Recent & Upcoming Events JANUARY “Effective January 23, 2023 all expiration dates on non-expired Monthly General Meeting certificates will be extended to a total of seven years, (i.e. If Jan. 24, 2023 5:30pm cert expires February 28, 2023 they will now be valid until Feb- ruary 28, 2027). The certificates that have an expired date of FEBRUARY January 31, 2023 or later are still valid for travel within the U.S. Monthly Flying Event - Friends & Lovers and internationally, however, there could be some situations that arise from this with foreign inspectors and CAA’s. The FAA Feb 11-12, 2023 6:15am intends to send new registration certificates to aircraft owners before the expiration dates on the current certificates. Education Committee The rule also eliminates the need for us to issue extensions on Feb. 13, 2023 pink copy authority. The second copy of the Aircraft Registra- tion Application (the “Pink Copy”) as temporary authority to Monthly Board Meeting operate will be valid until the applicant receives the aircraft Feb. 20, 2023 5:30pm registration certificate, the application is returned for correc- tion by the FAA, or 12 months have elapsed during which the Private Pilot Ground School registration is pending on that aircraft. The Registry will no Feb. 24-26, 2023 longer be issuing letters of extension. “Pink copy” authority is grandfathered for all applications. If Monthly General Meeting someone’s pink copy authority already expired, it comes back Feb. 28, 2023 6:30pm to life on January 23 – no extensions necessary.” Elizabeth Wright-Smith Pilot School: • FAR pt 141 training from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest •Flexible schedules. One-on-one flight or ground school •Private, commercial or add-ons •Biennial flight reviews Designated Pilot Examiner: Available for private, commercial or add-on rating check rides in the Albuquerque area Cameron Balloon Sales: Buy from a dealer with over 20 years experience flying and selling Cameron balloons without overhead costs. 505.604.2865505.604.2865 ••[email protected] 2 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

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