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Net zero greenhouse gas emissions in New Mexico by 2030 delivers a brighter energy future. ExxonMobil is honored to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Golden Anniversary of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, taking our support of this world-renowned tradition to new heights. As a leading energy producer in New Mexico, we are focused on responsibly developing the state’s resources and doing our part to help realize New Mexicans’ aspirations for a prosperous and sustainable future. This includes our aim to achieve net zero Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions for our unconventional operations in the state by 2030. Follow us to learn more about what we’re doing today for a brighter energy future tomorrow. ExxonMobilNewMexico

y dl ou r P ORING SPONS 3 NEW MEXICO O 3709 Ellison Rd NW LOCATIONS O 2270 Wyoming Blvd NE O 2670 Coors Blvd NW • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • VISIT US AT OUR BOOTH ON MAIN STREET • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

® PHILLIPS 66 IS PROUD TO SPONSOR THE 2022 ALBUQUERQUE INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA. ® DOWNLOAD THE MY PHILLIPS 66 APP TO RECEIVE SAVINGS ON GAS. Phillips 66® is a registered trademark owned by Phillips 66 Company. ©2022 Phillips 66 Company. All rights reserved. DOWNLOAD THE MY PHILLIPS 66 APP.

Proud to call Albuquerque home today. And every day. Today is an opportunity to start another great chapter in the story of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Let’s make it count. pnc.com ©2022 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC CON PDF 0618-0106

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CELEBRATING 50 YEARS “With the advent of this, the First Annual KOB International Balloon Festival, a new, tremendous, spectacular tourist attraction has been added to the wonders of Albuquerque and New Mexico. For today is just the beginning” . . . o begins the very fi rst article in the very fi rst guy,” an aviator and aeronaut with big dreams and (1972) Balloon Fiesta program, an eight-page, extraordinary vision -- it happened, and changed mimeographed (this was before copiers!), Albuquerque and New Mexico forever. quickly-assembled guide to what today is Before 1972, October was just another month in known as the fi rst Albuquerque International Albuquerque. For local business people, it was time for Balloon Fiesta®. For a quarter, spectators a breather between the hectic State Fair crunch and the S could snap up their very own copy. gear-up for the holiday rush. Weekends might be spent As you will learn in these pages, this fi rst gathering of in the mountains looking at the changing leaves or taking balloons from around the nation was thrown together advantage of the apple and chile harvests. In the clear, in less than two weeks. KOB, one of the fi rst radio crisp early morning skies there was nary a balloon in stations in the US when it began broadcasting in 1922, sight. was celebrating its 50th anniversary and wanted to What a diff erence 50 years makes! October in create something memorable. With the help of the Albuquerque is now synonymous with balloons, Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (the hundreds of them, a canopy of color, a child’s fantasy local balloon club), members of the community, and of bunches of balloons suddenly released into a clear most notably Sid Cutter -- that “chamber of commerce blue sky. On the business side, it generates hundreds most notably Sid Cutter -- that “chamber of commerce of millions of dollars in revenue for local businesses in Albuquerque and New Mexico. We don’t have a record of who wrote that fi rst article in 1972, but whoever it was had a pretty good crystal ball. “It is our hope,” they wrote, “that this will become an annual event…the culmination of a week of activities… perhaps a golf tournament… a ball… a queen contest… a perhaps a golf tournament… a ball… a queen contest… a fi esta... all gathered into one week of great attractions.” All of these have been part of the Balloon Fiesta at one time or another. The author went on to say, “Tomorrow, we begin our next year. We welcome ideas, participants, and interest from every civic-minded individual and organization…” As we begin our next 50 years, we echo that sentiment. We have had the privilege, over the past fi ve decades, of living the magic and telling the story of the Balloon Fiesta. We invite you, through these pages, to discover that magic, and hope you’ll be inspired to become part of the story for the next 50 years. Kim Vesely Editor Wally Book, Dick Brown, John C. Davis, IV, Jennifer Garcia, Jacqueline Hockey, Charlotte Kinney, Rod May, Tom McConnell, M.D., Lisa Mulder, Lynne Newton, Sam Parks, Stephanie Prendergast, Paul Rhetts, Dick Rice, Harry Season, John Sena, Paul Smith, Mark Sullivan, Al Tetreault, Ken Tuley, Ty Young: program authors and members of the AIBF Heritage Committee ® 6 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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CELEBRATING 50 YEARS WELCOME LETTERS From the AIBF President ............................. 12 From ExxonMobil ......................................... 14 From the Governor of New Mexico ............16 From the Mayor of Albuquerque ................18 OF INTEREST Schedule of Events ......................................20 Survival Guide Map......................................26 2022 Sponsors ............................................28 AIBF Timeline ...............................................48 How A Hot Air Balloon Works ...................134 Music Fiesta is Back! Poem: La Fiesta de Los Globos ................ 173 22Featuring Cole Swindell, Lainey Wilson and Restless Road. Public Safety .............................................. 208 Safety Tips ..................................................212 1972 Offi cials ....................................................... 213 34The Balloon Fiesta that tarted It all. Board of Directors .................................... 229 2022 Staff ...................................................231 Meet Sid Cutter Worlds of Fiesta ......................................... 246 36Founder of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Balloon Museum ....................................... 250 Photo Tips ...................................................251 The Original 13 People Who Make It Happen ................... 262 52In 1972 Sid Cutter agreed to organize a southwestern-style Hare-and-Hound Heritage Award.......................................... 269 balloon race that he dubbed Roadrunner-Coyote balloon race. Today we know Stats/Fun Facts .........................................270 it as the fi rst Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. In Memoriam ..............................................272 THE DECADES One Mile Up and Still On the Ground The 1970s .....................................................32 62What was it like to fl y in the very fi rst Balloon Fiesta? One of the “Original The 1980s ....................................................116 13” tells his story. The 1990s ...................................................154 The 2000s .................................................200 Lights in the Darkness The 2010s .................................................. 232 70 On a cold October day in 1978, in the pre-dawn darkness, two California The 2020s ................................................. 254 balloonists made history – and no doubt startled a few Albuquerque early risers – by ascending into the sunrise on the fi rst fl ight ever of the Dawn Patrol. DIRECTORIES 2022 Balloon Directory ...............................73 The Women of Balloon Fiesta Participating Pilots.....................................104 112 Since the beginning of Balloon Fiesta there have been hundreds of women, Additional Pilots .........................................106 mostly behind the scenes, who have helped ensure a successful and International Pilots .................................... 110 memorable event. Special Shape Directory ...........................145 Fields of Color 25TH AMERICA’S CHALLENGE 126 Each of the Balloon Fiesta’s launch sites had its own personality and each Gas Directory .............................................180 played a distinct role in the event’s history. Gas Offi cials & Records.............................182 The Making of the America’s Challenge .184 Ballooning: A Spectator Sport Epic Flights .................................................188 133 Flying a balloon may be easier than watching one. About Gas Ballooning ...............................190 How a Gas Balloon Works .........................194 Getting into Shapes: The Special Shape Rodeo Pilot Retrospectives...................................196 140 To realize the signifi cance that the Special Shape rodeo has had on the Balloon Fiesta, you need to go back to 1986. ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 8

Where there is Wonder Joy will Follow! www.WonderBread.com

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS There’s Nothing Like Being There 164 Reprinted from the 1992 Balloon Fiesta Program About Our Photographers Balloon Fiesta Navigators On a list of the most photographed 168 Let your inner compass guide you to be a Balloon Fiesta Navigator. events in the world, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is right up Balloon Faces of Balloon Fiesta there. Some studies have named Balloon 174 Thousands of hot air balloons have fl own in the Albuquerque Internation- Fiesta as the most photographed event, al Balloon Fiesta over the years, all beautiful, many unique and creative. besting such classics as the Tournament But through the years, some became especially identifi ed with the event, of Roses Parade. What’s sure, for fi lm- as Balloon Fiesta historian Tom McConnell recounts. shooting classicists and cell phone selfi e photo bombers alike, the Balloon Fiesta is The Chase Crew irresistible. 176 Don’t leave home without them! This visual impact has been a great thing when it comes to documenting the Balloon Zebras Grazing Fiesta’s development over the last half- 214 Launch Directors – aff ectionately known as “Zebras” because of their black- century. We’re proud to display the many and-white uniforms – are perhaps the Balloon Fiesta’s most visible ambas- photographs taken over the years by our sadors. incredibly talented offi cial photographers (three of whom – Paul DeBerjeois, Marlon Red Jacket Offi cials Long, and Cindy Petrehn – have sadly left 218 us). The Balloon Fiesta’s new book, 50 Oft overlooked fl ight operations teams. Years of Balloon Magic, contains some of Games Balloonists Play their best work, and you can get your copy 224 through the Balloon Fiesta’s online store. Balloon Fiesta competition history. However, for photos of the Balloon Fiesta’s earlier history, we’ve relied on a Voices & Video: Field Announcers and Balloon select group of balloonist/photographers 240Fiesta Live! whose work is invaluable to documenting There’s nothing like being on the fi eld in person, but for those who can’t get the history of the event and of ballooning to Albuquerque, Balloon Fiesta Live! is the next best thing. in New Mexico. Balloon Fiesta historians Dick Brown, Tom McConnell, and Kim Pins, Patches and Other Daubles of Aff ection Vesely all contributed photos from their 252Updated from the 2010 Balloon Fiesta program. personal collections. But we especially want to acknowledge our fellow balloonist Fiesta de Los Globitos, the “Mini Balloon Fiesta” and friend the late Bill Flynt, from Roswell. 260Sam Parks, Balloon Fiesta’s Director of Operations and former While fl ying in events across the country, Balloonmeister, describes how this new event for remote-controlled (RC) Bill took amazing photos; creating probably hot air balloons began and is becoming the Balloon Fiesta’s latest – and the most complete visual history of this popular! -- attraction. exciting time. Our thanks to Suzi Flynt Manus, Bill’s widow and herself a fi ne balloon pilot, for allowing us to use some of his photos, and to balloonist Eric Hodges, the custodian of Bill’s collection, for making For an enhanced experience, scan the QR codes on these them available to us. icons throughout the program to access additional information and content! ® 10 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Welcome from the President, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® n behalf of the Board of Directors, Most of all, meet and greet the balloonists and crews our hundreds of Navigators from all over the world who make the Balloon Fiesta so (volunteers), and our super staff , it spectacular. is my great privilege and honor to We have come a long way from our small, modest welcome everyone to the greatest beginning in the Coronado Mall parking lot in 1972, ballooning event in the world. This when 13 balloons infl ated for the fi rst Balloon Fiesta. It O year, we celebrate a historic milestone, “50 years of is so important that we remember our history, but most Balloon Fiesta”, and we have prepared an exciting and importantly, that we remember the people who got us wonderful event for you. here. Over the years, many directors, volunteers, pilots This is the time of year when the air gets crisp and and crews, and members of staff have worked tirelessly cool, the smell of green chile being roasted infects the and selfl essly to put on this great event. Please take the air, and “Gentle Giants” appear by the hundreds. The time to say “thank you” when you see them for all their colors are bright and fantastic as they can be only at eff orts and successes. Balloon Fiesta time in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the A big ballooning “Thank You” goes out to everyone “balloon capital of the world.” attending the 50th Albuquerque International Balloon Come enjoy our events, from mass ascensions Fiesta. and nighttime glows to the unique gas balloons, and Again “Welcome and Enjoy.” onward to our spectacular special shapes. Enjoy our balloon fl ying competitions during the week, where you can cheer on your favorite balloon or pilot to victory. Visit our vendors; try unique cultural foods from New Mexico. Thank our sponsors for their part in making the Al Tetreault Balloon Fiesta possible. While in the Albuquerque area, President, Albuquerque International visit our local businesses, attractions, and restaurants. Balloon Fiesta ® 12 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Time FLIES when you’re having fun Congraulaion Albuquerque nernaional alloon Fiea®  on your 0 Anni­erary€ ‚ ƒ oma o lman, Managing Parner 8900 Pan American Freeway, N.E. Albuquerque, NM 87113

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Welcome from the New Mexico Production Manager, ExxonMobil Welcome to the 2022 Albuquerque International energy producer here, we are focused on developing Balloon Fiesta, powered by ExxonMobil. We are honored the state’s resources responsibly and in a manner to serve as the Presenting Sponsor for one of New that supports the preservation of its environment and Mexico’s most well-known and enchanting traditions. unparalleled natural beauty. Our ambition, like those Since 2019, we’ve had the honor of supporting this early balloonists, are equally bold: to achieve net zero world renowned event and are excited to take our greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) for sponsorship to new heights as we join the ballooning our unconventional operations in the state by 2030. community, New Mexicans, and visitors from around Balloon Fiesta – perhaps better than any other the world in celebrating Balloon Fiesta’s golden event – showcases the true beauty of the Land of anniversary. Enchantment. On behalf of our employees who work From its modest beginnings in 1972 with just 13 pilots and live in New Mexico, I’d like to off er our sincerest launching from a shopping mall parking lot, Balloon thanks to the Fiesta staff , balloonists, volunteers Fiesta has grown over the past 50 years into the largest and local businesses for making this special event a and most photographed hot air balloon festival in success. We look forward to another truly spectacular the world, attracting hundreds Fiesta and wish you the most of thousands of visitors annually memorable experience as the who come to experience not just 50th anniversary lifts off ! the magic of the Fiesta but also the charm that New Mexico has to off er. This 9-day series of festivities now plays a vital role in fueling the local and regional economy, and we are honored to help power this Rick Cannon Rick Cannon incredible economic engine. Production Manager Energy plays an important role ExxonMobil New Mexico in New Mexico, and as a leading ® 14 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Welcome from the Governor of New Mexico ienvenidos and Welcome to the Land of Whether you call New Mexico home or you’re a New Enchantment! Mexican at heart, I invite you to indulge in everything There’s no better way to describe a visit that our state has to off er. Visit a new restaurant to try to New Mexico than Adventure Steeped in some red or green chile (or both!). Take a stroll down Culture – it’s what makes us New Mexico any of our trails or open spaces. Get an early jump on True. your holiday shopping by supporting our local artists B This year, we are especially grateful to celebrate and merchants. Make it an adventure by visiting some the 50th anniversary of New Mexico’s signature event truly one-of-a-kind New Mexico destinations. and the very defi nition of New Mexico True -- the Thank you for joining us and I hope Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. you have a memorable experience here you have a memorable experience here For 50 years, people from around the globe have in New Mexico. in New Mexico. traveled to New Mexico each October to watch the world’s largest gathering of balloonists take to the skies above Albuquerque. This year, we are happy to welcome you back with open arms and a friendly spirit. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham ® 16 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Welcome from the Mayor of Albuquerque ’m so happy to welcome folks from all over While in Albuquerque, make sure to take some time the world to our city for the 50th Annual to enjoy the culture that is so unique and celebrated Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. What here. It’s a joy every year to welcome guests to special a milestone. From a small celebration by a local places like Old Town and the Hispanic and Indian radio station, featuring 13 balloons in 1972, to Cultural Centers to experience the rich history and now the largest Hot Air Festival in the world, it is heritage of our town. The Balloon Fiesta is a great I truly a sight to see. opportunity to take in all that Albuquerque has to The visuals in store, from the imaginative special off er; cuisine, local art, unique museums of all kinds, shapes balloons to the spectacular evening Glowdeo, fl ame roasted green chile, the great landscapes of New can’t be found anywhere else. Starting before the sun Mexico, and more. rises with the Dawn Patrol balloonists, followed by a Thank you for taking part in this special tradition, mass ascension of more balloons than you can count, and for celebrating 50 years of the Albuquerque the fi esta is a showcase of Albuquerque’s unique International Balloon Fiesta with us! culture and personality. Thanks to our renowned Albuquerque box wind patterns, balloonists travel from all over the globe to put on an incredible show that can be seen from all over our city. Enjoying the Balloon Fiesta includes diff erent activities for everyone, whether it is enjoying the sights Timothy M. Keller from afar, like from the top of our Sandia Peak Tramway, or Mayor right in the thick of the action at the Balloon Fiesta Park. ® 18 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Schedule of Events FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 6:00 pm 8:00 - Noon MONDAY, OCTOBER 3 7:00 a.m. America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Chainsaw Carving Exhibition 6:00 am Albuquerque Aloft Race Launch 9:00 am Dawn Patrol 6:00 pm Fiesta of Wheels Car Show 7:00 am SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1 Twilight Twinkle Glow™, (located on north end of Launch Double Balloon Launch and presented by Albuquerque Field) Competition 5:45 am Journal 10:00 am Aerial Light Show, sponsored by 8:00 - Noon Sandia Resort & Casino 7:30 pm Chainsaw Carving Auction Chainsaw Carving Exhibition Team Fastrax™ Skydiving 11:00 am 10:00 am 6:00 am 7:45 pm Balloon Fiesta Pin Trading (Group Dawn Patrol Show, presented by Chainsaw Carving Auction Route 66 Casino Hotel and RV Aerial Light Show, sponsored by Tour Tent north end of Main Resort Sandia Resort & Casino Street) 8:00 pm* 3:00 - 6:00 pm TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4 6:30 am AfterGlow™ Fireworks Show Chainsaw Carving Exhibition COCA-COLA DAY Krispy Kreme Morning Glow 6:00 am 6:45 am 5:00 pm Dawn Patrol Opening Ceremonies SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2 Team Fastrax™ Skydiving 6:00 pm 7:00 am 7:00 am 5:45 am Double Balloon Launch and Mass Ascension Aerial Light Show, sponsored by Balloon Glow, powered by Competition Sandia Resort & Casino ExxonMobil 8:00 - Noon 7:30 pm 8:00 - Noon Chainsaw Carving Exhibition 6:00 am Chainsaw Carving Exhibition Dawn Patrol Show, presented by Team Fastrax™ Skydiving 10:00 am Route 66 Casino Hotel and RV 7:45 pm 10:00 am Chainsaw Carving Auction Resort Aerial Light Show, sponsored by Chainsaw Carving Auction 2:00 pm 6:30 am Sandia Resort & Casino America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Krispy Kreme Morning Glow 8:00 pm* Infl ation AfterGlow™ Fireworks Show 3:00 - 6:00 pm 7:00 am Mass Ascension Chainsaw Carving Exhibition 7:30 – 11 am 5:00 pm Fiestas de Los Globitos (Remote Team Fastrax™ Skydiving Control Balloons Exhibition) ® 20 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5 6:00 pm SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8 – 7:45 pm 6:00 am Special Shape Glowdeo™ ExxonMobil Day Aerial Light Show, sponsored by Dawn Patrol Show, presented by 7:30 pm 5:45 am Sandia Resort & Casino Route 66 Casino Hotel and RV Team Fastrax™ Skydiving Aerial Light Show, sponsored by 8:00 pm* Resort 7:45 pm Sandia Resort & Casino AfterGlow™ Fireworks Show 6:30 am Aerial Light Show, sponsored by 6:00 am Krispy Kreme Morning Glow Sandia Resort & Casino Dawn Patrol Show, presented by SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 7:00 am 8:00 pm* Route 66 Casino Hotel and RV 5:45 am Flight of Nations Mass Ascension, AfterGlow™ Fireworks Show Resort Aerial Light Show, sponsored by presented by New Mexico True 6:30 am Sandia Resort & Casino 7:30 – 11 am FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 Krispy Kreme Morning Glow 6:00 am Fiestas de Los Globitos (Remote 6:00 am 7:00 am Dawn Patrol Show, presented by Control Balloons Exhibition) Dawn Patrol Mass Ascension, powered by Route 66 Casino Hotel and RV 8:00 - Noon ExxonMobil Resort Chainsaw Carving Exhibition 7:00 am 8:00 - Noon Special Shape Rodeo™ 6:30 am 10:00 am Chainsaw Carving Exhibition Krispy Kreme Morning Glow Chainsaw Carving Auction 7:00 am 10:00 am Double Balloon Launch and 7:00 am Competition Chainsaw Carving Auction Farewell Mass Ascension, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6 KIDS’ 7:30 – 11 am 11:00 am sponsored by News Radio 770 DAY presented by KOB- TV Fiestas de Los Globitos (Remote Balloon Fiesta Pin Trading (Group KKOB 4:30 am Control Balloons Exhibition) Tour Tent north end of Main 8:00 - Noon Kids’ Day Goodie Bag Distribution Street) Chainsaw Carving Exhibition 8:00 - Noon 1:00 – 5:00 pm begins (South of Main Street Chainsaw Carving Exhibition Stage) Music Fiesta * AfterGlow™ fi reworks shows 10:00 am 3:00 - 6:00 pm 6:00 am Chainsaw Carving Auction will begin as soon as the launch Dawn Patrol Chainsaw Carving Exhibition fi eld is clear of balloons, thus the 3:00 - 6:00 pm 5:00 pm starting times are approximate and 7:00 am Chainsaw Carving Exhibition Special Shape Rodeo™ Team Fastrax™ Skydiving subject to change without notice. 5:00 pm 6:00 pm Additionally, local police will modify 7:00 am Team Fastrax™ Skydiving traffi c fl ows to utilize all traffi c lanes Double Balloon Launch and Night Magic™ Glow, powered by Competition 6:00 pm ExxonMobil for outbound traffi c only at the Special Shape Glowdeo™ 6:00 pm conclusion of each Glow event. So if 8:00 - Noon 7:30 pm you want to watch the AfterGlow™ Chainsaw Carving Exhibition Fiestas de Los Globitos Glow fi reworks shows from the Park, plan Team Fastrax™ Skydiving (Remote Control Balloons 10:00 am 7:45 pm Exhibition) to arrive at the Park in time for that Chainsaw Carving Auction Aerial Light Show, sponsored by evening’s glow event. 3:00 - 6:00 pm 7:30 pm Sandia Resort & Casino Team Fastrax™ Skydiving Chainsaw Carving Exhibition 8:00 pm* 5:00 pm AfterGlow™ Fireworks Show Team Fastrax™ Skydiving OFFICIAL PROGRAM 21

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS MUSIC FIESTA IS BACK! FEATURING COLE SWINDELL • LAINEY WILSON • RESTLESS ROAD f you’re a country music fan, Balloon Fiesta Park is the place to be on the second Saturday in October! Over the years Music Fiesta, which premiered in 2013, has welcomed amazing musical I artists such as Darius Rucker, Old Dominion, Chris Young, the Band Perry, and more, and this year promises to be just as much fun! Plan to stay afterward for the Night Magic Balloon Glow and AfterGlow Fireworks! Cole Swindell Grammy-nominated multi-Platinum superstar Cole Swindell has played on some of the biggest stages in the world -- including making history as part of the fi rst-ever live radio and TV broadcast from the 57th fl oor terrace of 4 World Trade Center, overlooking the Freedom Tower, where he performed his hit “You Should Be Here.” Swindell has played high-profi le national performances on some of ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 22

television’s most popular shows (“Today”! “The Ellen Degeneres Show”! “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”! to name a few). He toured with some of the biggest stars in country music including Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line, and Dierks Bentley before becoming a star in his own right, headlining his own dates. In the seven years since his debut on Warner Music Nashville, Swindell has racked up an impressive 10 No. 1 singles, 11 No. 1 singles as a songwriter, and a one billion+ audience-reaching single (“You Should Be Here”), nine certified Platinum singles (two singles at 2x Platinum); a Platinum-certified debut album (Cole Swindell) and a Gold-certified sophomore album (You Should Be Here). His massive No. 1 hit “Break Up In The End” was named the NSAI Song of the Year (2019). Swindell recently released his 12th career single “Never Say Never,” a duet with his friend and Music Fiesta performer Lainey Wilson. Lainey Wilson Academy of Country Music (ACM) New Female of the Year 2022 winner, Louisiana native Lainey Wilson is a fresh, fierce voice, one of Nashville’s hottest and most buzzed-about new artists. Already, she’s won over legions of fans with her signature Bell Bottom Country sound and aesthetic, which blends traditional country with a modern yet retro flare. Lainey is on nearly every “Artist to Watch” list, winning MusicRow Magazine’s Discovery Artist of the Year award and being crowned Billboard’s “Top New Country Artist of 2021.” Nearly ten years to the day after leaving her small farming community in a camper-trailer to chase her dreams, Lainey landed her first No. 1 with her Platinum-Certified ACM Song of the Year, “Things A Man Oughta Know,” and she’s had many more hits since then. She’s a prolific and sought-after songwriter, has performed around the globe with some of the most notable names in country music, and her current single, “Never Say Never” with Music Fiesta headliner Cole Swindell, is making a fervent climb up the charts. Restless Road Made up of the three different but complementary voices -- Zach Beeken, Colton Pack, and Garrett Nichols -- country band Restless Road is “one of the most intriguing and exciting acts of the year” (Wide Open Country). The trio’s powerhouse harmonies and soul-baring lyrics put them on numerous 2021 “Ones to Watch” lists, with all signs indicating Restless Road is a contender for best new vocal group. Zach and Colton originally joined forces after meeting on a singing competition, and when Garrett came onboard in 2015, they knew they had something special. Their hits include “Take Me Home,” featuring Kane Brown, “Took One Look At Her Momma,” which American Songwriter praised for its “captivating melody and lyrics”, and “Growing Old With You” a chart-topper they also performed as a feature on ABC’s “The Bachelor”. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 23

ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE Saturday, October 1 6:45am – National Anthem: The Choir from the Cathedral of St. John 9:00am – 10:00am – Mountain Top Rock 5:00pm – 6:00pm – USAF Academy Band 5:00pm – 7:00pm – Various Strolling Performers along Main Street 8:00pm – 9:00pm – Tylor Brandon Sunday, October 2 7:00am – National Anthem: USAF Academy Band 9:00am – 10:00am - USAF Academy Band 5:00pm – 6:00pm – Black Pearl Band 5:00pm – 7:00pm – Various Strolling Performers along Main Street 8:00pm – 9:00pm - Cellicion Traditional Dancers (Zuni Pueblo) - Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Monday, October 3 7:00am – National Anthem: Bobby Garcia Tuesday, October 4 The fun begins at 1 PM, and Music Fiesta fans may choose from among a wide 7:00am – National Anthem: The New MexiChords variety of ticket options, including our “Dance Box”, a grassy area right in front of the stage for those who want to kick off their shoes and dance all afternoon! Full Wednesday, October 5 details and tickets are available at Balloon Fiesta gates or through the Balloon 7:00am – National Anthem: Ambrosia Romo Fiesta website, www.balloonfi esta.com. Thursday, October 6 7:00am – National Anthem: New Mexico Philharmonic Young Musician Initiative 9:00am – 10:00am - Sky City Buff alo Ram Dancers (Acoma) - Indian Pueblo Cultural Center 5:00pm – 6:00pm - Big K & Blue Train 5:00pm – 7:00pm – Various Strolling Performers along Main Street 8:00om – 9:00pm - Entourage Jazz Friday, October 7 7:00am – National Anthem: Brittany Graham 9:00am – 10:00am - Nathaniel Krantz MUSIC FIESTA TICKET OPTIONS 5:00pm – 6:00pm - The Panhandlers 5:00pm – 7:00pm – Various Strolling Performers ABQ “Dance” Box $75 along Main Street Ticket required for persons of all ages 8:00pm – 9:00pm - Mirage - A Santana Experience Reserved Seating A and C $65 Saturday, October 8 Ticket required for persons of all ages x 7:00am – National Anthem: 44th Army Band 9:00am – 10:00am - 44th Army Band Reserved Seating E $60 5:00pm – 7:00pm – Various Strolling Performers Ticket required for persons of all ages along Main Street 8:00pm – 9:00pm - Brandon Saiz Reserved Seating D and F $55 Ticket required for persons of all ages Sunday, October 9 Premier Lawn Area $30 7:00am – National Anthem: UNM Concert Choir (Children 12 and under admitted free when accompanied by an adult) General Admission $15 (Children 12 and under admitted free when accompanied by an adult) ® 24 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

WINNER Rio Rancho’s Premier Life Plan Community Your Choice · Your Life · Your Plan Award Wining: ✴Independant Living ✴Memory Care ✴Assisted Living ✴Short Term Care Tour the community and receive a 2 night stay next time you are in town. (505) 994-2296 Just 20 minutes from Age and income qualified. Must be within the yearA ge and income qualified. Must be within the year Balloon Fiesta Park Not-for-profit affiliate of Haverland Carter LifeStyle Group


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THE 1970s: 1972-1979 ® 32 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The 1970S he first balloons flew in the first Albuquerque International Balloon Fiestas® as the city and the nation transitioned from the turmoil of the 1960s and the anti-war protests of the early 1970s through Watergate and the T end of the Vietnam War. The Beatles broke up, Elvis left the building, and Saturday Night Fever set in as people danced to the new rhythms of punk and disco. Society was changing; women’s lib and gay lib began to move into the mainstream. Down in southeast Albuquerque, two young entrepreneurs, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, working with a small hardware developer called MITS, were busy creating a new company: Microsoft. Those early years, for Balloon Fiesta and ballooning in general, were years of learning and experimentation. Pilots sometimes discovered balloons’ limitations and the impact of weather the hard way. But it was also a free-spirited era when balloonists dreamed big dreams and set records, and freely welcomed wide-eyed newcomers into their ranks who became balloonists themselves, growing future Balloon Fiestas. PHO T O: BILL W AL T ON FL YNT OFFICIAL PROGRAM 33

THE 1970s: 1972-1979 11979722 he Balloon Fiesta that started it all came The pin shown here is of the Cutters’ personal together in an astonishing ten days. Sid balloon, Betsy Ross. There was a program Cutter, asked by KOB Radio if he’d bring – an eight-page publication listing the his balloon to their 50th anniversary participants scheduled to be there, describing celebration, recruited 21 pilots from the “Roadrunner/Coyote” race, and thanking Taround the country in the hopes of the sponsors. The program also included an holding the biggest ballooning event ever staged up article describing Sid’s hopes for an “annual until that time. Thirteen of the balloons actually made it event, the culmination of to Albuquerque, and thousands of people turned out to a week of activities . . . a see the show. The articles on pages 36, 52 and 62 tell Festival to end all Festivals.” Festival to end all Festivals.” the full story. The writer didn’t call it a Given that Sid, the local balloon club, KOB, and “Fiesta,” but got the rest of “Fiesta,” but got the rest of Albuquerque had only ten days to organize the event, it just about right. What a there was no time to really produce any memorabilia fl ight it’s been! Come – no pins, no patches, no bumper stickers (the ’72 along for the ride! aaalllooonnnggg fffooorrr ttthhheee rrriiidddeee!!! event is the only one to not have a bumper sticker). ® 34 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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THE 1970'S: 1972-1979 MEET SID CUTTER FOUNDER OF THE ALBUQUERQUE INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA® O T nnccee upon a time (and supon a time (and sttill till toodadayy)),, May of 2011, but not before Albuquerque possessed all PHO he got to see what he started Y the necessary ingredients to AMIL fl ourish and become a bucket- become the “ballooning capital list item for balloonists and of the world”. The area provides balloon enthusiasts around the plenty of open areas for fl ying UTTER F world. O C world. and landing, a cadre of devoted enthusiasts, fair Sid was born on May 9th, weather, and following winds with over 300 days 1934, to Virginia Dillon Cutter 1934, to Virginia Dillon Cutter of sunshine every year. Above all (and above it and William P. Cutter. Sid’s and William P. Cutter. Sid’s all!), Albuquerque provided a visionary man who father, William P. “Barnstormer” father, William P. “Barnstormer” was able to pull it all together. Sid Cutter is the Cutter, settled in Albuquerque Cutter, settled in Albuquerque man who breathed fi re into the burgeoning sport and married Virginia, the former and married Virginia, the former of hot air ballooning. governor’s daughter, (Richard C. governor’s daughter, (Richard C. Sidney Dillon Cutter, known to most as Sid, is the man Dillon, was Governor of NM 1928- to whom every balloonatic -- pilot, crew or spectator -- is grateful for bringing hot air ballooning to the city of Albuquerque. Regrettably, Sid left us too soon, in Above:A very young Sid Cutter BY WALLY BOOK WITH DR. TOM MCCONNELL FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE ® 36 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


