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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® CONTENTS WELCOME LETTERS 4 Ty oung Presient AIBF 6 ein Ogaa Presient an OO anon ­€‚€A€ Inc€ 8 ƒic„elle …u†an ‡ris„am ‡oernor of ˆe ƒe‰ico 9 Timot„y ƒ€ eller ƒayor of Albuquerque 31 OF INTEREST 10 our ‡uie to Balloon Fiesta Šents 12 ‚c„eule of Šents 14 ‚urial ‡uie ƒa‹ 16 ƒusic Fiesta 17 Šntertainment ‚c„eule 18 2019 AIBF Offi cers an Boar of Œirectors 19 2019 ‚taff 22 2019 Offi cials 24 Balloon Fiesta ‚‹onsors 28 P„otogra‹„y Ti‹s 64 30 ‚‹ectator ‚afety Ti‹s 100 America’s „allenge ‘inners an ’ecors 108 In ’ememberance 112 201“ Balloon Fiesta ˆaigators 114 201“ ”eritage Aar 82 DIRECTORIES 31 2019 AIBF Balloon Œirectory 62 Ot„er Partici‹ating Pilots 89 ‚‹ecial ‚„a‹e Œirectory 96 International Pilots 98 ‡as Pilots FEATURES 64 T„e “Fiesta” Balloons 70 T„e Iris„ Balloonist Blessing 89 74 Braning Balloon Fiesta 78 ‡etting T„ere is ”alf t„e “Fun” 82 …ife …essons …earne ‘„ile Ballooning 102 ’eriting t„e ’ecor Boo—˜ T„e Š‹ic 201™ America’s „allenge 98 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 2 ®

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Welcome from the President, ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta , Inc. n behalf of our corporate sponsors for their fi reworks shows are some of the Board of fi nancial support that allows us our most popular events. The Directors, staff to put on a world-class event fl ying competitions during the and hundreds while always striving to improve weekdays can be immensely of Navigators our guest experience. We are enjoyable to watch, as the pilots (volunteers), also fortunate to have neighbors skillfully attempt to accomplish O welcome who continue to work with us their particular task of the to the 2019 Albuquerque to improve the relationship day. Music Fiesta has grown in International Balloon Fiesta between AIBF and our local popularity over the years and presented by Canon. community. Finally, a heartfelt will be the second Saturday As a native of Albuquerque, thank you to our dedicated (October 12). New Mexico, I have had the pilots and crews who join us Whether you are a fi rst- great fortune to grow up around from all around the world each time visitor, a fellow native, or our great annual celebrations, year to make our event so fortunate enough to return each beginning with the one that wonderful and unique. year, we hope you thoroughly started it all in 1972, when I was This year’s event offers a enjoy the City of Albuquerque, not yet quite old enough to walk variety of amazing events from the State of New Mexico and on my own. It is a true honor before the sun rises until the the 48th Albuquerque to work with our wonderful stars once again fi ll the sky International Balloon Fiesta, community to ensure Balloon in the evening. There is truly PI ­ P­ F­€ Fiesta® will launch (and land!) nothing like the unparalleled for future generations to enjoy it sight of the skies fi lled with as much as I have. balloons during our Mass The Balloon Fiesta could not Ascensions. We are very operate without the support of pleased to once again host our hundreds of Navigators who the prestigious and elegant Ty Young selfl essly volunteer countless America’s Challenge Gas President hours throughout the year to Balloon Race after a one-year Albuquerque ensure the continued success hiatus. The evening magic International of our event. Thank you also to of the Balloon Glows and Balloon Fiesta, Inc ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 ffi cial Proram 4

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WWeelclcoome frme froom the Prm the Preesident and Csident and COOOO,, Canon U.S.A., Inc. Welcome to the 2019 oner…ul qualit o… the settin‚ an most importantl, learn Albuquerque International ith creatie ima‚er un…olin‚ an be inspire b our Canon Balloon Fiesta, presente b in the sies aboe. At Canon e‹perts throu‚h select ‚uie Canon, an eent lie no other U.S.A., e are er e‹cite photo als o… the e‹perience. in hich e ourne to the …or this ear’s theme “ƒicture Also be sure to mar our io ­rane €alle to itness ƒer…ect,” as it hols a similar calenars an be onsite …or the an ocument a picturesque meanin‚Œ ith our …ocus on fi rst an last as o… the Balloon mornin‚ s painte ith ibrant elierin‚ the ri‚ht creatie tools Fiesta, in hich the “Canon See hot air balloons. We are prou to capture this e‹quisite settin‚ Impossible” balloon ill be the to be the ƒresentin‚ Sponsor in the hi‚hest qualit, eepin‚ fi rst to rise an punctuate the an „…fi cial Ima‚in‚ Compan o… the memories o… the Balloon s both urin‚ the „penin‚ one o… the most photo‚raphe Fiesta soarin‚ hi‚h een hen Ža ‘ass Ascension an the eents in the orl …or the fi …th ou return home an share our ’i‚ht ‘a‚ic ­lo™. consecutie ear. photos ith …amil an …riens. We loo …orar to meetin‚ We establishe a Customer At this ear’s …estiities, ou an helpin‚ ou to shape Support Center eep in the e inite ou to …uel our this ma‚ical e‹perience into an heart o… the Cit o… Albuquerque ima‚ination, immerse ourseles eerlastin‚ memor. fi e ears a‚o. It is a pleasure in the surrounin‚s, an tae an honor to …eel so connecte aanta‚e o… all Canon has to to a communit in hich e o……er. ‡est out our creatiit an establishe roots, an e loo sample our cameras an lenses …orar to continuin‚ to ‚ro onsite, capture the moment ith ”ein „‚aa our presence ithin this namic a souenir photo, e‹perience ƒresient an C„„ cit in the ears to come. our e‹pert serice an support, Canon U.S.A., Inc. ‡his ear’s theme is “ƒicture learn about our onsite e‹clusie ƒer…ect,” epictin‚ the iscounts on Canon proucts, ® 6 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 20 Offi cial Proram

