20 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2022 Media Guide STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS STAFF A small professional team, work throughout the year to produce each Balloon Fiesta. They serve in one of six primary areas: Event Production: Oversees all ballooning events, social events and pilot registration Merchandising: Poster series, official merchandise, balloon pins Marketing: Advertising, corporate sponsorships, ticketing and membership programs Field Maintenance: Grounds preparation and maintenance during the event Communications: Publicity, media relations and social/digital media Administration: HR, finances, legal 2022 AIBF STAFF Executive Director: Paul R. Smith Director of Operations: Sam Parks Controller: Martha Gonzales Field Manager: Damian Duran-Arias Associate Event Director: Jennifer Garcia Sponsorship Sales Director: Stephanie Prendergast Merchandise Manager: Lisa Mulder IS Manager: Mike McKnight Transportation Manager: Amanda Brady RV-Manager: Jennifer Schurman Concessions & Artisans Manager: Erica Hahn Sponsorship Sales Assistant: Tracey Hawkins Sponsorship Sales Manager: Stephanie Prendergast Group Tours, Gondola club, Chasers’ Club & Glamping: Shamaine Giannini Navigator Manager: Samantha Greenwald Assistant Merchandise Manager: Chani Kaibetoney Bookkeeper: Angela Sanchez Receptionist: Taylor Caldwell Event Assistant: Tracey Hawkins Warehouse Manager: Curt Dahlquist Video Producer/Photographers/Announcer: Ken Tuley Director of Media Relations: Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group Public Relations Media Relations: Amanda Molina, The Garrity Group Public Relations Media Relations: Andie Mercer, The Garrity Group Public Relations VOLUNTEERS More than 3,000 volunteers including chase crew members are needed to produce the nine-day ballooning event each year. Their work begins months before the first balloon is sighted floating in the October sky and they share a wide variety of skills and talents on the field and in the Balloon Fiesta office. They do everything from managing temporary RV lots, painting gates and ticket booths, installing flags, rolling and mailing event posters, counting pins and being member of chase crews. Most of these balloon-loving folks have been volunteering for a number of years and are very much part of the widespread ballooning community. There are also a number of nonprofit organizations that sell programs, direct traffic and many other roles as a fundraiser for their organization. BALLOON FIESTA LIVE! Balloon Fiesta™ Live! is a live stream of all 14 events of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Anchored by Glen Moyer and Art Lloyd Jr., it provides multiple and unique camera angles, and expert commentary. Joined in 2018 by fellow balloonists/journalists Ruth Lind and Kim Vesely, the Balloon Fiesta Live! on-air team has more than 125 years of ballooning and broadcast experience. In 2021, The 14 shows generated a total of 693,043 views on YouTube and Facebook.

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