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VOLUME 50 ISSUE 1 JANUARY 2023 Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association and Education Monthly Publication THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS Diamond Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Rainbow Ryders Platinum Aerco Fly Albuquerque Gold Balloon Museum Pinnacle Propane Silver Airborne Heat General Meeting RPS Insurance Tuesday Feb. 28, 2023 Visit Albuquerque Bronze Flying Walkers

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AAAA Board of Directors PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT BLAIR KAUFMAN PETER CUNEO ph: 505.259.8632 email: [email protected] email: [email protected] SECRETARY TREASURER TAYLOR CALDWELL DICK RICE email: [email protected] ph:505.239.0200 email: [email protected] FLYING EVENTS COMMUNITY RELATIONS DOUG GANTT JASON BURNS email: [email protected] email: [email protected] EDUCATION SPECIAL EVENTS PEG BILSON CHRIS MC CORD email: [email protected] email: [email protected] CREW DEVELOPMENT WAYS & MEANS SUE PALMER KAREN CONVERSE email: [email protected] email: [email protected] The Cloudbouncer is a monthly publication of the AAAA Education Foundation. P.O. Box 91030; Albuquerque, New Mexico 87199-1030 The AAAA Education Foundation strives to provide the most valuable forum. Editorials are solely opin- ions of the authors and do not express the official view of AAAA. We authorize the reprinting of any con- tent in the spirit of the free exchange of information with credit to the author and AAAA Cloudbouncer as the source. Acceptance of advertising cannot imply endorsement of products or services by AAAA nor Cloudbouncer Editor, Publisher or Staff. Please send articles and photos to cloudbouncer@hotair- ballooning.org. Deadline for all submissions is the Wednesday before the General Meeting. Articles, photographs and advertisments received after the deadline will be published in a future issue if they are still relevant. aaaa cloudbouncer january 2023 1

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Recent & Upcoming Events JANUARY “Effective January 23, 2023 all expiration dates on non-expired Monthly General Meeting certificates will be extended to a total of seven years, (i.e. If Jan. 24, 2023 5:30pm cert expires February 28, 2023 they will now be valid until Feb- ruary 28, 2027). The certificates that have an expired date of FEBRUARY January 31, 2023 or later are still valid for travel within the U.S. Monthly Flying Event - Friends & Lovers and internationally, however, there could be some situations that arise from this with foreign inspectors and CAA’s. The FAA Feb 11-12, 2023 6:15am intends to send new registration certificates to aircraft owners before the expiration dates on the current certificates. Education Committee The rule also eliminates the need for us to issue extensions on Feb. 13, 2023 pink copy authority. The second copy of the Aircraft Registra- tion Application (the “Pink Copy”) as temporary authority to Monthly Board Meeting operate will be valid until the applicant receives the aircraft Feb. 20, 2023 5:30pm registration certificate, the application is returned for correc- tion by the FAA, or 12 months have elapsed during which the Private Pilot Ground School registration is pending on that aircraft. The Registry will no Feb. 24-26, 2023 longer be issuing letters of extension. “Pink copy” authority is grandfathered for all applications. If Monthly General Meeting someone’s pink copy authority already expired, it comes back Feb. 28, 2023 6:30pm to life on January 23 – no extensions necessary.” Elizabeth Wright-Smith Pilot School: • FAR pt 141 training from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest •Flexible schedules. One-on-one flight or ground school •Private, commercial or add-ons •Biennial flight reviews Designated Pilot Examiner: Available for private, commercial or add-on rating check rides in the Albuquerque area Cameron Balloon Sales: Buy from a dealer with over 20 years experience flying and selling Cameron balloons without overhead costs. 505.604.2865505.604.2865 ••[email protected] airborneheat.com 2 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

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The President’s Notes January is a time for renewal of your AAAA membership if you have not already done so. Your AAAA membership will help us put on quality monthly Flying Events, add new educational programs such as Crew Training, and Pilot Ground Schools. We are a voice for you as a ballooning enthusiast for creat- ing a positive and rational regulatory environment for our sport. AAAA will continue to provide support, information and activities that enhance ballooning. The small annual membership expense will help us to be the leader for all balloonists. The Nominating Committee is already working on putting together a list of members who are willing to serve on the AAAA Board in a variety of positions. Please consider running for a Board Member posi- tion as we move our club into the future. Elections are in March of this year. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or call me at (505) 259-8632. AAAA is your voice for ballooning. I look forward to hearing from you. Blair Kaufman Blair Kaufman AAAA President 4 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

