6 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2016 Media Guide 2022 Media Guide DAWN PATROL SHOW (October 1-9) The Dawn Patrol Show is not only beautiful but practical. The Dawn Patrol began at Balloon Fiesta in 1978. Dawn Patrol pilots take off before sunrise and fly until landing sites become visible, giving other balloonists an idea of wind speeds and direction at different altitudes. On Mass Ascension days, the Dawn Patrol balloons put on a show with a choreographed inflation and launch set to music. KRISPY KREME MORNING GLOW (October 1, 2, 5, 8 and 9) A tradition established in 2010, balloonists will participate in a morning balloon glow. Immediately following the launch of the Dawn Patrol Show, a “baker’s dozen” balloons will light up the field with a balloon glow. They will then launch with the rest of balloons on the field at sunrise. MASS ASCENSIONS (October 1, 2, 5, 8, and 9) A breathtaking premier morning event, the Mass Ascensions feature hundreds of colorful hot air balloons launching to the skies in two waves. The dazzling and vibrant show can last up to two hours. AMERICA’S CHALLENGE™ (October 1) America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race was first held at the Balloon Fiesta in 1995. Gas balloonists come from around the world to Balloon Fiesta Park to participate in the event, the team that flies the longest distance wins. Team information forthcoming. This year will mark the 25th America’s Challenge. SPECIAL SHAPE RODEO™, GLOWDEO™ (October 6 and 7) The most whimsical of all flying events, the Special Shape Rodeo and Glowdeo were started in 1989 and showcase captivating airborne works of art that include a penguin, frog, owl, fish aquarium and much more. Balloons take to the air for the Special Shape Rodeo™ and during the Glowdeo balloons stay grounded and inflate, giving Balloon Fiesta guests an up close and personal view. EVENTS INSIDE THE PARK [CONTINUED]

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