THE IRISH BALLOONIST BLESSING BY DICK BROWN FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE The sun has blessed you with its warm hands. . . Photo by David Dickinson pushed along as the wind pushes a May you fi nd old friends waiting to balloon along. Even in the current greet you, there on the outside track. of the Rio Grande, pilots exercising a We’re gathered together old times splash n’ dash have experienced the to remember, ‘tis but for ourselves linear combination of “Fair Winds” and we would grieve, “Following eas”. o we’ll sing you a chorus and bid om ewis, an rishman and  ­€ear you farewell  fair winds and a fol veteran of the ‚ritish Ro€al ƒav€’s lowing sea. submarine service, has written the l€rics of a song that combine the rish Šs om „c‹onnell points out, there pra€er “„a€ the Road Rise …p to „eet is a slightl€ modifi ed pre­fl ight pra€er †ou” and the nautical blessing “Fair version of the rish ‚alloonist ‚lessing Winds and Following eas”. With his that also uses the word “ma€”. permission, his fi rst stanˆa is provided below‰ May the winds welcome you with softness. May the sun bless you with May the road rise up to meet you, its warm hands. May you fl y so high may the wind ever be at your back, and so well that od oins you in 71 PICTURE PERFECT

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