Committee Reports Flying Events - Doug Education - Peg The New Year brought two events for the AAAA • There still is room and time to register for the Club in January. First, was our annual banquet; in-person Private Pilot Ground School class and the first one we’ve had in person in several February 24-26 in Albuquerque. years, and our monthly club competition. Both • The in-person Commercial Pilot Ground were well attended, and a good time was had by School is scheduled for April 28-30 and reg- all. istration is open. if preferred, the self-paced on-line courses continue to be offered. At our banquet, pilots and prizes were award- • Work has resumed and is progressing nicely ed through the top twenty spots, and our Club on the purpose-built on-line crew course. Champion for 2022 was Keith Takach, with Bobby Richardson and Jerry Garcia taking Second and Special Events - Chris Third Place. In addition to their awards, they also Friends and Lovers and a Truck Load of Love is received an embroidered AAAA Club Jacket to here for 2023. proudly wear on the field for their efforts. • Registration is now open for pilot registra- tion for Friends and Lover’s 2023. See Flying Event info on Page 10. • Regular size balloon pilots have a registra- tion fee of $45, unless you are a 2023 AAAA Crew Development - Sue member then the entry fee is discounted to The Crew Development Champions for 2022 just $30. award were handed out at the Awards Banquet • Remote Control size balloon pilots have a on January 7. It was a year of fierce competition, $20 registration fee. and the battle for first place was decided on the • Registered pilots will get a goodie bag at final day of competition. the Pilot and Crew registration party Fri- The top 5 teams were awarded prizes. Those day night (Feb 10). Registration is from 5-7, teams were: while the party continues until 9. Food will be served at 7pm, and we’ll have a cash 1st - Sandia Sunrise II - 463 total points bar as well as a DJ for your listening and 2nd - Tentai - The Sequel - 415 total points dancing pleasure. Deadline to register is 5pm on Monday, Feb 2, so 3rd - Grasshopper - 377 total points don’t delay. Get your registration in today! 4th - Bank Bobber - 322 total points 5th - Twist of Fate - 248 total points The complete list of team rankings and points can be found on the AAAA website. Thanks to all the teams who competed in 2022! Ways and Means - Karen I am collecting donations for the March Silent Auction aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023 5

Board Meeting Minutes BOARD MEETING MINUTES Monday November 21, 2022 AAAA President, Blair called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Members present were: Blair (President); Doug (Flying Events); Sue (Crew Development); Peg (Education); and Taylor (Secretary). Members ab- sent: Chris (Special Events); Peter (Vice President); Karen (Ways and Means); Jason (Community Rela- tions); and Dick (Treasurer). President (Blair) – The awards are created for the Awards Banquet. I need to figure out the exact count before I send it over to Garcia’s for food. Vice President (Peter) – No report Treasurer (Dick) – No report Secretary (Taylor) – Two new applications were brought forth for the approval. Mark Epperson and Steven Rosenfeld are requesting membership. Blair motioned for approval of new members, Doug seconded, the new members were approved. Approval of the November minutes brought forth. Blair motioned for approval, Doug seconded, the minutes were approved as written. Committee reports were presented and will be in the Cloudbouncer. Old Business: - Rio Rancho Launch Site: We are waiting to hear back from RRPS in regard to launch sites. - By Laws: The bylaw election is underway. New Business: - Friend’s & Lover’s: Looking to past Special Event directors to help guide the 2023 Friend’s & Lover’s. This is an actual rally and should be up to that standard. - 2023 Board Elections: Please start thinking about nominations and a nomination committee. 7:04 Blair motioned to adjourn, Doug seconded. Submitted by Taylor Caldwell, AAAA Secretary 6 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