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WWeelclcoome frme froom the Gom the Govveernorrnor,, State of New Mexico Welcome to the Land of from the di€€‚in­ ire of Enchantment! The annual Tent …oc to the dee wood Albuquerque International of the †ilaƒ from the world Balloon Fieta i a centeriece famou caern in „arlbad eent of our oneofaind to the mell of roatin­ ­reen culture There  nothin­ quite chile in the fall‡ When ‚ou lie the bu€€ of the earl‚ nowƒ ‚ou now New Mexico i mornin­ atmohereƒ the adenture teeed in culture iew of hundred of balloon †et out and ee it! In the a­aint the Sandia and a meantimeƒ I hoe ‚ou enˆo‚ triin­ blue ‚ When ‚ou e ‚our time at the Balloon Fieta been hereƒ when ‚ou e een itƒ and I hoe ‚ou come a­ain to ‚ou neer for­et it And that  ee u oon true of an‚ number of lace and exerience acro New Mexico! From the ­litenin­ dune of White Sand National †oernor Michelle Luˆan †riham Monument in Alamo­ordo to the owerful ene of lace and hitor‚ at „haco „an‚onƒ ® Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 ffi cial roram 8

Your Guie to Balloon Fiesta Events MORNING EVENTS ages„ maing te Balloon Dawn Patrol/Dawn Patrol Fiesta’s Œisit to teir scool Show presente  Rote  a true communit eŒent‚ asino otel an RV Par­ o…petitions Daily€ is “balloon glo in Weekdays’ In ballooning te s ” features as man com…etitions„ …ilots use as a o€en balloons‚ On ins at ifferent altitues ƒass Ascension a s„ …ilots to reac a target an ro… …erform te †an Patrol a marer so it lans as ‡o„ a coreogra…e close to te center of te infl ation an launc set to target as …ossible‚ e music tat as been …art com…etitions also feature of te Balloon Fiesta since te 199‰‚ Speƒial Shape Roeo™ presente ‚ND  Šells Far†o Ban­ DON’T MISSŒ Thursday, October 11 Msiƒ Fiesta™ Featrin† “presented by Wells Fargo Žstin Moore‘ Presente Bank” and Friday,  Nash „RST ’“”• October 12: –elebratŠ ing teir —0t ear„ tese 1 PM Saturday, October 12: s…ecial mass ascensions is e™citing afternoon Pole Grab an ‘ing es…eciall socase te eŒent s…otligts countr oss„ ere …ilots fl to increible craftsmansi…„ music su…erstars šustin Mass ‚sƒensions/„risp …oles at Balloon Fiesta creatiŒit „ an artistr tat ƒoore an –assaee Po…e„ „re…e Mornin† Glow Par to in fabulous …ri€es“ mae monsters„ critters„ an along it Albuquerque’s Weekends and Wednesday: OŒerall inners are eterŠ ˜ust about an ting else ou on  lor Branon an mine b iniŒiual …ilots’ can imagine tae fl igt‚ e s…ectacular ƒass can imagine tae fl igt‚ Ascensions of unres cumulatiŒe scores uring of otŠair balloons are te Balloon Fiesta ee‚ Balloon Fiesta’s signature Fli†ht oˆ the Nations eŒents an are …recee Wednesday, October 9: b te Žris… Žreme ƒornŠ e Fligt of te ”ations at ing Glo„ a “mini” balloon •enesa ’s ƒass AscenŠ glo‚ sion onors …ilots from all ‚l‡er‡e ‚loˆt te nations …artici…ating Friday, October 4 in Balloon Fiesta„ man of approximately 7:00 AM: om launc fl ing teir On te Fria before national fl ag‚ Balloon Fiesta begins„ balloons fl from scools in Albuquerque an ‘io ‘anŠ co‚ ‡ome scool PAs sell foo an ot beŒerŠ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 10 ®

when all the alloons fi re their urners and light u at the same time is er‚ has the most sectacular single moment in all of Bal‚ loon Fiesta. Secial shae alloons hae their own alloon glows on hursday and Friday of Balloon Fies‚ ta week …see elow†. America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race Launch scheduled Satur- the Neon West Band. Your day, October 5, approxi- admission also gets you mately 6 PM: For alloon into the Night Magic Glow ilots it’s one of the and AfterGlow Fireworks toughest tests of skill and AerGlow™ Firewors Show! For more on this endurance in the world as Show resene ­ Sania €T‚ER EVENTSƒ eent isit age . nine chamionshi teams Resor an Casino fl y across America trying Saturday October 5, While at Balloon Fiesta to achiee the greatest dis‚ Sunday October 6, Thurs- Œark e sure to enŽoy the EVENING EVENTS tance. o learn more a out day October 10, Friday A‘BF ‹hainsaw ‹aring Balloon Glows this eˆciting race turn to October 11, and Saturday ’ˆhi ition the Fiesta of age ‰Š. October 12, immediate- Wheels ‹ar Show in Twilight Twinkle Glow™ trading and our many T ly after the Glows; note Saturday October 5, pre- Secial Shae Gloweo Main Stage erformances! sented by the Albuquer- Thursday October 10 and that AfterGlow times may ‹heck online at BalloonFi‚ que Journal, Balloon Glow, Friday October 11: he change due to fi eld and esta.com or on our social Sunday, October 6 and fantastic secial shae weather conditions: he media ages for details Night Magic Glow, Satur- alloons are een more fi reworks shows at the and times. Also don’t day, October 12 present- fantastic in the glow of Balloon Fiesta are some of forget to sho and eat your ed by Canon: he static early eening! he Secial the est erformed any‚ way through Main Street dislays of illuminated Shae Glowdeo features where! Œlan to stay after isit the Balloon “iscoery alloons known as “ alloon eeryone’s faorite shaes the alloon glows to enŽoy ‹enter and our Artisans glows” are among the Bal‚ from ees to irds to ears. the sectacle! tent and more! loon Fiesta’s most oular ‹ome early ecause this is eents. he “All Burn” one of the Balloon Fiesta’s most oular eents! 11 PPIICTCTUURREE PERFECT