O T PHO Y AMIL UTTER F C 1931). Flying was, and still is, the basis of the family primary location at West Mesa Airport in Albuquerque. In business. Sid’s father started Cutter Flying Service (also addition to basic fl ight training, many pilots were trained known as Cutter Aviation), a general aviation fi xed base for glider operations, and the U.S. Navy designated of operations (FBO) in 1928. The FBO sold fuel, provided Cutter Flying Service as a Naval Air Training School, part maintenance, and off ered charter services to and from of the Civilian Pilot Training Program (CPTP). outlying ranches in rugged New Mexico and Arizona. Sid joined the Air Force in 1955 at age 21. As a 2nd It later became a long-time Beechcraft dealer. Cutter Lieutenant, he logged fl ying hours in diff erent locations Aviation is now America’s oldest continually family- around the world, in single owned and operated FBO network. engine Republic F-84F jets It’s not surprising that Sid learned to fl y airplanes and 4-engine McDonald PHO sitting on his father’s lap, had his fi rst offi cial lessons at Douglas C-133 cargo aircraft. O: DICKT 9, and fl ew solo at 16, the youngest age a soon-to-be pilot In 1960, leaving the service as was allowed to fl y alone, before earning his license. He a 1st Lieutenant, he rejoined KENT secured his commercial license at 18. his family’s aviation business. From 1941 to 1945, with the onset of World War II, Fast-forward to June of much of General Aviation came to a halt. In order to 1971. Sid and his brother Bill stay in business, Cutter Flying Service became a pilot wanted to celebrate their training provider for the United States military at its mom, Virginia’s, 63rd birthday mom, Virginia’s, 63rd birthday in a big way, and while they were at it to promote Cutter Flying Service’s 43 years in Above: A young Sid Cutter outside Cutter Flying Service. business. They decided to throw a party in the company Right: At the famous party, Virginia Cutter with her boys: hangar at the Albuquerque International Sunport. The Bill on the right and … is that Sid on the left? theme was World War I aviation, with Sid playing the role ® 38 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

of “Snoopy” and Bill, the “Red Baron”. The centerpiece gave check rides to literally hundreds of pilots, certifying would be a hot air balloon. them for private and commercial balloon ratings. The party was a huge success and in the excitement There is a great story about one of the early fl ights. of the moment (maybe fueled by a couple of beers?), Sid and Bill would often launch from the family business promises were made to fl y the balloon soonest. at the airport. There was always plenty of crew because Accordingly, the next morning at 6:30, Sid infl ated the early-arriving employees would happily volunteer on balloon the way he had been taught when he picked it their way into work. Joe Jackson, the general manager up at the Raven Industries factory, put his mom in the of Cutter Flying Service and heading up the chase crew basket, and took her up with the balloon tied to the end that morning, took a look at the high-fl ying balloon and of a 150 ft. tether rope as he acquainted himself with declared that they would be up for a while and the crew the use of the burner and balloon systems. Then Mom should go and have some breakfast. When they came got out, brother Bill got in, and whether by design or out, the balloon was nowhere in sight. Hours later the by accident, the tether came loose, and the brothers Cutter duo were found enjoying brunch at a watering launched from the parking lot of Cutter Flying Service. hole near 12th St. and Candelaria. They had landed It was even legal, because Sid and Bill both had safely in Albuquerque’s North Valley, packed up the balloon ratings on their pilot licenses. In those days, balloon, and with no crew in sight, they walked to the if you had a fi xed-wing license, you could get a Lighter nearest tavern to celebrate their fl ight. Those fl ights than Air (LTA) endorsement C following the grand birthday party cemented following the grand birthday party cemented simply by asking for one, UTTER F Sid’s lifelong love aff air with lighter than air. Sid’s lifelong love aff air with lighter than air. and the Cutters, mother In November 1971 Sid convinced eight and sons, had gotten AMIL friends and associates to start a balloon friends and associates to start a balloon theirs in the late 50s or Y club; they named it the Albuquerque club; they named it the Albuquerque early 60s. Later, when PHO Aerostat Ascension Association. The buy-in T Sid was appointed an FAA O fees bought them a share in a club balloon Designated Examiner, he called Roadrunner with pilot training thrown in, a great deal that grew the sport in Albuquerque by making it possible for many of Albuquerque’s earliest pilots to The party centerpiece (right) aff ordably get started in ballooning. – and the centerpiece in Not surprisingly, the balloon was a fl ight (below). huge hit, attracting attention whenever WN O BR O: DICK T PHO OFFICIAL PROGRAM 39

it flew. Among those taking notice were the folks at 770 KOB Radio who were looking for a way to promote the 50th anniversary of their station. They asked Sid for help with the idea, and together they brainstormed a plan for Sid and KOB radio to host a balloon race that, with 21 balloons, would be the largest balloon gathering ever held in the United States at the time. A storm in the Midwest prevented the shipment of some of the YNT balloons, but 13 made it. The show, on April 8, 1972, attracted an estimated 10,000-20,000 spectators to the ON FL T launch site on vacant land surrounding the Coronado AL Mall in northeast Albuquerque. In anticipation of a W small attendance, the city police had provided only O: BILL a couple of officers on horseback for crowd control! T That race is now considered the first Albuquerque PHO International Balloon Fiesta. Already Sid was realizing In 1974: Tom Rutherford and Sid Cutter, center and right, the opportunities ballooning would offer up! with Wally Book. Sid went on to host the First World Hot Air Balloon Championship in February of 1973. Thirteen countries were represented by 38 balloons, with non-competing “Fiesta” fun flyers bringing the total number of balloons to 142. 1974 saw another Albuquerque International Sid’s Right Hand, Balloon Fiesta in February. In 1975 (the year of two events) there was a Cloudbouncer Rally held in February, and the Second World Hot Air Balloon Championship Tom Rutherford was held in October with 170 balloons taking to the air in the even-better fall flying weather. In 1972, Albuquerque radio station KOB (now KKOB) wanted to celebrate its golden anniversary in grand style. The stories vary about who at KOB first OIS approached Sid Cutter about bringing his balloon to JE the big event – some say it was the station’s general manager, Dick McKee, and others a young guy doing DEBER UL promotions for the station, Tom Rutherford. A What is certain is that Tom played a large role in O: P T bringing to fruition the balloon rally at Coronado Center PHO which is now known as the first Albuquerque Inter- national Balloon Fiesta. What’s more, the experience changed Tom’s life. He became Sid’s close friend and partner in World Balloon Championships, the company Sid founded to conduct the First World Hot Air Balloon Championships. Over the years, the company evolved into one of the largest corporate balloon operators in the world, and Tom and his then-wife Linda (the Balloon Fiesta’s first Executive Director) became well-known as pilots of the Budweiser balloon. Tom, a lawyer by training, later served 12 years as a New Mexico State Senator and two terms on the Bernalillo County Commission. He became a respected lobbyist in Santa Fe and a tireless advocate for balloon- ing, the Balloon Fiesta, and the Balloon Museum. To the public, as a TV commentator and (with Glen Moyer) event announcer for more than a quarter-century, he was the golden voice of the Balloon Fiesta. Tom retired from active involvement in the event several years ago due to ill health, but remains a fondly-remembered face and force in the Balloon Fiesta’s history. ® 40 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

PHO T O: BILL W AL T ON FL YNT Above: The 1974 Balloon Fiesta today (quality over quantity), because as Albuquerque Opposite: Sid Cutter statue grew, and there was more construction on previously vacant real estate, there were fewer landing sites available. The Balloon Fiesta has grown in more than Sid Cutter produced and ran the first three Balloon size, as new events were added featuring balloons Fiestas before handing the reins to a citizen’s committee in different ways. There are special shapes, evening which eventually evolved into the non-profit Albuquerque balloon glows, dawn patrol, a variety of competitions, International Balloon Fiesta, Inc. However, he and his and even a long-distance gas balloon race. Guests enjoy new business, World Balloon Championships (which Main Street shopping, New Mexico cuisine, a variety of became World Balloon Corporation), remained actively demonstrations and events, and entertainment including involved in the event. Sid served on the Balloon Fiesta Music Fiesta, an outdoor concert featuring the hottest Board of Directors, was for a time the official ride new country acts. concessionaire, and flew himself through the 2010 So, grab your wife, kids, camera and wallet, come Balloon Fiesta, the last one before his death. spectate, take a ride, buy some souvenirs and great Meanwhile, the event continued to grow, and in food, and join us in taking some of the estimated 25 2000, the “1000 in 2000” year, was the largest-ever million photographs taken annually at the Albuquerque gathering and launching of balloons. Post-2000 the International Balloon Fiesta! Come enjoy Sid Cutter’s number of entries was slowly reduced to the 600 seen vision and legacy. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 41

THE 1970'S: 1972-1979 SID STORIES COLLECTED BY WALLY BOOK AND KIM VESELY IN A LIFETIME OF FLYING, IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT SID CUTTER HAD HIS SHARE OF ADVENTURES IN BOTH AIRPLANES AND BALLOONS, AND THROUGH THEM TOUCHED MANY LIVES. A WORLD COMPETITOR, TWO-TIME NATIONAL HOT-AIR BALLOON CHAMPION (1978 AND 1986), AND PROMINENT CORPORATE PILOT, HE WOULD SOMETIMES GET APPROACHED TO DO UNUSUAL THINGS WITH BALLOONS. SOME WORKED OUT BETTER THAN OTHERS. HERE ARE A FEW WALLY BOOK COMPILED IN CONVERSATIONS WITH SID’S WIFE JEWEL AND OTHER CO-CONSPIRATORS. n the early 1970s Sid contracted with the pilot, Greg Navy to assist with a couple of jobs associated Wilson, took the with repairing cables on the east side of the 105,000 cubic Hawaiian island of Oahu. The first involved ft. Roadrunner inspecting and repairing a Very Low Frequency II balloon. Sid antenna cable stretched across the Lualualei and a Navy tech I valley on the east side of the island. Sid and his on a 1600-foot sidekick for this mission, Roadrunner balloon chief UTTER tether completed C WEL inspection/repair JE of the antenna Y S installation using a TE UR large resonance/ O impedance sniffer S C O probe. Rumor T has it that Richard PHO Nixon was there to celebrate the completion of the project. Also, according to a historical Navy record, there was a “manned tethered balloon” used to remove the remains of orange warning marker balls from a very low frequency antenna cable stretched across Horseshoe Canyon of the Pali Mountains at 1600 ft., a project which likely involved Sid’s business partner Tom Rutherford. ® 42 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

nce upon a time, until experiences like this one made it clear it was Some of Sid’s a lousy idea, there were balloon races from the Bahamas to Florida. Accomplishments According to Sid, who told the Ostory at a Balloon Fiesta Heritage and Awards: Committee meeting, the idea originated on a not- entirely-sober night at a Budweiser distributorship in Florida. At any rate, during one Florida. At any rate, during one of these races, Sid and his then- of these races, Sid and his then- • Founder of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta girlfriend Jewel Bickford (who YNT girlfriend Jewel Bickford (who • Organized the First and Second World Hot Air Balloon later married him anyway) took later married him anyway) took ON FL Championships off from Cat Cay, Bahamas, T AL W in the Jolly Roger. (We’re not • Founded the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association kidding. You can’t make this BILL (AAAA), the largest local balloon club in the world stuff up.) When they had to Y O B • Accumulated 18,000+ hours in airplanes and helicopters and put down in the ocean for T more than 5,000 hours in hot air and gas balloons lack of breeze, and then fuel, PHO before making land, there • Served in the U.S. Air Force and fl ew jets, large cargo aircraft was a Coast Guard vessel and helicopters nearby. The balloon basket • Formed and operated World Balloon Corporation, running stayed more or less buoyant a repair station, and fl ying commercial balloons all over the because the empty tanks acted as fl oats. because the empty tanks acted as fl oats. world for a lengthy list of sponsors such as Anheuser Busch, The envelope, however, fi lled with water and sank, so Kraft and Black Angus. the balloon inverted. While Sid was contemplating what to do about getting the equipment to shore, • Federal Aviation Administration Designated Examiner; taught the Coast Guard received an emergency call and and certifi ed hundreds of balloon pilots told Jewel and Sid that they needed to board or stay • U.S. Hot Air Balloon Champion in 1978 and 1986 behind. They chose to hitch a ride, rather than hang • Finished second in the World Hot Air Balloon Championships out near the Bermuda Triangle. in 1979 Later Sid rented a boat and made his way back to the balloon. They had to slit the balloon open in • U.S. National Team Championship (with Mark Sullivan and several places to allow the water to escape as they Troy Bradley), 1995 slowly pulled the balloon on board. They eventually • Designed and built two of the world’s largest thermal airships got the craft back to Albuquerque, repaired it, and it for Anheuser Busch (larger than Goodyear’s gas airships at fl ew for a few more years. (This story as told by Jewel that time) Cutter and Kim Vesely). • Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, awarded to pilots in all Jim Ahern worked for Sid at World Balloon from forms of aviation who have demonstrated professionalism, 1978-1985 as Operations Manager. Sid brought skill and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for in the money, Sid’s vice-president Paul Woessner 50 or more years. budgeted the money, and Jim spent it. He also did • Diplome Montgolfi er, ballooning’s highest award. the hiring of pilots and scheduled the contracts, jobs, balloons and pilots. • Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (World Air Sports Federation) Hall of Fame he day after his wedding to Jewel in May • Albuquerque Sports Hall of Fame of 1980 in Las Vegas, Sid was taking • New Mexico Tourism Hall of Fame part in a Kool Pro Tour hare and hound balloon race. Sid was zeroing in on the • Balloon Federation of America Hall of Fame hare Kool Balloon. He came in high and • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Hall of Fame was descending at a good clip with a T good line on the target. As he brushed down the Kool • 2002 Olympic Torchbearer representing Albuquerque and Balloon, the basket of the Baby Busch balloon he was ballooning fl ying snagged the fl oating load tape of the side vent • 40th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 2011 of the Kool balloon and inverted. Sid fell from above dedicated to Sid Cutter mid-balloon, 30 ft or so. Fortunately, he recovered from his broken ribs and other severe injuries. In June of 1980, Jim landed the Bud balloon in an empty, fenced in, parking lot. They called the number on the locked gate and someone was sent to open the OFFICIAL PROGRAM 43

As you can imagine, Sid’s friends have some great stories to tell, and as Sid sometimes put it, “some of them are true.” Here are some about Sid, the balloonist and the man, that his friends and family shared with us: gate to let the Budweiser balloon out of what was, it turned out, the Coors plant. Also, in 1980 following a change in the command structure of Iran, a group of militants stormed the American embassy in Tehran and took about 70 employees and delegates hostage. The US wanted them back, of course. Sid contracted with the US Army for some balloon training for one of the rescue YNT scenarios that they envisioned. Sid put his Operations ON FL T guy, Jim, in charge of the training. The trainees, Ron, AL W Van and Jeff, we’ll call them, practiced assembling, inflating and taking-off within 5 minutes without an BILL Y inflator. They used a variety of balloons for the initial O B training and trashed 3-4 balloons in the process. T Towards the end of the training, they were using a PHO larger, higher capacity black balloon (to lower their visibility) that had been commissioned by the Army. Jim Ahern, Sid Cutter, and Paul Woessner, front, in their They were doing a no-lights training flight. Pilot World Balloon orange uniforms Jim and two of the special ops “Delta Boys” as they also was unscathed by the fall. Jim rode the deflating balloon, now in contact with the power lines, down to the ground and somehow also managed to escape electrocution or injury. Much of the west side of town lost power and rumor has it that for a time power was out all the way up into Colorado. This was one of the strategies that the Army explored for retrieving the Iran hostages, and somehow this adventure never made the news cycle. Investigations were initiated by insurance companies and others (?), but never seemed to gain traction. The recovery plan, should OIS this operation have ever gone into play, involved a JE helium balloon attached to the top of the escape DEBER balloon by a very long, strong cable. A specially UL equipped C-130 cargo aircraft with a “skyhook” A P was to snare the cable and haul the balloon and its Y O B passengers to safety. Can you say, James Bond and T PHO his lady Domino in Ian Fleming’s Thunderball? As Operations Mgr., Jim got to choose the branding A great love story – Sid and Jewel Cutter for World Balloon Corp uniforms. Sid was fond of the color blue, but, after considerable discussion, were sometimes called, were essentially flying blind. and much to Sid’s dismay, Jim chose orange as the They knew there was a huge power line out there predominant color because of its high visibility. somewhere and were keeping their eyes peeled for it as they made an approach for landing on a very dark Paul Woessner, two-time hot-air balloon world night. Then, during a burn, they saw the reflection of champion, worked for Sid as Vice President of World the fire bouncing off of the power lines. They had been Balloon Corp. from 1975-1981. He was hired after he venting hot air to initiate the descent but one of the made the first crossing of Lake Michigan in a hot air trainees jumped out of the basket without warning, hit balloon. Paul told some of his Sid stories to Wally the ground, bounced and stood up as if nothing had Book. happened. After losing weight, the balloon started back up so Jim opened the emergency descent panel • One of Sid’s flights involved a contract with just as the other trainee unexpectedly bailed out. He, Sandia Labs on Kirtland Air Force Base to repair ® 44 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

some cables 600 ft above ground level. They air out. It always impressed me because ballooning carried a tech aloft who left the balloon in a sort was never about him or for him, but rather a way he of boatswain’s chair and made repairs on some could make others happy. That’s one thing that I think kind of hush hush cable system. (Maybe Sid was really important to him, especially in his later needed to found another business? Sid’s Flying years when he could just sit on the fi eld and enjoy Cable Repairs?) Balloon Fiesta, watching how balloons made others • Paul and Sid launched from the St Louis arch and happy. That’s something that really rubbed off on enjoyed uneventful fl ights as part of the Kool Pro me when I got into ballooning, being me when I got into ballooning, being Tours in 1978-1980. Some of these launches took an ambassador for the sport, and place under the arch and, for eff ect, were fi lmed inviting the little ones to help with the inviting the little ones to help with the to look as though they fl ew through it. defl ation, because, to them, helping defl ation, because, to them, helping • After Paul won his second hot air balloon world with a balloon was something that championship, Sid and the Smithsonian arranged they would remember for years to (with the proper permits) for a tether fl ight at the come. D.C. mall near the Smithsonian to commemorate Paul’s success. Sid’s propensity for nurturing • Sid and Paul worked with Anheuser Bush on the sport in youths is evident several epic fl ights for the movie Day of the in these stories from former Balloons, produced in 1975-76 for the Busch Balloon Fiesta president Ty Young. Balloon Fiesta president Ty Young. Gardens theme parks. Sid fl ew Sky Chariot with He now has one of the most PHO T O: KIM VE SEL Y Darryl Gunter from the bottom of the Grand complete collections of Balloon Canyon, on the Havasupai reservation. They Fiesta memorabilia anywhere, landed on a ledge midway up the canyon wall and and Sid played a big role in getting it started: the balloon had to be helicoptered out. Another fl ight sequence for the movie took place in New fi rst met Sid when I was around 7 or 8 years York City. It was a free fl ight from the east side old. At the time, I had no idea who he was nor of Manhattan, and was a quick, uneventful up the important fi gure he was in the community. and down. That fl ight was supplemented by an I was just starting to trade balloon pins and of unauthorized tether at Lexington and Broadway. course I approached him to see if I could get They infl ated the balloon and “walked” it about Ione of his pins of his very well-known World a block to give the impression on camera of Balloon. He had just completed a morning of fl ying at a free fl ight. The authorities showed up, but the Balloon Fiesta and was surrounded by many of his they requested and were granted, forgiveness, family, friends and crew. When I fi nally got the nerve because in theory they didn’t actually fl y. to ask him if he would trade a pin with me, he stopped • Part of the Kool Pro tour included a tether in what he was doing and said, “follow me”. He took me Central Park, where they were interviewed by into his chase truck and pulled out his stockpile of "Good Morning America". pins that made my eyes pop wide open. He reached • Sid and Jewel tethered the Westinghouse balloon into a bag and laid out a number of diff erent pins, in front of the twin [World Trade Center] towers. most of which I had never seen before. He asked me • Sid free-fl ew the original World Balloon over what I was off ering and I showed him the only pin I had the Olympic Stadium in Lake Placid, NY to trade. He then took the time to explain what all his during the opening ceremonies at the 1980 diff erent pins were and the balloons they represented. Winter Olympics. It wasn’t Sid’s only Olympic After he was done, he told me to pick out my favorite. experience; he was a torchbearer for the 2002 Of course, I picked out the one I was after…his well- Salt Lake City Olympic Games and took the torch known World Balloon. After he asked me to make sure aloft in a tethered balloon at an event at Balloon that was the one I wanted, he proceeded to gather up Fiesta Park. all the diff erent ones in his hand and give them all to me, saying “you’re going to need some extras to get When Chris Cutter was invited to relate a favorite your collection started”. I couldn’t believe my luck moment with his grandfather Sid, he responded with and, as the years went by, I always made a point to the following: fi nd him and give him one of my new pins each year. When I was 9 or 10 years old, one of my “must here’s not just one moment, but anytime have” pins, was one that Sid Cutter was wearing. we landed and there were kids nearby, Technically not a balloon pin, it was a pin of his he (Sid) would always invite them to famous Ambulance chase vehicle. I asked him from roll out the air from the balloon. Many time to time if he would trade with me. Eventually, he times, he would join them in rolling down pulled me inside his chase commander truck and said Tthe length of the balloon to squeeze the he’d trade something with me. He showed me what OFFICIAL PROGRAM 45

over some of New Mexico’s spectacular landscape - scenes that closely resembled the cartoon background. Sid’s choice for this awesome balloon design was perfect. Ballooning brought us together and memories keep us going. We will always treasure the great times with Sid. He changed our lives forever. Mark Sullivan, champion hot air and gas Above: Balloon pins are among the most popular balloonist, President of the FAI International collectibles Below: Ty’s fi rst special gift from Sid: the Ballooning Commission, and Diplome Montgolfi er original World Balloon pin recipient bought my fi rst balloon from Sid in January he was trading, and it was a pin I already had. Not 1983 and we became instant friends. Sid wanting to be rude, I happily gave him my pin took me under his wing and we shared many for a trade. He gave me the pin he had, great adventures but he also reached for another one. It together in the air, Iunder the water and O was the ambulance pin complete with T the trailer attachment. It’s one of my on the seas. PHO fondest memories of Balloon Fiesta Throughout the 1980s Y and Sid. and 90s we competed AMIL Sid was such a kind man. He against each other in the didn’t care if you were a millionaire, local Top Gun events so we UTTER F down to your last dime, an old man could qualify for the U.S. C in his dotage or a child as young National Championship. as I. His kindness is what I will Many years at the U.S. miss the most, but I’ll always have Nationals we teamed up to those pins as a reminder of when increase our odds against I fi rst met Sid Cutter. the other competitors and in 1986 Sid won his Dick Brown, early Albuquerque balloonist, second U.S National title. Dick Brown, early Albuquerque balloonist, Montgolfi er Diplome recipient, and former editor of In 1995 Sid, myself and Troy Ballooning, the journal of the Balloon Federation of Bradley teamed up and America. Excerpted from the 2011 Balloon Fiesta won the 1st U.S. National program: Team Championship in Gwinnett Georgia. Sid y the fall of 1972, Sid was fl ying a and I fl ew together in the big balloon portraying Warner Bros’ U.S. National Gas Balloon Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote Championship, took 4th in cartoon characters. This balloon was the 1990 World Gas Balloon awkward and sluggish, but that was Championship in Tyndall, Bnothing compared to the Coyote’s SD and had two great Sid Cutter ludicrous contraptions from the ACME mail-order fl ights in the American’s company. In those days, we were still learning how Challenge Gas Balloon to fl y balloons and sometimes we burned the skirt Race. We caught tarpon, big mouth bass, fl y fi shed to a crisp, not unlike the fateful Coyote being burned for trout and scuba dived some of the best spots to a crisp when his elaborate plans to catch the in the world, always having great fun, many times ever-elusive Roadrunner failed. Sid made some hard laughing until our sides ached. Sid and Jewel were landings in the balloon but nothing like the Coyote’s always the leaders in fi nding new and exciting things terminal descents and splats on the desert fl oor. to do and I was truly honored to be included in so Each fl ight became another win for our beloved state many of their adventures. bird - the Roadrunner. Big balloons need big crews If you are lucky you will fi nd a friend like Sid once so we helped Sid with infl ation, chasing and packing in a lifetime and I am proud to have called Sid my up. In return, Sid gave us our very fi rst balloon ride best friend. ® 46 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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CELEBRATING 50 YEARS A Timeline ® of theAlbuquerque International Balloon Fiesta ® 48 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

socorronm.org Phone: (575)-835-8927

July 4, 1882 October 19, 1909 1965 June 5, 1971 June 6, 1971 Professor Park Van Tassel During the last of several The fi rst modern hot- Cutter Aviation holds The next morning, Sid makes the fi rst balloon gas balloon fl ights in the air balloon comes to a party to celebrate its and Bill Cutter fl y their fl ight in Albuquerque in a early 1900’s, Joseph Albuquerque, one of a anniversary and co- “party centerpiece” from coal gas balloon. Blondin and Roy Stamm handful to appear in New founder Virginia Cutter’s the Cutter hangar to the launch from the New Mexico in the next few birthday. Son Sid Cutter UNM North Golf Course. Mexico Territorial Fair years. acquires a hot-air balloon and fl y over the Manzano which is cold-infl ated Mountains. It is the last in the hangar as a manned balloon fl ight in centerpiece. Albuquerque for more than 50 years. 1978 1978 1976 October 1975 1975 The Balloon Fiesta holds Albuquerque’s Ben Sid Cutter retires The Second World Hot Air A “citizens committ its fi rst Key Grab - now Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson, from managing the Balloon Championships formed by Ma the Ring Toss - event and Larry Newman Balloon Fiesta to focus and the Fourth Kinney to assis (nobody won the car). complete the fi rst on his businesses; Annual Albuquerque putting on and funding crossing by balloon of Mayor Kinney and International Balloon the Balloon Fie the Atlantic Ocean. The local business leaders Fiesta are held on a fl ight makes headlines form Albuquerque new site, Simms Field, around the world and International Balloon northwest of Jeff erson puts Albuquerque, and Fiesta Inc., a non-profi t and I-25. ballooning, on the map. corporation which produces the Balloon Fiesta to this day. 1978 1979 1980 1981 1981 The world’s fi rst Dawn On Christmas Eve, the Parachute Development closes Ben Abruzzo, Patrol fl ight takes place fi rst large-scale nighttime demonstrations become Simms Field, and the Newman, Ron Clark, at Balloon Fiesta. More balloon display (“balloon part of Balloon Fiesta. Balloon Fiesta moves Rocky Aoki complet than 10 years later, Dawn glow”) documented Teams participating in north to Cutter Field (the fi rst manned tr Patrol becomes an offi cial in the world is held in various years include the current Vista del Norte balloon fl ight abo part of the event. Albuquerque’s Country Navy Leapfrogs, Army housing development.) Double Eagle V Club area in conjunction Golden Knights, the Misty The fi rst air shows are with the annual Luminaria Blues (an all-female held as post-morning- Tour. team), and most recently, fl ight events. Team Fastrax. 1882 1909 1972

June 6, 1971 November 1971 April 8, 1972 1972 February 10-17, 1973 The next morning, Sid Sid Cutter and eight KOB radio, in celebration Balloon Federation Albuquerque hosts and Bill Cutter fl y their friends buy a balloon of its 50th anniversary, of America President the First World “party centerpiece” from together and form the asks Sid Cutter to Don Kersten, one of Championships, along the Cutter hangar to the Albuquerque Aerostat organize a balloon the participants in the with an additional “Fiesta” UNM North Golf Course.Ascension Association rally. Thirteen balloons 1972 KOB event, invites rally for non-competing (AAAA), today the world’s participate in the “First Albuquerque to bid for balloons, at the State largest local balloon club. Annual KOB Radio & the rights to hold the First Fairgrounds (now Expo Television International World Hot Air Balloon New Mexico). More than Balloon Festival,” now Championships. 100 balloons participate considered to be the in the two events. fi rst Balloon Fiesta, at Coronado Center. February 1975 February 1974 February 17, 1973 February 10, 1973 ens committee” is While planning is The third Balloon Ed Yost, the inventor The fi rst Balloon Fiesta y Mayor Harry underway for the Second Fiesta – by now known of the modern hot- Parade is held. Before the o assist with World Championships, as the Albuquerque air balloon and the parades are discontinued putting on and funding the AAAA holds a two-day International Balloon “Clerk of the Course” in 1991, they become the alloon Fiesta. balloon rally to maintain Fiesta® – is held. (chief offi cial) of the biggest parades held in the presence of the World Championships, New Mexico. Balloon Fiesta. This event makes an exhibition gas is still held annually and is balloon fl ight, the fi rst in now known as the Friends Albuquerque since 1909. and Lovers Balloon Rally. 1981 1986 1987 1989 en Abruzzo, Larry The fi rst Balloon Fiesta The Balloon Fiesta is on The fi rst Balloon Fiesta Special shape balloons on Clark, and gas balloon race is held; the move again, this time Balloon Glow celebrates get their own showcase, oki complete the these competitions, to the fi rst Balloon Fiesta the 75th anniversary of the Special Shape Rodeo, t manned transpacifi c which focus on accuracy Park located south of New Mexico statehood. held on Thursday and ight aboard in fl ying to a target as Alameda Blvd. (now the These nighttime displays Friday of Balloon Fiesta agle V opposed to distance, RV park). are now among the week. The fi rst few continue through the Balloon Fiesta’s most Rodeos are afternoon 1980’s. popular events competition fl ying events. 1973 1979 1982

1993 2019 2010 1993 1993 1994 1994 1995 A morning mass The Balloon Fiesta The Thursday afternoon The World Gas Balloon The Balloon Fiesta ascension on the fi rst hosts the world’s Special Shape fl ight is Championships are held founds its own gas day of the Special Shape oldest air race, the replaced by an evening in Albuquerque. This balloon distance Rodeo becomes part of Coupe Aéronautique Balloon Glow; within series of races involves race, the America’s the event. Gordon Bennett for gas a couple of years precision fl ying to Challenge; the team of balloons, the fi rst time this event is named targets. Richard Abruzzo and the race has been held the Special Shape David Melton wins the in the United States “Glowdeo.” race. since 1933. The Balloon Fiesta also hosts the Gordon Bennett in 1999, 2005, and 2008. 2011 2010 2005 2005 March 5, 2005 The Balloon Fiesta The “Morning Glow” on The combined launch of The Anderson The New Mexico State celebrates its 40th year; mass ascension days the Gordon Bennett and Abruzzo Albuquerque Legislature designates the commemorative becomes part of the America’s Challenge International Balloon the hot air balloon as the book, The World Comes event. races is one of the Museum opens offi cial state aircraft. to Albuquerque, wins largest gas balloon multiple book awards. events ever held in Additional books are North America and published in 2016 and features record-setting 2022. fl ights. 2013 2015 2015 2016 2017 Darius Rucker headlines The Sid Cutter Pilots’ Albuquerque’s Troy The Balloon Fiesta The inauguration of the fi rst Music Fiesta Pavilion opens its Bradley and Russia’s hosts the U.S. Balloon Fiesta Live! on the last Saturday of doors and becomes Leonid Tiutkhtyaev Women’s National allows enthusiasts Balloon Fiesta. pilot headquarters for set new distance and Championships. from around the world Balloon Fiesta duration world records to see professional, during the Two Eagles livestreamed and transpacifi c balloon archived broadcasts fl ight from Saga, Japan of all Balloon Fiesta to Baja California. sessions. 2018 2017 2013

