ALBUQUERQUE FACT S Albuquerque’s major streets run on a grid system. Most of the main streets will run either north-south or east-west. The address numbers start at Central Avenue at the railroad tracks in downtown Albuquerque and emanate outward. Sandia Mountains are to the east. Apps such as Google Maps provide accurate and reliable navigation, helping guide you around town. Please review our traffic maps because during Balloon Fiesta sessions roads may be temporarily closed, so be sure to follow our signs. The Balloon Fiesta Office and Gift Shop are located on Alameda Blvd. one mile west of I-25. During the event, the access routes into Balloon Fiesta Park will change based on the day of the week (weekday or weekend), as well as the direction from which you are coming (east or west). Please view our Getting to the Park section starting on page 7 for maps and directions. LOCAL EDITORIALS AND CURRENT EVENTS The Albuquerque Journal The Paper INTERESTING NEW MEXICO STATE FACTS ______________________________________________________________ Flower: Yucca ______________________________________________________________ Tree: Pinon Pine ______________________________________________________________ Bird: Roadrunner ______________________________________________________________ Nickname: Land of Enchantment ______________________________________________________________ Official Question: Red or Green (Chile)? ______________________________________________________________ Tie: Bolo ______________________________________________________________ Statehood: January 6, 1912 (47th state in the Nation) ______________________________________________________________ State Capital: Santa Fe (At nearly 7,000 ft. above sea level, it is the highest and oldest U.S. capital) ______________________________________________________________ Highest Point: Wheeler Peak, 13,161 ft. ______________________________________________________________ Aircraft: Hot Air Balloon _________________________________________________________________

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