when all the alloons fi re their urners and light u at the same time is er‚ has the most sectacular single moment in all of Bal‚ loon Fiesta. Secial shae alloons hae their own alloon glows on hursday and Friday of Balloon Fies‚ ta week …see elow†. America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race Launch scheduled Satur- the Neon West Band. Your day, October 5, approxi- admission also gets you mately 6 PM: For alloon into the Night Magic Glow ilots it’s one of the and AfterGlow Fireworks toughest tests of skill and AerGlow™ Firewors Show! For more on this endurance in the world as Show resene ­ Sania €T‚ER EVENTSƒ eent isit age . nine chamionshi teams Resor an Casino fl y across America trying Saturday October 5, While at Balloon Fiesta to achiee the greatest dis‚ Sunday October 6, Thurs- Œark e sure to enŽoy the EVENING EVENTS tance. o learn more a out day October 10, Friday A‘BF ‹hainsaw ‹aring Balloon Glows this eˆciting race turn to October 11, and Saturday ’ˆhi ition the Fiesta of age ‰Š. October 12, immediate- Wheels ‹ar Show in Twilight Twinkle Glow™ trading and our many T ly after the Glows; note Saturday October 5, pre- Secial Shae Gloweo Main Stage erformances! sented by the Albuquer- Thursday October 10 and that AfterGlow times may ‹heck online at BalloonFi‚ que Journal, Balloon Glow, Friday October 11: he change due to fi eld and esta.com or on our social Sunday, October 6 and fantastic secial shae weather conditions: he media ages for details Night Magic Glow, Satur- alloons are een more fi reworks shows at the and times. Also don’t day, October 12 present- fantastic in the glow of Balloon Fiesta are some of forget to sho and eat your ed by Canon: he static early eening! he Secial the est erformed any‚ way through Main Street dislays of illuminated Shae Glowdeo features where! Œlan to stay after isit the Balloon “iscoery alloons known as “ alloon eeryone’s faorite shaes the alloon glows to enŽoy ‹enter and our Artisans glows” are among the Bal‚ from ees to irds to ears. the sectacle! tent and more! loon Fiesta’s most oular ‹ome early ecause this is eents. he “All Burn” one of the Balloon Fiesta’s most oular eents! 11 PPIICTCTUURREE PERFECT

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