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4 11:00 am 8:00 am 1:00  5:00 m 7:00 am Balloon Fiesta Pin ‘ra­ing (ˆrou Fly In ƒom etition ‡usic Fiesta Albuquerque Aloft ‘our ‘ent nort en­ of ‡ain treet 8:00 am   1:00  5:00 m (at local elementary scools 5:00 m AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing 1:00  5:00 m 5:00 m SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 5:00 m AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing 6:00 am ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Auction 5:00 m 5:00 m an Patrol o resente­ by 6:00 m ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Auction €oute ‚‚ ƒasino „otel an­ €… Balloon ˆlo 5:00 m 6:00 m €esort 7:30 m ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Auction ˜igt ‡agic™ ˆlo resente­ by 6:30 am ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing 6:00 m ƒanon †ris y †reme ‡orning ˆlo 8:00 m  ecial a e ˆlo­eo™ 7:30 m 6:45 am Afterˆlo™ Fireor’s o re– 7:30 m ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing O ening ƒeremonies sente­ by an­ia €esort an­ ƒasino ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing 8:00 m„ 7:00 am 8:00 m„ Afterˆlo™ Fireor’s o re– ‡ass Ascension resente­ by ONDAY, OCTOBER 7 Afterˆlo™ Fireor’s o re– sente­ by an­ia €esort an­ ƒasino ƒanon 6:00 am an Patrol sente­ by an­ia €esort an­ ƒasino 8:00 am   7:00 am Balloon “aunc from Par’ SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition 8:00 am Fly In ƒom etition FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 6:00 am 1:00  5:00 m 8:00 am   6:00 am an Patrol o resente­ by AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing emonstra– an Patrol €oute ‚‚ ƒasino „otel an­ €… 2:00 m tion 7:00 am €esort America’s ƒallenge ˆas balloon  ecial a e €o­eo™ 6:30 am Infl ation 8:00 am †ris y †reme ‡orning ˆlo 5:00 m TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 Fly In ƒom etition 7:00 am ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing COCACOLA DAY 8:00 am   Fareell ‡ass Ascension 5:00 m 6:00 am an Patrol AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition 8:00  11:00 am ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Auction 7:00 am Balloon “aunc from Par’ 1:00  5:00 m AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing ™ š A 6:00 m 8:00 am Fly In ƒom etition AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition America’s ƒallenge ˆas €ace 8:00 am   5:00 m › Afterˆlo™ fi reor’s sos ill “aunc AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing emonstra– ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing begin as soon as te launc fi el­ is 6:00 m tion 5:00 m clear of balloons tus te starting ‘iligt ‘in’le ˆlo™ resente­ ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Auction times are a ro‹imate an­ subœect by Albuquerque •ournal EDNESDAY, OCTOBER  6:00 m to cange itout noticež A­­ition– 7:30 m  ecial a e ˆlo­eo™ ally local olice ill mo­ify traffi c ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing 6:00 am fl os to utiliŸe all traffi c lanes for 8:00 m an Patrol resente­ by €oute ‚‚ 7:30 m outboun­ traffi c only at te conclu– Afterˆlo™ Fireor’s o re– ƒasino „otel an­ €… €esort ‘eam Fastra‹ ’y­i‰ing sion of eac ˆlo e‰entž o if you sente­ by an­ia €esort an­ ƒasino 6:30 am 8:00 m„ ant to atc te Afterˆlo™ †ris y †reme ‡orning ˆlo Afterˆlo™ Fireor’s o re– fi reor’s sos from te Par’ lan 7:00 am sente­ by an­ia €esort an­ ƒasino to arri‰e at te Par’ in time for tat SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 Fligt of te ˜ations ‡ass Ascension e‰ening’s glo e‰entž 6:00 am 8:00 am Fly In ƒom etition SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 an Patrol o resente­ by 8:00 am   6:00 am €oute ‚‚ ƒasino „otel an­ €… AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing emonstra– an Patrol o resente­ by €esort tion €oute ‚‚ ƒasino „otel an­ €… 6:30 am €esort †ris y †reme ‡orning ˆlo 6:30 am 7:00 am THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 †ris y †reme ‡orning ˆlo ‡ass Ascension ­IDS’ DAY ‚RESENTED BY 7:00 am 8:00 am   ­OB–TV ‡ass Ascension AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition 4:30 am 8:00 am 1:00  5:00 m †i­s’ ay ˆoo­ie Bag istribution AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition AIBF ƒainsa ƒar‰ing Š‹ibition begins (out of ‡ain treet tage :00 am 6:00 am 11:00 am Fiesta of —eels ƒar o (locate­ an Patrol Balloon Fiesta Pin ‘ra­ing (ˆrou on nort en­ of “aunc Fiel­ 7:00 am ‘our ‘ent nort en­ of ‡ain treet  ecial a e €o­eo™ resente­ by —ells Fargo Ban’ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 12 ®

PHILLIPS 66 PHILLIP 66 BALLOONS PRINT ADS - AIBF PROGRAM AD 4C, Page Ad CCO: AM: Live: 7.375” x 9.875” CD: AP: Trim: 8.375” x 10.875” AD: PP: Bleed: 8.625” x 11.125” CW: PM: Lisa Brody 11202737 Photo: PRF: Jay DItzer COLORS PRODUCTION NOTES APPROVALS Cyan • All line art & logos are repro Proof_____ AD_____ CW_____ GCD_____ AE_____ Prod_____ Client_____ Magenta • Unless specified by workorder, all other images Last Touched :abbey.wilhelm, 6-28-2019 3:24 PM, Yellow are FPO Studio:2019:Phillips66:66:PHI66_11202737_Balloons_PrintAds:PHI66_AIBF_ Black Scale: 1” = 1” FP_8.375x10.875_02.indd Printed at: None Revision #: 1

