Your Guie to Balloon Fiesta Events MORNING EVENTS ages„ maing te Balloon Dawn Patrol/Dawn Patrol Fiesta’s Œisit to teir scool Show presente  Rote  a true communit eŒent‚ asino otel an RV Par­ o…petitions Daily€ is “balloon glo in Weekdays’ In ballooning te s ” features as man com…etitions„ …ilots use as a o€en balloons‚ On ins at ifferent altitues ƒass Ascension a s„ …ilots to reac a target an ro… …erform te †an Patrol a marer so it lans as ‡o„ a coreogra…e close to te center of te infl ation an launc set to target as …ossible‚ e music tat as been …art com…etitions also feature of te Balloon Fiesta since te 199‰‚ Speƒial Shape Roeo™ presente ‚ND  Šells Far†o Ban­ DON’T MISSŒ Thursday, October 11 Msiƒ Fiesta™ Featrin† “presented by Wells Fargo Žstin Moore‘ Presente Bank” and Friday,  Nash „RST ’“”• October 12: –elebratŠ ing teir —0t ear„ tese 1 PM Saturday, October 12: s…ecial mass ascensions is e™citing afternoon Pole Grab an ‘ing es…eciall socase te eŒent s…otligts countr oss„ ere …ilots fl to increible craftsmansi…„ music su…erstars šustin Mass ‚sƒensions/„risp …oles at Balloon Fiesta creatiŒit „ an artistr tat ƒoore an –assaee Po…e„ „re…e Mornin† Glow Par to in fabulous …ri€es“ mae monsters„ critters„ an along it Albuquerque’s Weekends and Wednesday: OŒerall inners are eterŠ ˜ust about an ting else ou on  lor Branon an mine b iniŒiual …ilots’ can imagine tae fl igt‚ e s…ectacular ƒass can imagine tae fl igt‚ Ascensions of unres cumulatiŒe scores uring of otŠair balloons are te Balloon Fiesta ee‚ Balloon Fiesta’s signature Fli†ht oˆ the Nations eŒents an are …recee Wednesday, October 9: b te Žris… Žreme ƒornŠ e Fligt of te ”ations at ing Glo„ a “mini” balloon •enesa ’s ƒass AscenŠ glo‚ sion onors …ilots from all ‚l‡er‡e ‚loˆt te nations …artici…ating Friday, October 4 in Balloon Fiesta„ man of approximately 7:00 AM: om launc fl ing teir On te Fria before national fl ag‚ Balloon Fiesta begins„ balloons fl from scools in Albuquerque an ‘io ‘anŠ co‚ ‡ome scool PAs sell foo an ot beŒerŠ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 10 ®

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