2020 2017 1993 1996 1997 1997 2000 2000 The Balloon Fiesta The “Flight of the The fi rst Dawn Patrol The Special Shape The Balloon Fiesta celebrates its 25th Nations,” honoring Show, a choreographed Rodeo and Glowdeo hosts “1,000 in 2000,” year and moves to the international pilots infl ation and pre-sunrise reach their current form, with more than 1,000 current Balloon Fiesta on the Wednesday of launch, is held. with morning mass balloons participating. Park. Balloon Fiesta week, is ascensions and evening It is the largest Balloon inaugurated. Glows on both days of Fiesta and probably the the event. largest ballooning event ever held in the world. But in subsequent years, in the interest of safety, the number of balloons is scaled back to 750 and later 550. 2003 2002-2003 2001 2001 2001 The Gondola Club, a Balloon Fiesta Park Albuquerque Aloft, The New Mexico In the wake of the 9/11 V.I.P. experience for is fully grassed; the on the Friday before Challenge, a distance terrorist attacks and the Balloon Fiesta guests, change makes the fi eld Balloon Fiesta, brings race for hot air balloons, grounding of all general is created, and is later a pleasant place for balloonists to local is held; the event lasts aviation, the Balloon joined by the Chasers guests to linger and elementary schools to only a few years. Fiesta comes close to Club and, most recently, turns the Balloon Fiesta educate, infl ate and fl y. cancellation. The ban on a “glamping” experience. into a true destination balloon fl ights is lifted event for families. in time for the Balloon Fiesta and the America’s Challenge race to continue as scheduled. 2017 2020 2021 2022 In winning the America’s The COVID-19 pandemic The Balloon Fiesta The Balloon Fiesta Challenge, Swiss forces the postponement returns with additional celebrates its 50th balloonists Nicolas of the 49th Balloon COVID precautions in year/50th anniversary Tièche and Laurent Fiesta, but “Fiesta place and celebrates its and the 25th America’s Sciboz smash the Siesta” merchandise 49th year. Challenge and publishes all-time competition sells like hotcakes and a commemorative book, distance records Balloon Fiesta Live! 50 Years of Balloon for 1,000 meter gas provides nine days of Magic. balloons. streamed highlights from past Balloon Fiestas. 2015 2001 2005

THE 1970’S: 1972-1979 Tips for Spectators From the 1973 Balloon Fiesta program 1. Keep your feet off the balloons. 15. Don’t harm the Roadrunners, they’re our state bird. 2. Buy a program so you know what’s up. 16. Don’t get caught speeding: you may spend the races in jail. 3. Bring lots of extra fi lm. 17. Please give the balloons the right of way. 4. Don’t forget the camera. 18. Keep your pinkies off the balloons. 5. Wear old warm clothes. 19. Bring more money on the second day for the rest of those 6. Wear comfortable “broken in” shoes or boots. souvenirs you’ve always wanted. 7. Keep your big feet off the balloons. 20. Please don’t drive thru the farmer’s corn fi eld. 8. Work out beforehand so you’re in good shape. 21. Please don’t knock down the fences. 9. Assist only when asked loudly by the pilot. 22. Don’t smoke around the balloons, especially when refueling. 10. Get a full tank of gas before the race. 23. Make sure your auto is insured and if you should have a 11. Keep one eye on the road and the other on the balloon. wreck, please don’t sue the balloon pilot (he’s broke). 12. And keep your grubby feet off the balloons. 24. Bring your own champagne. 13. Bring lots of money to buy the souvenirs. 25. KEEP YOUR BIG FAT FEET OFF THE BEAUTIFUL 14. When running after balloons, keep a sharp lookout for BALLOONS! arroyos and rattlesnakes. ® 50 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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THE 1970'S: 1972-1979 ® 52 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

THETTHHE E ORIGINAL OORRIIGGIINNAALL131133 131131113333 DICK BROWN IS THE FORMER EDITOR OF he year was 1972 and KOB 770 AM Radio BALLOONING, THE BALLOON FEDERATION was celebrating its 50th anniversary. With some coaxing from the station’s general OF AMERICA’S OFFICIAL MAGAZINE, AND HAS manager, Sid Cutter agreed to organize AUTHORED AND COAUTHORED THREE BOOKS a southwestern-style Hare-and-Hound balloon race that he dubbed Roadrunner- AND NUMEROUS ARTICLES ON THE BALLOON T Coyote balloon race. Today we know it as the fi rst FIESTA. HE’S A RESPECTED HISTORIAN Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Sanctioned by ON THINGS BALLOONING AND HAS ALSO the Balloon Federation of America (BFA), it was to be the WRITTEN BOOKS ON HISTORICAL TOPICS largest ballooning event in North America. IN THE SOUTHWEST. HIS PROFESSIONAL Sid Cutter – Albuquerque, New Mexico. BACKGROUND IS IN ENGINEERING, AND HE’S A Sid was the younger son of civil aviation pioneers William PROUD FORMER U.S. NAVY SUBMARINER. and Virginia Cutter who founded Cutter Flying Service in 1928 to serve the fl ourishing aviation community in the Southwest. At age 21 Sid joined the Air Force. First Lieutenant Cutter fl ew single-engine jets and four- Pictured: Roadrunner ready to go as Don Piccard infl ates engine cargo planes until 1960 when he joined the family Spirit of 76 and Karl Stefan infl ates Star of Texas. business and served as the company’s president for STORY AND PHOTOS BY DICK BROWN, FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE OFFICIAL PROGRAM 53

Don Kersten – Fort Dodge, Iowa. Don was a lawyer and an Air Force veteran (1948- 1952). He had been a licensed balloon pilot since 1965 and in this event flew a white Piccard balloon with two blue bands at the equator. Named Merope after his wife, this AX-6 Piccard balloon was fourth in the pack of Coyotes to launch. Incidentally, back then, everyone in the basket wore helmets. Don served as the BFA president from 1969 to 1971 and 1975 to 1977. As immediate past president and a delegate to the FAI in 1972, Don was tasked with searching for a site for the First World Hot Air Balloon Championships. He urged Sid and Tom Rutherford, at the time working for KOB Radio, to form an organization to bid Albuquerque as the host site. They formed World Balloon Championships, Inc. “It wasn’t until later that we learned that no one else had bid, or even been invited to bid for this event,” Tom recalled. Nevertheless, Albuquerque was secured as the host city for the 1973 championships. Sadly, Merope Kersten died in 1984, and Don died in 1998 at age 73. Above: Roadrunner clears the field, Coyotes soon to follow. Right: Don Kersten in Merope waves to the crowd at the City’s first modern hot air ballooning event. more than a decade. Beginning in 1971, he devoted the rest of his life to ballooning. Sid flew Roadrunner, a Raven AX-6, N1954R, the club balloon of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (Quad A) that morning of April 8, 1972, from the northwest corner of Coronado Center. His co-pilot was Don Draper, Quad A’s president. Sid and Don of course launched first, and soon the chase began. At 7:30 a.m., Governor Bruce King fired the starting gun, and 12 competing Coyote balloons trailing advertising banners began lifting off before 20,000 spectators. Albuquerque’s first Balloon Fiesta was underway. Assisting as launch and chase crews were members of the fledging Quad A. As Roadrunner drifted north, Sid commented to his co-pilot, “Well, Don, we have finally seen a balloon race.” Sid held some of the highest aviation awards, including the 1975 Fédération Aéronautique Internationale’s (FAI) Montgolfier Diplome for service to sport ballooning and the 2009 FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award in flight safety. He founded the world’s largest local balloon club – the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association, or Quad A – in 1971, organized the first two World Hot Air Balloon Championships in 1973 and 1975, and won the National Hot Air Balloon Championships in 1978 and 1986. He was inducted into five Halls of Fame during the period 1983-2010. He was very proud of how Albuquerque took to ballooning like he did and how the community embraced an annual Balloon Fiesta. After a long battle with cancer, Sid passed away peacefully in his sleep on May 21, 2011. ® 54 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Above: Bill Cutter prepares to chase his younger brother in N1951R. Oscar Kratz – Tucson, Arizona. Bill Cutter – Phoenix, Arizona. Piloting another Coyote balloon was Oscar Kratz. He Flying another Coyote balloon was Sid’s brother Bill. flew a checkered Raven with red and white top, blue Upon request, the FAA issued Sid’s and Bill’s balloon pilot and white bottom. It can be said that he was indirectly licenses in 1962 and 1963, respectively. Their certificates responsible for one of Albuquerque’s first resident hot read “Free Balloon Pilot – Hot Air Balloons Only”. Bill was air balloons. In 1971, Sid wanted to rent a balloon as the an Albuquerque native and an Army veteran (1955- centerpiece for his mother’s birthday celebration at 1957). He had managed Cutter Flying Service in Phoenix Cutter Flying Service. Oscar owned the first certified since 1959. At the first Balloon Fiesta he flew Betsy Raven AX-8, but it was too big for the hangar and his Ross, N1951R, a patriotic red, white, and blue Raven rental fee was too high at $500. Instead, Sid bought a balloon with gold bunting and white stars against a blue new Raven that he planned to use to promote the party. top, and displaying a Cutter Flying Service banner on Thanks to Oscar’s high rent, N1951R became the first the envelope. At his mother’s birthday celebration, the modern hot air balloon to call Albuquerque home. balloon had a banner reading “This Ole Bag for Rent”. Oscar Kratz enlisted in the Air Force in 1954 and Bill was the third Coyote to take to the air. During served as an aircraft mechanic. He started a flying school an interview, Bill could not recall many details of that at Ryan Airfield near Tucson and was an early instructor first Fiesta. “At my age – I’m 75 – I’m not supposed to in hot air balloons. Oscar died in 1980 at the young age of have a memory.” Bill distinguished himself in balloon 47. His wife Patti represented him at the 25th anniversary competition in the early 70s, placing third in the 1972 gathering of the original pilots at Coronado Center. She Nationals, fourth in the 1973 Nationals, and second passed away in 2016 at age 80. in the 1973 World Hot Air Balloon Championships in Albuquerque. Bill died peacefully in 2018 at age 86. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 55

Above: Denny Floden launches while Gene Dennis, Bill Murtorff, and Don Piccard make final preparations. Dennis Floden – Flint, Michigan. Bill Murtorff – Corpus Christi, Texas. A stockbroker and financial consultant, Denny Bill was an Army veteran (1955-1958) and an became a licensed balloonist in 1969. At age 32, he won extraordinary aeronaut. While operating a water sports the 1971 Nationals in Indianola, Iowa, and piloted a red, store in Corpus Christi, he became infatuated with hot air white, and blue Raven balloon decorated with eagles ballooning. As a student of Derek Howard, Bill received and pennants in the first Fiesta as the reigning U.S. his pilot license in 1971. Derek remembered “Wild Bill,” Champion. In his early ballooning years, he flew under as he was affectionately known, as being so enthusiastic the pseudonym “Capt. Phogg”. Coincidentally, 1972, the about ballooning that he would be around for a long time. year of Albuquerque’s First Fiesta, was also the 100th Indeed, Bill and his wife Mary were regular participants in anniversary of Jules Verne’s fantasy novel Around the the first 25 Balloon Fiestas. World in Eighty Days with Capt. Phileas Fogg. On that special day in Albuquerque in 1972, Bill In 1973, Denny joined Bill Cutter, Tom Oerman, and was fresh from a victory in the Florida Balloon Bruce Comstock on the U.S. team at the First World Championships. His balloon, Smile, N22US, red with four Hot Air Balloon Championships. He won the title and blue bands, was the second Coyote balloon to launch. Bill the distinction of becoming the world’s first champion received Quad A’s Sid Cutter Award in 1977. He was BFA balloonist. Denny used to say, “It takes a little bit of skill President 1979-1981. He retired in Mexico where he died and a lot of luck to excel in balloon competition.” in 1998 at age 64, but his name lives in a place of honor Like Sid, Denny was a balloon sales distributor and in the BFA as the Bill Murtorff Spirit of Ballooning Award. successful commercial balloonist. He designed Kellogg’s first Tony the Tiger balloon and for 22 years led his Don Piccard – Newport Beach, California. Gr-r-reat Tony Balloon Team in the operation of one of Don was the son of Swiss pioneer aeronauts Jean and the first special-shape commercial balloons. Denny is Jeannette Piccard. He had been flying balloons since the now retired from the financial world and the world of 1940s and was a pioneer in his own right. During WWII, commercial and competitive ballooning. He says he was he served in the Navy as a balloon and airship rigger a “card-carrying Michigan snowbird” for some time but and again at Lakehurst, New Jersey, during the Korean now spends most of his time as a boater and real estate War. In 1947, he received the nation’s first Free Balloon investor in Bradenton Beach, Florida. Certificate. He made numerous epic balloon flights and was awarded the 1962 Montgolfier Diplome for his ® 56 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

PHO T O: BILL W AL T ON FL YNT Gene and Denny had only one balloon between them. Both made it through the qualifying rounds, but a toss of the coin put Denny in the basket instead of Gene. After flying balloons with Denny, Gene adopted the name “Captain Phair Weather.” He claimed that the excellent flying conditions at the 1972 Fiesta were not the work of George Fischbeck, with his high-altitude millibar charts, but it was he who ordered the day’s good weather. Gene recalls lifting off with Tom Oerman as his passenger. Tom’s balloon never made it to Albuquerque because of a Chicago snowstorm. Gene’s flight connections through Chicago were also cancelled but he drove to Detroit and caught a direct flight to Albuquerque. Regarding the 1972 race, Gene said “My balloon was a Raven with red and white stripes, blue equator and yellow top. We landed somewhere in the boonies. The next day, several of us flew from the West Above: Surprisingly, there were only two mounted patrol- Mesa and drifted over the Rio Grande.” men for this crowd of 20,000. Gene placed sixth in the qualifying rounds for the 1973 World Championships, being edged out by Denny record altitude flight in a “poly-cluster” balloon. In 1963, Floden, Tom Oerman, and Bill Cutter. He returned to he and Ed Yost became the first men to pilot a hot air Albuquerque several times, flying in the Fiesta, visiting balloon across the English Channel from Great Britain to the Balloon Museum, and revisiting the 1972 Coronado France. Don is credited with many of the innovations we launch site where Macy’s is today. While he is no longer see today in modern hot air sport balloons. active, his two sons are avid balloonists. Although Don spent much of his life in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he also spent decades in Newport Beach, California where in 1964 he started a balloon manufacturing company. At the time of Albuquerque’s first Fiesta, he claimed Newport Beach as home. He remembered most of northeast Albuquerque was empty lots. Indeed, there was little development north of Montgomery where most of the Coyote balloons landed. Don was one of the last to launch but he flew Spirit of 76, N76US, an AX-8 Piccard, to a first-place finish, landing only 184 feet from the deflated Roadrunner balloon that Sid had left spread out as a giant target. Don had a ripout landing with a long drag across the East Mesa as Albuquerqueans rushed to grab his basket and as a helicopter hovered a few hundred yards away. That balloon was made for Burns, Burke and Morton of Gardena, California, with George Morton getting his first ride as the nation was getting psyched up for the American Bicentennial. “It had two giant burners and two rip panels,” recalled Don. “It was ideal for that flight. Dr. George, the met guy, was perfect, and I paid attention to him.” Don was referring to Dr. George Fischbeck, the popular Albuquerque weatherman on KOB-TV from the early 1960s. Don returned to Minneapolis in the 1980s and died in 2020 at the age of 94. Gene Dennis – Grand Blanc, Michigan. When Gene got into ballooning, he owned his own electrical contracting business that was geared to support the automotive industry in Michigan. His balloon instructor was Denny Floden, who also trained Bruce Comstock, just before Denny won the 1971 Nationals. Above: Matt Wiederkehr and Don Kersten rise in search of Roadrunner. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 57

Matt Wiederkehr – St. Paul, Minnesota. 206 feet from the Roadrunner. Don added, “It was a kick Matt served four years in the Navy during the Korean for us to take fi rst and second.” Don and Willie relocated War. He was an engineer when he started ballooning to Minneapolis where Willie survives her husband of 50 and in fact was one of the fi rst ten hot air balloon pilots years. As a tribute to Don, she said, “His most powerful in the country. He and wife Bobbie operated a balloon legacy is in helping to develop the sport of hot air sales distributorship and staged the hot air balloon ballooning and making it aff ordable for families to enjoy.” competition at the annual St. Paul Winter Carnival. Matt Now 91 years of age, she still resides in Minneapolis. and his daughters, Denise and Donna, set over 40 world ballooning records. Brent Stockwell – Daly City, California. The fi rst Coyote balloon to launch was Matt’s blue and As a licensed commercial balloonist since 1970, white balloon, Raven One, N1926R, with co-pilot Denise Brent participated in many hot air and gas balloon races and a long Melloy Datsun banner trailing below the around the world. At the time of Albuquerque’s inaugural basket. They made a classic ripout landing among cholla ballooning event, he had been working on establishing cactus on the East Mesa, stopping dead in their tracks in the fi rst FAA-approved balloon fl ight school in the nation. a matter of seconds. Matt’s wife Bobbie recalled, “At fi rst Beginning in 1974, Brent operated an FAA-certifi ed everyone thought we won the race. Suddenly the wind balloon repair station. He was active in the BFA for changed and the Piccards won, even though they were decades and received numerous BFA and FAA awards. off course until the end.” Matt and Denise ended up in At the fi rst Fiesta, his small AX-4 balloon, Firebird, third place. We lost this veteran aeronaut in 2019 when N14US, trailing a Rich Ford banner, was one of the he passed away at age 90. last Coyotes to launch. Other sponsors included Cactus Realty, Galles Chevrolet, Horizon Corporation, Wilma Piccard – Newport Beach, California. Melloy Datsun, Pedal ‘n Spoke, Vickers Petroleum and Don’s wife, Willie, is an accomplished balloonist. Watchworld. Brent’s balloon ran out of fuel before The two met when Don hired her as a seamstress at reaching the target Roadrunner balloon. He and his wife, Piccard Balloons. Willie set the A-1 distance record for Christine Kalakuka, authored several ballooning books male and female using a single-cell mylar balloon. As while operating their fl ight school and repair station in the only female pilot in the fi rst Fiesta, Willie fl ew solo Manteca, California. Sadly, Christine passed away in in Gypsy, N10TA, a Piccard AX-6 which later went to 2007. Brent passed away in 2021 at age 90. (See Brent Bruce Comstock and helped him win the Nationals. Don Stockwell’s account of his fl ight, reprinted from the 1991 recalled, “It was a super balloon, especially for the time, Balloon Fiesta program, following this story.) and gave Willie no trouble.” She placed second, landing Below: Matt Wiederkehr, Carter Twedt and Denny Floden infl ate at Coronado Center. ® 58 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Above: Mike-Mike and Spirit of 76 on their way. Carter Twedt – Carson City, Nevada. made many commercial flights. Nevada Skydivers Carter, an American Airlines pilot, with his crew chief, showed a special interest in Mike-Mike. Carter claimed, Pat Arthur, lifted off in a yellow Raven AX-6 with a red “The whole club wanted to jump so there have been at band at the equator sporting a string of white stars. A least 50 jumps from the old balloon.” He and Peggy sold banner, also promoting Rich Ford, dangled from the Mike-Mike years ago, but it was still being inflated on basket. This was the balloon that was used in Walt special occasions. Disney’s “High Flying Lowe” movie about Professor Thaddeus Lowe, the Civil War aeronaut who conducted Karl Stefan – Palestine, Texas. aerial reconnaissance for the Union Army. N4MM or Karl was a graduate of the Naval Academy, Class of Mike-Mike as Carter called the balloon (M-M for Mickey 1940, and a WWII veteran, having retired in 1960 after Mouse), was made up to look like a gas balloon for the 20 years in naval aviation. He made his first gas balloon 1972 Disney movie. flight in 1956 and his first hot air balloon flight in 1961. As for the 1972 race, “We brought our entire crew and After teaching Chauncey Dunn how to fly balloons in the envelope in two Cessnas, but we had to ship the Colorado in the early 1970s (Karl was working at the gondola,” said Carter. They placed sixth overall. Carter National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder at and Pat made a high-wind landing on the Sandia Pueblo the time), they flipped a coin to see who would attempt Reservation and ended up hauling the balloon out piece a new altitude record. Karl won and reached 31,000 by piece. feet before his oxygen mask froze. Three days later, Carter retired from American Airlines in 1994 but Chauncey, with a heater in his oxygen mask, set a new continued to fly – not jets, not balloons, but paragliders. AX-8 record by reaching 33,000 feet. His wife Peggy was also a licensed balloon pilot and Karl received the coveted Montgolfier Diplome for the OFFICIAL PROGRAM 59

Above: Bill Murtorff, Willie Piccard, Oscar Kratz on the ground, Karl Stefan in the air. year 1971 for service to ballooning. With Tracy Barnes 25th Anniversary Reunion and Dodds Meddock, this aeronautical engineer helped On September 28, 1996, at Coronado Center, there co-found The Balloon Works, a highly successful balloon was a special reunion of The Original Thirteen. Willie manufacturing company in Statesville, North Carolina. Piccard was unable to attend, and Oscar Kratz was Karl did not recall serving as the Safety Officer in 1972, represented by his widow Patti. but he distinctly remembered trailing a very long banner. Tom Dunn, KOB Radio producer, director and morning Of his rapid ascent in his skirtless AX-6, Star of Texas, show host, once said of the first Balloon Fiesta, “When N1930R, to deploy his banner, he said, “I kept climbing disc jockeys put on a show you can expect a windbag and so turned the burner off, but I could still hear its roar. promotion.” And what a promotion it was – not just for I then looked over the side and realized the roar was from KOB but for ballooning in Albuquerque. The story of this the crowd below.” Karl’s flight ended with a ripout landing inaugural ballooning event was carried by that evening’s punctuated by two hard bounces. Albuquerque Tribune as front-page news, and that was For well over a decade, he served as the U.S. delegate just the beginning as planning commenced for the 1973 to the FAI Ballooning Commission and had the pleasure World Hot Air Balloon Championships. As the forerunner of announcing Montgolfier awards to many other of the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, American balloonists. He also served as FAI Ballooning that first “windbag promotion” has become known as Commission President from 1984 to 1994. Sid Cutter the first Balloon Fiesta and those balloon pilot pioneers succeeded Karl as the U.S. Delegate. For many years, have landed themselves in ballooning history books as Karl and his wife Lucy lived in Fort Collins, Colorado. Lucy “The Original Thirteen.” passed away in 2015 at age 92; Karl followed in 2018 at All images by Dick Brown from the eastern side of the age 102. launch field, using a single-lens reflex camera loaded with Kodachrome-25 slide film. ® 60 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

2022 Balloon Fiesta Program - Page 67

THE 1970'S: 1972-1979 1972 One Mile Up, and Still on the Ground By Col. Brent Stockwell From the 1991 Balloon Fiesta program, reprinted with permission from Ballooning, the Journal of the Balloon Federation of America here I was, altimeter indicating 5,000 balloons from eight states had entered the race. Some feet, with some guy standing next to the withdrew or merely failed to appear; some aeronauts basket yelling, "Get ready; you're up soon, were caught in an unseasonal snowstorm in Chicago, get ready to take off ." What in the world but twelve aeronauts representing California, Arizona, was happening? Today was the day I had Iowa, Michigan, Texas, Minnesota, Nevada and of course Tplanned to plant a second crop of lettuce New Mexico, made the launch site. If all nineteen in my tiny, San Francisco-fog-enshrouded backyard entries had appeared, Albuquerque could have claimed vegetable garden. Who was this man and why was he the largest balloon gathering in the United States, telling me to take off while I was already one mile up (and exceeding the seventeen balloons at last year’s National still on the ground)? Championships at Indianola, Iowa. This episode was no aeronaut's mushroom-inspired Radio station KOB, Albuquerque's NBC affi liate, was fantasy, but the Albuquerque International Coyote and celebrating its 50th anniversary in broadcasting. Their Roadrunner Balloon Race, a hot-air balloonist's dream on network affi liation inspired Don Piccard to dub the a mile-high plateau in New Mexico. California contingent 'The CBS Team", representing of On very, very short notice (due to some Madison course, the California Balloon Society. Another Piccard Avenue-type brainstorming, I suspect), the Albuquerque pun, and another club was born. Aerostat Ascension Association had staged a Aeronauts arriving in Albuquerque were treated like professional, BFA-sanctioned race in a one balloon town. visiting brass. In fact, each pilot was commissioned Well, it once was a one balloon town. "Colonel, Aide-de-Camp" on the Staff of the Governor of The amazingly short time in which this race was the State of New Mexico by Governor Bruce King! New organized was matched by the short length of time Mexico now has a balloon air force. needed by aeronauts all over the country to organize Race day started at 6:00 a.m., calm and clear despite themselves and congregate on Albuquerque’s desert the fact that Albuquerque had just suff ered a terrible plain. With notice of a bit over a week, nineteen pilots and sandstorm the previous week and natives pointed ® 62 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

I fi nally managed to turn Firebird around, but it was too much and too soon. By the time Cutter landed Roadrunner, a sizable crowd gathered, and the contestants appeared to be landing in the middle of a parking lot full of cars. From an organizational standpoint, the race was most impressive. For instance, no sooner had Firebird and I hit the ground than we were checked out by a medic (my landing wasn't that bad!), greeted and interviewed by a lady radio announcer, and presented with a bottle of Cold Duck by another beautiful lady. Wow! Matt Wiederkehr, in Flying Raven 1, had an early starting time and dogged Roadrunner to the landing site to take an early lead. Wilma Piccard, however, soon maneuvered Gypsy to within 206 feet and took over fi rst place. That looked like it, until last-place starter Don Piccard, Wilma's husband/mentor, swooped the giant Spirit of '76 to a mere 184 feet from the target, putting the Piccard pair into fi rst and second places in the fi nal results. ''Too bad the kids weren't fl ying", kidded Piccard Above: Brent Stockwell, in Firebird, ready for launch in the between gulps of champagne, but fortunately for fi rst Balloon Fiesta. Photo from the original 1991 article. Wiederkehr there were no more Piccards in the air that day. out that April is the windiest month of the year in New With this outstanding race behind, an excellent eff ort Mexico. fi rst time out, the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Each pilot was driven to the airport and issued a Association is already planning for their second race, brand-new Chevrolet pick-up truck. I can almost hear "The First World Hot Air Balloon Championship.'' in the television commercial now: "Yessiree, friends and Albuquerque 11-17 February 1973. neighbors, Galles Chevrolet, in beautiful downtown Good luck and please invite me. Albuquerque, has twenty almost-brand-new pick-ups, driven only once through the desert by the little old wife Award-winning balloonist Brent Stockwell, one of of an aeronaut with a very light balloon." Each pilot was the “Original 13” (see article on page 52) fl ew balloons also issued one driver/aeronaut-retriever/groundcrew/ for nearly fi ve decades. He was the owner of Balloon slave. I was fortunate enough to get Bill Blackwell, Excelsior, a balloon fl ight school and repair station, served a young, strong, handsome radio announcer from as an FAA designated examiner and aviation counselor, Albuquerque's classical music station who is a future and co-authored several books with his late wife Christine aeronaut and an excellent tour guide. Kalakuka, including 1998’s “Hot Air Balloons. Stockwell Albuquerqueans must be early risers, as the shopping passed away in 2021 at the age of 89. center launch area was crowded by 7:00 a.m.; the Albuquerque Tribune estimated the crowd at 20,000, and the New York Times reported, “The fi rst traffi c jam the arid mesa northeast of town ever had.” ALBUQUERQUE RACE RESULTS Someone had very considerately supplied about 1,800 square feet of plastic sheeting for each balloon to infl ate 1. Don Piccard, Newport Beach, Ca Piccard AX-8 Spirit of '76 on without getting too sandy or stuck in cactus. 2. Wilma Piccard, Newport Beach, Ca Piccard AX-6 Gypsy Befi tting this western setting was a mounted sheriff 3. Matt Wiederkehr, St. Paul, Minn. Raven AX-6 Flying Raven l whose horse did the most fantastic four-legged version 4. Karl Stefan, Palestine, Tex. Raven AX-6 Star of Texas of the Mexican hat dance every time a balloon burner came on, and western character actor Slim Pickens 5. Gene Dennis, Grand Blanc, Mich. Raven AX-6 stood on one foot and then the other, muttering "yep". 6. Carter Twedt, Carson City, Nev. Raven AX-6 The Hare and Hound even naturally was called the 7. Dennis Floden, Fenton, Mich. Raven AX-6 "Roadrunner and Coyote Race”. Roadrunner Sid Cutter, 8. Bill Cutter, Phoenix, Ariz. Raven AX-6 with Don Draper, lifted off at 7:45. The coyote balloons, * Bill Murtorff , Corpus Christi, Tex. Piccard AX-6 Smile at 30-second intervals, followed fi fteen minutes later. * Brent Stockwell, Daly City, Ca. Piccard AX-4 Firebird All followed except Don Kersten in Merope, who took off * Oscar Kratz, Tucson, Ariz. about forty-fi ve degrees off course to the east, and I in * Don Kersten, Ft. Dodge, Iowa Piccard AX-6 Merope Firebird about forty-fi ve degrees off course to the west. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 63

THE 1970s: 1972-1979 1973 he world came to Albuquerque in 1973, as 38 of the planet’s best aeronauts competed in the First World Hot Air competed in the First World Hot Air Balloon Championships. Impressed by the city’s Tenthusiasm for balloons at the 1972 KOB event and how well the pilots were treated, Balloon Federation of America President Don Kersten persuaded Sid Cutter to bid for the event – not bothering to tell Sid that Albuquerque was the only bidder! The eight-day event, February 10-17, was actually even longer, because it was preceded by a separate competition to determine the four pilots who would represent the U.S. The World Championships and a separate rally for “Fiesta” fl yers were held at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds, which aff orded seating and amenities for spectators, but did not allow them to go onto the launch fi eld among the balloons. The event was huge, considering that less than a year before the record for the largest U.S. balloon rally ever was 21. Thirty-eight world U.S. balloon rally ever was 21. Thirty-eight world competitors and 90 Fiesta fl yers thrilled visitors. competitors and 90 Fiesta fl yers thrilled visitors. The championships turned out well for the home team: Denny Floden – “Captain Phogg” – took home the very fi rst world trophy. The international and out of town visitors had a great international and out of town visitors had a great time. Many of the Albuquerque volunteers who time. Many of the Albuquerque volunteers who helped with the event were hooked and became helped with the event were hooked and became balloonists themselves, providing both balloons balloonists themselves, providing both balloons and expertise to support future Balloon Fiestas. and expertise to support future Balloon Fiestas. ® 64 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


1974 didn’t feature a World three Balloon Fiestas, was coming to the realization Championship, but the budding Balloon he needed to devote more time to his own budding 1974Fiesta didn’t miss a beat. The fi rst ballooning business. People loved seeing balloons, but “stand-alone” event – and the fi rst to it was obvious a lot of changes were needed to assure offi cially bear the name Albuquerque International the Balloon Fiesta’s long-term solvency and success. Balloon Fiesta – featured 111 balloons. The Balloon Fiesta once again was held at the State Fairgrounds, but it was becoming increasingly apparent that this wasn’t an ideal location. Balloons headed south inevitably encroached on the airport and Kirtland Air Force Base, and as Albuquerque grew, landing sites were becoming scarce – a refrain that impacts Balloon Fiesta to this day. Sid Cutter, who ran the fi rst ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 66