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Country’s Most Exciting Artists Headline the ™ SEVENTH MUSIC FIESTA If you’re a country music fan, Balloon Fiesta Park is the place to be on the second Saturday of October! Every year, the lbuuerue International Balloon Fiesta’s® annual usic Fiesta hosts hot youn country artists for an afternoon of music and fun Plan to stay for the iht aic Balloon lo­ and fter lo­ Fire­orks! Justin Moore •e Artist of te ear tro‚ at An Arkansas native o gre u te A–… Aars after releasing is ioliing igt oakam an ­eit criticall‚ acclaime tir albumƒ €itle‚ƒ „ustin …oore knos a ting “Off ‹e Beaten Pat”ƒ an in 201—ƒ or to about it recors imself† e roe “­ina on’t –are”ƒ is ‡e lane is fi rst countr‚ ˆ1 it tir consecutive ˆ1 recor† ‡is lat‘ “Šmall ‹on ŒŠAƒ” te breakout est albumƒ “’ate •igts an ’ong‘ single off is 2009 self‘title ebut† necksƒ” tis its ca to Alan „ackson ‹e recor ent latinumƒ as i its an ˜eorge Štrait it a no‘frills 2011 follo‘uƒ “Outlas ’ike …eƒ” ortrait of small‘ton life an ic ‚iele ‚et anoter ˆ1 single big‘time reams tat’s not afrai it “If ‡eaven €asn’t Šo Far Aa‚†” to let its air on an art‚ at In 201”ƒ …oore lane te covete te en of a ar a‚’s ork† ‹e •e ork ‹imes aile …oore as roof tat “ol forms can stan even stronger it in™ections of ne ieas†” Cassadee Pope ‡itmaker –assaee Poe foun er nominee after assion for music at a ‚oung age ‘ inning Šeason ›† Šince tenƒ se singing 90’s countr‚ covers at local as returne to er countr‚ roots† talent contests in er ometon of ‡er its “€asting All ‹ese ‹ears” €est Palm Beacƒ F’† As a teen‘ an “Šummer” became fan favoritesƒ agerƒ er musical tastes sifte er an no as an ineenent artistƒ to unk rock as se became te se as foun creative freeom it lea singer for an travele te ne songs “‹ake ou ‡omeƒ” “One orl touring it er ban ‡e‚ …ore œe ’igt’ an er latest single …ona‚† After acceting an invi‘ “If …‚ ‡eart ‡a A ‡eart†” –assaee tation to comete for a sot on as recentl‚ fi nise er fi rst ine‘ ‹e šoiceƒ se became te fi rst enent countr‚ albumƒ ‘Štages’ƒ female inner an ˜ramm‚ ic is available noŸ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 16 ®

Tylor Brandon & the Entertainment Neon West Band Sometimes a night out singing Karaoke with Schedule friends can change your life forever. That’s exactly what happened Saturday, October 5 to Tylor Brandon in the fall of 20. f 6:45 a.. Natoa Ate: Mcea Fat ter receiving acclaim :­€ a.. – ƒ€:­€ a..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street from friends aout his ˆ:€€ a.. – ƒ€:€€ a..: Mcea Fat ‰Coutry Šoc‹Œ aritone vocal range 5:€€ Ž.. – 6:€€ Ž..: Ar Force Acadey ‘ad Brandon egan to 5:€€ Ž.. – ’:€€ Ž..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street perform with local ew ­exico :€€ Ž.. – ˆ:€€ Ž..: Tyor ‘rado ‘ad ‰CoutryŒ perform with local ew ­exico Country’s Most Exciting Artists Headline thecountry artists efore starting his own The fun egins at  ’­ and ­usic Suday, October 6 and in early 20€. The and featur •iesta fans may choose from among a ing Brandon along with awardwin wide variety of ticket options includ ’:€€ a.. Natoa Ate: Ar Force Acadey ‘ad ning fi ddle player ƒmily nslover lead ing our “B– —ance Box” a grassy :­€ a.. – ƒ€:­€ a..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street ™ guitarist „oshua …ee drummer Braden area right in front of the stage for ˆ:€€ a.. – ƒ€:€€ a..: Ar Force Acadey ‘ad nderson and assist ƒdgar †ounger those who want to kick off their shoes 5:€€ Ž.. – 6:€€ Ž..: Te No„ ‰Šoc‹“‘ue„“Coutry“SouŒ offers a uni‡ue voice in country music and dance all afternoon˜ nd for 5:€€ Ž.. – ’:€€ Ž..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street SEVENTH MUSIC FIESTAcomining a love for traditional coun those who want a true Š.™.’. experi :€€ Ž.. – ˆ:€€ Ž..: ”„‹ey ‘aby ‘ad ‰CoutryŒ try artists such as ˆeorge Strait with ence the Balloon •iesta also offers Moday, October ’ the energy of modern Texas country a very special “šltimate ­usic •iesta artists. Brandon was voted “Best ’ackage” at ›œžž which includes ’:€€ a.. Natoa Ate: Cat †o•dre ­ale Šocalist” in the 20Œ Žeekly exclusive frontrow seating a „ustin Tue„day, October lii ‘eader’s ’oll and the and was ­oore “— and a “assadee ’ope “— awarded “Best “ountry ” Žestern dinner in the ˆondola “lu following ’:€€ a.. Natoa Ate: Aada Morae„ Band.” They are currently writing their the concert preferred parking and ”ede„day, October ˆ fi rst alum while continuing to play lots of other goodies. •ull details and across the Southwest. tickets are availale or through the ’:€€ a.. Natoa Ate: Mcee –bert Balloon •iesta wesite www.alloonfi  Tur„day, October ƒ€ esta.com. ’:€€ a.. Natoa Ate: Ne• Me—co †aroc ˜ou… Mu„ca„ Itat™e :­€ a.. – ƒ€:­€ a..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street MUSIC FIESTA TICKET OPTIONS IN AANCE OCTOBER 1 ˆ:€€ a.. – ƒ€:€€ a..: Te ‘u„ TaŽe„ ‰Fo‹ Šoc‹Œ 5:€€ Ž.. – 6:€€ Ž..: Šya Motao š Fred„ ‰TruŽet“›aœœ“Sou“–atŒ AB “ane Bo­ ›€0 ›€Ÿ 5:€€ Ž.. – ’:€€ Ž..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street Ticket re‡uired for persons of all ages. :€€ Ž.. – ˆ:€€ Ž..: Šya Motao š Fred„ Reser€ed Seat‚nƒ A and C ›0 ›Ÿ Frday, October ƒƒ Ticket re‡uired for persons of all ages. ’:€€ a.. Natoa Ate: Sada S…er„ Reser€ed Seat‚nƒ E ›ŸŸ ›0 :­€ a.. – ƒ€:­€ a..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street ˆ:€€ a.. – ƒ€:€€ a..: žota ad te Fortue Teer„ Ticket re‡uired for persons of all ages. ‰Fo‹“ŸyŽ„y S•…“Ša…te“No™etyŒ Reser€ed Seat‚nƒ  and F ›Ÿ0 ›ŸŸ 5:€€ Ž.. – 6:€€ Ž..: et Saceœ ad te Moo Te™e„ ‰–at“Šoc‹“‘ue„Œ Ticket re‡uired for persons of all ages. 5:€€ Ž.. – ’:€€ Ž..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street :€€ Ž.. – ˆ:€€ Ž..: ye Mart ‰Coutry Šoc‹Œ Pre„‚er …a†n Area ›2Ÿ ›¡0 ¢“hildren 2 and under admitted free Saturday, October ƒ¡ when accompanied y an adult.£ ’:€€ a.. Natoa Ate: 44t Ary ‘ad ‡eneral Ad„‚ss‚on ›0 ›0 :­€ a.. – ƒ€:­€ a..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street ¢“hildren 2 and under admitted free 5:€€ Ž.. – ’:€€ Ž..: Varou„ Stro… †er‡orer„ ao… Ma Street 6:€€ Ž.. – ’:€€ Ž..: Fra‹ Šay ‰CoutryŒ when accompanied y an adult.£ Suday, October ƒ­ S’¤ S¤‘ƒ— B† ’:€€AM Natoa Ate: Mar‹ ¢uroœ PICTURE PERFECT 17

