon Fiesta balloon rall ‚ ˆence the is no ifferent‚ Ž€en for st lie roarunner in the €er fi rst Balloon Fi­ the balloon for the 19‘2 esta in 19‘2 ’hich as rogram‚ †i also use calle “International Bal­ this same ”oarunner­ loon Festi€al “ ”all ”• in­a­balloon logo for founer †i –utter ha to the title­age of his come u ith a logo that nel forme balloon oul con€e the magic club› Albuquerque Aero­ an fun of a orl­class bal­ stat Ascension Association‚ loon e€ent‚ †i ultimatel Œhe famous –o ote as No matter ho big or ho small ecie to use a south­ ae for the actual almost all businesses an organiations estern theme coie race the fi rst balloon­ sooner or later face the challenge of from the ˆare “ ˆoun ing cometition to coming u ith some in of s mbol races of earl Žuroean come to Ne ˜e™ico‚ or logo that at a mere glance not onl an American balloon Œhe ne™t ear hen ientifi es the organiation to its cus­ e€ents here the ˆare †i agree to host tomers but also lea€es the customer balloon taes off fi rst the fi rst šorl ˆot­Air ith a clear imression of hat the or­ chase b the ˆoun bal­ Balloon –hamion­ ganiation is an oes‚ ƒolen Arches loons‚ ˆe ne that the fl eet­ shis he again contacte an one„ “†ooshes” on shoes„ ˆo foote selom­fl ing roarunner šarner Brothers an got ermission šarner Brothers an got ermission ‘bout that ale ith the bite out of as the state bir of Ne ˜e™ico‚ to use the –o ote an the ”oarunner to use the –o ote an the ”oarunner it„ None of those logos inclue the ˆe contacte šarner Brothers the to a€ertise the secon e€ent‚ †e€eral organiation’s name – but most eole creators of the famous ”oarunner osters ere mae to romote the can rattle off the name of the coman an –o ote animate fi lm cartoons 19‘œ e€ent an the title as change ithout e€en thining about it‚ an got ermission to use to of their to “Albuquerque International –o ote­ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 74 ®

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