The world competitors were back in Albuquerque 1975in 1975 for the second World Hot Air Balloon Championships. As in 1973, 38 of the world’s fi nest balloonists competed over several days and through a series of grueling tasks. American competitor David Schaff er emerged victorious. fi rst time, spectators were allowed to walk among the Of more long-term importance, the Balloon Fiesta balloons on the launch site, a rarity for air shows, where as we now know it began to emerge in 1975. After the spectators are usually strictly separated from aircraft 1974 event, organizers had reached the conclusion that operations. This change was revolutionary and added both the time frame and the launch location needed to a rare and perhaps unprecedented level of involvement change. A weather study determined that early fall and and excitement for air show spectators. specifi cally early October would be the best time for the But even as these plans were coming to fruition, the event. A new site uptown – Simms Field, near I-25 and very future of the Balloon Fiesta was in jeopardy, as Jeff erson – provided easy access and plenty of space Sid Cutter withdrew from the day-to-day management for growth. With the move to the new fi eld, for the to focus on his business. Fortunately, Mayor Harry Kinney realized the Balloon Fiesta created an incredible opportunity for Albuquerque to have a signature event that could bring revenue into the community. He recruited business leaders to form a Citizens Committee to run the event. This committee, over the next couple of years, evolved into the current non-profi t Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Inc. One more lasting development came out of all the 1975 changes. Local balloonists were worried, with the move to October, that people would miss seeing balloons in February. So they held a separate February balloon rally, called the Cloudbouncer Rally, at the state fairgrounds. This 40-balloon event is now considered to be the fi rst Friends and Lovers Rally, still held today. And 1975 is sometimes referred to as the “year with two Fiestas.” PHOTO: BILL WALTON FLYNT After all the 1975 changes, the Balloon Fiesta began to settle into 1976a nice routine in 1976. With no world championships on the menu, balloonmeister Bob Ruppenthal set a diff erent tone for the event, “He (and she) who has the most fun wins.” Fun competitions such as the Tumbleweed Drop were on the menu for the 150 participating balloonists. Meanwhile, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta completed its incorporation and offi cially took over management of the annual event. During the 1976 Fiesta, a number of the participating balloons were involved in the fi lming of “Day of the Balloons,” a multi-media fi lm produced for exhibition at Busch Gardens. The fi nal scene was shot in Albuquerque and at the Balloon Fiesta. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 67

1977 marked the fi rst use of “The Big One” as 1977a catchphrase for the Balloon Fiesta. With 194 balloons that year, the event was getting big, especially by the standards of the time. The balloons were getting bigger, too. Within a year, Sid Cutter acquired a 400,000 cu. ft. Raven from the Great Adventures amusement park. Balloons this time being what it was, fl ying it was a whole ‘nuther size are frequently seen at Balloon Fiesta today, but story for another time. Sid promptly dubbed his new back then it was a sensation, a good fi ve times the size gentle giant, “The Big One.” of almost anything else in the air. The technology of the In 1978, ballooning and balloonists in Sid Cutter captured the 1978 National Hot Air Balloon Albuquerque were on an incredible Championship (his fi rst of two). The Balloon Fiesta was 1978high. Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson, really growing, for the fi rst time topping 250 balloons and Larry Newman were worldwide (278, to be specifi c). But even with 278 determined heroes, the fi rst persons to successfully cross the pilots who were all sure they were going to win, nobody Atlantic by balloon (see page 188). That same week, won the Balloon Fiesta’s fi rst key grab competition (today called the Ring Toss), where balloonists fl y by a pole and snatch the keys from the top to win a vehicle. The souvenirs were getting more sophisticated, too. The fi rst offi cial Balloon Fiesta calendars appeared in 1976 and were hot items by 1978; they sell by the thousands today. ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 68

The wThe world’orld’ss balloonists continued balloonists continued to drop in in record 1979ttoo ddrroopp iinn iinn rreeccoorrd d numbers in 1979, with numbers in 1979, with a whopping 360 balloons registered a whopping 360 balloons registered to fl y. With all the growth – not to fl y. With all the growth – not just in balloons and pilots, but just in balloons and pilots, but also sponsors, concessions and also sponsors, concessions and more – the Balloon Fiesta began more – the Balloon Fiesta began to acquire the attributes of a to acquire the attributes of a permanent organization. The permanent organization. The Board hired Linda Rutherford, one Board hired Linda Rutherford, one of the country’s earliest female of the country’s earliest female commercial pilots (and at the commercial pilots (and at the time married to Tom Rutherford) time married to Tom Rutherford) as its fi rst permanent employee as its fi rst permanent employee and Executive Director. Linda and Executive Director. Linda and her stalwart volunteer staff and her stalwart volunteer staff moved into rented offi ce space moved into rented offi ce space on Princeton Ave. NE. on Princeton Ave. NE. Also that year, the very Also that year, the very fi rst Balloon Fiesta poster fi rst Balloon Fiesta poster appeared. ProCreations of appeared. ProCreations of New Orleans became the New Orleans became the event’s licensed purveyor event’s licensed purveyor of offi cial posters, a distinction they held for distinction they held for three decades. Today, three decades. Today, many of the offi cial posters sell for many posters sell for many times what people originally paid for them. originally paid for them. Balloonists also prize Balloonists also prize the offi cial T-shirts printed during this era by Kevin White, the offi cial T-shirt concessionaire for many years. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 69

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS LIGHTS IN THE DARKNESS n a cold October day in 1978, in the By the time they were ready to land, they would be pre-dawn darkness, two California able to see and avoid buildings, power lines, and other balloonists made history – and no obstructions on the ground. doubt startled a few Albuquerque early In order to receive certifi cation, O’Connor and risers – by ascending into the sunrise Thornton had to develop aircraft warning lights on the fi rst fl ight ever of the Dawn acceptable to the FAA and submit a ton of paperwork. O Patrol. The fl ight was the culmination of six month’s They got the fi nal OK just before they were to leave hard work and the realization of a dream, in the words of their home base in Morgan Hill, California for the pilot Ron Thornton, “to be able to see the sunrise from a Balloon Fiesta. Now, they were ready to set sail into the couple thousand feet above ground and see the morning unknown. shadows recede from above”. When they came to the 1978 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Thornton and Ken O’Connor had just received the certifi cation from the Federal Aviation Administration that would permit them to fl y their balloons at night. Balloons are generally certifi ed to fl y in daylight only for a very practical reason: the pilot needs to be able to see the ground in order to land safely. O’Conner and Thornton’s idea was to take off at dawn and fl y into daylight. OIS JE DEBER UL A O: P T PHO Above:A ® 70 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

and gold, breaking over the Sandia Mountains. Flying OIS from the dark into the light is a beautiful and challenging JE experience. DEBER Ken O’Connor and Ron Thornton never dreamed UL how this wonder of the night would evolve. Over the A years, the Dawn Patrol slowly evolved into an integral O: P T part of Balloon Fiesta and now includes the Dawn PHO Patrol Show, a coordinated ascension set to narration and music. Guests are delighted by the sight of the balloons ascending into the early morning dawn sky and majestically soaring over the still-shadowed fi eld. Pilots watch the Dawn Patrollers closely and gratefully for a fi rst indication of the winds they can expect when they ascend after sunrise. Kenny O’Connor is no longer with us – he passed away several years ago -- but Ron Thornton is still fl ying. He 2016 Dawn Patrol fl ight; note the aircraft warning lights still participates in the Balloon Fiesta from time to time, hanging below the baskets. and when he does still fl ies the Dawn Patrol. In the pre-dawn, chilly darkness, the pilots infl ated the PHO balloons and attached the new aircraft warning lights. T The passengers climbed aboard: Tom Christopher, a O: P A crew person and later a longtime Balloon Fiesta launch UL offi cer, aboard as navigator since he was familiar with the DEBER local area, and Bill Tracy, a TV news photographer. Tom Christopher, in his account of this historic fl ight, JE described– although not intended as such – what was OIS likely the Balloon Fiesta’s very fi rst Balloon Glow: “…when [the pilot heats] the balloon with its burners, the balloon lights up like a low watt light bulb, on a tremendous scale … [the] results are spectacular.” Aloft in the darkness, O’Connor and Thornton and their passengers were awed by an incredible vista seen only by those lucky enough to fl y the Dawn Patrol: the ground fading into oblivion under the balloon, pierced only by a glittering panorama of city lights, and the growing dawn, in shades of gray and pink To watch a video of the fi rst Dawn Patrol fl ight, scan the QR code. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 71

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      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Abell, Jim Adams, Steven Adelsberger, Kurt Adie, Martin Aley, Dave KIPHAVEN MISS SHENANIGANS TRANSITION HOPSCOTCH AFTERNOON DELIGHT Alameda, CA Albuquerque, NM Mesquite, NV Edgewood, NM Belen, NM United States United States United States United States United States Ambeau, Robert Anderson, Allen Anderson, Denny Anger, Frank I WANNA WIN II PIXIDELIC J.A.B AMERICA Gonzales, LA Minden, NV Ankeny, IA Tupelo, MS United States United States United States United States Appelman, Scott Arkwell, Kathy Armstrong, Bill Ashworth, Jeff rey Aubol-Hanks, Nancy DOS EQUIS CLYDESCOPE BAND OF GOLD SLÁINTE! GIGGLES AND GRINS Scottsdale, AZ Peoria, IL Goodyear, AZ Corrales, NM Bosque Farms, NM United States United States United States United States United States Baca, Rod Bacon, Frank Bair, Dave Bair, Ray CRUISE CONTROL SUN FLYER BAIRLY AWAKE KALEIDOSCOPE Los Lunas, NM Los Ranchos, NM Colorado Springs, CO Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States ® 74 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Baird, Andy Ballengee, Kelli Barnes, Kent Bartra, Alex Bauwens, Mike RED ROVER AIRRAGEOUS BELLESTAR AIRMOSA BETTY’S BABY GRAND Dexter, MI Placitas, NM Murray, UT Rio Rancho, NM Park City, UT United States United States United States United States United States Beebe, Ken Belgarde, Sonja Bennett, Brian Bertetto, Mike TORTUGA DEL FUEGO WILDFIRE DEJA VU NERFER Rio Rancho, NM Sun Prairie, WI Agency, IA Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States Biernacki, Buzz Blizzard, Will Boring, Gordon Boulger, John Bowie, Manning MORNING MAGIC ZEUS BOYNTON CRITTERS DAKOTA STAR RISING STARS Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Commerce Twp, MI Fargo, ND Martinez, GA United States United States United States United States United States Bowling, Dave Bowman, James Boyd, Gary Braden, Kris THE WIND WHISPERER DOT THE GRATEFUL RED RAINBOW RYDERS Parker, CO Oklahoma City, OK Albuquerque, NM Rio Rancho, NM United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 75

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Braden, Morgan Bradley, Troy Bramble, Curt Breff eilh, Margaret Brennand, Mike HIGHBISCUS RAINBOW RYDERS STARS & STRIPES SAPPHIRE MILAGRO Lake Havasu City, AZ Albuquerque, NM Provo, UT Victor, ID Tijeras, NM United States United States United States United States United States Bristol, David Broker, Bill Brown, Tom Browning, Derek Browning, Jody ORANGE CRUSH EXCELLENCE TOMFOOLERY THIS END UP TATER TOT Sautee Nacoochee, GA Plano, TX Plainwell, MI Louisville, KY Rio Rancho, NM United States United States United States United States United States Brunner, Pierre Buckner, Jason Buesing, Jeff Buesing, Russ Burdue, Bradley RAINBOW RYDERS HALE-LUCINATIONS RUSS BUSS LITTLE HOPPER RUBIK Yountville, CA Albuquerque, NM Colorado Springs, CO Centennial, CO Whitehouse, OH United States United States United States United States United States Burgess, Zach Burman, Leo Bussey, Bill Butler, Bill Byberg, Bruce RAINBOW RYDERS MONARCHS YEN YANG MONKEY BUSINESS AUTUMN DREAM Ashland, OH Montreal, Québec Longview, TX Alamogordo, NM Bloomfi eld, NJ United States Canada United States United States United States ® 76 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Caldwell, Clint Caldwell, Trent Candelaria, Joe Carlson, Brian Carlton, Ryan PATIENT ENDURANCE TRENT’Z K’IDD MR. BLUE SKIES DREAMS FULFILLED CAZOOEE Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Wakarusa, KS Danville, IL United States United States United States United States United States Carlton-Vish, Donna Carpenter, Michael Carreathers, Lonnie Carroll, Sean Carter, Buddy SUNNY SIDE UP SWEET CAROLINE II SPECTRUM TWISTED DRIFTER FLYING RAINBOW Danville, IL Rio Rancho, NM Rio Rancho, NM Marietta, GA Pleasant Garden, NC United States United States United States United States United States Cass, Gary Cathey, Phil Caton, Tom Centers, Ron Chando, Morghan RED HOT! SKITTLES TIME TRAVELER CAPT. AMERICA FLYAWAY2 Yuma, AZ Roswell, NM Byrnes Mill, MO Portage, MI Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Chando, Pat Chase, Brian Chavez, Laurie Christensen, Dave Christian, Bret PATTURNS IN CZECH PINWHEEL JESSE’S GIRL TOO MOONSHADOW RESURREXION Albuquerque, NM Moscow, PA Albuquerque, NM Hot Springs, SD Indianola, IA United States United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 77

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Čižius, Jastin Clapp, Royce Clark, Richard Cline, Don PILKIUS GOOD MORNING OUR TREAT DAYBREAK II Elektrėnai, Vilnius SUNSHINE Calgary, Alberta Greensboro, NC Lithuania McCook, NE Canada United States United States Clinger, Phil Cliver, Bubba Cliver, Chris Cloyd, Tim Coan, Larry LIBERTY PTREE HAPPY HOUR SON LIGHT SUPERFLUOUS Battle Creek, MI Lewisville, TX Houston, TX Runnells, IA New Hudson, MI United States United States United States United States United States Cochran, Tony Coffi ng, Steve Converse, Karen Cook, Kelli COLORADO TWIST OF FATE PENUMBRA HIGH MAINTENANCE Broomfi eld, CO Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Denver, CO United States United States United States United States Cooper, Gary Cooper, Hal Copas, Jerry Cowen, Dave Crouch, Clayton RAINBOW RYDERS UPTUIT EZ-BALLOON ANGEL WINGS FINISH LINE Rio Rancho, NM Port Hope, Ontario Sellersburg, IN Corrales, NM Denver, CO United States Canada United States United States United States ® 78 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Curry, Ron Cusick, Jim Czerniawski, Jerzy Davenport, Richard 770 KKOB BOLT AVIPOL XMAXX Corrales, NM Marysville, OH Bialystok, Podlaskie Ormond Beach, FL United States United States Poland United States Davidson, John Davie, Ryan Dennis, Chad Dennis, Sean Derebey, Steve CHEZ RADIO TWILIGHT ZONE PHIVE NEIL GOT THE HOTZ Belmont, Ontario Rio Rancho, NM Grand Blanc, MI Grand Blanc, MI Rio Rancho, NM Canada United States United States United States United States Despres, Denise Dickey, Bill Dickey, Frank Dicks, Bob BOOBOULINA DIAMOND GIRL 2ND WIND FLECKFOLLY5 Cedar Crest, NM Corrales, NM Albuquerque, NM Churchville, PA United States United States United States United States Dimmitt, Bill Dinkler, Fred Dobbs, Bill Doll, Penny Donner, Nick SUNRISE ANGEL SKYLEIDOSCOPE EL TIGRE RACING WITH THE WIND SMILEY Los Lunas, NM Livingston, TX Kamas, UT Roeland Park, KS Louisville, KY United States United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 79

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Dougherty, Don Draughn, Ken Drganc, Luka Duer Jr., Darrell Duff , Jeff DARK SUNRISE XTREMELY CONTAGIOUS JACK FM CRIMSON FLAME SINCERELY Colorado Springs, CO Burlington, NC Belmont, Ontario Oklahoma City, OK Albuquerque, NM United States United States Canada United States United States Duff , Ryan Dumke, Don Duval-Harbour, Jesse Dyer, JD Eakin, Sean IMPULSE DECISIONS FLO ST.-JEAN-SUR- FLYING FOR HEROES SHOTGUN RIDER Hallsville, MO Florence, WI RICHELIEU FIESTA Ammanford, Cameron, NC United States United States St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Carmarthenshire United States Québec, Canada United Kingdom Edwards, Don Edmiston, Fred Eichhorn, Dave Eldridge, Stacy Emry, Gordon HEAD SOUTH STARS MARAUDER’S MARK TEARDROP COWBOY FRESH AIRE III Soldotna, AK Maxwell, TX Corrales, NM Rio Rancho, NM Norfolk, NE United States United States United States United States United States Enloe, Stuart Evans, Tim Ewer, Dan Favero, Marcus Fenske, David HIGHNLOE CREW BALLOON FOOLISH PLEASURE LIFTIN’ SPIRITS CRIMSON STAR Woodstock, GA Cedar Crest, NM Tucson, AZ Smithfi eld, VA Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 80

      Ferguson, Charles Ferguson, Ken Ferrall, Rick Fisher, Tom Fitch, Matt FREEDOM FLYER ITSA TOUCHIE SUBJECT STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN BREEZY RIDER PLUM FANCY Tucson, AZ Albuquerque, NM Oxford, MS Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Fitzgerald, William Fleury, Mike Fogue, Pat Ford, Mike Forenz, Tom VOYAGER FLEUR DE TUCSON MIMOSA WHITAKER’S GIFT DA BLUES Lubbock, TX Red Rock, AZ Columbia, MO Albuquerque, NM Georgetown, CO United States United States United States United States United States Fortney, Wayne Francoeur, Danielle Francois, Jean-Michel Freedman, Neil Freeman, Cameron ROSIE PIXEL DRAGONFLY PSYCHO THERAPY ADVENTURE 3 Kingsport, TN Montreal, Québec Salles Courbaties, Albuquerque, NM Vail, CO United States Canada Québec, Canada United States United States Fricke, Barbara Fritze, Mark Gabaldon, Henry Gabriel, Jason Galaz, Yvette SPIRITS IN THE SKY FREEDOMFLYER BUCKEYE SPIRIT OF ‘76 SHELBY’S SUNRISE Albuquerque, NM Tallahassee, FL Albuquerque, NM Colorado Springs, CO Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 81

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Gallant, Mike Garcia, Greg Garcia, Jerry Garcia-Perrote, Juan Gardner, Tom IRIS AROSE ELLAVATION TENTAI THE SEQUEL CITI RADIO AJUUA DREAMER Columbus, IN Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Belmont, Ontario Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States Canada United States Gauthier, Guy Gauthier, Marty Gauthier, Travis Gebhart, Aaron HI VIZ AIR BENDER CORN NUTZ STEP-N-UP Henderson, TX Waterford, MI Waterford, MI Milford, IA United States United States United States United States Gebhart, Jim George, Peter Gilles, Jeff Gindlesparger, Mark Glas, Richard STEP-N-UP GRAND BRITANNIA TCBALLOONTOURS PHENOM HEAD WEST AGAIN Milford, IA Oxford, Oxfordshire Traverse City, MI Murphysboro, IL Phoenix, AZ United States United Kingdom United States United States United States Glebe, Phil Gleed, David Glen, Bill Godlevsky, Curt INTEL PEGASUS HEAVENS QUILT SUNWALKER Fenton, MI Coldstream, Maricopa, AZ Littleton, CO United States British Columbia, Canada United States United States ® 82 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Goldbloom, Jenn Gonzales, Bob Gonzales, Michael Goosey, Rick Gordon, Edward WONDERFUL WHIRLED LOOK TWICE THE JOURNEY TJ’S TOY FREEDOM WON Norristown, PA Waco, TX Rio Rancho, NM Pleasant Hill, MO Austin, TX United States United States United States United States United States Gorenfl o, Mike Goss, Dick Gough, Tom Grace, Tamlyn AIR FLO LAST MANGO AIRE MARC TOO CALYPSO Albuquerque, NM Leander, TX Grand Canyon, AZ Longmont, CO United States United States United States United States Graf, Sandy Graff , Gerry Graham, Sandy Grassbaugh, Derek Grauberger, Sheldon AMERICAN RACER LOFTY DAYBREAK INTERVENTION RAINBOW RYDERS Henderson, TX Albuquerque, NM Alta Loma, CA Albuquerque, NM Minden, NV United States United States United States United States United States Green, John Greenwood, Eric Griego, Jeff Grogan, Patrick INTREPID ENCHANTED AMERICAN BEAUTY PAT-O-LANTERN Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Cleveland, NC United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 83

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Grote, Matthew Gunter, Ryan Gustafson, Gus Guthrie, Matt Haarhuis, Sanne JESTER UNWINDZ SKY CHARIOT FREEDOM FLIGHT IV NEW BEGINNINGS DUTCH DIRECT Rio Rancho, NM Albuquerque, NM Arden Hills, MN Corrales, NM Breda, North Brabant United States United States United States United States Netherlands Hackett, Myia Hahn, Allan Hickey, Mike Harbold, Clarke Hargrave, Ashley RIK RAK HEAVEN BOUND, TOO MIKE’S 2 IRRESISTIBLE IT’S A ZOO SOMETHING BORROWED Walla Walla, WA Aurora, CO McKinney, TX Charlotte, NC Mesa, AZ United States United States United States United States United States Harris, Mark Hartshorn, Sharon Harwell, Pat Haynes, Anthony Hays, Craig SEW GRATEFUL SEEKING NIRVANA MAVERICK ALMOST THERE BEAUTIFUL NOISE Denver, CO Amarillo, TX Keithville, LA Houston, TX Coppell, TX United States United States United States United States United States Head, Tarp Healy, Bob Heartsill, Joe Heartsill, Lucas Heartsill, Rhett HIGH OVER HEAD AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ TEXAS RACER TEXAS RACER 2 TEXAS STAR Helen, GA Albuquerque, NM San Angelo, TX Fort Worth, TX Fort Worth, TX United States United States United States United States United States ® 84 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Heavin, Gary Heff ron, Mike Heideman, Mark Heiken, Paul Heinrich, Sally ALMOST HEAVEN BRIGHT IDEA DESERT FLYING VIKING SPHERICAL TURTLE PATIENCE Gatesville, TX Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Stockton, CA Phoenix, AZ United States United States United States United States United States Held, Adrian Hennigan, John Hernandez, Mike Hettich, David Heupel, Casey CUPID’S HEART RAINBOW RYDERS CALYPSO LONG RUN BACK TO THE FUTURE Lachen Indio, CA Largo, FL Centennial, CO West Glacier, MT Switzerland United States United States United States United States Hickey, Mike High, Mark Hill, Bryan Hillary, Garrett Hoch, Darcy MAKIN’ MEMORIES PEPPERMINT DREAM TOO BASKET CASE FORGET ME KNOT HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS League City, TX Albuquerque, NM Page, AZ Scales Mound, IL Milo, IA United States United States United States United States United States Hodge, Justin Hodges, Eric Hoefl er, Greg Hofer, John Hofheins, Mark OPPULENCE KKISSES OF FIRE CAPRICE DU CIEL JYN’S TONIC THE VIKING DRAGON Los Ranchos, NM Rio Rancho, NM Chaillon, LORRAINE Chadron, NE Rio Rancho, NM United States United States France United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 85

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Hoge, Peyton Hoidahl, Jim Holmes, David Holmes, Jerry PHEISTY SQUIRREL JOSEPH’S COAT LIBERTY Louisville, KY La Luz, NM Rocheport, MO Fort Worth, TX United States United States United States United States Holt, Judy Hooper, Jerry Hora, Tomas Howell, Dustin Howes, Skip DESERT DRIFTER S.S. AMERICA G-DADDY BREEZY WILDFIRE Phoenix, AZ Corpus Christi, TX Praha Minden, LA Colorado Springs, CO United States United States Czech Republic United States United States Hueschen, Rick Humiston, Charles Humphreys, Ben Hungerford, Brenda TOOTS FLAMEBUOYANT 2 HAMMER HOT CHEX Cedar Crest, NM Albuquerque, NM Columbia, MO Dayton, NV United States United States United States United States Hunter, Seth Hurst, Matt Hutchinson, Scott Ibbotson, Mark Ibbotson-Sullivan, Amanda ZILTOID! THE CAPTAIN FLYING SQUID MARIAH STARDUST Avon, IN St. Peters, MO Albuquerque, NM Grand Prairie, TX Fort Worth, TX United States United States United States United States United States ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 86

      Jackson, Neil James, Gay James, Rick Jennings, Rex FLYING CIRCUS WANDERER SUNDANCE TOO GOLDEN CORRAL Albuquerque, NM Orland, CA Judson, TX Vernal, UT United States United States United States United States Johnson, Colleen Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Mike Johnson, Randy Jones, Chris MARY ALICE IN KISMET SKYTREK AIR SHE GOES SERENITY WONDERLAND Yuma, AZ Mitchell, NE Bosque Farms, NM Amarillo, TX Mitchell, NE United States United States United States United States United States Jones, Jason Jones, Joel Jones, Rick Jones, Steve RAINBOW RYDERS BLUE SPIRIT POLAR DAWN TEXAS MAGIC Overland Park, KS Seale, AL Concord, NH Gatesville, TX United States United States United States United States Karlsson, Diane Kaufman, Blair Keefe, Chris Keller, Kelli Keller, Tom AFTER MIDNIGHT HEARTS DESIRE NIFTY GADGET KC HEART AIR Chandler, TX Albuquerque, NM Cross Plains, WI Box Elder, SD Box Elder, SD United States United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 87

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Kelly, Mike Kennedy, Craig Kenworthy, Chris Keown, Brian Kerber, Junior PRIMARY DREAM CHICK FIL-A ON THE ROCKS ADVENTURE 6 SUNSHINE Albuquerque, NM Grand Island, NE Rio Rancho, NM Marina Del Rey, CA Saint Cloud, FL United States United States United States United States United States Keyser, Ralph Kimball, Jayson King, Mike Kious, Tom Kirson, Damian EOS OUT OF THE BLUE UPSY DAISY DREAM ON RAINBOW RYDERS Albuquerque, NM Napa, CA Sandia Park, NM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Klein, Ray Kleiss, Betsy Klinger, Marc Knuth, Paul Koenig, David SKUBI RACER 4EVER39 OOCHIE 7 SOMETHING CAME UP BLULOON Scottsdale, AZ Champaign, IL Troutman, NC Crestwood, KY Menasha, WI United States United States United States United States United States Komadina, Mark Kostiuskevicius, Rokas Kross, Bob Kubicek, Petr Kugler, John NEVER FORGET MARIJAMPOLE MORNING MANNA KUBICEK DEMO K STILL FLAMING Rio Rancho, NM Marijampolė Rapid City, SD Brno McCook, NE United States Lithuania United States Czech Republic United States ® 88 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Lambertson, Marsha Lang, Dale Lard, Anthony LaRotonda, Carol Lavoie, Michael COCA-COLA JELLY BEAN RAINBOW RYDERS AEROTONDA SCHMEDLEY Statesville, NC Taber, Alberta Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM West Ossipee, NH United States Canada United States United States United States Lavorgna, Bruce Laxton, Kyle Lee, Bill Lescarbeau, Alan Libel, Steve AERODACTYL RAINBOW RYDERS TRUE-LEE NEW MEXICO RAINBOW RYDERS AIRHAWK Austin, TX Phoenix, AZ Gallup, NM Phoenix, AZ Naples, FL United States United States United States United States United States Liberti, Chris Liberti, Daniel Lindsey, Greg Lips, Arne Little, Jacob POLE DANCER MORNING WOOD FLOATING AWAYSIS LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN RAINBOW RYDERS Castle Rock, CO Rio Rancho, NM Saff ord, AZ West-Vlaanderen Glendale, AZ United States United States United States Belgium United States Little, Lee Llado-Costa, Josep Lofl in, Jack Lombardi, Steve Lorentz, Mike PHENIX TRAMUNTANA EMERALD WINNERS CIRCLE WASTING TIME Stillwater, OK Igualada, Catalonia Albany, OR Edgewood, TX Canton, OH United States Spain United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 89

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Lowenstein, Al Luckett, Graham Lynch, Bill Lynch, Jim MacLean, Tristan SUNSET RISE TALLY HO II CITRUS WHIRLAWAY HOT MINUTE Albuquerque, NM Fort Collins, CO Neosho, MO Destin, FL Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States MacSkimming, Mark Maes, Ted Magee, Adam Maguire, Gary MOVIN’ MAGIC BUZZARDS ROOST HIGHER EDUCATION DRAGON Harrisburg, PA Albuquerque, NM Swisher, IA Allenspark, CO United States United States United States United States Mancini, J.J. Manus, William Marchand, Austin Markowitz, David Marshall, Jimmy MR. SPRINKLES MEH ORSO WILDRIDE MORNING GLORY Albuquerque, NM Bosque Farms, NM Pagosa Springs, CO Maryland, NY Sonoma, CA United States United States United States United States United States Martens, Eric Martin, Ron Martin, Tim Martindell, Don HOTSHOT FREEDOM MAHNA MAHNA DAWN SONG Indianola, IA Tampa, FL Counce, TN Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 90

      Martinez, Frankie Marx, Michael Mason, Jaybird Mass, Bob Mast, Squid RAKS BALLOON FIRED UP TOO REALTY ONE OF NEW PITA’S KISS RAVEN Los Lunas, NM Prosper, TX MEXICO Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM United States United States Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States McClinton, Adam McClinton, Matt McClinton, Scott McClung, Collin RAINBOW RYDERS SKYCAB2 U.S. BANK EO Charlotte, NC Louisville, KY Prospect, KY Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States McConnell, Tom McCord, Christopher McGuire, Dan Melton, Dave Mezzancello, Steven ZIA DETOUR WILD THING TOO! PURPLE HAZE MEZZMERIZE Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM College Station, TX New Harmony, UT Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Michalek, Gary Miklousic, Igor Miller, Dick Miller, Greg OSLIVE VZDUCHO CELEBRATION OF THUNDERSTRUCK I’LL FLY AWAY 2 Lafayette, CA FLOWERS Miami, FL Prineville, OR United States Zagreb, Croatia United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 91

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Mills, Mike Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, Steve Moore, Gary Morgan, Gary MISS ARKANSAS SUNDANCE BALLOONS RAINBOW RYDERS DARKSIDE 2020 GARY’S BALLOON Ponca, AR Belmont, Ontario Chagrin Falls, OH Lake Havasu City, AZ Sedona, AZ United States Canada United States United States United States Moughan, Gavin Mullinax, Tom Mumm, Karalyn Nakamura, Judy Naylor, Jesse REBEL ANGEL 5 O CLOCK HIGH CITRUS IN THE SKY BOUNCE ALL IN Albuquerque, NM Greenville, SC Reno, NV Placitas, NM Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Nepute, Joe Neubauer, Rick Newcomer, Jesse Nickolay, Larry Noe, Bill JAMBO! BREAKING WIND RAINBOW RYDERS MONTGOLFIER UP TWO NOE GOOD Boise, ID Port Orange, FL Phoenix, AZ Newport, MN Gallup, NM United States United States United States United States United States Nutting, Rob Oggioni, Paolo Oldenburg, Sue Olguin, Paul Olivier, Orvin KAMPGROUNDS OF MONDOVI SKY CANDY SILVER LINING SERENITY V AMERICA Mondovì, CN Albuquerque, NM Chandler, AZ Sioux Falls, SD Ackworth, IA Italy United States United States United States United States ® 92 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      O’Neill, Mark Orchard, Tim Osborne, Dwayne Ostgulen, Debi Ouellette Freve, CHYM FM BUGS BUNNY SKYSCRAPER PLUM FIRED-UP Johann Francois Belmont, Ontario Aylesbury, Bucks Phoenix, AZ Albuquerque, NM KIRMIZI Canada United Kingdom United States United States Longueuil, Quebec Canada Owen, Brooke Pata, John Pattyn, Dale Paulin, Jerry Paulin, Mathew RAINBOW RYDERS PATA GOLD HYGGELIG TREE TOP FLYER UNWIND Phoenix, AZ Rio Rancho, NM Kennesaw, GA Yuma, AZ Yuma, AZ United States United States United States United States United States Peete, Lichele Pendleton, Craig Person, Bud Peterson, Deborah Peterson, Karl SILVER LINING SPIRIT TOO! SCREWED UP GATOR BLUE AWAY AERPOGRAPHY Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Gainesville, FL Euless, TX Hailey, ID United States United States United States United States United States Petrehn, Andrew Petrehn, John Petrehn, Paul Pfeifer, Grant Philpott, Martin FLYAWAY1 KODACHROME TWISTED SISTER WITH A TWIST AUSPICIOUS Eagle, ID Missouri City, TX Howell, MI Des Moines, IA Bixby, OK United States United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 93

