Albuquerque Interna tional Balloon Fies ta ® S ponsor Handboo k - 20 The use of golf carts at Balloon Fies ta Park is not allowed unless the v ehicl e is registered with A IBF an d has the current AIBF sticker displa yed. All operators must be at least 16 year s old and possess a valid driver’s license, insurance and an AIBF issued permit. Operators are expected to o perate g olf carts in a responsible manne r at all times or golf cart privileges will be revoked. Scooters and all - terrain ve hicles are not allowe d. BALLOON SPONSORSHIPS A Balloon sponsorship – bannered, commercial or non - profit – is a wonde rful wa y to partici p ate in Balloon Fiesta! Your balloon may fl y in all events during Balloon Fiesta tha t are scheduled f or standard shape hot air ba l loons. If your sponsored balloon is a special shape it may also fly in events designed exclusively for spec ial sha pe balloons. If you are spo nsoring a bannered balloon, AIBF will assist you in purchasing your banner. If needed , a balloon and pilot will b e located to fly your banner, and banner measurements will be determined to best fit the balloon. We will ne ed a pi cture ( ve cto r art file in on e of the following form ats : . eps or .pdf with CYMK color profile ) of your company logo. After acquiring a p rice q uote, we will send you, via email, a copy of the banner and pri ce quote for your approval. No banner will be produc ed without y o ur written appr oval. Purchasing a banner i s a one - time expense. The banner belongs to your company and may be flown in as many B alloon Fiestas as you like, as lon g as a contract is signed and the sponsorship fee is paid for the applicab le Ball oon Fiesta. PLEASE NOTE: Th e pilot chosen to display y our banner may be a competition pilot and , if so, may launch outside of Balloon Fiesta Park on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday morning(s) and att empt to fly into the Park. Commercial balloo n spons orships requ i re that the spo nsorship contract be signed and the fee is paid. The balloon and pil ot will register thr ough the normal reg istrat ion process for pilots. All pilots of sponsored balloons shall receive a pilot jacket. SPONSOR JACKETS Spon sor jac kets may be p ersonalized wit h your company name or logo if the Sponsor Information and Jacket Or der Form is complete d and received by B alloon Fiesta by the date specified on t he Jacket Order Form. Additi onal sponsor jackets may be ordered prior to the eve nt at a cost of $1 5 0.00 per jacket with no additional c harge for personalization. These addition al orders will be fi lled based on avail abilit y. CONTACTING YOUR PILOT In early September, you will receive a letter from Balloon Fiesta with information about your pilot. Y our pilot will also receive a similar lett er with your information. You will be giv en contact informati on so that you are able t o get in touch with him or her pri or to the event to discuss yo ur rides, and set up a time and place to meet . It i s the sponso r ’s responsibili ty to make arrangements for their rides.

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