Remember March of 2020? COVID Impact Revealed after 2 Years It was scheduled to be a fairly normal but busy But there was one other big thing that got lost. month. Three of our four awards are presented in March. The Slim Rawley Crew award, the Allan Jones We had a flying event the first weekend, due to Volunteer award, and the Bob Ruppenthal Edu- the St Patrick’s Day Rallye in Belen scheduled cation award. the second weekend. It turns out, two of those were due to be present- Our annual membership meeting with election ed that fateful month. However, the awards were results and awards was scheduled for the 24th. put away and forgotten about in 2020, only to be rediscovered in January 2023. That’s right. Award But then something else happened. COVID! winners were selected in 2020 but never informed or presented with their recognition plaques. The first cases in NM were reported on March 11, the same day the World Health Organization So we’d like to take a mo- declared the spread of COVID a pandemic. Two ment and recognize Debi days later, COVID became a National Emergen- Ellis-Ostgulen as the 2020 cy in the US. Less than a week later, California Allan Jones Volunteer Award issued a stay-at-home order as New Mexico recipient. The nomination health officials acknowledged there is “commu- sheets and specifics have nity spread” in our state. been lost. However, we all have benefited from the ex- Only four days later, Governor Lujan Grisham im- tra efforts Debi continues to plemented a stay-at-home order effective March give to the club on all things ballooning. 24, the day of our Annual Meeting. And the 2020 Bob Ruppenthal Of course, we abided by the order canceling our Education Award recipient is meeting. But this was not to be a one-time thing. Ken Tuley. Ken had started While we scrambled to keep in touch electron- working with the AAAA Ed- ically and put in place the technology to do so, ucation Committee to bring there was a change of leadership at AAAA. Jenni- the ground schools into the fer Garcia had just been elected President. Peter current century with updated Cuneo joined the board as Vice-President to fill presentations, video record- the slot vacated by Jennifer. Sue Palmer took over ings and more. Little did we know at the time, that Crew-Development, Doug Gantt Flying Events we would all be taking a much larger leap into and Chani Kaibetoney Ways and Means. And technology in the months and years to come. with everything in disarray, some things got lost in the shuffle. Debi and Ken now have their plaques. Congrat- ulations and thank you for your contributions to Take the Cloudbouncer as an example. It wasn’t AAAA and the Ballooning community. published in March, April, or May of 2020. There was a catch-up edition published in June with minutes and committee reports. aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023 7

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January Flying Event Our first AAAA Club Competition for 2023 brought Garcia, Ian Whitling, Bobby Richardson, Paul together 38 pilots with crew under clear, crisp Smith, and Keith Takach making the Top Five. conditions. Congratulations to all who flew with us! While still looking for a permanent home, we met With a Top Five by both Keith Takach and Bobby at the Westside Field and put a target out in the Richardson, it looks like Keith is out to defend his Joe Harris Elementary property fronting the main 2022 Club Championship while Bobby tries to road. Pilots were tasked with launching 1000 make sure he doesn’t! meters away as they attempted to drop their bag- gies, and 11 scored. It was a fun day and a safe morning for all. The only hiccup was due to Flying Events not packing One thing about your baggies, as a reminder, you the speaker system but we’ll correct that for future need to make sure that your name is written leg- events! ibly on that tail. Without a name, we can’t award you points for your throw. Scores are posted on our website, with Jennifer 10 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

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Welcome Balloonists! We have refueling adaptors for all tank types. Ask us about supporting your ballooning event. 6400 Edith Blvd. Albuquerque, NM 87107 Monday thru Friday Osuna to Edith and 1 block south on Edith 8am to 5pm 505-389-2620 Saturday 8am to Noon aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023 13