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Piendel, Rick Pivic, Bruce Polito, Tony Ponticelli, Jack BLASER ! MISS WYOMING RIO GRANDE DOWN CAROLINA Annville, PA Rock Springs, WY SYNDROME NETWORK KALEIDOSCOPE United States United States Scottsdale, AZ East Bend, NC United States United States Price, Jessica Price, Kelly Pulaski, Bob Randall, Thomas Raper, Robert PRIMARY COLORS OODALOOP SKI LIFT ENCHANTED FALLEN ANGELS Rio Rancho, NM Rio Rancho, NM Pineville, LA ESPERANZA North Bend, OR United States United States United States Placitas, NM United States United States Raskob, Chris Raya, Shawn Regan, James Reuter, Bethany HIGH RYES SULLAIR A HITACHI DOUBLE TAKE STARBURST OF DESTINY Columbus, IN GROUP COMPANY Kensington, CT Minneapolis, MN United States Highland, MI United States United States United States Rice, Brad Rice, Debbie Richardson, Bobby Richardson, Shane Rightley, Mike PHILLIPS 66 FOXTROT DOUBLE TROUBLE WILDTHANG! BREAKING WIND Rio Rancho, NM Houston, TX Rio Rancho, NM Henderson, NV Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States ® 94 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Robey, Sam Robinson, Cody Robison, Matt Rodden, John CROSSWIND GRAND BANANA INDEPENDENCE SONRISE Gladewater, TX Kansas City, MO, Fort Worth, TX Owasso, OK United States United States United States United States Rogers, Randy Roholt, Jesse Ross, John Rucker, John Rudy, Walt RE/MAX RAINBOW RYDERS SHOOTIN THE BREEZE LATE NITE DISCUSSIONS HOUR BIG BUNDLE OF Albuquerque, NM Peoria, AZ Appleton, WI Genoa City, WI JOY United States United States United States United States Wadsworth, OH United States Russo, Tom Ruth, Dale Sabia, Chris Sabin, Richard SPIRIT DAWN’S DELIGHT WONDER BREAD SEA BREEZE Monroe Twp., NJ Albuquerque, NM Overland Park, KS Henderson, TX United States United States United States United States Sachenbacher, Rudi Salazar, Alfred Salazar, Katelyn Sanchez, Elijah Sanchez, Ron NEVER TOO OLD INDIAN PUEBLO PIXIE SPIRIT RAINBOW RYDERS WEGO Lowell, MA CULTURAL CENTER Los Lunas, NM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM United States Bernalillo, NM United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 95

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Sandlin, Taylon Sandlin, Tony Sasser, Daniel Saxton, Tony Schick, Chuck BLOWN AWAY RAINBOW RYDERS MAS TEQUILA TOO BODACIOUS TOO GOOD LOOKIN Fishers, IN Fishers, IN Charlotte, NC Nicholson, PA Bosque Farms, NM United States United States United States United States United States Schmitz, Jon Schuler, Nolan Schultz, Marvin Schwemmer, Kasey Seay, Sam RAGGEDY ANN BELLA COLORADO SUNDANCE BALLOONS KAISARION DEVINE APPOINTMENT Littleton, CO Manitou Springs, CO Belmont, Ontario Wichita, KS Albuquerque, NM United States United States Canada United States United States Secrist, Mckenna See, Glenn Seeger, Anthony Seghers, Jos Seymour, Joe ENDLESS JOY ITSZEE CAROLINA TWIST SKY STAR JOYOUS PLEASURES Enumclaw, WA Cortez, CO Travelers Rest, SC Breendonk Johnston, IA United States United States United States Belgium United States Sherrill, Dan Shipman, Shane Short, Dennis Shouse, Michael Shumate, Kenny BEST I DON’T KNOW CHAMPAGNE COWBOY THISTLE DOWN III “B” HAPPY Manchaca, TX Rio Rancho, NM Broken Arrow, OK Cypress, TX Orlando, FL United States United States United States United States United States ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 96

      Simonye, Curtis Sklute, Ken Skocdopole, Cliff Smart, Chris Smatana, Bernard OOMPA LOOMPA FRACTALS NORTHERN FLIGHTS DREAM RACER EMINENCE Fishers, IN Florence, AZ Condor, Alberta Roanoke, IN El Paso, TX United States United States Canada United States United States Smith, Al Smith, Kathy Smith, Neal Smith, Patrick Sneed, Josh NORTHERN LIGHTS LEVITY FRIVOLOUS MARYLAND ONE HELIOS Grass Lake, MI Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Walkersville, MD Hutto, TX United States United States United States United States United States Soff era, Janet Speicher, Shawn Squires, Rick Standefer, Wayne Stanke, Natasha VACATION GUT-WRENCHING HIGHER DESIRE AIR TOY BANK BOBBER Rio Rancho, NM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Italy, TX Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Stanko, Nick Steidley, David Steinbock, Tom Stevens, Patrick Stinson, Michael AIRWOLF IT’S ABOUT TIME! SUNSET GLOW RAINBOW RYDERS SHAKE N BAKE Austin, TX Albuquerque, NM Crestwood, KY Phoenix, AZ Louisville, KY United States United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 97

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Stokoe, Steven Strickland, Dave Stukas, Dan Stukas, DJ Sullivan, Dave KNIGHT RIDER SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE LUCKY STRIKE GUSTY CHECKRIDE Lutz, FL Columbus, OH Central, SC Anderson, SC Fayetteville, GA United States United States United States United States United States Sullivan, Mark Sutter, Denis Tadolini, Ken Tagtow, Cory Takach, Keith CODE RED LUCKY CHARM OUTLAW CORONA BOREALIS TAKACH ANOTHER Albuquerque, NM Hallsville, MO Denver, CO Colorado Springs, CO BREEZE United States United States United States United States Albuquerque, NM United States Talbert, Elisa Tatum, Daryl Taylor, Tim Tennis, Dave Thacher, Elaine BABY BOBBER YELLOW BRICK ROAD DEE III BALLOON TEAM CAVU I’M BANANAS II Albuquerque, NM Canton, GA Salt Lake City, UT Tijeras, NM Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Thomas, George Thompson, Jon Thompson, Phil Thornton, Floyd Thornton, Ron TIGER PAW EXPRESS RAINBOW RYDERS BUZZ THUNDERCLOUD PEANUTS 4EVER Hallsville, MO Kissimmee, FL Galena, IL St. Louis, MO Littleton, MA United States United States United States United States United States ® 98 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Trapp, Brian Vaillancourt, Jacob Vaillancourt, Richard Van Dyck, Chris Van Hooft, Frans TINY CLOUDSURFER DOCO ZEPHYR MIA Lebanon, OH Trois Rivieres, Québec St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Albuquerque, NM Schijndel, North Brabant United States Canada Québec, Canada United States Netherlands Van Sant, Kurt Van Sant, Lori Vandehoef, Ed VanWye, Sandra Vencel, Travis BURNING DESIRE BLACK MAGIC WOMAN COLORADO 2 VOLCANIC MOTION RAINBOW RYDERS Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Broomfi eld, CO Placitas, NM Bloomington, IN United States United States United States United States United States Vesely, Scott Viens, Helene Voorhees, Mike Wade-Callihan, Clare Wadley, Mike LIGHTHOUSE BUSINESS HELENA SUNSET CRYPTONAUT COLOR ME HIGH TEXAS SUN INFORMATION Magog, Québec Albuquerque, NM Houston, TX Weldon Spring, MO SOLUTIONS, LLC Canada United States United States United States Frisco, TX, United States Wahl, John Walker, Bill Walker, Elizabeth Wall, Cam Wallace, Marilyn KOLIBRI HONEY DO LOOKING GLASS GRANDMA’S LEGACY RAINBOW THRU HEAVEN Edgewood, NM Albuquerque, NM Addison, TX Las Vegas, NM Santa Monica, CA United States United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 99

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Walsh, Dan Walter, Ken Waner, Bubba Ward, Bob Warren, Suzanne LAST CHANCE KAY’S WINDDANCER II HUBBABUBBA CREATION’S GLORY AIRLOOM Redlands, CA Waukesha, WI El Paso, TX Quakertown, PA Rio Rancho, NM United States United States United States United States United States Watson, Barney Watson-Meinke, Peggy Wehner, Chuck Welz, Zerek West, Kay COOL BEANS!! STARLITE BOTTOM’S UP GUILTY RED, WHITE & POOH Placitas, NM Santa Paula, CA Rio Rancho, NM Albuquerque, NM Custer, SD United States United States United States United States United States West, Mark Whitby, Gary White, Cheri White, Derek White, Malcolm DEJA POOH DEJA BLU TOUCHSTONE RACER ALCHEMY HEARTS A’ FIRE Custer, SD Columbia, MO Austin, TX Clinton, UT Trim, Meath United States United States United States United States Ireland Whitling, Ian Wiley, Sam Williams, Jim Williams, Steve Williams, Sr., Lewin ROY-G-BIV WILEY COYOTE PIX MISCHIEF SPLIT-TAIL Albuquerque, NM San Marcos, TX Katy, TX Albuquerque, NM Las Vegas, NV United States United States United States United States United States ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 100

      Wilson, Johnny Wilson, Petra Wilson, Steve Wolf, Dennis Wolfe, Jonathan JAW’S KALEIDOSCOPE EMPTY NEST ZULU INFINITUDE Albuquerque, NM Hot Springs, SD Pagosa Springs, CO Tampa, FL Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Wong, Dale Wood, Bruce Woodruff , Adele Wooge, Scott Word, Glen URSA MINOR TARGET SEEKER AIRE-N GO BRAGH BANK ON IT TOUCH OF MAGIC Rancho Cucamonga, CA Carbondale, CO Albuquerque, NM St. Louis, MO Anthony, NM United States United States United States United States United States Wright, Thomee Young, Debby Zamora, Loretta Zielinski, Alan Zimmer, Jesse UNCHAINED BALLOON ROADTRIP SAKI BOMBER FEATHERLIGHT II HUCKLEBERRY TEAM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Niles, IL Rio Rancho, NM Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Zimmer, Rachel Zvada, Joe KANDY LAND MAY IT LAST SPIRIT OF FIESTA II FIESTA GOLD Rio Rancho, NM McAllen, TX Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque,NM United States United States United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 101

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      Join our General Mills Albuquerque Team TTechnician Rechnician Roolele SSStarting Rattaarrttiinngg RRaattteee 10 111hrhhrr Vacation …ours areer DiffDifferereentialntial Ad­ance€ent technical training „aid …olida† „aid „arental ƒƒ…ours ‡onding Lea­e Life & AD&D Medical, Dental and Insurance Vision Insurance 401K Match TEXT“Genmills” to 97211 OR LEARN MORE AT CAREERS.GENERALMILLS.COM General Mills is an Equal Opportunity Employer

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Participating Pilots ver the years, the number of pilots who have fl own at the Balloon Fiesta numbers in the thousands. There are too many to list here, but we have created a list on the Balloon Fiesta website. Scan the QR code to see the list. O Our thanks to these dedicated men and women, and to their chase crews, for bringing so much joy to our Balloon Fiesta guests throughout our 50 year history! ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 104

      2022 Balloon Fiesta Program - Page 110

      Net zero greenhouse gas emissions in New Mexico by 2030 delivers a brighter energy future. ExxonMobil is honored to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Golden Anniversary of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, taking our support of this world-renowned tradition to new heights. As a leading energy producer in New Mexico, we are focused on responsibly developing the state’s resources and doing our part to help realize New Mexicans’ aspirations for a prosperous and sustainable future. This includes our aim to achieve net zero Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions for our unconventional operations in the state by 2030. Follow us to learn more about what we’re doing today for a brighter energy future tomorrow. ExxonMobilNewMexico

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Additional Pilots Albers, Austin Caton, Roy Goade, Mike Karlovec, Frank Moncrief, Robert Röhrs, Hanna Suttle, Penny MISS ARKANSAS TIME TRAVELER LADY JESTER PATIENCE VACATION ALFRED THE CARPENDER SUNNY SIDE UP Ponca, AR Cedar Hill, MO Albuquerque, NM Scottsdale, AZ Rio Rancho, NM Bamberg, Bavaria Strasburg, OH United States United States United States United States United States Germany United States Andre, Marc Cave, Daniel Gonzales, Autumn Kehoe, Glo Monge, Leo Rose, Kirke Suttle Jr., Paul G-DADDY HAM-LET THE JOURNEY 5 O CLOCK DRAGONFLIES TAMO WASTING TIME Spiegel Anthony, NM Rio Rancho, NM Albuquerque, NM Lectoure Phoenix, AZ Strasburg, OH Switzerland United States United States United States France United States United States Ashida-Schwisow, Jamie Chase, Dawn Griffi n, Dan Kinser, Bill Morgan, James Runge, Dave Taylor, Brian 2ND WIND TOO BODACIOUS SAPPHIRE SPIRIT’S RAINBOW CALYPSO SPIRIT’S RAINBOW DEJA BLUE Los Ranchos, NM Nicholson, PA Fort Collins, CO Edmond, OK Amarillo, TX Grand Prairie, TX Columbia, MO United States United States United States United States United States United States United States Backes, Dan Christophersen, Andy Griffi th, Justin Knuth, Dee Myklebust, Randy Sabia, Amanda Tollefson, Tom PONDEMONIUM PSYCHO THERAPY BUCKEYE SOMETHING CAME UP EMPTY NEST WONDER BREAD DAKOTA STAR Florence, AZ Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Crestwood, KY Rio Rancho, NM Overland Park, KS Detroit Lakes, MN United States United States United States United States United States United States United States Bacon, Robert Conant, John Hallett, Chloe Kominiak, Scott Newlin, Pat Sasser, Kelly Trione, John SUN FLYER VOLCANIC MOTION GRANDMA’S LEGACY SPECTRUM MORNING MANNA BLUE SPIRIT GOT THE HOTZ Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Saffron Walden, Essex Corrales, Nm Riverton, WY Phenix City, AL Lake Geneva, WI United States United States United Kingdom United States United States United States United States Bailey, Seth Cowlishaw, Brenda Harrison, Stephen Lindsey, Susan Nichols, Steven Saxton, Scott Vesely, Kim MASTER ZABA PIX ALCHEMY FLOATING AWAYSIS THE FOX RACHELS ASCENTION TOO GRATEFUL Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Bulverde, TX Murray, Ut Safford, AZ Ash, Aldershot Newtown, PA Rio Rancho, NM Canada United States United States United States United Kingdom United States United States Bair, Erin Cuneo, Peter Heinrich, Philip Loeffl er, Steven Nusz, Hannah Schettler, John Watkins, Heather BAIRLY AWAKE SANDIA SUNRISE II PATIENCE DAWN’S DELIGHT ORSO BANK ON IT STARS AND STRIPES Pittsburgh, PA Albuquerque, NM Phoenix, AZ Albuquerque, NM Bayfi eld, CO St Louis, MO Washington, UT United States United States United States United States United States United States United States Beck, Mike Deeney, Marian Hernandez, Duncan Lowenstein, Ryan Oneill, Michael Seghers, Stijn Watts, Rodney WILDFIRE SCHMEDLY MAVERICK SUNSET RISE TWIST OF FATE AIRE MARC TOO TENACITY Omro, WI Monticello, FL Albuquerque, NM Fairfi eld, CA Fort morgan, CO Lippelo, Antwerpen Hot Springs, SD United States United States United States United States United States Belgium United States Bolton, Ken DeSantis, Rebecca Hiben, Eric Lupton, Sally Phillips, Richard Shelhav, Shai Wilson, Dale DOUBLE TROUBLE BOUNCE WANDERER LADY JESTER FREDDIE THE FOX EDDIE & RICKENBACKER CYNTHIA SEAL Carlisle, IA Albuquerque, NM LaGrange, GA Albuquerque, NM Andover, Hampshire Albuquerque, NM Augusta, MI United States United States United States United States United Kingdom United States United States Book, Wally Dickey, Carol Hyde, Daniel Magee, Kim Reeder, Kylee Sherrill, Nate Woodward, Jay SKY CHARIOT DIAMOND GIRL PLUM FANCY HIGHER EDUCATION DESERT DRIFTER BEST LILLY LITTLE BEE Albuquerque, NM Corrales, NM Albuquerque, NM Swisher, IA Smartsville, CA Fulshear, TX Snohomish, WA United States United States United States United States United States United States United States Bradshaw, Sam Duncan, Brian James, Russell May, Rod Rees, Jennifer Smart, Rex Word, Truman LEVITY PIX WANDERER PEPPERMINT DREAM TOO 5 O’CLOCK HIGH FREEDOM FLYER TOUCH OF MAGIC Albuquerque, NM Spring, TX Orland, CA Albuquerque, NM Hurdle Mills, NC Albuquerque, NM El Paso, TX United States United States United States United States United States United States United States Byer, Ryan Fox, Donna Johnson, Meridian Mezey, Rob Reineke, Kathy Snyder, Rob Yob, Dave 1DOWN8-2GO LIBERTY WASTING TIME STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN SUNSATIONAL HELIOS TOMFOOLERY Albuquerque, NM Augusta, MI Los Alamos Duluth, GA Mahomet, Il Austin, TX Colorado Springs, CO United States United States NM, United States United States United States United States United States Byrd-Dickey, Niki Frame, Jake Johnson, Rick Midura, Tim Richardson, Molly Speicher, Lillian 2ND WIND FRACTALS HAM-LET NORTHERN LIGHTS RED WHITE AND POOH TEXAS MAGIC Albuquerque, NM Elverson, PA Bel Air, MD Marshallville, OH Brandon, SD Longview, TX United States United States United States United States United States United States Camacho, Ricardo Gallegos, Frank Jones, Chris Miller, Mark Richardson, Sean Sumrell, Mike TOY CAR PIXIE SPIRIT PRINCESS NELLY SPRIRIT OF ‘76 CAROLINA TWIST RISING STARS Sao Paulo Los Lunas, NM Billings, MT Washington, DC Kannapolis, NC Lawrenceville, GA Brazil United States United States United States United States United States Capps, Danita Gingerich, Joseph Kalousdian, Christian Miller, Michael Rieger, Ginny Susko, Anne DEJA POOH RED, WHITE & POOH THE FLYING BUS BOLT MORNING MANNA MOONSHADOW Centennial, CO PLAIN CITY, OH Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein Grafton, OH Sheridan, WY Milford, IA United States United States Germany United States United States United States ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 106

      2022 Balloon Fiesta Program - Page 113

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS The “International” in Balloon Fiesta rom its earliest days, the Albuquerque The Balloon Fiesta’s international character was International Balloon Fiesta has been the established almost from the beginning. Two of the crossroads of world ballooning, an event where fi rst four Balloon Fiestas included the World Hot Air teams from across the planet get together Ballooning Championships, where 38 of the world’s top to respectfully compete, reunite with old pilots tackled diffi cult competitive tasks in pursuit of friends and make new ones, and share in the the title. Although Americans won both events – Denny F fellowship of the sport. They are joined by the many Floden (Cap’t. Phogg) in 1973 and David Schaff er in 1975 guests from around the world that come to Albuquerque – the international teams had a great time. When they every year to experience for themselves the magic of went home, they told their friends how much fun fl ying in Balloon Fiesta. Albuquerque was. Countries Participating in the Balloon Fiesta since 1972: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil ,Canada, Catalonia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Crimea, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Lux- embourg, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America ® 108 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      PHOTO: SCOTT HUGHES Above: Balloon team from India. Today, balloonist bucket lists worldwide include teams make the pilgrimage to Albuquerque to fl y in the a trip to Albuquerque and the Balloon Fiesta. Some America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race, dreaming of long international pilots come regularly to experience fl ying fl ights and achieving record-setting distances. the Albuquerque Box, see the sights, and rediscover At an increasingly fractured time, international red and green chile. The Balloon Fiesta honors its friendship and cooperation are perhaps more important international participants with a social event and with than ever. Maybe, in its own small way, the Balloon the Flight of the Nations, where the international teams Fiesta’s international character can contribute to building fl y their nations' fl ags from their balloons as they bridges among nations and understanding among launch. Some of the world’s top gas balloon competition balloonists worldwide. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 109

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS International Pilots Alford, Ben De Assis, Luiz Hooper, Lee Moore, Ashley Siebel, Thomas ADELAIDE THE KOALA CORK ALIEN WES THE WOLF OLAF Bristol São Paulo Radstock, Somerset Bideford, Devon Freudenberg, NRW United Kingdom Brazil United Kingdom United Kingdom Germany Andre, Marc Drganc, Luka Hora, Tomas Müller, Roman Skocdopole, Cliff G-DADDY JACK FM G-DADDY SWISS CHALET NORTHERN FLIGHTS Spiegel Belmont, Ontario Praha Härkingen, Solothurn Condor, Alberta Switzerland Canada Czech Republic Switzerland Canada Ary, George Duval-Harbour, Jesse Kalousdian, Christian Nichols, Steven Strauf, Marcus STEGGY ST.-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU FIESTA THE FLYING BUS FREDDIE THE FOX WERA SCREW DRIVER Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein Ash, Aldershot Waldbröl, NRW Brazil Canada Germany United Kingdom Germany Audenaert, Filip Dyer, JD Kalousdian, Rubens Oggioni, Paolo Taveira, Valdemir HUG A BEAR FLYING FOR HEROES FLYING BUS MONDOVI LITTLE DOG Waasmunster Ammanford, Carmarthenshire São Paulo Mondovì, CN Osasco, São Paulo Belgium United Kingdom Brazil Italy Brazil Bailey, Seth Farrell, Craig Kostiuskevicius, Rokas O’Neill, Mark Thomas, Steve MASTER ZABA TIGER MARIJAMPOLE CHYM FM PANTHER Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Palmerston, ACT Marijampole Belmont, Ontario Bath, Somerset Canada Australia Lithuania Canada United Kingdom Baker, Dave Ferland, Jean-Francois Kubicek, Petr Orchard, Tim Toledo, Paulo SCARLETT TICO KUBICEK DEMO K BUGS BUNNY ROBOT WOOZI Thatcham, Berkshire St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec Brno Aylesbury, Bucks Guarujá, São Paulo United Kingdom Canada Czech Republic United Kingdom Brazil Barends, Alex Francoeur, Danielle Lambert, Benoit Ouellette Freve, Johann Francois Tremblay, Sylvain MISTER GLOBIE PIXEL MASTER YODA BALLOON KIRMIZI PIKO Enschede, Overijssel Montreal, Québec Court-St.-Etienne Longueuil, Quebec St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec Netherlands Canada Belgium Canada Canada Bonimcontro, Marcos Francois, Jean-Michel Lang, Dale Peirsman, Geert Vaillancourt, Richard FLYING SAUCER DRAGONFLY JELLY BEAN ALBERT THE GNOME DOCO São Paulo Salles Courbaties, Québec Taber, Alberta Belsele St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec Brazil Canada Canada Belgium Canada Burman, Leo Garcia-Perrote, Juan Lawton, Jeff Pereira Gonçalves, Murilo Vaillanourt, Jacob MONARCHS CITI RADIO FREDDIE THE FOX A BRUXA CLOUDSURFER Montreal, Québec Belmont, Ontario Godalming, Surrey Sombrio, Santa Catarina Trois Rivieres, Québec Canada Canada United Kingdom Brazil Canada Burrows, Paul George, Peter Lin, Martin Phillips, Richard Van Hooft, Frans BUSTER THE BULLDOG GRAND BRITANNIA BRAVO BEAR FREDDIE THE FOX MIA Bristol Oxford, Oxfordshire Luye Township, Taitung County Andover, Hampshire Schijndel, North Brabant United Kingdom United Kingdom Taiwan (Republic of China) United Kingdom Netherlands Camacho, Ricardo Gleed, David Lips, Arne Ritchie, Dale Van Overwalle, Peter TOY CAR PEGASUS LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN AIRABELLE, THE CREAMLAND COW PRINCESS NELLY Sao Paulo Coldstream, British Columbia West-Vlaanderen Golden, British Columbia Nazareth Brazil Canada Belgium Canada Belgium Cižius, Jastin Haarhuis, Sanne Llado-Costa, Josep Roehrs, Hinnerk Van Wolvelaer, Geert PILKIUS DUTCH DIRECT TRAMUNTANA ALFRED THE CARPENDER BOBO THE HAPPY LOBSTER ElektrEnai, Vilnius Breda, North Brabant Igualada, Catalonia Celle Urgup, Nevsehir Lithuania Netherlands Spain Germany Turkey Clark, Richard Hallett, Chloe Lopes, Fabio Röhrs, Hanna Viens, Helene OUR TREAT GRANDMA’S LEGACY TEDDY AND LINDY ALFRED THE CARPENDER HELENA SUNSET Calgary, Alberta Saffron Walden, Essex Tôrres Bamberg, Bavaria Magog, Québec Canada United Kingdom Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Germany Canada Cooper, Hal Held, Adrian Macedo, Warley Schultz, Marvin Viner, John UPTUIT CUPID’S HEART MANDRILL SUNDANCE BALLOONS MASTER ZABA Port Hope, Ontario Lachen São Paulo Belmont North Muskham, Nottinghamshire Canada Switzerland Brazil Ontario, Canada United Kingdom Czerniawski, Jerzy Hoefer, Rudolf Miklousic, Igor Seghers, Jos White, Malcolm AVIPOL FOX CELEBRATION OF FLOWERS SKY STAR HEARTS A’ FIRE Bialystok, Podlaskie Michelbach Zagreb Breendonk Trim, Meath Poland Germany Croatia Belgium Ireland Davidson, John Hoefl er, Greg Mitchell, Mark Seghers, Stijn CHEZ RADIO CAPRICE DU CIEL SUNDANCE BALLOONS AIRE MARC TOO Belmont, Ontario Chaillon, LORRAINE Belmont, Ontario Lippelo, Antwerpen Canada France Canada Belgium De Almeida, Ricardo Holly, Andrew Monge, Leo Sevrin, Sidney TOY CAR TALL STEVE DRAGONFLY BELZEBUTH Boituva, São Paulo Gloucestershire Lectoure Villers-la-Ville Brazil United Kingdom France Belgium ® 110 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS The Women of Balloon Fiesta By Charlotte Kinney and Kim Vesely, for the AIBF Heritage Committee ince the beginning of Balloon Fiesta there Clara (Jenny) Van Tassel thrilled spectators with feats have been hundreds of women, mostly of stratospheric skill. Female balloonist/scientists were behind the scenes, who have helped ensure also at the forefront of atmospheric research in the 20th a successful and memorable event. Two of Century: Jeanette Piccard’s high altitude flights set the first three Presidents of Albuquerque records that lasted for decades; and inventor, adventurer, International Balloon Fiesta®, Inc., the non- and kinetic artist Vera Simons commanded teams of S profit corporation that runs the men while conducting research. In event, were both women: Betty the latter half of the last century Perkins and Sheri Bachtell and the first decades of the current Moore. The first two Executive one, a new generation of female Directors, Linda Rutherford pilots continue to achieve “firsts” and Marge Ruppenthal, were and break boundaries of their own. female, as was Pat Brake, Many of these – Nikki Caplan, the first staff Event Director. Carol Rymer Davis, Jetta Schantz, There have been five female to mention just a few – have flown balloonmeisters (the lead in the Balloon Fiesta. official in charge of flight Men piloted the earliest balloon operations): Pat Brake, Neida flights in New Mexico, beginning Courtney, Neida Courtney- with Park Van Tassel’s flight from Bueno, Charlotte Kinney, downtown Albuquerque in 1883 and Cheryl Lété (now Frost). and the exploits of Stamm and Except for Betty Perkins, all of Blondin in the first decade of the these women are themselves 1900s. After their last gas balloon balloon pilots and flew – as flight in 1909, ballooning didn’t have hundreds of other women, Above: Scientist-artist-aeronaut Vera Simons return to the state until the late including the authors of this and her crew. 1960s, and to Albuquerque until article – in the Balloon Fiesta. Sid Cutter acquired his balloon in While ballooning has always been a male-dominated 1971. After that, it didn’t take long for the ladies – many sport, both internationally and in Albuquerque, female of them the spouses of male balloonists – to figure out aeronauts have always captured the public’s imagination. that women are just as capable of flying balloons as men: The first woman took flight less than a year after the the wind and weather don’t care what gender you are. first men, and brave women such as Jeanne-Genevieve It is believed that pioneering New Mexico aviatrix Labrosse Garnerin, Sophie Blanchard, and (in America) Virginia Cutter, Sid and Bill Cutter's mom, held the first ® 112 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      S GHE HU TT O C O: S T PHO Above: Taken in 1977 at the Ponderosa Studios in Nevada during the National Balloon Rally, shows some of ballooning’s “first ladies”: Top row: Janice Hebrlee, Sandy McDonald, Lori McLain, Connie March, Charlotte Kinney. Second row: Ruth McLain, Sally Vale. Third row: Sandy Brannam, Nikki Caplan, and Marge Ruppenthal. balloon rating in New Mexico. But the first truly active Ellen Shaffer Osika, Sally Chapel, Glenda Watson, Connie female balloonists in the state, according to Balloon March, Gay Jensen-James, Phyllis McGuire, Judi Rice, Fiesta historian Tom McConnell’s research, were Loretto and Gail Short. Black (wife of car dealer Ed Black), Joan Florance, In addition to flying in the Balloon Fiesta – almost and Bev Grady, who were licensed in early 1973. They all did – many of these women soon assumed leading were soon followed by the rest of the first generation roles in the budding Balloon Fiesta. After Albuquerque of women balloon pilots in Albuquerque, who include International Balloon Fiesta, Inc. assumed stewardship (but are not limited to) Jonell Shepherd, Paula O’Brien of the event in 1976, Sheri Bachtell (later Moore) became Dougherty, Jane Martindale, Carol Rymer Davis, Pat Barz, one of its first board presidents, succeeding the event’s Marge Ruppenthal, Linda Rutherford, Judy Baron, Sue first chairperson, Betty Perkins. Linda Rutherford was Hazlett, Trudy Farr, Emily Wenz, Suzi Schmidt, Neida L. the first, and for a time the only, permanent employee (Mom) Courtney, Suzi Flynt, Sue Corlew, Sheri Bachtell and the event’s first Executive Director. When Linda Moore, Elaine Kramer Roderick, Charlotte Kinney, Sue retired from Balloon Fiesta, Marge Ruppenthal took over OFFICIAL PROGRAM 113

      America’s Challenge veterans – Barbara Fricke and Cheri Y White – have both finished in the Gordon Bennett top AD GR three. V On the business side of the Balloon Fiesta, women O: BE also lead or used to lead many operational departments: T sponsorship (Jodi Baugh, Laurie Riedle, Stephanie PHO Prendergast), hospitality (Jacqueline Hockey, Shamaine Giannini, and others), finance, media (Jean Jordan, Kathy Leyendecker), concessions (Ellie Mason, Erica Hahn, among others), merchandising (Lisa Mulder), Y SEL KIM VE O: T PHO Y SEL RV management (Jennifer Schurman), and until very KIM VE recently, field operation (Janie O: Jordan). Pilot coordinators/ T Clockwise from above: Joan PHO operations managers, including Florance and Bev Grady, Pam McCarty and Jennifer two of New Mexico’s first Garcia, are also part of the female balloonists; Carol group. Hundreds of women are Rymer Davis preparing for Navigators (volunteers) – many launch at the 2007 America’s of them in flight operations Challenge; Pat Brake at the capacities such as safety, 2007 America’s Challenge launch, scoring, and propane pilot briefing. -- and thousands more provide vital assistance to pilots as members of chase crews. the job. Pat Brake, who got Others, as volunteers, members her balloon rating in the mid of the Board, and heads of 1980s, became the event’s committees filled vital roles, balloonmeister and later Event Director. among them Evelyn Byrd, Ann Dickey, Betty Carroll, Pat for many years also was the event director of Karen Duff, Mary McConnell, Ms. Gene Buescher, Kathy the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race, and served Hart, Ann Hood, Gail Doyle, Carol Bair, Wanda Neely, Kim as the first female event director in the history of the Vesely, Dee Ahern, and Lee Austurias, just to name a few. world’s oldest aviation race, the Coupe Aéronautique Already, a new generation of women are taking to the Gordon Bennett, when it was held in conjunction with skies and beginning to make their mark in ballooning. the 2005 Balloon Fiesta. The Gordon Bennett came to Young, talented pilots like Savannah Bradley, Erin Bair, Albuquerque because the year before, the U.S. team of and Jamie Dickey, all daughters and granddaughters Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer Davis won the race. of Balloon Fiesta veterans, are carrying on a proud Carol, who began flying in Albuquerque in 1973, still at tradition of women making magic at the Albuquerque this writing is the only woman to ever win this prestigious International Balloon Fiesta. event, though two other female Balloon Fiesta and ® 114 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      COMMITTED TOOUR COMMUNITY Official Bank of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2022 Bank of the West | Member FDIC | NMLS #19116 | Equal Housing Lender.

