Safety Tips Lovelace Health System is proud to be te offi cial ealt care proider for te 2019 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Belo is a list of elpful safet tips to elp ou eno our isit in good ealt 1. Limit alcohol consumption. ­. €hoose a place to meet in case Šoelace ‹ealt „stem’s emergenc ­emember€ ou’re at a mileƒig someone gets separate‚ or lost. medical professionals proide onƒ altitude€ ic could increase †a…e sure oung cildren ae site emergenc medical care for alcool’s impact some form of identifi cation on problems ranging from minor scrapes tem to eart attac…s Šoelace’s medical 2. Dress in layers. olunteers ill be located at te It’s sometimes er cool in te ƒ. Don’t “‚rive an‚ watch” at the Šoelace First Aid Œenter morning€ but after sunrise it ill same time. arm up noticeabl ‡e balloons are a magnifi cent but distracting sigt †oe 3. Bring water. completel off to te side of te „ta drated trougout te road to atc da †. ‡atch where you’re going. . se sunscreen. Beare of eicles moing around Ž © 2019 Šoelace ‹ealt „stem At a iger altitude ou’re at an te fi eld€ especiall emergenc All rigts resered ‡ese materials increased ris… for sunburn eicles tring to get troug te ma not be reproduced€ in ole or crod in part€ itout crediting Šoelace for . Bring appropriate eye use protection. 10. Bring a fl ashlight for evening „un and ind could be our events. enemies on a sunn or ind da Also€ ta…e note of ere ou par…ed our car—it’s more . Don’t smoe anywhere near the diffi cult to fi nd in te dar… ‰se alloons. te Balloon Fiesta app to pin te A lit cigarette could possibl location of our car ignite a balloon’s propane fuel tan… Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 30 ®

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