The Albuquerque Balloon Museum is hosting an event and needs balloons Saturday, February 11 SUNRISE VALENTINE’S BREAKFAST, 6AM-9AM | BREAKFAST | MIMOSA | VIEWS OF BALLOON RALLY On Balloon Museum Lawn: In search of 1-4 hot air balloons – Bigs and littles welcome. Preferably at least 1 Big. Balloon Museum Foundation will pay for propane. Confirmed Pilots and crew welcome to eat. Saturday, February 11 SUNSET VALENTINE’S COCKTAIL PARTY, 4-7PM FOOD & COCKTAILS | BALLOON GLOW | LIVE MUSIC On Balloon Museum Lawn: In search of 1-4 hot air balloons – Bigs and littles welcome. Preferably at least 1 Big. Balloon Museum Foundation will pay for propane. Confirmed Pilots and crew welcome to eat. Sunday, February 12 SUPER GALENTINE BALLOON BREAKFAST, 6-9AM FUN | BREAKFAST | MIMOSA | VIEWS OF BALLOON RALLY | YOGA On Balloon Museum Lawn: In search of 1-4 hot air balloons – Bigs and littles welcome. Preferably at least 1 Big. Balloon Museum Foundation will pay for propane. Confirmed Pilots and crew welcome to eat. Please Contact: Laurie Magovern, Executive Director Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation 9201 Balloon Museum Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87113 505.880.0500 office 505.750.8760 direct www.balloonmuseum.com 14 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

Committed to the Future With our new competitive pricing and our constant commitment to customer service, get a quote and compare your coverages in minutes. All our agents are pilots, we’re here with you, committed to the future. 301-898-2120 WWW.AIR-PROS.COM/LTA aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023 15

Classified Ads The Cloudbouncer brought back the Classifieds again. The “ads” will run for one month and must be renewed each month to run more than once. All details are online at https://www.cognitoforms. com/AAAA23/aaaacloudbounceradform. You can pay for your ad by going to the same link. N O I S S I M R O U T T S Tales from the Truck O I LIF UP Shoppe & Memberships Forever Legacy Tiles Partnerships Photo Credit: Triston Garcia balloonmuseum.com No stories this issue,please consider submitting for the future issues. 16 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

albuquerque’s premier balloon repair station for 30 years running thank you! RG1R451K 523 Rankin Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107 DEALERSHIP (505)344-5844 Monday - Friday 7am to 3:30pm Conversions or BY APPOINTMENT WEEKENDS AND AFTER HOURS Sew much more than Your Annual new balloon or Major rebuilds, xperimental Inspections and Certifications, Special Shape Inspections/Maintenance/Repairs Pre-purchase inspections bfa safety We stock the Factory Parts for YOU seminar Fabric, Burner/propane, every Ropes/Lines, Wicker march SYSTEM / TRAILER STORAGE CONSIGNMENT SALES banners We Build Tarps, Large and small! Proud host & sponsor of the Rio Grande Balloon Camp aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023 17

Directory of Agencies & Services PILOTS AND CREW Please review the directory of essential agencies and services provided below. This helpful guide can also be printed and added to your vehicles and baskets. POLICE/FIRE (NON-EMERGENCY) 505.841.9256 .......New Mexico State Police 505.242.2677 .......ABQ Police 505.833.7391 .......ABQ Fire/Rescue 505.869.7913 .......Kirtland AFB Police/Security 505.869.3030 .......Isleta Pueblo Police 505.891.7226 .......Sandoval Co. Dispatch, Rio Rancho, Corrales,Sandia Pueblo 505.798.7000 .......Sandoval County Sheriff AIRPORT /TOWER FREQUENCIES & PHONE NUMBERS 505.244.7706 .......ABQ International Sunport Information 505.856.4936 .......Control Tower (120.3) 505.242.4044 .......Ground (121.9) AWOS 505.856.4928 .......ATIS (118.0) 505.352.5595 .......Double Eagle II Airport Control Tower (120.15) 505.244.7888 .......Ground (121.625) 505.842.2009 .......AWOS (119.025) FAA 800.992.7433 .......Flight Services 505.764.1200 .......ABQ FSDO MISCELLANEOUS 505.241.2700 .......PNM Electric 505.899.0205 .......Petroglyph National Monument 505.873.6632 .......ABQ Open Space 18 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

LOVED LOVED LOVED Qh[^RP[b Qh[^RP[b Qh[^RP[b h  T b h  T Tb h P  T Tb P P ST a S a XS a X  X  a a  a a a a  ^  ^ ^ h d h d [h d [ X[ ] X ] X ] P S P S SP S S since 1983 S since 1983 since 1983 OFFICIAL RIDE OPERATOR rainbowryders.com (877) 892-2494 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023 19

