fl ying for many years to come€ ‚ere is alreay a esign for a re‹lacement en…elo‹e but te Boar is consiering eter to allo te AIBF logo on a balloon one by one ini …iual€ ‚e boar members an¦ious for a neer­ larger balloon in’t a…e long to ait€ ‚e ‚ir “Fiesta” bal loon­ Spirit of Fiesta II­ came along in August 2012€ It is currently one an fl on Darryl unter an is by nine club members¥ se… friens fl e te original bal en members of te AIBF loon troug muc of te boar an to Balloon 19 0s­ an ten for many Fiesta em‹loyees€ It is a years it sat in storage€ ‚e ’ameron balloon­ moel balloon as rebuilt in 201ƒ ¨90 “90­000 cubic feet•­ using a muc ligter but still an te registration num urable fabric in use in balloons ber is ž¡¢”¢¢€ As of tis urable fabric in use in balloons riting te balloon as toay€ „yan unter­ a relati…e toay€ „yan unter­ a relati…e logge a‹‹ro¦imately of Darryl’s­ no ons an fl ies of Darryl’s­ no ons an fl ies 1‡0 ours€ DicŽ „ice­ € It as about ‡0 ours on Fiesta€ It as about ‡0 ours on club treasurer­ re‹orts te ne fabric€ tat it is use ‹rimarily to ‚e ˆecon “Fiesta” balloon­ ‚e ˆecon “Fiesta” balloon­ ‹romote te Albuquerque Internation Spirit of Fiesta I, as intene al Balloon Fiesta an aareness of te to be te gran ‹riŒe for te ile fl ying€ s‹ort of ballooning in general€ „ice inner of te 199 Balloon Fiesta€ ‚e balloon is a ’ameron moel belie…es te balloon is not fl on often ‚e balloon is mostly yello­ it a žƒƒ “ƒƒ­000 cubic feet•­ serial Ÿ ¡1 1­ enoug­ an tat it oul be goo ite s‹ace aroun te mile it an registration Ÿ ž¢‡10£€ It as for it to a…e more e¦‹osure€ ™ost te Albuquerque International manufacture in ¤uly­ 199 € ‚roug of te ‘‘’ members a…e teir on Balloon Fiesta logo€ ‚e logo is te te years­ oter boar members balloons an only fl y Spirit of Fiesta II orŽ of ‘yna ’ris‹ino­ a gifte asŽe to ›oin te club as tey ore at Balloon Fiesta an oter ballooning gra‹ic esign artist­ o also a‹ out teir ‹ersonal balloons an ary e…ents€ ‹ens to be em‹loye by Balloon Bennett­ –arry ˆeason­ an ™iŽe „ice ‚is balloon is also o‹erate as a Fiesta€ “‚o learn more about tis an ere ae to te grou‹€ club balloon itin an ‘‘’ “limite oter Balloon Fiesta logos­ turn to A time came en e…en more boar liability com‹any•­ ose members ‹age ƒ”€• members ante to ›oin in­ an tey must be Boar ™embers or œm‹loy –oe…er­ it turne out tat tat ante a neer­ larger “tan a ƒƒ­000 ees of AIBF€ „e‹airs are te res‹on inning ‹ilot ecie to sell is cubic foot moel žƒƒ•­ balloon to sibility of te member uner ose ‹riŒe€ —at to o it a beautiful fl y€ ‚e ilemma ten became¥ at control te amage incurre€ ™em ne balloon it te Albuquerque to o it te ol balloon˜ ˆte…e bers ‹ay ©1 ‹er minute of infl ate International Balloon Fiesta logo on šomaina recogniŒe it as a great time€ It is ientical to te secon it˜ Boar members ™arŽ ˆulli…an an o‹‹ortunity to acquire a balloon to “Fiesta” balloon e¦ce‹t tat te basic ˆte…e šomaina felt tat tey i not use as a training ‹latform for tose balloon color is all yello itout te ant ›ust anyone fl ying te Balloon of is family members intereste in ite ‹resent aroun te equator in Fiesta logo so tey ‹ut togeter a learning to fl y€ –e bougt out all te Spirit of Fiesta I€ grou‹ of tose irectors an staff e¦isting oners an became te sole Many thanks to Steve Komadina, members o ante to Žee‹ te oner€ –is son ™arŽ learne to fl y Ryan Gunter, Norm Courtney, ick balloon for Balloon Fiesta€ It as in Spirit of Fiesta I€ Anoter benefi t Rice, Marge Ruppentha, om McCon o‹erate liŽe a club balloon an te to šomaina – ose oter balloon ne, rian yree, George ahn, Mariee oners ‹ai ‹er our to fl y it it te as te is signature ˆtorŽ s‹ecial Schmit Nason, and eth rightSmith goal of generating enoug re…enue to sa‹e “Great Eggspectations•  as for their contri­utions to this artice€ efray some of te cost of registra tat it as muc easier to infl ate te tion­ insurance an annual ins‹ection regularsa‹e Spirit of Fiesta I at fees€ œac oner as res‹onsible for glo e…ents€ ˆte…e lo…es te balloon re‹airing any amage tey create an ‹lans to Žee‹ it airorty an Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 68 ®

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