      THE 1980s: 1980-1989 ® 116 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      The 1980S n the annals of history, the 1980s may well be remembered as the great decade of technological transformation. Desktop computers (both Macs and PCs), video games (Pac-Man! Game Boys!), the first cell phones, the first CD players, new television networks including CNN, FOX, MTV, I and (most significantly for balloonists) The Weather Channel -- all laid down roots for the digital age. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, and Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court justice, broke barriers for women. The eruption of Mt. St. Helens, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion, and the destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger reminded us of humans’ limitations, and the fall of the Berlin Wall of their limitless possibilities when freedom prevails. The 1980s were also the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta’s® most transformative decade. Crowd- pleasing new events – the Balloon Glow, Special Shape Rodeo, Dawn Patrol, and the first gas balloon races – expanded the Balloon Fiesta from a strictly sunrise spectacular into an all-day and into-the-evening event. Flying in the Balloon Fiesta became a bucket-list pilgrimage for balloonists worldwide. Except . . . many of them found that having had a taste of the magic in Albuquerque, they had to come back for seconds . . . and thirds . . . and fourths . . . and today, they’re still making the annual pilgrimage to ballooning’s town square. PHO T O: BILL W AL T ON FL YNT OFFICIAL PROGRAM 117

      THE 1980s: 1980-1989 Change was in the air as the Balloon Fiesta began 1980in 1980. Balloonists arrived to fi nd the fi eld rearranged, with concessions moved from the east to the west side of the fi eld. On the east side – surprise! – a construction site! Building of the industrial park that now occupies the area northwest of Jeff erson and I-25 was underway. The loss of space of course translated to a loss of launch sites and a slightly smaller Balloon Fiesta, with ‘just’ 312 balloons. In 1980, the Navy Leapfrogs parachuted into the launch fi eld in part due to the eff orts of Ron Caldwell, the balloonmeister that year and a proud Navy guy. This began a tradition of non-balloon aerial entertainment that continues to this day: the Army Golden Knights, Misty Blues, and most recently Team Fastrax are among the groups that have thrilled Balloon Fiesta guests. Another tradition beginning that year is the involvement of the Kiwanis, whose volunteers have collected parking fees and directed traffi c in Balloon Fiesta parking lots for four decades. ® 118 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      The move to its next 1981launch site – the expansive Cutter Field, between Osuna Rd. and Los Angeles Blvd. (now Paseo del Norte) east of Edith many as 1,000 balloons. (It didn’t Rd. – opened up new possibilities for Balloon Fiesta. happen for another 19 years). The Nearly 500 balloons participated in the 1981 event, and site off ered the chance to thrill Sid Cutter, for one, was talking of someday hosting as guests with additional events, including the wing-walking (notably by 1981 balloonmeister Paul Enz) and aerial acrobatics of Jim Franklin’s Wild Waco Air Show. A fun run and radio- controlled aircraft were among many other events added, the biggest of which was the Balloon Fiesta’s fi rst gas balloon race. Unlike today’s America’s Challenge distance race, this race was about fl ying to a specifi c target downrange, much as in hot-air balloon competition. (See more about gas balloon events and traditions at Balloon Fiesta beginning on page 179.) Women have always played 1982an important role in the Balloon Fiesta; many of the Balloon Fiesta’s early leaders were female. And in 1982, Charlotte Kinney broke ground for women as the event’s fi rst female balloonmeister, the offi cial in charge of fl ight operations. (At the time, the Balloon Fiesta used the debatable term “balloonmeisterin” for its female balloonmeisters.) Charlotte had been fl ying balloons for several years before moving into the offi cials’ ranks, and was most likely one of the fi rst women anywhere in the world to serve as balloonmeister of a major balloon rally. Charlotte’s assistant balloonmeister was also female, longtime Albuquerque pilot Neida Courtney, who served as balloonmeister in 1983; Charlotte and Neida were co-balloonmeisters in 1984. Meanwhile, the Balloon Fiesta’s activities continued to grow, with skydivers (the Army Golden Knights), gas balloon race, ultralites, air shows, and more. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 119

      In November of 1783, 1983humans took fl ight for the fi rst time, thanks to French pioneers who imagined and created the fi rst hot air balloons (the brothers Jacques-Étienne and Joseph-Michel Montgolfi er) and gas balloons (professor Jacques Alexandre César Charles). Up until the Wright Brothers developed the fi rst powered aircraft, balloons and other lighter-than- air vehicles were the only form of air transportation. Obviously, airplanes, which were not limited to going only where the wind goes, proved more practical and soon overtook the balloon as the preferred form of air travel. But balloons have always had a magic all their own, and with the invention of the propane-fi red burner in the early 1960s (by early Balloon Fiesta balloonmeister Ed Yost), ballooning became a viable recreational option. So in 1983, it was time to party, to celebrate aviation’s bicentennial, 200 years of manned fl ight. And what better place to do it than the Balloon Capital of the World? That year, 450 hot air balloons and 15 gas balloons fl ew in the world’s biggest ballooning event, always with thoughts of those inventors, the Montgolfi ers and Professor Charles, who made it all possible. As noted on our 19841982 page, in 1984 the Balloon Fiesta had co- balloonmeisters – former balloonmeisters Charlotte Kinney and Neida Courtney shared the job. This is the only time the event gave Balloon Fiesta guests a new and convenient way has ever had two people sharing these responsibilities. to beat the traffi c and get to Cutter Field in comfort on The other major development that year was behind weekend days. the scenes: the Balloon Fiesta purchased its fi rst offi ce building, on Washington Pl., close to Cutter Field. At the time, the Balloon Fiesta’s “pilot headquarters” during the event was the old Holiday Inn Midtown on Menaul Blvd. Pilots registered and attended the required orientation briefi ng there (via videotape, an idea developed originally by former balloonmeister Mark Wilson for the 1981 Balloon Fiesta). After that fi rst day, the “offi cial headquarters hotel” became the social center of the Balloon Fiesta, with events almost every night. Meanwhile, the fi rst Park and Ride service ® 120 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      By 1985, the Balloon 1985Fiesta’s last year at Cutter Field (today it’s the Vista del Norte housing development), the event had fallen into a nice rhythm, with 466 balloons, 10 gas balloons racing to targets, parachute demonstrations, air shows, high school bands performing in the mornings, and a new innovation, Balloon Mail. This off ered guests the opportunity to mail (to themselves or a friend) a letter that had been actually fl own in a balloon at Balloon Fiesta. At the event’s on-fi eld “post offi ce”, guests would buy an envelope and insert the letter. Pilots took bags of mail aloft and signed the envelopes after landing. Then the on-fi eld post offi ce would stamp the mail with a special cancellation and mail it. This service continued for several years. But change was coming, and Balloon Fiesta was about to enter a new and exciting era that shaped the event essentially as we know it today. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 121

      For its 15th birthday, 1986the Balloon Fiesta got a big birthday present – its fi fth new launch site. This fi eld, known as Balloon Fiesta Park, was a former city landfi ll, and it was as compact (just 77 acres for everything, including parking) as Cutter Field was expansive. In fact, some areas, such as propane refueling, were moved off site altogether. Read more about both fi elds in the article on page 126. 1986 featured another fi rst: the fi rst (and so far, only!) Balloon Fiesta snow day. On the last day of the event, pilots and offi cials woke up to funny looking white fl akes falling out of the sky, and it wasn’t dandruff . It didn’t take long for Balloon Fiesta offi cials to make the decision to cancel and tell everyone to stay home. The heavy wet snow did a lot of damage to trees around town, and instead of fl ying, some balloonists spent the day cleaning up broken tree limbs. ® 122 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


      Once upon a time, the Balloon Fiesta was exclusively an early 1987morning event. That all changed in 1987, with the event’s fi rst Balloon evening Glow. Nighttime balloon displays were nothing new in events now in Albuquerque – they’d been held on Christmas Eve often attract more guests to since 1979 – but had never been part of the Balloon Balloon Fiesta Park than the famed morning Fiesta. mass ascensions and extend the color and magic of Scott Appelman came up with the idea of doing a ballooning into the night. And it’s not just Albuquerque. balloon glow at the Balloon Fiesta to celebrate the 75th Balloon Glows are now part of almost every balloon anniversary of New Mexico statehood – and the rest, event in the world. as they say, is history. It was such a hit that today, What’s the story behind the invention of the there are three Balloon Fiesta balloon glows, plus two Balloon Glow? Well, it involved a not entirely sober more featuring exclusively special shape balloons. The night at a northern New Mexico resort, and the creativity of balloonists around the country who enhanced the concept. Learn more from the 1987, 1988, 1996, and 2009 Balloon Fiesta programs in the Collectors Corner on the Balloon Fiesta website, balloonfi esta.com. By 1988, the Balloon Fiesta had grown to 600 balloons, including an 1988increasing number of special shapes. These balloons – including The G-R-R-E-A-T Tony and Earforce One (better known as Mickey Mouse) – were crowd-pleasers every bit as popular as the Bees and Darth Vadar are today, with crowds packed onto their launch sites. The event now also featured an all-female skydiving team, the Misty Blues, which jumped on alternate weekends from the Army Golden Knights. It was obvious the Balloon Glow, started the previous year, was there to stay. People loved the option of a nighttime event. But one event, the gas balloon race, was headed for hiatus. Only one gas balloon “competed” in 1988, and was promptly awarded third place (much to the annoyance of pilot George Hahn.) When gas ballooning returned to the Balloon Fiesta, it would be in a much diff erent form – and it would be there to stay. there to stay. ® 124 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      The Balloon Fiesta became a true, all-day 1989event in 1989 with the inauguration of the Special Shape Rodeo. This event at fi rst was a late afternoon fl ying event, and it was – fi rst was a late afternoon fl ying event, and it was – businesses as expected, given the popularity of the special shape businesses as expected, given the popularity of the special shape in Brazil, Belgium, the balloons appearing in the mass ascensions – a huge in Brazil, Belgium, the balloons appearing in the mass ascensions – a huge Czech Republic, Britain, and the U.S. success. Families loved it. You can learn a lot more Czech Republic, Britain, and the U.S. success. Families loved it. You can learn a lot more about the beginnings of the Special Shape Rodeo in The end of the 1980s also brought a management Mark Sullivan’s article beginning on page 140. change to Balloon Fiesta. Marge Ruppenthal, longtime Just about anything anyone can dream of – Balloon Fiesta pilot from a ballooning family (husband monsters, critters, soda cans, houses, autos – can be Bob was an early balloonmeister and a former Board made into a special shape balloon. These days they’re President) became the organization’s new Executive Director, and would usher in major changes designed on computers, but they still have to be sewn Director, and would usher in major changes together the old-fashioned way, by hand. They take over the next several years. hundreds of hours of labor to make in specialized OFFICIAL PROGRAM 125

      CELEBRATIBG 50 YEARS FIELDS OF BY KIM VESELY, FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE Through the fi rst half of its 50-year history, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® led a nomadic existence, steadily migrating northward through fi ve launch sites in step with the city’s steady development. Each of the Balloon Fiesta’s launch sites had its own personality and each played a distinct role in the event’s history. A ANT B OR T O: VIC T PHO ® 126 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      COLOR BALLOON FIESTA LAUNCH SITES 1. Coronado Center: 1972 2. NM State Fairgrounds: 1973-1974 3. Simms Field: 1975-1980 4. Cutter Field: 1981-1985 5. Original Balloon Fiesta Park: 1986-1995 6. Balloon Fiesta Park: 1996-present OFFICIAL PROGRAM 127

      PHO T O B Y DICK BR O WN ONNELL C OM MC T Y O B T PHO The First World Hot Air Balloon Championships and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds When 38 international competitors and 90 “Fiesta Flyers” descended on Albuquerque for the fi rst World Championships – the modern hot air balloon had been invented only a decade or so before – the State Fairgrounds seemed like an ideal location for the event. It had grandstand seating for guests (spectators were not allowed on the fi eld), food service facilities, and above all, restrooms! But for fl ying, the fairgrounds proved to be less than ideal. It was in an established area of the The “First Fiesta” at city, and landing sites were relatively scarce. When the Coronado Center balloons fl ew south, as they frequently did, they quickly encroached on the Albuquerque International Sunport and on Kirtland Air Force Base and the highly classifi ed In just 10 days, Sid Cutter and KOB organized what research facilities attached to the base. (There are great was then one of the largest gatherings of balloons stories about gun-toting security offi cers confronting anywhere in the world. Thirteen balloons launched pilots who spoke limited English.) February proved to from a huge open fi eld west of Coronado Center, which be a less than ideal weather month. Within a couple of was much smaller at that time than it is today. The years, event organizers realized they needed both a new estimated 20,000 people who turned up were open- event date and a new launch site. mouthed at what they were seeing. The balloonists – hastily assembled from around the US – were equally astonished at the warm reception they received. Their WHAT: First World Hot Air Balloon enthusiasm led to invitations to bid for and to host Championships; 2nd and 3rd Albuquerque a much larger event, the First World Hot Air Balloon International Balloon Fiesta Championships. WHERE: New Mexico State Fairgrounds/ Downs of Albuquerque, Louisiana and Lomas NE WHEN: February 1973-1974 and a February WHAT: KOB Radio and Television International rally in 1975 Balloon Festival and Rally (KOB Radio 50th NUMBER OF BALLOONS: As many as 128 anniversary celebration) NEW EVENTS: World-class competition WHERE: San Pedro and Menaul NE, west of events, mass ascensions; the Balloon Fiesta Coronado Center Parade (held through 1991) became the WHEN: April 8, 1972 biggest in the state NUMBER OF BALLOONS: 13 WHY IT HAD TO MOVE: Too close to the WHY IT HAD TO MOVE: Not big enough, no airport and too far south, proximity to permanent facilities, destined for development high-security installations at Kirtland AFB WHAT’S THERE NOW: West end of Coronado and Sandia and Manzano bases, lack of Center and parking lot landing sites, February not a good month for ballooning; site in use for New Mexico State Fair in the late summer and fall WHAT’S THERE NOW: Downs of Albuquerque and EXPO New Mexico ® 128 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      YNT ON FL T AL W BILL Y O B T PHO Simms Field and the Second World Hot Air Balloon Championships at Jeff erson and I-25 1975 brought big changes to the fl edgling Balloon Fiesta. A meteorological study determined that the WHAT: 4th – 9th Albuquerque International weather was consistently best for ballooning in the Balloon Fiesta; Second World Hot Air Balloon early fall and the Balloon Fiesta moved to its current Championships time, the fi rst full week in October. Sid Cutter, who had WHERE: Simms Field, west of I-25 and organized the fi rst three Balloon Fiestas, needed to focus Jeff erson Blvd. NE on his own business and a new non-profi t corporation, WHEN: October 1975 - October 1980 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Inc. assumed NUMBER OF BALLOONS: As many as 379 stewardship of the event. The event’s new home, Simms NEW EVENTS: A variety of competitions Field (named after the landowning family) was a large including the Key Grab (now Ring Toss) former alfalfa fi eld just west of I-25 at Jeff erson Blvd. and the Tumbleweed Drop; the fi rst (then Since it had no permanent facilities, concession tents, unoffi cial) Dawn Patrol fl ights; the record porta potties, and other amenities had to be brought fl ights of the Double Eagle II and Kitty Hawk in, but the land had ample room for parking, a propane capture the world’s imagination refueling facility, and above all, balloons. Pilots loved WHY IT HAD TO MOVE: When buildings the site and the then-open land around it. By 1980 the started going up on the launch squares on event had almost tripled in size, but buildings were under the east side of the fi eld, it was obvious that construction on the east end of Simms Field and it was Simms Field’s days as a balloon launch site clear the Balloon Fiesta would be on the move again. were numbered WHAT’S THERE NOW: A large business park and industrial area: one of the streets is named Balloon Park Rd. This street, and a couple of the original trees, are the only signs of the area’s past as home to the world’s biggest ballooning event. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 129

      YNT ON FL T AL W BILL Y O B T PHO Cutter International Balloonport East of Edith Rd. between Los Angeles Blvd. (now Paseo del Norte) and Osuna Rd. Not long after the 1980 Balloon Fiesta, from a balloon, tethered a few dozen feet aloft, Sid Cutter dedicated WHAT: 10th – 14th Albuquerque International the Balloon Fiesta’s newest launch fi eld by breaking a Balloon Fiesta bottle of champagne on the raised bucket of a backhoe. WHERE: Cutter International Balloonport, Cutter Field – more formally, the Cutter International north of Osuna Rd. Balloonport – was located north of Osuna Rd. between WHEN: October 1981 - October 1985 Edith Blvd. and the North Diversion Channel. It boasted NUMBER OF BALLOONS: 450-500 separate entrances and parking for the public and NEW EVENTS: Gas Balloon competition participants, the Balloon Fiesta’s fi rst high-capacity (long distance fl ights to set targets), aerial propane refueling area, and enough space that Sid acrobatics and parachute team jumping, talked of hosting 1,000 balloons. While that didn’t come fi rst Balloon Fiesta Park and Ride service, to fruition during the Balloon Fiesta’s years at Cutter the celebration in 1983 of the bicentennial Field, other enhancements did, including the event’s of manned fl ight (200 years since the fi rst gas balloon competitions and the regular inclusion Montgolfi er brothers’ invention of the hot air of aerial acrobatics (notably the Jim Franklin Wild Waco balloon in 1783). Air Show), and precision parachute demonstrations WHY IT HAD TO MOVE: Incoming featuring the Army Golden Knights and Navy Leapfrogs. development; availability of the former Los The Balloon Fiesta stayed at Cutter Field through 1985. Angeles landfi ll for use as a launch site Its next relocation would move the event permanently off WHAT’S THERE NOW: The Vista del Norte private lands and onto City of Albuquerque- housing subdivision and the Vista del Norte owned property. Park designated balloon landing area. The park/landing site is actually in an area then used for spectator parking, slightly south of the area used for the launch fi eld. ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 130

      PHO T O B Y KIM VE S LE Y First Balloon Fiesta Park South of Alameda Blvd. and north of Osuna Rd., east of the North Diversion Channel The Balloon Fiesta’s fi rst long-term, semi-permanent WHAT: 15th – 24th Albuquerque International home became available with the closing of the City of Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque’s Los Angeles Landfi ll (named for the WHERE: First Balloon Fiesta Park, south of main street to the south which is now Paseo del Norte). Alameda Rd. and east of the North Diversion The event was held there for ten of its most inventive Channel years which included the addition of evening Balloon WHEN: October 1986 - October 1995 Glows, the Special Shape Rodeo, and the fi rst offi cially- NUMBER OF BALLOONS: 477-600 sanctioned Dawn Patrol fl ights. This fi eld also played NEW EVENTS: Balloon Glow, Special host to the fi rst Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett Shape Rodeo and Glowdeo, Dawn Patrol, (world distance gas ballooning championship) held in America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race, Coupe the U.S. since 1933, and the fi rst America’s Challenge Aéronautique Gordon Bennett (1993) gas balloon distance race. But while the original Balloon WHY IT HAD TO MOVE: No room for Fiesta Park made history, as a balloonport it had expansion, unsuitable for permanent shortcomings. The launch site, permanent parking, and development infrastructure were crammed into just 77 acres – about WHAT’S THERE NOW: Vacant most of the the size of the grassed area of the current fi eld – with no year, South RV Parking during Balloon Fiesta room for expansion. Though the fi eld worked for Balloon Fiesta operations, its past as a landfi ll made permanent development impractical. The fi rst Balloon Fiesta Park was an important step forward and a great interim solution, but not a suitable permanent home for a world- class event. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 131

      S O BENNIE B Y O B T PHO Balloon Fiesta Park North of Alameda Blvd. and east of the North Diversion Channel It seems hard to believe that the Balloon Fiesta has now enjoy VIP experiences through the Gondola Club now been held in this former gravel pit in far north and Chasers' Club, and balloon enthusiasts worldwide Albuquerque for the past quarter-century. After can now view live event broadcasts through Balloon much negotiating and a lot of hard work, the City of Fiesta Live! Albuququerque acquired the property for use as a city As the Balloon Fiesta moves into its next half-century, park; the Balloon Fiesta has exclusive use of the park our adventure is just beginning. Come join us! during September and October of each year. The other 10 months, the park is used for a golf driving range, sports events, community concerts and celebrations, WHAT: 25th -50th Albuquerque International and of course as a balloon launch and landing site. Balloon Fiesta While some new events have been added, including WHERE: Balloon Fiesta Park, north of the Flight of the Nations, additional Balloon Glows, Alameda Rd. and east of the North Diversion enhanced fi reworks displays, Albuquerque Aloft, and Channel Music Fiesta, much of the focus has been on adding WHEN: October 1996-present permanent amenities for guest comfort and safety NUMBER OF BALLOONS: 500 – 1,000+ and to improve the safety of fl ight operations. A balloons (in 2000) golf center and restaurant on the property are used NEW EVENTS/AMENITIES: Fully grassed for event hospitality during the Balloon Fiesta. Two launch site, Dawn Patrol Show (1996), other permanent buildings – a public safety/fi rst aid additional Balloon Glows, Albuquerque Aloft, center and the Sid Cutter Pilots' Pavilion, used as pilot Gordon Bennett held here in 1999, 2005, headquarters and as a community center, are now on and 2008, Flight of the Nations, Sid Cutter site. The fi eld is now fully grassed – much appreciated Pilots' Pavilion and other permanent facilities, by both pilots and guests – and the adjacent Anderson Gondola Club, Music Fiesta, Balloon Fiesta Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum Live!, more to come! provides additional amenities for guests. Guests can ® 132 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS PHO T O: BENNIE B O S S Ballooning: A Spectator Sport Reprinted from the 1973 Balloon Fiesta program lying in a balloon may be easier than watching a strong pair of shoes (and an extra pair of dry ones), one. binoculars, a co-driver in the car to keep an eye on the At Indianapolis you can sit still and the cars target, and a picnic lunch. come round every couple of minutes or so. Veteran balloon race watchers also file away many Even an Olympic marathon runner knows mental tips. They know, for instance, that when the where the finish line is going to be, 26 miles balloons take off after an hour or so’s preparation from F 385 yards later. the field or a shopping center parking lot, they are But balloons? Where they will wind up is anyone’s followed by a massive traffic jam as spectators rush to guess. And for once a handicapper knows as much as follow. the rider, because the guy flying the balloon has no idea Another thing about balloon races is that many are either. scheduled for the early morning for favorable wind Balloons will only go one way and that is the way the conditions. Starts at 7 a.m. are not unusual. wind is blowing. Trouble is, the wind at ground level may One of the good things about balloon races, however, is be blowing exactly the opposite direction from the wind that everybody gets a great view without having to jostle at 2,000 feet. for position. This is the one sport where the contestant sits still and In fact, ballooning as a spectator sport is definitely the spectators do all the running. “looking up.” Accessories for watching a balloon race should include OFFICIAL PROGRAM 133

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS HOW A HOT AIR BALLOON WORKS By Kim Vesely Adapted from the 2007 Balloon Fiesta program lying a balloon is both science and art, simple and complex. Mechanically, it is simple: burn to go up, do nothing or vent to come down. The challenge lies in controlling a flying machine that stands the height of a seven- story building in a way that uses the winds to F best advantage. Flying a balloon takes practice, skill, and judgment, and a desire to share the fun and adventure of riding the winds aloft. The most visible part of a hot air balloon is the envelope – the huge, colorful fabric “bag” holding the hot air that gives the balloon lift. The envelope is made of strong, non-porous, lightweight material such as ripstop nylon, Dacron, or Soar Coat reinforced by load tapes or cords – strong white or colored webbing or rope that provide the structural framework and give the envelope its shape. At the top of the balloon is a large round circular opening through which hot air can be “vented”, or released, to cause the balloon to descend and to deflate it when the flight is completed. The opening is covered by a fabric panel, often called a “parachute”, which is held in place against the load tapes converging at the top of the balloon by the pressure of the hot air. The basket or gondola carries the passengers, fuel Above: This photo shows the “scoop” – the red panel at tanks, and instruments the pilot uses in flight to monitor the top of the picture – and the balloon burners. The pre- altitude, the rate at which the balloon is climbing or heat coils are at the top of the burners, and the pilot (and descending, and the temperature at the top of the author) has her hand on the blast valve that lets propane balloon. Modern baskets are almost all primarily made of flow through the burner to generate hot air. wicker, though aluminum, fiberglass, various plastics and composite materials have all been used. ® 134 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Parachute top covering circular opening Envelope Equator (widest point) Load Tapes Throat Scoop/skirt Suspension Cables The bThe baskasket is cet is coonnectnnecteed td too the en the envveelope blope by y Burner cables that extend from the bottom, or “throat” of cables that extend from the bottom, or “throat” of Vent/defl ation line the balloon. Most hot-air balloons also have a skirt the balloon. Most hot-air balloons also have a skirt or scoop – a fabric panel often made of or lined or scoop – a fabric panel often made of or lined Basket with fi re-resistant fabric that extends downward with fi re-resistant fabric that extends downward (fuel tanks strapped in corners) from the throat and helps to direct airfl ow and heat from the throat and helps to direct airfl ow and heat from the burner into the envelope. from the burner into the envelope. degrees above the outside air temperature, depending degrees above the outside air temperature, depending The hot air that provides lift is generated by a propane- The hot air that provides lift is generated by a propane- on how much weight the balloon carries. Many balloons on how much weight the balloon carries. Many balloons fueled burner which is suspended between the envelope have additional blast valves and nozzles used as backup and basket above the heads of the pilot and passengers. systems in case the main burner line fails, and to bypass The burner is held in place by a rigid frame and by the preheat coils to create a cooler, brighter, yellow fl ame “uprights” – poles at each corner of the basket. The fuel that makes the balloon light up during balloon glows. tanks – most modern tanks are made of stainless steel – Burners generate the heat to make the balloon go sit in the corners or on the fl oor of the basket. Fuel lines up, and by varying the length and number of “burns,” run from the tanks to the burner and are held in place by the pilot can control how quickly the balloon ascends sleeves around the uprights. and how high it goes. But how does the pilot make the Each burner has a pilot light that burns continuously balloon go down? One way is to do nothing and just let and ignites the fuel in the same way the pilot light in a the air in the balloon cool naturally. As the temperature furnace or stove does. The pilot controls the fl ow of fuel drops below the level needed to keep the balloon at to the burner through “blast valves” – levers attached to “equilibrium” – to maintain level fl ight – the balloon will the bottom of the burner. The output of a balloon burner descend, and the pilot uses the burner to regulate the is many times greater than that of a typical home furnace rate at which the balloon descends. To come down more and creates the high temperatures required to generate quickly, and to land, the pilot pulls on a rope that releases enough lift to make the balloon fl y – usually at least 100 heat from the top of the balloon. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 135

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Noches Encantadas: Balloon Glows at Balloon Fiesta® By Kim Vesely A luminaria or farolito … is a small paper lantern (commonly a candle set in some sand inside a paper bag) which is of signifi cance in New Mexico and the broader Southwestern United States at Christmas time, especially on Christmas Eve. They are cultural hallmarks of...New Mexico, and are a part of New Mexico's distinct heritage. (From Wikipedia). nce upon a not entirely sober summer After packing the balloon away, the excited balloon night in 1979, a balloonist from El teams headed back to the bar for another toddy. Most had Paso, Fred Spite, pulled into the Angel never seen a balloon lit up at night before. At some point, Fire Country Club with his brand-new someone mused, “I bet other people might like to see this.” balloon. He went inside, where the In the next months, the group came up with the participants in the Angel Fire Balloon idea of displaying a bunch of balloons on the route of O Rally were “relaxing” after a hard day, and hollered, “I Albuquerque’s annual Luminaria Tour. To make a long want to see what my new balloon looks like!” story short, on that enchanted Christmas Eve night in Well, at that point the pilots and crews were game 1979, 19 balloons infl ated along the tour route, and people for just about anything, so they went out to the parking were blown away by the sight. As far as has been lot and helped Fred put up his balloon. In the growing determined, this was the fi rst large-scale mountain dusk, it lit up like a giant light bulb …. or, well, nighttime display of illuminated balloons – luminaria. After all, a hot air balloon is essentially a great what are now known as “balloon glows” big bag with a great big candle inside. – held anywhere. ® 136 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