Member Birthdays Happy January Birthday! Myia Hackett ................... 5 Cadence Weiz .................19 Keith Sproul ..................... 7 Patrick M. Casieux ..........22 Kay Moore ....................... 7 Jason Buckner ................. 22 Debbie Sproul .................8 Carol Bair......................... 23 Elaine Thacher ................ 9 Bill Glen ............................ 25 John Ranson .................... 12 Lisa Schrenk ................... 25 Greg Carrasco ................14 Jordan Eakin .................... 29 Kim Snoeberger ..............16 Lee Wilson ....................... 29 Raymond E. Bair .............18 Charles Schick ................31 20 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023

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Membership Application/Renewal Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association PO Box 91030, Albuquerque, NM 87199-1030 Payment must accompany application! Do It Online! REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: $30 Annual Dues. The dues year is January 1st through Dec 31. Scan the code! LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: $500 per person (must update information each year, no charge) MID-YEAR NEW MEMBERSHIP: $15 Mid-year Dues. After June 30th. (No reduction for renewals.) FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: Each additional person is $5 per year. Must be the spouse, significant other or family member (16 or older) residing at the same address who wishes to become a member. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: (No Charge) Family member under age 16 of a current member residing at the same address. NOTE: If applicant is under 18 years of age, written permission from a parent or guardian is required. All Regular and Family member(s) have voting privileges. Junior member(s) do not have voting privileges. Members in good standing on the last day of February will receive election ballots to vote electronically for the March election. New application NEW Regular ($30) Renewal Regular ($30) Member ID: ________ Renewal NEW Lifetime ($500) Renewal Lifetime (NC) Renewal Honorary (NC) Primary Member Information Name: _______________________________ DOB: (MM/DD/YYYY) ___ /___/______ Email: __________________________ Address: _____________________________ City: ______________________ State: _________ Zip Code ______________ Phone: (Home) _______________________ (Cell) ___________________________ (Work) ____________________________ Please indicate name and date of birth for all Family members. Use back of sheet for more family members. Family Member Information ($5 each) Spouse/SO: ______________________________ DOB: (MM/DD/YYYY) ___ /___/______ Email: _______________________ Other Name: ______________________________ DOB: (MM/DD/YYYY) ___ /___/______ Email: ______________________ Please indicate name and date of birth for all Junior members. Use back of sheet for more junior members. Junior Member (under 16 years of age) (Free) Name: ___________________________ DOB: ___ /___/______ Name: _________________________ DOB: ___ /___/______ Name: ___________________________ DOB:___ /___/______ Name: _________________________ DOB: ___ /___/______ I would be interested in helping Are you? (check all that apply) I agree to allow my information to be published on the following committees: Pilot in an electronic roster, available to current Cloudbouncer Crew members and sponsors only. Community Relations Balloon Owner Yes Crew Development Other ____________ No Education Flying Events I would like to receive a hard copy of the Cloudbouncer newsletter mailed to me Membership for an additional $15 per year fee. Program Topics Yes Special Events No Video/Tech/Website Ways & Means Release: For and in consideration of the privilege of being permitted to avail myself of the activities of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA), the undersigned does hereby waive, release, and discharge AAAA, its officers, agents and employees from all liability, claim or cause of action for damage, injury or loss to person or property which the undersigned might receive or sustain from any cause or for any reason during the activites of the AAAA irrespective of when, where, how, or from whatever cause such injury might be sustained. The release is intended to be absolute and entire and binding upon the undersigned, their executors, administrators, heirs, and assigns. AFFIRMATION: Furthermore, I will adhere to the by-laws and rules as set down by the membership and the Board of Directors. Signature ___________________________ Printed Name _____________________________ Date ____________ Revised 01/25/2023 aaaa cloudbouncer JANUARY 2023 21

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A monthly publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association and Education Foundation: https://hotairballooning.org Landowners Email: [email protected] Cloudbouncer Email: [email protected] PHOTO CREDIT: Triston Garcia AAAA P. O . B o x 9 1 0 3 0 Albuquerque, NM 87199-1030

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