Alu‰uer‰ue €nternational Balloon „iesta® 2019 OFFICERS Ty Young Matt Guthrie Richard . “Dick” Rice Al Tetreault PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY Alu‰uer‰ue €nternational Balloon „iesta® 2019 BOARD OF DIRECTORS J.R. Allison Raymond Bair Gary Bennett Jay ƒar John . Da­is €‚ Barara „ricke Jim Garcia Neil Jackson Ste­en A. Komadina… M.D. Je†† ‡arence heryl ‡été Rodney A. May Tom Mc onnell… M.D. „rank A. Meƒƒancello Judith K. Nakamura Doug Scheach arry Season John Sena Mark Sulli­an Bill alker Alu‰uer‰ue €nternational Balloon „iesta ‹ŒŽ‘ ’†fi cial ”rogram 18 ®

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 STAFF „ennis …ristiansen ‚na …ris†ino Susan „unn „a‡ian „uranˆArias enni‰er Garia TRANSPORTATION MANAGER RECEPTIONIST BOOKKEEPER ASSISTANT FIELD MANAGER ASSOCIATE EVENT DIRECTOR To‡ Garrit‚ Sa‡aine Giannini Eria Han Alie Hanson anie oran MEDIA PRESIDENT VIP HOSPITALITY MANAGER CONCESSIONS & ARTISANS CONTROLLER FIELD MANAGER MANAGER Ši‡ u‹e i­e Šni‹t A‡ana olina isa uler Sa‡ Par­s NAVIGATOR & RV MANAGER IS MANAGER MEDIA REPRESENTATIVE MERCHANDISE MANAGER DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Ste†anie Prener‹ast aurie Riele Paul S‡it Allen Tetreault a‚ne Tur‡an Šen Tule‚ SPONSORSHIP SALES MANAGER DIRECTOR OF SPONSORSHIP EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR PUBLIC SAFETY DIRECTOR MERCHANDISE ASSISTANT VIDEO PRODUCER SALES 2019 PHOTOGRAPHERS 2019 Announers Vitor Banta Glen o‚er Anre atsa Art lo‚ rƒ ason iali­ Tre€or Vernon 19 PICTURE PERFECT

OFFICIAL IMPORT BEER SPONSOR ©2018 DOS EQUIS®. Imported by Cervezas Mexicanas, White Plains, NY.

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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® OFFICIALS Balloonmeister Landowner Relations Bob ˆucero Anna Haynie Henry osenbaum Chief Landowner Patti €orris Patricia Hum‘„reys Assistant Balloonmeister Relations Offi cial …ürgen imac Šalynn …aramillo aury ullian €ancy ‹ertŒ Patricia Ann uy“Baese Šim Šelbe ”irginia anc„eŒ iffany ŠenŽort„y …im Holley …os„ua ‹illis ‚iane ˆeblanc Safety Offi cials €ancy Holley „aŽn ˆeonar ˆarry erry imot„y artin Chief Safety Offi cial …anette tone Launch irectors ‚anny c oy om Bueno Orbin tone Chief Launch irector ˆora cŠoŽn Peg Billson ic„elle Healy Pam ic­er elissa Bon ‰eretta ora oger lar­ Balloon Refuelin Area Assistant Chief Launch …eanie oug„an €eia ourtney Bueno Balloon Refuelin Chief irector at„y yric­ ‚oug ƒallag„er ƒlen …anusŒeŽs­i „ris Pailla aitlin Oom i­e ƒarcia orthSouth Section Lead €oelle Pac­ar …†‚† Huss liff Holman ara„ Pearson Ale‡ …onar II Scorin Offi cials orthSouth Section Lead ‰mily Pine i­e ˆiberti Chief Scorin Offi cial ˆynn illery …eff enegar …o„n Pata ammy ˆuna „ar“ˆynn ic„arson „omas c„roeer Assistant South ‹illiam osenbaum Paul uttle Assistant Chief Scorin Section Lead ‚ebbie anc„eŒ Administrative Assistant Offi cial …ay Pa‘e amant„a anc„eŒ ˆynn ullian ita Brennan Assistant orth Šarl c„aefer Chief of arets Section Lead …erry „ree …ay ˆuna Šat Perea €icole agart Weather Offi cials ‚ebora„ aylor …o„n Abel …ose‘„ Ballengee i­e aylor Chief Weather Offi cial yan A„rens Bill Brennan ina „om‘son Bra emeyer ol BlauŽ­am‘ ‰lisa Bustamante om „orn„ill …o„n ‰lric­ ˆester ‰lmer €ic„olas „aeŒ ˆaura ”irgin Šat„erine Šelly i­e ƒilligan om „risto‘„er ‚ylan ‹ambol ‹illiam Šelly Penny ƒriego iny onnolly ˆaŽrence ‹ambol aylor Herson anny res‘in aryn ‹elŒ any ˆefere Harol …ac­son ‚ai rosslan Šimberly ‹„iteman obert ‹ise P„yllis …ac­son „ristina ‚eŽart ac„el ‹ills Bla­e …oran …eff ‚ill …anice ‹r„el arl Šinnar „eri ‰ssen ƒlenn •oung usan Šinnar lauio Fernanes ic„ael –in­ …on Šir­Žoo Šaren FleetŽoo ˆyn Šir­Žoo Šein Frenc„ ic„ael Šluge ˆarry ƒensinger ‚iane Šrostag ‚ebbie ƒonŒales Amy ˆee „eoore ƒransbury Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 22 ®


Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® SPO€SORS Presenting Sponsor ­a Mesa RŠ Center Aern Rentals Inc „it† of Page Canon Recreational Vehicle Dealer A‚ima ƒƒ„ „it† of Rio Ranco ­oelace ‹ealt‚ SŒste„ Albuquerque …arriott „i’il Air Patrol In‡iana Healthcare Provider P†rami‡ ˆort „i’il Air Patrol ˆe˜ …e–ico Offi cial Sponsors Albuquerque ‰out „omcast „able 770 KKOB-AM Radio P‚illips ŽŽ Co„panŒ Š†mon† „orona‡o „enter Voice of Balloon Fiesta Gasoline Allian‹ „otton˜oo‡ …all Sandia Resort ‰ Casino Alta Œata ecnologies ƒƒ„ „o– •tilit† Šer’ices Albertsons Marets AfterGlow™ Fireworks Ama‹ing Žums ƒƒ„ „ro˜ne Pla‹a Albuquerque Supermarket Shows American €eart Association „ummins Šales ­ Šer’ice Albere ornal A… RIˆŒ Ris‚ …anagement Œ€ ƒescombes ”iner† ­ Twilight Twinkle Glow™ SŒsco ‘SA ‡† ‡nc’† „ororation Bistro €e“ Me”ico …iision An‡erson‘Abru‹‹o Œell ecnologies 7-leen A­O€ Gondola Club Albuquerque International Œelta Œental of ˆe˜ …e–ico Balloon Discovery Center Šisit Albere Balloon …useum Œescartes ƒabs Inc Ban of t‚e ƒest Visitor Sponsor Aˆ… Œesert Premium ™rou ƒƒ„ Bank ƒells •argo Ban A’iation Insurance Resources Œiamon‡ Resorts Thursday Special Shape Baca’s rees International Coca-Cola Barefoot ”ine Œominican Reublic ourism Soft Drink Rodeo™ Bass Pro Šos Œon „almers For‡ Crea„land …aries† ‡nc –—O nergŒ† ‡nc’ Bernits‚† Vision Œonate ƒife‘ˆe˜ …e–ico Dairy Sponsor Hospitality, Bimbo Ba‚eries •ŠA Œonor Šer’ices …os is Balloon Fiesta Live!, Main Bobb† Ž’s ‰amaa Œreamst†le Remo‡eling Import Beer Street Video Boards Boost O–†gen mbass† Šuites €otel „all—11com Albuquerque …nin’ „ameron Balloons –erimental Aircraft Coffee Sponsors „ar’ana Association ‡sleta Resort ‰ Casino „a’en‡er’s Farmers Insurance Ro‡ Baca Launch Field Pylons A Virtual Recetionist „entral ˆe˜ …e–ico Agenc† AARP „ommunit† „ollege Farmington „on’ention ­ ac …aniels ABBA ecnologies Inc „oura ’ents Visitors Bureau Whiskey AB R ­ €osital „€RIŠ•Š Št Vincent First „iti‹ens Ban‚ Aetna Inc „it† of ™rants Fle– Šeal Famil† of Pro‡ucts Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 24

Floor and Décor Œ R‰ŠM” Ford Motor Company Œational Distriutin Realty „ne Œe€ Me‹ico ’ni‘ersity o ƒansas Fortis Construction, Inc. Company, Inc. Real ­ay‡a€ks General Mills, Inc. Œational Park er‘ice Rio …ra‘o …re€in Company, ’ni‘ersity o Œe€ Me‹ico Gold Peak Tea ŒDT Consultin Group, Inc. ŽŽC t‡letic Department Grand Canyon Resort Œe€ Me‹ico Deptartment Route •• Casino Hotel  R† ’ni‘ersity o out‡ Florida Corporation o Transportation, Resort ’ŒM Healt‡ ciences Center Hayden Construction, Inc. ‘iation Di‘ision aelite uto Glass ’ …ank Holly Frontier Refi nin  Œe€ Me‹ico Gas Company c‡lot–sky’s ’tmost T‡erapy Marketin, Inc. Œe€ Me‹ico Home …uilders tate€ide Products †isit t‡e ’ IMT ssociation Company, Inc. —aner ‰ uipment Indian Motorcycle o Œe€ Me‹ico Prints, ŽŽC teel …ender …re€yard Company lu uer ue Œe€ Me‹ico tate ’ni‘ersity ullair, ŽŽC —aste Manaement o Œe€ Intel Corporation Œe€ Me‹ico Tourism upply„ne lu uer ue Me‹ico ­e€el’s International Department Taco Caana —aterstone Mortae ƒi€anis Clu o lu uer ue Œiaara …ottlin, ŽŽC TD meritrade Corporation ƒ„… T† ŒM Mutual Group Team Te‹as —eck’s ƒrispy ƒreme Dou‡nuts Œo Hill Main treet, Inc. T‡e Garrity Group Pulic —ells Faro d‘isors ƒRˆ‰Šƒ Fo‹ Œe€ Œusenda Credit ’nion Relations ŽŽC —endy’s Me‹ico „ “our Rock’r T‡e Mae– Group —est€ind Computer ƒuicek …alloons „fi ce Depot T‡e Œei‡or‡ood in Rio Products, Inc. Ža †ida Žlena „pti‘ Ranc‡o —illiams cotsman, Inc. Žands’ ‰nd, Inc. Pandora T‡e Tur uoise Museum —onder …read Ži‡t‡ouse …usiness Payc‡e‹, Inc. T‡e —eat‡er C‡annel —orld€ide Rental er‘ices, Inormation olutions, ŽŽC P‡iladelp‡ia Insurance T˜Moile ’, Inc. Inc. Žindstrand …alloons Companies Touc‡stone ‰nery® šia Dianostic Imain Main ‰‘ent ‰ntertainment, PlainsCapital …ankŠHilltop Cooperati‘es Inc. ecurities Trend Micro Melloy Œissan Pre‘enti‘e Pest Control ŽŽC ’ltraMaic .. Moran tanley Raino€ Ryders, Inc. ’nited Rentals, Inc. 25 PICTURE PERFECT