      By 2000, the problematic late afternoon Special Y Shape Rodeo flights SEL on Thursdays and Fridays (it was almost KIM VE always too windy for O: T free flights) evolved PHO into nighttime balloon glows – dubbed Glowdeos Clockwise from above: The original Luminaria Tour Bal- OIS – exclusively for loon Display, Christmas Eve at the Albuquerque Country JE Club; All burn!; The magic of the Balloon Glow, where night special shape turns into day. DEBER balloons. Eventually, UL yet another glow, A O: P the Twilight Twinkle Fast forward eight years, to the 1987 Balloon Fiesta. T Glow – was added By this time, many balloon events featured nighttime PHO on the first Saturday displays, and Bill Bussey had invented the name night in conjunction “balloon glow” for his event in Plano, TX. But not the with the scheduled (but often postponed) launch of the Balloon Fiesta, which was still exclusively a daytime America’s Challenge gas balloon race. event. 1987 was the 75th anniversary of New Mexico Today’s Balloon Glows are truly family evenings out. statehood, and to celebrate the milestone, Scott Moms and dads, kids of all ages, uncles and aunts, Appelman (now the owner of Rainbow Ryders) came up grandmas and grandpas, bring picnics or sample the with the idea of doing the biggest balloon glow ever held. Main Street food booths and reconnect on the grass at Balloon Fiesta officials agreed, and 300 pilots signed up Balloon Fiesta Park, surrounded by a forest of glowing to participate. balloons. In the town square of world ballooning, On the night of October 4, the weather was perfect for people from all over the world gather on the noche a nighttime static display. (A nighttime ascension would encantada – the enchanted night – that is a Balloon not be practical because the pilots can’t see landing sites Fiesta balloon glow. in the dark.) As the sun set and evening crept in, dozens of balloons stood inflated at the old Balloon Fiesta Park Kim Vesely, the editor since 2003 of the Balloon (now the main RV park), surrounded by thousands of Fiesta’s Official Program, is one of the co-founders of the guests. All the pilots had AM radios tuned into KOB radio, original Luminaria Tour Balloon Display in 1979. Over which was broadcasting the event live. At the mobile more than 45 years, she’s been involved with the Balloon studio on Concession Row, announcer Larry Ahrens and Fiesta as a television journalist and color commentator, Assistant Balloonmeister John Davis began to count launch director, and board member. She currently is the down for the first “all burn”, the moment when the pilots America’s Challenge Command Center media liaison and would all light up their balloons at once. No one knew a reporter/commentator for Balloon Fiesta Live! quite what to expect. The count hit “0”, and with a deafening roar a tidal wave of light, heat, and noise crashed across Balloon OIS Fiesta Park. Night turned into day on the field as 300 JE candles/light bulbs/balloons lit up, and the heat could be felt all the way across Concession Row. Everybody DEBER stood entranced and open-mouthed – pilots, crews, UL A spectators. O: P T As the pilots turned off their burners and light and noise faded, the roar of the burners was replaced with a PHO different roar – thousands of people cheering at the top of their lungs. It was an electric instant – many who were there still get goose bumps when they talk about it. It to this day is one of the great moments in the history of the Balloon Fiesta. Of course, the Balloon Glow immediately became an annual event, and drew more guests than even the morning Mass Ascensions. A second glow, the Night Magic glow on the last Saturday, was soon added. ® 138 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Getting into Shapes: The Special Shape Rodeo BY MARK SULLIVAN TT A W Y A R O: T PHO ® 140 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      o realize the signifi cance that the Special afternoon events had much more potential for attracting Shape Rodeo has had on the Balloon spectators than the pre-dawn morning events. Fiesta, you need to go back to 1986. I was elected to the Balloon Fiesta Board in 1989 and In those days, the balloons only fl ew was excited to be part of such a great balloon event. morning events during the nine-day event. Scott and I realized that afternoon events could be a The mass ascensions on the weekends major source of new revenue for the Balloon Fiesta, and T were the main attraction and about the only source of we started brainstorming on what type of event would revenue for the Balloon Fiesta. There were not many work. At the time, I was fl ying special shape balloons spectators during the week, even though the pilots took belonging to the Soukup/Thomas balloon fl eet along to the air every fl yable day. with some commercial shape balloons belonging to The Balloon Fiesta fi rst began to realize the potential Harold Warner, a Canadian balloon operator. Special of evening events a year later. Since 1979, glowing shape balloons had appeared at Balloon Fiesta as part of balloons had been on display at Albuquerque’s annual the regular fl ying events and were enormously popular. Christmas Eve Luminaria Tours. Balloons infl ate at We thought that a new event featuring special shapes golf courses around the city and sometimes at other on Thursday and Friday afternoons might just work if locations like the University of NM sports complex, enough shapes would participate. and glow for the caravan of cars viewing all the sites Nothing was going on at the fi eld on Thursday and who put up luminarias. In 1987 Scott Appelman, who Friday afternoon, so we made a pitch to the Balloon was serving his fi rst year on the Balloon Fiesta Board Fiesta Board to bring in some shapes for these two of Directors, suggested having balloons glow on the afternoons. The Board was quite skeptical that it would fi rst Sunday evening. The Board had never considered work, and the vote was anything but unanimous. One of having afternoon events but decided to give Scott’s idea the selling points was Scott telling the board that I knew a go. Ballooning is best in the morning, so I don’t think all of the special shape pilots and shape owners and the Balloon Fiesta realized how many people would could get enough shapes to put on a good show. prefer to come to an evening event when they were The Board agreed, but there was no money in the off work. The Balloon Glow was a huge success which budget to fund bringing in special shape balloons. It was not only changed the Balloon Fiesta but changed how not easy to convince pilots to come, since we had no balloon events operated across the world. After all, money to pay them. There were few non-commercial Pictured: The eyes always have it at the Special Shape Rodeo! OFFICIAL PROGRAM 141

      JOEIS DEBER UL A O: P T PHO Above: The Special Shape Glowdeo is an outgrowth of those first Balloon Fiesta balloon glows, and evolved from the Special Shape Rodeo afternoon flights. shapes flying in the mid- shapes and direct the shape O 1980s. If you wanted one of T event. It turned out that these shapes to appear at PHO I directed the first seven A your event, you had to pay T years of the Special Shape S the pilot to put it up. Our Rodeo, helped negotiate all best selling point was to tell OON FIE the shape contracts, and the pilots this would be the ALL flew a special shape in all largest gathering of shapes B the events. in the world and being part Another problem was of it was something they OFFICIAL that the Balloon Fiesta should not miss. charged a commercial fee During these early years for any balloon displaying a of the Balloon Fiesta, corporate logo. I soon found members of the Board did out to get any commercial a lot of the ground level work to make the Balloon shapes we needed to waive these fees. The board Fiesta successful. This included Board members agreed to waive the commercial entry fees, but taking on key flying event official duties, preparing only for the events on Thursday and Friday evening. the field, preparing pilot packs, registration and a Commercial shapes still had to pay if they wanted to hundred other things. My job was to recruit special fly during the daytime events. ® 142 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Jodi Baugh was hired this same year as the Balloon jams and produced huge crowds. Twenty-eight shapes Fiesta director of corporate sales. Jodi told us she participated in the first Special Shape Rodeo, putting our needed Scott and I to come up with a name for the event new event on solid ground. The Special Shape Rodeo in order to help her to find a corporate sponsor. So, grew each year with 35 shapes in 1990, 45 shapes in at the monthly Top Gun flying event we tried to come 1991, 62 shapes from eight countries in 1992, and by up with a name. Since I was having such a hard time 1996 108 shapes. rounding up pilots to come, I suggested “Special Shape October is a wonderful time of year in Albuquerque, Round Up”. We came up with many more names, and it with cool mornings and warm afternoons. But It’s not was Frank Wechter who came up with the name “Special easy to fly balloons in the afternoon because thermal Shape Rodeo”. With this new name, Jodi successfully activity does not end until about one hour before sunset. pitched the sponsorship of the new event to Sandy We had some crazy flights during these early years and Miller with United New Mexico Bank. Wells Fargo, there are many great stories of pilots riding thermals which sponsored the shapes event for many years, was until right before sunset. By 1993, the Special Shape formerly United New Mexico Bank. Rodeo was such a success that the Balloon Fiesta One more question still remained: would people added a Thursday morning launch from the field. This come? We sure hoped so, since the forecast was for guaranteed the shape pilots at least one good flight good weather both Thursday and Friday afternoons. Boy window and showcased the shapes to the public at an did Jodi's and Sandy’s marketing skills do the job. The additional event. As the Shape events continued to grow event was such a success that it created major traffic in popularity, in 1998 the Shapes were the only balloons Below: Early Special Shape Rodeo, where the shapes flew in afternoon competitions that were sometimes breezy and turbulent. PHO T O: KIM VE SEL Y OFFICIAL PROGRAM 143

      fl ying from the fi eld on Thursday and Friday morning. The Special Shape Rodeo is an extremely complicated All the other balloons fl ew into the fi eld for our pole event to put on. Each shape requires a contract and grab events and other competitive events. Around the many of them need lots of crew. The shapes coming same time, since afternoon fl ying was so challenging, from abroad need vehicles. Some shapes are massive the Balloon Fiesta turned the afternoon Special Shape and you can imagine what shipping costs. The Balloon events into evening balloon glows, dubbed “Glowdeos.” Fiesta staff spends hundreds of hours making sure the As time went on, landing spots became increasingly Rodeo goes off without any problem. But the result is diffi cult to fi nd, especially for the large special shapes, a well worth it, measured in children’s smiles, awed stares, change was needed. In 2016, the Balloon Fiesta’s Event and the enjoyment of Balloon Fiesta guests. Director at the time, Paul Petrehn, came up with a plan that vastly improved the Shape Rodeo. He moved all the shapes onto the entire east side of the fi eld (where TT A W Main Street is). Those Shape pilots who wanted to fl y Y A could do so as long as they launched before balloons R O: participating in competition began to fl y across Balloon T Fiesta Park. Those special shapes that remained on the PHO fi eld would put on a static display as the competition pilots came into the fi eld to drop markers and do the very popular “drop a ring over the pole event”. What a treat for the public! They could see all the shapes and at the same time watch our most popular competitive events. The incoming competition pilots also enjoyed the new arrangement as fl ying into the fi eld can be quite spectacular seeing all the special shapes lined up along the scoring boundary. It also added a degree of diffi culty for competitors fl ying into the fi eld from the east, since it requires them to navigate over some of the large shapes. The Special Shape Rodeo and Glowdeo has brought in millions of dollars in cash fl ow into the Balloon Fiesta, helping to improve its solvency. It also changed how Above: Yoda! You seek Yoda! events all over the world operate. Most events now add Below: Special shapes lined up on the east side of Balloon Fiesta Park as special shape balloons as part of their show to increase competition pilots approach the fi eld from the west. revenue and value to their guests’ experience. Mark Sullivan, the current president of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (World Air Sports Federation) Ballooning Commission and a champion hot air and gas balloonist, is one of the co-founders of the Special Shape Rodeo/Glowdeo and the founder of the Ameri- ca’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race. Y SEL KIM VE O: T PHO ® 144 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Special Shape Directory OFFICIAL PROGRAM 145

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Adler, David Alford, Ben Anderson, Denny Ary, George MISS AUTUMN ADELAIDE THE KOALA TOM CAT STEGGY Yuma, AZ Bristol Ankeny, IA Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo United States United Kingdom United States Brazil Ashton, Gerg Askren, Sean Audenaert, Filip August, Joe Baker, Dave MONTIE THE BLACK XFINITY HUG A BEAR SHERIFF AIRMADILLO SCARLETT SHEEP Middletown, OH Waasmunster Newport Beach, CA Thatcham, Berkshire Meridian, ID United States Belgium United States United Kingdom United States Ballinger, Barry Barends, Alex Bennett, Brian Bennett, Jeff IN THE BUFF MISTER GLOBIE JERRY MOUSE SIMBALOO Lubbock, TX Enschede, Overijssel Agency, IA Tulsa, OK United States Netherlands United States United States Bonimcontro, Marcos Boyer, Don Brown, Toby Burdue, Bradley FLYING SAUCER ITSY BITSY ALLYCORN SPACE COWBOY São Paulo Belen, NM Denver, CO Whitehouse, OH Brazil United States United States United States ® 146 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Burrows, Paul Buzzard, Earl Campanale, Frank Carlton, Dean BUSTER THE BULLDOG SPEEDY CAROUSEL WAGZ Bristol Albuquerque, NM Orchard Lake, MI Danville, IL United Kingdom United States United States United States Cassell, James Cavin, John Cayton, Andy Cesnik, Luke BEAGLE MAXIMUS YELLOW BIRD EDDIE & RICKENBACKER FREEDOM FLIGHT V Albuquerque, NM Indialantic, FL Black Creek, GA Saint Cloud, MN United States United States United States United States Chieruzzi, Maria Clark, Roger Cox, Jordan Cox, Justin THE LOVEBIRDS DARTH VADER CHRIS P. BACON IVO Sparta, MO Greer, SC Indianapolis, IN Carmel, IN United States United States United States United States Davison, Neil De Almeida, Ricardo De Assis, Luiz DeGraff , Trudy BALLOONAFUL SUNRISE TOY CAR CORK CUTIE DINK Phoenix, AZ Boituva, São Paulo São Paulo Corrales, NM United States Brazil Brazil United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 147

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Dieringer, Nathan Dillard, Terry Drennan, Ben Dunrud Jr., David SQUEAK FLIP FLOP FANTASIES SUNNY BOY ROCKEY Menasha, WI Debary, FL Cordele, GA Geyserville, CA United States United States United States United States Eaton, Erik Edwards, Charles Edwards, Don Farrell, Craig PEANUT MR. WINKLE SNOBIRD TIGER Noblesville, IN Ft Myers, FL Soldotna, AK Palmerston, ACT United States United States United States Australia Ferland, Jean-Francois Fielding, Mike Gantt, Doug Garcia, Mike TICO ZORO HAM-LET 1 DOWN 8-2 GO St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Oak Point, TX Rio Rancho, NM Albuquerque, NM Québec, Canada United States United States United States Glen, Chris Glen, Michael Graham, Colin Griggs, Katie JOEY LITTLE BEE JOELLY BUD E. BEAVER SUSHI Spokane, WA Mesa, AZ Belgrade, MT Dayton, NV United States United States United States United States ® 148 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Griswold, Peter Haliczer, Jeff Hlebechuk, Kris Hodge, Art MR. WINTER OFF THE WALL PUDDLES DUMA Peachtree City, GA Reno, NV Wasilla, AK The Villages, FL United States United States United States United States Hodge, Jonathan Hoefer, Rudolf Holly, Andrew Hooper, Lee Jaques, Tyler SPLASH FOX TALL STEVE ALIEN PIGASUS Madison Heights, MI Michelbach Gloucestershire Radstock, Somerset Battle Creek, MI United States Germany United Kingdom United Kingdom United States Jones, Derrick Kalousdian, Rubens Kolba, Jon Komadina, Mark TIC TOC FLYING BUS CHIC-I-BOOM STORK Hudsonville, MI São Paulo Crooks, SD Rio Rancho, NM United States Brazil United States United States Lambert, Benoit Lawhorn, Rich Lawton, Jeff Lilzey, Brian MASTER YODA HUMPTY DUMPTY FREDDIE THE FOX CATHY’S HOPE BALLOON Louisville, KY Godalming, Surrey Fall Branch, TN Court-St.-Etienne United States United Kingdom United States Belgium OFFICIAL PROGRAM 149

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Lin, Martin Little, Rollie Lopes, Fabio Lorentz, Mike BRAVO BEAR SARAH THE WITCH TEDDY AND LINDY CLAW’D THE CRAZY CRAB Luye Township, Taitung Glendale, AZ Tôrres, Rio Grande do Sul Canton, OH County, Taiwan United States Brazil United States (Republic of China) Lupton, Robert Macedo, Warley Meyer, Mark Mitchell, Max LADY JESTER MANDRILL CARNIVAL EL FONZ Albuquerque, NM São Paulo Vass, NC Champaign, IL United States Brazil United States United States Moore, Ashley Moore, Gary Müller, Roman Nilz, Paddy O’Brien, Bob WES THE WOLF OWLBERT EYENSTEIN SWISS CHALET SAHUARO GRANDE RUBBER DUCKY Bideford, Devon Lake Havasu City, AZ Härkingen, Solothurn Marana, AZ Waupaca, WI United Kingdom United States Switzerland United States United States Peirsman, Geert Pereira Gonçalves, Murilo Procopio, Peter Randall, Thomas Randell, Will ALBERT THE GNOME A BRUXA KOSHARE GALLUP SYDNEY DAZ Belsele Sombrio, Santa Catarina Gallup, NM Placitas, NM Coopersburg, PA Belgium Brazil United States United States United States ® 150 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Reichert, Sheryl Reineke, Dave Richards, Ursula Ritchie, Dale PARTY PEG LEG PETE SQUAWKURS AIRABELLE, THE El Cajon, CA Mahomet, IL Albuquerque, NM CREAMLAND COW United States United States United States Golden, British Columbia Canada Roehrs, Hinnerk Rolfe, Pat Romaneschi, Bob Schuler, Jay ALFRED THE CARPENDER CYNTHIA SEAL LILLY LITTLE BEE PENCIL BOY Celle Battle Creek, MI Peoria, AZ Reno, NV Germany United States United States United States Scott, Michael Semler, Jack Sevrin, Sidney Shipman, Shane Shrum, Mike CHESHIRE CAT LITTLE D BELZEBUTH MODEL T LA RISTRA Oklahoma City, OK Westfi eld, IN Villers-la-Ville Rio Rancho, NM Box Elder, SD United States United States Belgium United States United States Shrum, Tamie Siebel, Thomas Sines, Gary Sines, Janice TE AMO OLAF COCO THE CLOWN BUZZY THE BEE Box Elder, SD Freudenberg, NRW Ashland, MO Ashland, MO United States Germany United States United States OFFICIAL PROGRAM 151

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Strauf, Marcus Stutsman, Gene Taveira, Valdemir Thomas, Steve Toledo, Paulo WERA SCREW DRIVER PUDDYCAT LITTLE DOG PANTHER ROBOT WOOZI Waldbröl, NRW Goshen, IN Osasco, São Paulo Bath, Somerset Guarujá, São Paulo Germany United States Brazil United Kingdom Brazil Tremblay, Sylvain Trillanes, Mark Urbanski, Frank Van Overwalle, Peter PIKO FLYING BARN UNCLE SAM PRINCESS NELLY St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Albuquerque, NM Dakota Dunes, SD Nazareth Québec, Canada United States United States Belgium Van Wolvelaer, Geert Viner, John Waltman, Debbi Warren, Tom Wilkinson, Steve BOBO THE HAPPY MASTER ZABA PONDEMONIUM LASKA THE UNICORN COSMIC CRISP APPLE LOBSTER North Muskham, Windsor, CO Land O’ Lakes, FL Palm Desert, CA Urgup, Nevşehir Nottinghamshire United States United States United States Turkey United Kingdom Wooge, Scott Wright, Thom Wright-Smith, Beth LINDY MISTER Z SMOKEY BEAR St. Louis, MO Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States ® 152 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Adventure Awaits! Come experience our exciting activities including a prize wheel, a fun photo booth and a special treat just for AARP members! October 1-3, 2022 Check out the AARP Block Part!

      THE 1990s: 1990-1999 ® 154 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      The 1990S f the 1970s and 1980s were a party danced to the throb of disco and Michael Jackson’s funky tempos, the 1990s in many ways were the morning after: a global reckoning marked by the Gulf War, riots speared by concerns about racial injustice, and mass killings – Oklahoma City, I Columbine, and others – that sadly in retrospect seem to have been just the beginning of a long list of senseless and unforgivable acts of malice and terror. Of course, the decade wasn’t all bad. The Cold War ended (at least for that time), the Hubble Space Telescope took flight, the World Wide Web debuted, the stock market soared (and then didn’t), and Y2K’s predicted computer crash turned out to be a big non-event. In the 1990s and extending into the early 2000s, the Balloon Fiesta completed its transformation into essentially the event it is today, with multiple balloon glows, the featured Special Shape events on Thursday and Friday morning and evening, the Dawn Patrol Show on mass ascension mornings, and the thrilling America’s Challenge gas balloon race across the U.S. The event also found its permanent home at the current Balloon Fiesta Park, ending a quarter-century of wandering north through Albuquerque. No longer a teenager, the Balloon Fiesta was coming “of age” and into its early adulthood. PHO T O: BILL W AL T ON FL YNT OFFICIAL PROGRAM 155

      THE 1990s: 1990-1999 Big name entertainment came to the goers to hang out for long periods. Concerts did not Balloon Fiesta in 1990 with a concert become an annual part of Balloon Fiesta for another 1990from Three Dog Night. In some ways, two decades. the Balloon Fiesta seems a natural for In these years, the number of balloons at the Balloon large, open-air concerts, but the dirt fi elds in the early Fiesta settled in the 600 range, with 33 special shapes years were not necessarily pleasant places for concert- participating in the second Special Shape Rodeo. ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 156

      The slogan on the bumper sticker sums up the 1991prevailing attitude as the Balloon Fiesta entered its 20th year. The Balloon Fiesta was headed headed now a mature event, with most of the into town to into town to large pieces of the event we know participate in what participate in what today now in place. The weekend mass had become New Mexico’s had become New Mexico’s ascensions, the Balloon Glows with biggest parade. The balloon teams fi reworks, and the Special Shape Rodeo decorated their trucks, and many crews would all expand in the coming years, paraded in costume in an event that but that solid core was there to build on. also featured fl oats, bands, and other However, 1991 was the end of the line community entries. This huge parade, for one institution that had been part with hundreds of entries, had become too of the Balloon Fiesta since 1973 and much for both the city and the Balloon the World Championships. On the fi rst Fiesta to manage. It is still remembered Saturday of the event after fl ying, pilots fondly by balloon enthusiasts and local and crews loaded up their trucks and residents alike. In the early part of the 1990s, Balloon Fiesta sponsoring and marketing eff orts 1992underwent a major overhaul, largely through the eff orts of the dynamic Jodi Baugh. In a very short time, through Jodi’s and others’ eff orts, Kodak became the Balloon Fiesta’s fi rst title sponsor, a distinction which continued for a decade. In this pre-digital era, shutterbugs went through a lot of fi lm at the Balloon Fiesta, which to this day is considered to be the most photographed event in the world. These and other marketing eff orts began to put Balloon Fiesta on a more solid fi nancial footing. Among the new events to Balloon Fiesta in 1992 were the Manfred Radius Glider Show, the Parade of Lights, and – well, not quite a new event – the Dawn Patrol. The fi rst Dawn Patrol fl ight ever took place at Balloon Fiesta in 1978, but it did not become an offi cial part of the event until 1992. The Dawn Patrol pilots have specially-approved aircraft lights that allow them to fl y while it is still dark outside, and their fl ights are a sort of “balloon glow in the sky.” Their fellow pilots launching later in the morning watch the Dawn Patrol to get an idea of wind direction at various altitudes. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 157

      In 1993, Albuquerque and the Balloon Fiesta hosted a world 1993championship event for the fi rst time in two decades. The Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett, the world’s oldest air race, is considered by many to be the world oldest air race, is considered by many to be the world championship championship for distance gas ballooning, for distance gas ballooning, in which the world’s leading pilots attempt to achieve the greatest distance from the launch point. David Levin and James Herschend’s 1992 Gordon Bennett win gave the U.S., for the fi rst time since 1933, the right to host this prestigious event. The Balloon Fiesta pulled out all the stops to make the Gordon Bennett special, including the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra’s playing each country’s national anthem as the teams launched. This was the fi rst of four Gordon Bennett races hosted by the Balloon Fiesta (the others were in 1999, 2005, and 2008), and it marked the permanent return of gas ballooning to the Balloon Fiesta. Also in 1993, the Balloon Fiesta added a fi fth Mass Ascension, on Wednesdays, to give Balloon Fiesta guests an additional opportunity to see this spectacular event. In the half-decade or so since the Balloon Glow and Special 1994Shape Rodeo had come to the Balloon Fiesta, these new events had become nearly as popular as the traditional morning mass ascensions and competitions – something that was not lost on the Balloon Fiesta board of directors and staff . In 1994, the Balloon Fiesta added a second “Night Magic” balloon glow on the last Saturday evening, and gave the special shape balloons their own Thursday morning mass ascension. Also back were the world’s top gas balloonists, this time to compete in the World Gas Balloon Championships. This is a diff erent event from the Gordon Bennett and requires balloonists to fl y to specifi c targets which may be hundreds of miles downrange. ® 158 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      The Balloon Fiesta’s last year at the old And after years of dealing with fi ckle afternoon Balloon Fiesta Park ushered in two new winds, the Balloon Fiesta replaced one of the afternoon 1995big events. The America’s Challenge Special Shape Rodeo fl ights with a new evening event, distance race for gas balloons gave the the Special Shape Glowdeo. The new glow, exclusively U.S. and the Balloon Fiesta a permanent presence on for special shapes, was a huge hit with guests and the world gas ballooning stage, providing pilots with provided a fi tting climax to the Balloon Fiesta’s ten-year an opportunity to fl y long distances without having to run at the old Balloon Fiesta Park. cross international borders. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 159

      In 1996, the Balloon Fiesta had a lot to celebrate besides 25 years 1996of safe fl ights and soft landings. Most signifi cantly, it fi nally had a permanent home at the City of Albuquerque’s new Balloon Fiesta Park. It had taken a great deal of eff ort and cooperation among the Balloon Fiesta board, state offi cials and legislators, and the City of Albuquerque to acquire the land – a former gravel mining pit – and add the infrastructure to support the hundreds of balloonists and tens of thousands of guests who attend the Balloon Fiesta. Much work remained to be done to bring the park up to the level guests enjoy today – most of it was still dirt, for one thing – but the Balloon Fiesta was on its way. With the move to the new fi eld came new events and other changes: the key grab became a “house grab” thanks to a Sivage Thomas sponsorship; and some of the Dawn Patrol balloonists created a new “Dawn Patrol Show” – a choreographed infl ation and nighttime launch set to narration and music -- performed on mass ascension days. Marge Ruppenthal retired as Executive Director, and within a year Paul Smith became the new and current Executive Director. PHOTO: CINDA FAIRFIELD ® 160 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      The moThe movve e to the new Balloon to the new Balloon Fiesta Park brought new 11999797Fiesta Park brought new opportunities, including the opportunity opportunities, including the opportunity for more balloons and balloonists to come what had for more balloons and balloonists to come what had become, de facto, the become, de facto, the town square of world town square of world ballooning. The “Flight ballooning. The “Flight of the Nations” was of the Nations” was created to celebrate the created to celebrate the international pilots and enthusiasts who had been so much a part of the Balloon Fiesta since its beginning. At the Wednesday mass ascension, international pilots fl y their nations’ fl ags as they launch, and the Balloon Fiesta holds a special reception for their out-of-country balloon teams. And there were more balloons than ever before, with more than 800 hot air balloons registered, along with 81 special shapes and the 17 gas balloons participating in the America’s Challenge. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 161

      more than WWith eith effff oortrtss f foocuscused on the onged on the ongoingoing more than development of the new Balloon Fiesta 1,000 miles. That year’s development of the new Balloon Fiesta 1,000 miles. That year’s 19199988Park, the last couple of years of the old victors, Troy Bradley and Tami Stevenson-Bradley – millennium fell into a familiar rhythm. the competition’s fi rst female winner – fl ew well into The Balloon Fiesta now included fi ve mass ascensions, Canada. including the Flight of the Nations on Wednesdays. The Special Shape Rodeo now had evolved to consist of a Thursday morning mass ascension, a Thursday Evening balloon “glowdeo,” and a Friday afternoon competition fl ight (when the winds permitted). The “fun” hot air competitive events of the late 1970s and 1980s were giving way to tasks more like those fl own in most regional and national competitions (but the ever-popular pole grab remained). Already, America’s Challenge gas balloon competitors were posting distances of ® 162 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      The Balloon Fiesta in 1999 came to accommodate the 20 Gordon Bennett competitors. the rescue when the Coupe Gordon In another fi rst, Steve Yazzie, became – in 1999 1999Bennett’s host city became unable and 2000 – the event’s fi rst Native American to run the event. For the second time balloonmeister, as everyone planned for what they that decade, the world’s distance gas ballooning expected to be a very “Big One” in the millennial year competition came to Albuquerque. The Balloon of 2000. Fiesta cancelled that year’s America’s Challenge to OFFICIAL PROGRAM 163

      CELEBRATIBG 50 YEARS There's Nothing Like Being There BY PATRICK MURPHY Reprinted from the 1992 Balloon Fiesta Program ® 164 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      am a native Californian. After moving to central end zone and watched the winning touchdown pass slip Illinois, where I spent the first four years of the through the fingers of the tight end, who dropped the ball 1980s, I decided to take a year-long sabbatical ten feet in front of me with less than one minute left in from the world and see the country. Jerry the game. Berger, a repatriated Albuquerque native and my The next morning came at 4:30 AM, as Jerry shook freshman roommate at the University of Hawaii me awake in the dark and we (Jerry, his two young I back in 1972, had invited me to come stay with him on daughters, and me – his wife had done this before and my way through the Southwest. On Friday, October 12, stayed in bed this time) piled into the car in front of his 1984, I called from the Painted Desert in Arizona to say west side home. The drive across the bridge into the I’d be arriving the following Saturday afternoon. Jerry darkness was guided by one of the most incredible said we’d be able to catch the Lobo football game that sights I had ever seen – headlights as far as the eye could night and then go see the final day of the Balloon Fiesta see! And nobody was moving! I had been in traffic jams on Sunday morning. OK, so what’s a balloon fiesta? before, especially in Los Angeles, but never at 5 o’clock in I arrived on Saturday, just in time to grab a quick bite the morning in the middle of nowhere! and head over to the football stadium to see the Lobos Jerry seemed rather calm about this, and so I just sat let yet another victory slip through their fingers. On this and remained fascinated by the slow movement of the night they literally did, as I stood on the grass behind the cars, the friendliness of the people directing traffic, and OFFICIAL PROGRAM 165

      And this entire production repeated itself over and over again for more than two hours! I was so swept up in it all that I consciously lost track of every tangible aspect of my existence. I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t thirsty, and I couldn’t tell you if I was walking or floating around the balloon field. As the last of the balloons launched from the field, Jerry found me in a glazed-eyed heap somewhere in the middle, not knowing where to go. I vaguely remember an air show immediately following the Mass Ascension, but it still remains something of a blur. What I do remember is feeling as if I had, for the first time, experienced sensory overload. So many colorful sights, penetrating sounds, and changing smells had virtually numbed my ability to absorb any more. But I was happy. Very happy. The picture of me (on the left) and Jerry, Ashley, and Carley Berger was taken by a kind but unsuspecting Japanese woman who could not even speak English, but seemed happy to accommodate our request. the anticipation that seemed to permeate the air as we I moved permanently to Albuquerque the following got closer to our destination. Everybody seemed so spring and have been at every Balloon Fiesta since that happy. first one in 1984. They have all been distinct and unique, Out of our car, milling around the field in the dark, kind for me, for one reason or another. But as I am sure is of cold, I had not the slightest idea of what was about to true for every veteran spectator, that first uninitiated happen. All I knew was that there were a lot of people exposure to this overwhelmingly magnificent event holds here and they seemed pretty happy to have gotten up so a special place in my heart. It was a memorable day that early in the morning on a Sunday. could only be described by saying, “You kinda had to be With my mind wandering in front of my feet, I was there.” suddenly jolted by a burst of sound, then warmth, Having had no preparation for what I was about to immediately behind me, as someone began testing the experience, I was fortunate to have seen and heard burner of his balloon. I had never seen anything like everything that I did. One of the program articles that this before. Never a hot-air balloon up close and never I found helpful that year was about spectator etiquette so many people up so early in the morning stumbling at the Balloon Fiesta. I later learned that there are not around on an old dirt field in the dark. many balloon rallies where spectators are allowed so Then it began. Inflation fans began roaring and close to the balloons, and so I read very carefully about colored fabric started flapping and swelling up all around the do’s and don’ts of being a spectator. Here’s what I me in the pre-dawn light. The burners spewed flames mean: into the rising air bags and my head started to spin. I lost • Dress in layers, so you can peel them off as the morning track of Jerry and his daughters and began wandering progresses. That goes for the kids, too! aimlessly amidst the most incredible array of sights and • Bring lots of extra film. Everything they’ve told you sounds I had ever experienced. It was as though acres of about how many pictures you’ll take is true. the ground had come alive and the earth was breathing! • Always watch where you’re going. It’s easy to lose The constant drone of inflation fans, punctuated by track. countless ignited burners, seemed to bring life to these • Don’t smoke around the balloons. We all know propane giant creatures who kept rising all around, as if they were is flammable, but so is nylon. waking up in a gargantuan pumpkin patch! • Don’t help the pilot or crew unless you are asked – And to top the whole scene off, the sun dramatically directly. burst over the mountains and set the entire field on fire • Be extra courteous to pilots, their crews, and your with brilliant color and dancing shadows, as the first fellow spectators. There’s plenty of sky, but ground balloons began their ascent with delighted cheers from space is limited. Be a good neighbor. the crowd. King Kong-sized balloons, anchored to the • Have the time of your life. ground, swayed to and fro as they awaited their moment to launch. Their massive forms created shapes and The last thing Pat Murphy, a traveling accountant and shadows that made the sun-drenched balloons rising house painter, could have possibly imagined in 1984 was in the background even more striking in their contrast. that, six years later, he and his newly-formed company, Each launch was replaced by yet another inflation, and On the Road Productions, would for several years become each inflation by another launch. It was dizzying! the official video producer of the Balloon Fiesta. ® 166 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Balloon Fiesta® Navigators LET YOUR INNER COMPASS GUIDE YOU TO BE A BALLOON FIESTA® NAVIGATOR BY NAVIGATOR MANAGER, SAMANTHA GREENWALD ave you ever thought of how many position since the 1970s! Our Navigators come from all people it takes to put Balloon Fiesta on over the world, year after year, to build lasting friendships every year? and create a one of a kind guest experience. The full-time Balloon Fiesta staff To learn more about the full range of volunteer consists of just 19 people, so our 1200 opportunities, or to be a part of the action in 2023, Navigators are crucial to the success of please visit the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta H the world's premier ballooning event! website under the Volunteering tab. For questions, please During the event, all of our Navigators work in sync contact our Navigator Manager, Samantha Greenwald at to make the guest experience safe and spectacular. [email protected]. Navigators serve on more than 45 different teams and some of our Navigators have volunteered for their Above: Scoring Officials (Navigators) measuring a baggie drop. ® 168 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Balloon Fiesta is looking for upbeat, enthusiastic, caring people to join our team of Navigators! A Navigator is a person who directs, guides, or manages a traveler on their course. The word Navigator embodies the role our volunteers play for our guests, pilots, crew, even fellow Navigators and staff , -- off ering guidance, showing them the way, and confi dently leading them to everything they need to have an outstanding experience. Approximately 1,200 people have met the qualifi cations to become Navigators by completing the application, being assigned to a Navigator team, and completing Navigator basic training in their fi rst year. Navigators help before, during, and after the event. Navigators are critical to every area of operations, providing guest services, administrative services, balloon coordination and safety, set-up and logistics across approximately 45 diff erent teams. Check out the Balloon Fiesta website to join us for year 51 October 7-15, 2023.

