and la“es… Our balloon te Freiburg Challenge was four miles from te cit and we ad te el of te Fire Brigade to el us trans ort dr and fold it u  Our case team accom lised an in­ credible ž200­mile tri in si€ das wit our cam er an of wic Ÿ00 miles was on un aed roads ‘e would li“e to ta“e tis o ortunit to tan“ our †anadian friends and of course all te el we receied from te aeronauts resent in Albuquerque and te ro­ digious organi‰ation of te America’s †allenge te race were records are ossible and onl as“ to be sur assed” LLeaeavving ing AAlbuquerlbuquerqqueue...... The 2019 America’s Challenge: PhoPhottoo c coourturteessyy Laur Laureent Scibont Scibozz In writing about te 201‹ America’s †allenge and te o ortunit to Over Lake Superior, “fl oating set te o ortu­ in the middle of a blue sphere, nit to fl  record no longer distinguishing the sky distances Frenc from the ground”. Quote and eteran Benoît photo courtesy Laurent Sciboz Pelard writes “”is is te onl lace were ou I would ae eer can do it ¢uro e tougt I would is too small and our want to do” great cam ion and After two or m friend £incent more das aloft te ›eÿs sould come ilots are tired But one da to Ameri­ te must ae ca…” Pelard “new suffi cient mental wat e was writing focus and si­ about In te 201‹ cal strengt to e€ecute te most callenging ase of te fl igtƒ te landing For tose com etitors using te limits of teir strengt endurance and equi ment landing can be a real we found a s ot tat at least te adenture „as two­time America’s trees were tin enoug tat it would †allenge cam ion And †aton allow us to get troug so tat te bas­ allow us to get troug so tat te bas­ ‡wo wit ˆr‰s‰tof Ša art was 201‹’s “et was on te ground and not anging “et was on te ground and not anging runner u Œƒ “‘e ran out of land ran out ˜0 feet u in te air…” Fric“e was more ˜0 feet u in te air…” Fric“e was more of ballast and didn’t ae muc sun­ succinctƒ “”e landing was interest­ ligt left … we dum ed our last tree ing – and •I am– tan“ful Peter still ad sandbags and began trowing tings enoug abilit to get us to a safe ut out of te bas“et” ”ird­ lace fi nisers down among trees” Barbara Fric“e and Peter †uneo were ”e winners ”ièce and „cibo‰ ad in a similar osition com leting teir teir own adenturesƒ “At te end of fl igt of more tan 1900 miles „as te •last– nigt we ad snow tat made te •last– nigt we ad snow tat made †uneo “•”e landing was– arrowing te balloon eaier Our goal was to and air­raising due to clouds lots of reac a cit and ›abrador †it œew­ trees and low ballast ”e fourt •at­ foundland was a good goal wit some Noah Forden and Bert Padelt in their “small tem t– we —ust ad no ballast left and landing ossibilities outside of forests broom closet” aloft. Photo courtesy Noah Forden Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 104 ®

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