PhotPhotoo TTiiss ˆƒ ˆOLD AND TA’ƒ R„€’€ Œere are some tis for getting ama…ing images of tis sectacular e­ent‹ DAWN PATROL A€‚ƒND„N‡ ˆALLOON€ Rising into the still-dark ˆ this oint in the morn- skies each morning are the ing the hori‰on will e Dawn Patrol. At 6A eer awash with irant colors da Dawn Patrol ilots as alloons infl ate and head into the air with onl take to the skies to fl  their  rners to light the across the alle. a Šantastic light disla. D•R„N‡ “OT A„R wa. Pro Ti­ Once te sun is ˆALLOON ‘L„‡“T Pro Ti­ Early in te morn on te rise try to soot Pro Ti­ Fireor‚s nee ing e suggest using a tri it te sun to your sie or long e‡osure times so ‡oing on a alloon ride– o an remote If you use bac‚ At tis osition you use a trio for tis e­ent ‡et o r camera in either your trio an a­e an I€ can use it to better so A remote or cable release A to or P —Program˜ ode lens ma‚e sure you turn off te cur­e of te balloons re­ents acciental cam so o can Šoc s on o r te I€ function ile you an illuminate teir colors era sa‚e to you get clear aerial e™erience instead soot €ince te balloons sar images ˆe balloons oŠ the camera settings. lift off ile it’s still ar‚ ˆALLOON ‡LOW on’t be mo­ing eiter so Pro Ti­ ‰o oul be a outsie a ieangle lens This sets the mood Šor a turn off autofocus to ‚ee great time to bring a oint is ieal magical eening. Don’t it from raining your cam ansoot ‰ec‚ stras an miss the twinkling lights era battery „se a longer rist stras are your best A€€ A€‚ƒN€„ON oŠ random alloons Œ st sutter see to increase frien Šit your camera This is when the alloon eŠore the order Šor ”All te trails of te fi reor‚s roerly secure to your fi eld kicks into high-gear. ‡low” when a warm light erson you can feel more Pilots will fi re  their ill minates the entire fi eld. €Pƒ‚„AL €“APƒ confi ent sooting e‡treme  rners shooting fl ames Pro Ti­ A†ust your angle ˆALLOON€ angles into the alloons to infl ate €etu your gear it te them. main fi el in front of you The €ecial €hae Ro- Pro Ti­ „se a ieangle an te mountainsie deo™ and €ecial €hae ˆe ‚reatie­ Šeter lens to get otos of te bein you for te best ‡lowdeo™ are oth a ig you’re going for a ay or groun acti­ity „se a sots „se a trio an a hit with kids and ad lts te entire e­ent tere are teleoto…oom lens to get ireless remote or cable alike. lenty of cances to grab etail sots or ortraits release to reuce motion Pro Tis­ Frame oter bal ama…ing sots Šile e’­e of reactions in te cro blur loons it te ones in te suggeste some camera €ooting it te sun ris foregroun „se secial settings ere te ultimate ing bein te balloons ‘„RƒWOR’€ sae balloons as fun goal is for you to a­e fun‹ ill ro­ie some beautiful ‡etting o r camera bac‚ros for family o Fin your on style an silouettes an a ambi dialed-in to the correct tos an selfi es see at you li‚e best ance to te scene settings can make or reak Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 28

Enjoy the cultural amenities the City of Albuquerque’s Cultural Services Department has to offer. Edward Gonzales Portrait of Patrocinio Barela, ca. 1981, acrylic on canvas Between mass ascensions and balloon glows, be sure to visit… ABQ BioPark Albuquerque Museum Zoo • Aquarium • Botanic Garden Chronicling more than 600 years • Tingley Beach of history, the Museum brings Visit penguins in the desert at the new Albuquerque to the world and the Penguin Chill exhibit at the Zoo and get world to Albuquerque. acquainted with river otters, Chaos and Mayhem, at the Aquarium. Old Town Albuquerque With more than 150 shops, galleries, and eateries, Old Town is also home to free live Balloon Museum entertainment from noon to 4 p.m. each Experience the history, science, day Friday, October 4 to Sunday, October sport, and art of ballooning and other 13 at Plaza Vieja Gazebo in the heart of innovative forms of flight at the gateway to Albuquerque. exploration, discovery, and achievement. ¡Explora! Explora is a new kind of learning place, providing real experiences with real things that put people’s learning in their own hands. www.CultureABQ.com • 505.768.3556

Safety Tips Lovelace Health System is proud to be te offi cial ealt care proider for te 2019 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Belo is a list of elpful safet tips to elp ou eno our isit in good ealt 1. Limit alcohol consumption. ­. €hoose a place to meet in case Šoelace ‹ealt „stem’s emergenc ­emember€ ou’re at a mileƒig someone gets separate‚ or lost. medical professionals proide onƒ altitude€ ic could increase †a…e sure oung cildren ae site emergenc medical care for alcool’s impact some form of identifi cation on problems ranging from minor scrapes tem to eart attac…s Šoelace’s medical 2. Dress in layers. olunteers ill be located at te It’s sometimes er cool in te ƒ. Don’t “‚rive an‚ watch” at the Šoelace First Aid Œenter morning€ but after sunrise it ill same time. arm up noticeabl ‡e balloons are a magnifi cent but distracting sigt †oe 3. Bring water. completel off to te side of te „ta drated trougout te road to atc da †. ‡atch where you’re going. . se sunscreen. Beare of eicles moing around Ž © 2019 Šoelace ‹ealt „stem At a iger altitude ou’re at an te fi eld€ especiall emergenc All rigts resered ‡ese materials increased ris… for sunburn eicles tring to get troug te ma not be reproduced€ in ole or crod in part€ itout crediting Šoelace for . Bring appropriate eye use protection. 10. Bring a fl ashlight for evening „un and ind could be our events. enemies on a sunn or ind da Also€ ta…e note of ere ou par…ed our car—it’s more . Don’t smoe anywhere near the diffi cult to fi nd in te dar… ‰se alloons. te Balloon Fiesta app to pin te A lit cigarette could possibl location of our car ignite a balloon’s propane fuel tan… Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 30 ®