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Abbott, Marjorie Bennett, Gary Caldwell, Allison Corio, Barb Downs, Jansen Garcia, Charles Hallstrom, Greg Jansen, Joni Abel, Douglas (Scott) Berger, Laura Caldwell, Kimberley Corio, Bob Drake, Marilyn Garcia, Connie Hallstrom, Katie Jaramillo, Dalia Abel, John Bergren, Sarah Caldwell, Trenten Cornejo, Gilda Draper, Steven Garcia, Deborah Hallstrom, Lori Jaramillo, Leon Abrams, Wendy Bergstrom, Tina Caldwell, Wanda Cortez, Rosie Dunavent, Duncan Garcia, Ernie Hancock, Nicole Jeff erson, Connie Abruzzo, Nancy Bernal, Dodie Caldwell, Wess Cote, Barbara Dunn, Gerrold Garcia, Jim Hanley, Kathy Johnson, Cody Addis, Eric Best, Audrey Callison, Janna Courtney Bueno, Neida Dunn, Jennifer Garcia, Kathy Hanna, Marion Johnson, Kathryn Aguilar, James Best, Paul Cardenas, Alice Cousineau, Gregory Dunnum, Suzy Garcia, Lorraine Hannon, Keith Johnson, Nancy Ahern, James Biddison, Patricia Cardiel, Gina Cowan, Elizabeth Duran-Arias, Domenica Garcia, Mary Lynn Hanoumis, Terri 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Nancy Sanidad, Jose Strong, Nathan Veloz, Laural Woolcott, Jenifer Anthony Mickelson, Joe Pagliaro, Daniel Rheault, Paula Sanidad, Mahaya Stroup, Della Venable, Jeff Wormington, Buck Maestas-Wimpy, Micker, Pam Palmer, Benjamin H Rhoads, Tina Sanidad, Norma Stucker, John Venable, Linda Wrhel, Janice Michael Middleton, Frances Palmer, Susan Rice, John Santa Maria, Madonna Stucker, Susan Vesely, Kimberley Wrons, Ralph Magnuson, Nels Miehls, Laura Panozzo, Denise Rice, Richard Saul, Jeff Suazo, Maya Vigil-Cottrell, Nancy Yacisin, Margaret (Peg) Maharaj, Amethyst Miller, April Panozzo, Katrina Richards, Haley Scarlett, Susan Suhr, Beth Villarreal, Mary Ann Young, Glenn Maradiaga, Benjamin Miller, Cavell Panozzo, Lawrence Richards, Jay Schaefer, Karl Suhr, Tim Virgin, Laura Young, Leslie Marciszewski, Dawn Miller, Marsha Pantages, Beverly Richards, Rebecca Schick, Virginia Sullens, David Volker, David Young, Susan Marciszewski, Gary miller, mary Pape, Jay Richards, Ursula Schrader, Cyan Sullivan, Lynn Volna, StaceyJo Young, Ty Marciszewski, Scott Million, Carol Parks, Winna Richardson, Char-Lynn Schreurs, Cynthia Sullivan, Mark Volna, Tom Zajac, Brendan Marino, Jan Minch, Forrest Parmenter, Lydia Richardson, Luther Schroeder, George Sullivan, Maury Vonderheide, John Zamora, Jenifer Marsee, Erin Minch, Karen Pasternacki, Linda Richter, Jayla Schroeder, Jeanne Sutherland, Sarah Jean Vos, Michael Zamora, Loretta Marsee, Joe Miranda, Mairiene Pattyn, Katrina Riddle, Douglas Schroeder, Thomas Sutherland, Seth Vredeveld, Martha Zavakos, Petra Marsee, Reagan Miranda, Mike Pearson, Sarah Riggs, Summer Schrum, Nola Suttle, Denise Vredeveld, Walter Zavislak, Nancy Marsee, Zack Mock, Diane Peay, Aaron Rimac, Jürgen Schult, Geneva Suttle, James Wagner, Michael Zavislak, Paul Marsh, Christopher Mock, Larry Peck, Jill Ritchie, Pam Schulz, Daniel Suttle, Penny Wagstaff , Berta Zentner, Jr., F. Larry Martel, Kenny Moeller, Jeff Pena, Eric Ritchie, Steve Schwalier, Ruth Tabone, Rick Walker, Bill Zimmer, Jesse Martin, Thomas Moeller, Melodee Pennel, Dean Robbins, Frank Schwebach, Doug Tackett, Paul Walker, Birgit Zimmer, Rachel Martinez, Alice Moerch, Darrell Pennel, Sonya Roberts, Tara Scoby, Grant Tagart, Nicole Walker, Jim Zimmerman, Angelynn Martinez, Emma Moerch, Marta Penner, Gloria Robertson, Carol Scott, Ronni Talbert, Catherine Wallace, Karen Zimmerman, Corey Martinez, Felisha Moldovan, Lia Perea, Kat Robillard, Renee Scroggie, Jaquelyn Tanguistengo, Pamela Wallace, Xavier Zimmerman, Sierra Martinez, Francisco Molitor, Sheri Perea, Manny Robinson, Carol Season, Harry Tanner, Greg Walsh, Jack Zink, Michael Martinez, Ivy Monaghan, Daniel Perez Perez, Yamile Robinson, Jerry Sedall, Laurie Tanner, Laurye Walters, William Zink, Nancy Martinez, Izela Montana, Jan Perez, Jill Robinson, Paula Sedall, Paul Tanouye, Paul Wambold, Dylan Zubia, Isaac Martinez, Lawrence Montana, Jon Petersen, David Robinson, Richard Segura, Katherine Tapia, Denise Wambold, Lawrence Zucosky, Alex Martinez, Rose Montana, Ruben Petersen, Jane Rocha, Dorothy Segura, Saul Tapia, Reyna Wampler, Barbara Zucosky, L. Jane Martini, Cathy Montelongo, Brenda Petersen, Sheila Rockett, Randall Seib, Mike Taylor, Betty Jane Wanatee, Clyde & Thousands of Marynik, Ed Montez Jr., Jose Petersen, Wes Rodela, Alice Seigel, Judy Taylor, Bre Wang, Benjamin Chase Crew members Marynik, Fran Montgomery, Laura Phelps, Charles Rodela, Diana Selman, Al Taylor, Deborah Ward, Patrick Mason, Tricia Montoya, Cyndi Philcox, Nigel Rodela, Rudy Selman, Lori Taylor, Ginny Warner, Robert Massey, Lisa Moore, Brenna Phillips, Katrin Roderick, Elaine Sena, Antonette Taylor, Julie Waters, Larry Massey, Richard Moot, Donna Phillips, Ron Rodriguez, Guadalupe Sena, John Taylor, Kathy Waters, Renee Mata, Mina Moran, Michael Pientka, Deanna Rodriquez, Melanie Sena, Richard Taylor, Michael Watnik-Saul, Joy Mathena, Tara Moran, Norma Pienups, Boni Rogers - Alfa Sevier, Jeff rey Taylor, Renanah Watson, Charles Mathews, Dave Morgan, Denise Pine, Emily Roadrunner, Tom Shaw, Adrienne Taylor, Robert Watson, Glenda Maxwell, Nancy Morgan, James Pollock, Sherri Rogers, Patricia Shaw, Brian Taylor, Scott Watts, Tunell May, Rod Morgenstern, Howard Pope, Rick Rogers, Sue Shemack, John Taylor, Valari Weber, Craig May, Steven Morgenstern, Judy Pope, Susan Rogers, Susan Shockley, Katie Teague, Debra Welz, Caryn McArdle, Christine Morrell Jr, Donald Porter, Shannon Roller, Lorie Shockley, Steve Teigeler, Edward Welz-Garassino, Sharon McCain, Phyllis Morrison, Blair Powell, Peggy Roller, Rachel Shoemaker, Russell Temeyer, Brad Werner, Jennifer McCarthy, Quinta Morrow, Don Prendergast, Linda Romanovska, Olga Shoemaker, Susan Tetreault, Al Werner, Phil OFFICIAL PROGRAM 171

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      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS La Fiesta de Los Globos The Balloon Fiesta By Chelsea Valladeras Son las 4 de la mañana It is 4 in the morning Todos estan durmiendo Everyone is asleep Pero estás listo para ir a la fiesta del globo. But you’re up to go to the balloon fiesta El aire es fresco y frío. The air is fresh and cold Tan frío que no puedes sentir tu cara So cold you can’t feel your face Pero estás caliente de emoción But you are hot with excitement Y estás energizado y listo para ver los globos. And you are energized and ready to see the balloons Y luego los ves... And then you see them… Cientos de globos todos juntos Hundreds of balloons all together Todo empacado como sardinas All packed like sardines cada uno diferente Each one different Cada uno único y especial. Each one unique and special cada uno es una obra de arte Each one is a work of art El fuego de los globos ilumina el cielo oscuro. The fire from the balloons brightens the dark sky Los colores cobran vida bajo el fuego. The colors come to life under the fire A medida que el sol comienza a salir, As the sun begins to rise, También los globos So do the balloons Llenan el cielo azul como estrellas en la noche They fill the blue sky like stars at night Los colores vibrantes parecen confeti en el cielo. The vibrant colors look like confetti in the sky Flotan hasta que llegan tan lejos They float until they get so far away Hasta que se vuelven tan pequeños que casi desaparecen. Until they become so small they almost disappear Miras al cielo y no parece real You look at the sky and it doesn’t look real parece una pintura It looks like a painting parece una escena de una pelicula It looks like a scene from a movie Te sorprende la belleza de los globos. You are amazed at the beauty of the balloons es una experiencia fascinante It’s a fascinating experience una experiencia maravillosa A marvelous experience Una experiencia impresionante An impressive experience Y no quieres que termine And you don’t want it to end no quieres irte You don’t want to leave Solo esperas poder volver para experimentar You just hope that you can come back again to la magia una vez más. experience the magic one more time Grand Canyon University student Chelsea Valladeres’ annual trips to the Balloon Fiesta inspired her to write this poem for a Spanish class; it received an award from the university’s Spanish Department. Sadly, Chelsea lost her life earlier this year. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 173

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Balloon Faces of Balloon Fiesta By Tom McConnell Thousands of hot air balloons have fl own in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® over the years, all beautiful, many unique and creative. But through the years, some became especial- ly identifi ed with the event, as Balloon Fiesta historian Tom McConnell recounts YNT WN WN ON FL ONNELL O O T AL BR BR W McC OM O: DICK O: DICK O: BILL O: T T T T T PHO PHO PHO PHO The fi rst balloon Sid Betsy Ross was taken to Roadrunner II ( 1979R) Also in mid-1973, another and Bill Cutter owned Phoenix by Bill Cutter in was the next balloon Sid iconic balloon appeared. was Betsy Ross, 1951R, the summer or fall of 1971, purchased (which we early This was Zia, patterned (later called Union Gas so Sid needed another balloonists called The Big after the New Mexico state by Maxie Anderson balloon. This became One or Sid’s 105). This fl ag, a balloon owned and and Ben Abruzzo, who Roadrunner I (1954R) Raven Industries balloon fl own by two students purchased it from Cutter and was the central became the next face of of Sid Cutter from the Aviation in 1972) which training balloon for the Balloon Fiesta. On the AAAA, Don Barz and Tom was purchased from Albuquerque Aerostat throat of the balloon Sid McConnell Raven Industries in April Ascension Association had written “Albuquerque 1971 for a party to be held (AAAA), the balloon International Coyote- in the Cutter Aviation club Sid created in 1972. Roadrunner Balloon hangar in Albuquerque. Roadrunner I became the Fiesta.” This was the 1973 This was a birthday party face of AAAA. Balloon Fiesta (the second for Sid and Bill’s Mom Balloon Fiesta, which Virginia Cutter, and also to thereafter was called the celebrate 42 years in the Albuquerque International aviation business. Betsy Balloon Fiesta) and First Ross became the fi gure- World Hot-Air Balloon head balloon for what Championship race. later would be called the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. ® 174 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      OIS S JE ONNELL Y GHE SEL HU McC DEBER TT UL O OM KIM VE A C O: T O: O: P O: S T T T T PHO PHO PHO PHO In 1976, Sid introduced the In 1978, balloonists Bob Ruppenthal designed and Then, in 2021, the AIBF World Balloon, the fl agship Darryl Gunter built an experimental balloon they called Director of Operations balloon of Sid Cutter’s Fiesta. This balloon was recently rebuilt using some of Sam Parks, came up with and Tom Rutherford’s the original components and has appeared at Balloon a new proposal: build a new ballooning Fiesta. Some years later, a group of AIBF Board members balloon at Balloon Fiesta corporation, World Balloon pooled their resources and built the fi rst of a series of in nine days that would be Championships. Sid offi cial AIBF balloons, also called Fiesta. These balloons the newest fi gure-head went on to produce and became the face of AIBF for many years. balloon for AIBF. This fl y fi ve of these balloons, balloon, Fiesta Gold, was to promote his new and is intended to fl y company. around the USA and the world to commemorate and to herald the coming of the 50th anniversary of Balloon Fiesta, which would occur in October 2022. OFFICIAL PROGRAM 175

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS The Chase Crew Don’t Leave Home Without Them! Reprinted from the 2007 Balloon Fiesta Program alloon fl ight is a team sport. Pilots of very Being on a chase crew is one of the best ways to learn small balloons can sometimes unpack them, about ballooning. Most balloon pilots got their start in infl ate them, fl y them, pack them up, and ballooning on chase crews. But more than that, being get back to the launch site by hitching a ride, a balloon crew member is like being part of a family. but even with small balloons the job is easier Friendships among pilots and crew members often with help. With larger balloons, help is pretty outlast their involvement in ballooning and are one of the B much a necessity. The people who help are called the most special parts of the ballooning experience. chase crew, because one of their functions is to “chase” the balloon when it is in fl ight. What does a crew do? Hundreds of people volunteer to crew for pilots at the Hot-air balloons are infl ated while lying on their sides. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® through the The pilot and crew lay the basket on its side and connect Balloon Fiesta’s Web site, offi ce, and on-fi eld chase crew the burner and envelope to the basket. They then use a booth. The actual number of crew members is much large fan to blow air into the throat of the balloon, fi lling higher, because most pilots in the Albuquerque area it with cold air. Two crew members hold the throat of the already have a large local chase crew and many out-of- balloon open and a third tends the fan. town pilots bring some of their regular crew members When the envelope is full of cold air, the pilot turns on with them. the burner and begins to add heat. As the temperature of the air in the envelope gets hot enough, the envelope will rise to an upright position, pulling the basket upright with it. A crew member at the top of the balloon uses a long rope, called a crownline, to control the rate at which the envelope swings upright. Once the balloon launches, the ground crew becomes the “chase crew.” Balloons use winds blowing in diff erent directions at diff erent altitudes to “steer.” Most of the time, the wind direction doesn’t allow the pilot to land the balloon where it took off . So the crew “chases” the balloon, trying to anticipate where the pilot will land so they can be there to contact landowners if necessary and to assist with the landing. Of course, the pilot can land and defl ate the balloon without help if the crew is unable to get to the without help if the crew is unable to get to the Y pilot in time. The crew then helps the pilot to pilot in time. The crew then helps the pilot to SEL KIM VE O: Left: Pilot Barbara Fricke uses the burner to put heat T into the envelope as crew member Sue Palmer keeps the PHO fabric away from the burner. ® 176 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      A ANT B OR T O: VIC T PHO A ANT B OR T O: VIC T PHO Top: This chase team is ready to “weigh off” the balloon when given the launch director’s “thumbs up.” Above: Packing the balloon at the end of the flight. Right: On the chase! pack the balloon back in its bag and load the equipment back in the trailer or on the chase truck. The Balloon Fiesta recruits crew for pilots throughout the event, and those interested can come to the chase crew booth at the south end of Balloon Fiesta Park. YY Balloonists fly year-round in Albuquerque and often SELSEL can use extra help. One way people can learn about ballooning and crewing is through the local balloon club, KIM VEKIM VE OIS O: O: JE the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Ascension (AAAA) TT at hotairballooning.org. PHOPHO DEBER UL A O: P T PHO OFFICIAL PROGRAM 177

      Celebrate Balloon Fiesta ... All Year Long 50 Years of Balloon Magic A very special commemorative book celebrating the 50th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  e magic of Albuquerque’s aeronautical legacy springs from 224 pages – a testament to a city in love with balloons. And fl oating off the pages are 305 spectacular photos – a kaleidoscope of color, an armada of vibrant nylon, punctuated by a sprinkling of upli ing prose. Published by Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Inc. Hardcover $49.95. Available at the Balloon Fiesta Offi ce, online at www.balloonfi estastuff .com, merchandise tents during the Fiesta, and at select stores near you. Celebrate Balloon ® Fiesta ... All Year Long New Children’s book by award-winning author/arti st Ross Van Dusen At offi cial merchandise tents during Balloon Fiesta®, Award-Winner Balloon Fiesta Gi Shop, and at select stores near you. 2022 NM-AZ Book Awards www.BalloonFiestaStuff .com or 505/269-8324

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS The 25th America’s Challenge OFFICIAL PROGRAM 179

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS 25th America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race Participants HOMER Andy Cayton, United States Krzysztof Zapart, Poland FOXTROT CHARLIE Peter Cuneo, United States Barbara Fricke, United States INTREPID Brian Duncan, United States Brenda Cowlishaw. United States WARSTEINER Wilhelm Eimers, Germany Sebastian Eimers, Germany ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 180

      SAILER Max Michels, Germany Andreas Michels, Germany MARIE MARVINGT Benoît Pelard, France Benoît Péterlé, France WARSTEINER Mark Sullivan, United States Cheri White. United States SKYLINE LUFTFAHRT Wuzi Wagner, Austria Stefanie Liller, Germany ZURICH Balthasar Wicki, Switzerland Benni Eimers, Germany OFFICIAL PROGRAM 181

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Gas Committee/America’s Challenge Offi cials Chair, AIBF Gas Balloon Committee ......................Mark Sullivan Command Center Director ....................................Ruth Lind AIBF Director of Operations ...................................Sam Parks Command Center Staff ..........................................Ben Anello America’s Challenge Event Director .....................Sam Parks ..........................................Jon Ashworth Assistant Director ..................................................John Petrehn ..........................................Jeff Davis Launch Master .......................................................Tomas Hora ..........................................Guy Feltman Safety Offi cers/Ground Testing ..............................Wally Book ..........................................Richard Iverson ..............................Chuck Raskob ..........................................Chris LaFleur Safety Offi cers .......................................................Roger Clark ..........................................Carolyn Lilley .......................................................Mike Garcia ..........................................Cliff Tvede Meteorologists ......................................................Randy Lefevre Scoring Offi cer ......................................................Jim Byrd ......................................................Brad Temeyer Jury President .......................................................Andy Baird Tracking Equipment ...............................................Marc Andre Jury Members .......................................................Ken Draughn ...............................................Harris Goodwin .......................................................Tarp Head Media Liaison ........................................................Kim Vesely Field Preparation ...................................................Damian Duran-Arias Hospitality .............................................................Dodie Bernal America’s Challenge Winners Y YEEAAR R PPIILLOOT T CCOO--PPIILLOOT T CCOOUUNNTTRRYY DIDISSTTAANCNCEE DIDISSTTAANCNCEE D DUURRAATTIIOONN KM MILES HOURS America’s 1995 Richard Abruzzo David Melton USA 2241.9 1393 60.2 Challenge 1996 David Levin Alan Levin USA 706.6 439.1 38.1 1997 Richard Abruzzo Jacob Traub USA 1465.3 910.5 45.7 Records 1998 Troy Bradley Tami Stevenson-Bradley USA 2234.9 1388.8 58.8 1999 Race not held 2000 David Levin Alan Levin USA 3215.5 1998.1 64.1 DISTANCE: 2001 Peter Cuneo Barbara Fricke USA 2095.6 1302.2 58.4 Nicolas Tièche and Laurent Sciboz, 2002 Richard Abruzzo Gary Johnson USA 2797.08 1738.11 43.13 Switzerland, 3670.76 km /2275.87 miles (2017) 2003 Richard Abruzzo Carol Rymer Davis USA 1787.72 1110.89 63.23 2004 Richard Abruzzo Gary Johnson USA 984.23 611.6 35.97 DURATION: 2005 Janet Folkes Bill Arras UK / USA 2407.28 1495.81 46.14 David Hempelman-Adams and Jonathan 2006 Andy Cayton Kevin Knapp USA 2380.99 1479.48 60.45 Mason, UK, 71 hours, 31 minutes (2011) 2007 Andy Cayton Stuart Enloe USA 1698.21 1052.89 61.5 2008 Mark Sullivan Cheri White USA 1419.76 880.25 68.58 MULTIPLE WINNERS: 2009 Race cancelled due to high winds Richard Abruzzo: fi ve wins: 1995 with David 2010 Barbara Fricke Peter Cuneo USA 2175.86 1349.03 58.16 Melton, 1997 with Jacob Traub, 2002 and 2004 with Gary Johnson, 2003 with Carol 2011 David Hempleman-Adams Jonathan Mason UK 1538.66 953.97 71.51 Rymer Davis 2012 Mark Sullivan Cheri White USA 2623.33 1626.46 62.3 Peter Cuneo and Barbara Fricke: four wins 2013 Peter Cuneo Barbara Fricke USA 2299.79 1425.87 60.4 (2001, 2010, 2013, 2016) 2014 Anulfo González Angel Aguirre Spain 1914.3 1186.87 53.33 Andy Cayton: three wins: (2006, 2007, 2019) 2015 Race cancelled due to weather conditions David Levin and Alan Levin: two wins (1996 2016 Peter Cuneo Barbara Fricke USA 1394.96 864.88 54.65 and 2000) 2017 Nicolas Tièche Laurent Sciboz Switzerland 3670.76 2275.87 59.32 2018 No event Mark Sullivan and Cheri White: two wins 2019 Andy Cayton Krzysztof Zapart USA/Poland 2598.61 1611.14 58.20 (2008 and 2012) 2020 Race not held due to the pandemic 2021 Noah Forden Bert Padelt USA 573.25 356.20 36.33 ® 182 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

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      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS The Making of the America's Challenge BY MARK SULLIVAN The world’s gas balloonists have two opportunities each year to “go the distance” in gas ballooning competition in large part because American competitor Mark Sullivan saw the potential for hold- ing an annual race in the United States. He has competed in more gas balloon distance competi- tions than any balloonist in history (46 so far). With his fl ying partner Cheri White, he is a two-time America’s Challenge champion and has fi nished as high as second in the Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett, the gas ballooning world distance championships. Mark has competed in more gas balloon distance competitions than any balloonist in history (46 so far). With his fl ying partner Cheri White, Mark is a two-time America’s Challenge champion and has fi nished as high as second in the Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett, the gas ballooning world distance championships. Learn more about Mark on the America’s Challenge page on the Balloon Fiesta website. In the mid-1980s, gas ballooning at events in the helium today it would cost $15,000.00 and hydrogen United States was much diff erent than what we see at now costs $3,500.00 per fi ll. the America’s Challenge. Gas balloon races around the Up until hydrogen was introduced as a lifting gas at country always consisted of races to a target, which the 2000 America’s Challenge, helium was the gas used could be intersections of two roads, or runways of minor in all gas balloon competitions in the United States. In airports that pilots had to navigate to. Pilots who scored Europe, balloonists have used hydrogen for decades. the highest would qualify for the World Gas Balloon If you go back to the very early Gordon Bennett races Championship and the Gordon Bennett. starting in 1906, they used coal gas. Most gas competitions were short races compared to To justify my expensive hobby, I always divided the the huge distances fl own at America’s Challenge and the hours fl own by the cost of the fl ight. So if you fl ew long modern Gordon Bennett. Most fl ights would take off in enough the cost would work out about the same per the afternoon and the balloons would land the next day. hour as a hot air fl ight. Anyway, this thought process I never liked defl ating after such short fl ights, especially helped ease the painfully high cost of fl ying gas balloons! when a “fi ll” of helium cost around $1,500.00 or about The modern Gordon Bennett started back up in $4,000.00 in today’s dollars. If you could get a fi ll of 1983, and from 1983 through 1994 only 28 fl ights went Opposite:Teams prepare to race to a target in the fi rst gas ballooning competition held at Balloon Fiesta (1981) ® 184 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


      Left: Mark Sullivan and flying partner Cheri White, ready to launch in the 2013 America’s Challenge. Below: The America’s Challenge is go for launch (2019). Balloon Championship in 1994. So, our new event to prove Albuquerque was the place to “Go the Distance” would have to wait one more year. Since the America’s Challenge started in 1995, pilots flying in our event have achieved the majority of distance Y flights recognized by the FAI Ballooning Commission SEL statistics on Notable Flights. The longest flight ever achieved in a Gordon Bennett race since the event KIM VE started in 1906 was flown out of Albuquerque by Bob O: T Berben and BenoÎt Siméons of Belgium for a distance of PHO 3400 km (2,112 miles) to Squatec, Quebec, Canada. The longest flight in the America’s Challenge was by Nicolas Tièche and Laurent Sciboz of Switzerland for a distance through a second night. Half of Europe was behind the of 3670 km (2,280 miles), with a landing near Labrador Iron Curtain, and even when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 City, Labrador. getting into some of these countries was not easy. Pilots who have flown out of Albuquerque in the The American team of David Levin and James America’s Challenge and the four Gordon Bennetts we Herschend won the Gordon Bennett in 1992. This gave organized have flown a staggering 97 two night flights, the United States the right to host the Gordon Bennett 43 three night flights and 4 four night flights. in 1993. I talked the Balloon Fiesta Board into submitting This will be our 25th America’s Challenge Gas a bid to the Balloon Federation of America to host the Balloon Race this year. There have been so many great event. I was selected as the Gordon Bennett Event adventures and stories over the years. I am very proud Director and was placed in charge of organizing it. This to have been part of such a successful Balloon Fiesta was the first time the United States had hosted a Gordon event. Bennett since 1933, when the race was held in Chicago Il. Since 1993, the Gordon Bennett has launched at the Balloon Fiesta three times, in 1999, 2005, and 2008. Twenty balloons from nine countries entered the 1993 Albuquerque Gordon Bennett race. Josef Starkbaum and Rainer Rohsler from Austria won the event with a distance of 1832 km (1,138 miles). This was Starkbaum’s sixth Gordon Bennett victory and his longest gas balloon flight. Josef’s three-night flight is what convinced me that Albuquerque was the place to fly distance in gas balloons and is why the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race was started. I was very pleased the Balloon Fiesta Board A ANT unanimously supported my B idea of holding the America’s OR T Challenge starting in 1995. We had already been granted an FAI O: VIC T (World Air Federation) sanction PHO to host the Eighth World Gas ® 186 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      2022 Balloon Fiesta Program - Page 193

      CELEBRATING 50 YEARS Epic Flights for the Record Books BY MARK SULLIVAN n a hot August Double Eagle II transatlantic fl ight only weekend morning in enhanced Albuquerque’s reputation 1978, a small plane as ballooning’s Mecca. In a world landed at Albuquerque starved for good news, the arrival of International Airport. the balloon and its pilots, Ben Abruzzo, An enthusiastic posse Maxie Anderson, and Larry Newman, O of friends and family and a phalanx of in France was the lead story on all the reporters stood on the tarmac – you national newscasts and made the covers could do that back then -- ready to greet of the major news magazines. Their Sid Cutter, the newly-crowned National Albuquerque connection didn’t escape Hot Air Balloon Champion. notice. For their coverage, one of the TV At the same moment, three stations tracked down Sid Cutter and his businessmen from Albuquerque huddled colleague, the world hot-air champion in a homebuilt fi berglass gondola Paul Woessner, at the airport. Sid’s underneath a gigantic silver and black comment? “Maybe they’ll fi gure out gas balloon. In just a few days, they would that New Mexico is actually in the Union.” make history and become international Abruzzo and Anderson – fl ying heroes, the fi rst pilots to successfully together and separately – are still two cross the Atlantic Ocean by balloon, setting several world of the most renowned of Albuquerque’s great ballooning records in the process. Their attempt succeeded where adventurers. They almost died in an epic storm during more than a dozen had failed, with fi ve people dying in their fi rst attempt to cross the Atlantic, in 1977, before the attempt. fi nally making it to Europe the next year. Both went It was one of the headiest, most historic weeks in on to achieve other great fi rsts: Anderson, with his son the history of ballooning, and Albuquerque was right Kris, completed the fi rst non-stop transcontinental at the center of it. The Albuquerque International balloon fl ight, and Abruzzo, with Newman, Ron Clark, Balloon Fiesta –only in its seventh year – even then was and Rocky Aoki, were the fi rst persons to cross the the town square of world ballooning, getting national Pacifi c by balloon. Anderson made the fi rst serious media coverage and attracting tens of thousands of attempts to fl y non-stop around the world, but the visitors each year. No wonder the Duke City was rapidly technology at the time was not far enough advanced to becoming known as the “Balloon Capital of the World.” support his ambition and dreams. Both Anderson and The media frenzy surrounding the success of the Abruzzo were to die in separate aviation accidents in Above:Double Eagle II over the Atlantic. Photo courtesy of the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum ® 188 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

      Y SEL KIM VE O: T PHO the 1980s; their legacy lives On January 24, 2015 on in the Anderson Abruzzo (January 25 in Japan), Albuquerque International Albuquerque’s Troy Bradley Balloon Museum. and Russian Leonid Other Albuquerque pilots Tiukhtyaev launched their were setting records of their Y 350,000 cu. ft (10,000