WWeelclcoome frme froom the Gom the Govveernorrnor,, State of New Mexico Welcome to the Land of from the di€€‚in­ ire of Enchantment! The annual Tent …oc to the dee wood Albuquerque International of the †ilaƒ from the world Balloon Fieta i a centeriece famou caern in „arlbad eent of our oneofaind to the mell of roatin­ ­reen culture There  nothin­ quite chile in the fall‡ When ‚ou lie the bu€€ of the earl‚ nowƒ ‚ou now New Mexico i mornin­ atmohereƒ the adenture teeed in culture iew of hundred of balloon †et out and ee it! In the a­aint the Sandia and a meantimeƒ I hoe ‚ou enˆo‚ triin­ blue ‚ When ‚ou e ‚our time at the Balloon Fieta been hereƒ when ‚ou e een itƒ and I hoe ‚ou come a­ain to ‚ou neer for­et it And that  ee u oon true of an‚ number of lace and exerience acro New Mexico! From the ­litenin­ dune of White Sand National †oernor Michelle Luˆan †riham Monument in Alamo­ordo to the owerful ene of lace and hitor‚ at „haco „an‚onƒ ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 ffi cial roram 8

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