Albuquerque Interna tional Balloon Fies ta ® S ponsor Handboo k - 12 EXHIBITORS AND PRODUCT SAMPLING Product Sampli ng booths are 10’ x 10’ t ents or sp a ces located on the wes t side of Main Street, directly across from the concessions. They ar e used t o distribute information and/or samples of your company’s products to Ball oon Fiesta guests. Each booth is furnished with one table, two chairs, ar tificial t u rf, a ceiling fan with light , el ectrici ty and a fire extinguisher. A n 8’ tent banner is al so provided. No dis tribution of pamphlets and/or other printed materials is permi tted outside your Product Sampling booth. Busine ss solicitations/demons tr ations mus t be confined exclusively to regist ered E xhibitors in their exhibit space. No Product Sa mpling Booth or E xhibitor shall assign, sublet or share the whole or any part of the space allocated. Exhib it Spaces have varying sizes, depending on th e exhibit. W hen nego tiating your contrac t, p lease discuss your parking a nd admission needs with your S ponsor Team member. Any additional p asses needed o utside of the contract must be paid for at the time of rec eipt. If your exhibit is self - contained, grea t! If you ne e d a te nt for your exhibit, o nly white “Legends” or “Pagoda” style tents with peaks are per mitted. Choura Events, 310 - 320 - 6200, is our official tent company. EXHIBIT OPERATING TIMES AM SESSIONS : 4: 30am - 1 0 :00am PM SESS IONS: 4: 0 0pm - 9:0 0 pm These are m i nimum hours that your space needs to be st affed. Staff ing from 10 :00am to 4:00pm is at yo ur discretion. We suggest you plan to be on site no later than 4: 0 0am and 3:30pm. MOVE - IN DATES / PROCEDUR ES Move in can begin as ea rly as the Monday th ro ugh Friday preceding the start of Ballo on Fies ta. Balloon Fiesta runs the first through the second w eek ends of October. Notify your Sponsor Team member one hour prior to set up so arrangements can be made to make your set - up as sm ooth as possible. Main St reet at Ba l loon Fiesta Park is closed t o vehicles beginning the Friday prior to Opening Day. MOVE - OU T DATES / TIMES / PROCEDURES Move out can begin as ea rly as 12 noon – 5 :00 pm on the final Sun day of Balloon Fiesta, and 9:00 am - 5 :00pm on the Monday thr ou gh Wednesd a y following Balloon Fiesta. All belongings and trash must be removed from your exhibit sp ace. • Any exhibit that has trash r emaining after move - out could forfeit future invitations to exhibit. • Any m erchandise or booth mat erial remaining in the te nt is subj e ct to being removed at the o wner’s risk. • Balloon Fiesta is not respon sible for loss or dam age of property.

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