2019 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY 31 PPIICTCTUURREE PERFECT

Albere …nternational Balloon ‡iesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Abell, Jim Adams, Steen Adelsber€er, Krt Adie, Martin Adler, aid Ahern, James KIPHAVEN MISS SHENANIGANS TRANSITION HOPSCOTCH UNEXPECTED DELIGHT MISSING LINK San Ramon, CA Albere, NM Chino ­ills, CA Ed€ewood, NM Šma, Aƒ Albere, NM United States United States United States United States United States United States Akin, JB Aley, ae Alls, S ott Anderson, Allen Anderson, enny An€er, ‡rank LOW RESOLUTION AFTERNOON DELIGHT PHOENIXSON TWISTED PIXIE J.A.B. 3 AMERICA Edmond, OK Albere, NM Phoeni‚, Aƒ Minden, Nˆ Ankeny, …A ‹elo, MS United States United States United States United States United States United States Anthony, Johnny Aelman, S ott Arends, Shane Arkwell, Kathy Armstron€, Bill Armstron€, Marion RISING STAR DOS EQUIS HOT TOPIX CLYDESCOPE BAND OF GOLD PIXEL ME THIS Sandia Park, NM Albere, NM „rand …sland, NE Peoria, …‰ „oodyear, Aƒ alworthin€ton „ardens, ‹Œ United States United States United States United States United States United States Ashworth, Jerey Askren, Sean Abol†­anks, Nan y Ba a, Rod Ba on, ‡rank Bair, ae SLAINTE! INTEL GIGGLES & GRINS CRUISE CONTROL SUN FLYER BAIRLY AWAKE Corrales, NM Middletown, O­ Bose ‡arms, NM ‰os ‰nas, NM ‰os Ran hos, NM Colorado Srin€s, CO United States United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 32 ®

It’s the adventure above all. SANDIAPEAK.COM Enjoy a meal with a view! TEN3TRAM.COM SANDIAGOS.COM

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Bair, Ray Baird, Andy Ball, aƒid Ballenee, elli Barnes, ent Bartra, Ale KALEIDOSCOPE STARS AND STRIPES GYPSY DRIFTER AIRRAGEOUS HEATWAVE AIRMOSA Albuquerque, NM eter, MI C­erry „alley, CA Pla itas, NM Murray, UT Rio Ran ­o, NM United States United States United States United States United States United States Bauwens, Mike Beebe, en Bell, ra­am Bereon, Tom Bertetto, Mike Bierna ki, Bu BETTY’S BABY GRANDE TORTUGA DEL FUEGO BLANK CZECH MICKEY’S RAINBOW NERFER MORNING MAGIC Park City, UT Rio Ran ­o, NM Malƒern, …or esters­ire Mason, MI Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM United States United States reat Britain United States United States United States Bloom, Branden Bloom, irk Bobel, aƒe Bo‡anoƒi , €erne‡ Bonney, †inda Bouler, €o­n ROYAL RACER RADIOACTIV THAT-A-WAY JACK FM HIGH HOPES DAKOTA SUNRISE Indianola, IA Indianola, IA Fort Myers, F† Belmont, ‚ntario Albuquerque, NM Faro, N United States United States United States Canada United States United States Bowie, Mannin Bowman, €ames Boyd, ary Braddo k, Mike Braden, ris Braden, Moran RISING STARS DOT THE GRATEFUL RED FINALEY RAINBOW RYDERS HIGHBISCUS Martine, A ‚kla­oma City, ‚ Albuquerque, NM Brandon, F† Rio Ran ­o, NM †ake ˆaƒasu City, A‰ United States United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 34 ®

Bradley, Troy Brandt, ­il Bre‚‚eil, Margaret Bristol, David Broker, Bill Brown, To‹ RAINBOW RYDERS TAIYO DIAMONDS ORANGE CRUSH EXCELLENCE TOMFOOLERY Albuquerque, NM San Maros, A Driggs, ƒD Sautee, ‡A ‰riso, Tˆ ­lainwell, Mƒ United States United States United States United States United States United States Browning, Derek Bukner, €ason Burgess, „a Bussey, Bill Butko, AleŠ Butler, Bill THIS END UP THE USUAL RAINBOW RYDERS BLUE DIAMOND COLORFUL MONKEY BUSINESS Louisville, KY Albuquerque, NM Monroe, …† Longview, Tˆ Mosow Ala‹ogordo, NM United States United States United States United States ussia United States Buard, arl Byer, andy aldwell, Trent andelaria, €oe arlson, Brian arltonŽ‘is, Donna BUZZARD’S ROOST 2 DOUBLE TROUBLE WILD CHILD MO-JOE BLUE DREAMS FULFILLED SUNNY SIDE UP Albuquerque, NM orrales, NM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Œakarusa, KS Danville, ƒL United States United States United States United States United States United States arenter, Miael arreaters, Lonnie arroll, Sean arter, Buddy ass, ‡ary atey, ­il SWEET CAROLINE II SPECTRUM TWISTED DRIFTER FLYING RAINBOW RED HOT SKITTLES io ano, NM io ano, NM Marietta, ‡A ­leasant ‡arden, N Yu‹a, A„ oswell, NM United States United States United States United States United States United States 35 PICTURE PERFECT

Albuuerue †nternational Balloon Šiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Caton, Tom Cando, Morgan Cando, ƒat Cave‡, aurie Cristian, Bret Clar­, ˆi‰ard TIME TRAVELER MOJO’S REVERSE GRAVITY PATTURNS IN CZECH JESSE’S GIRL TOO RESURREXION OUR TREAT Byrnes Mill, MO MACHINE Albuuerue, NM Albuuerue, NM †ndianola, †A Calgary, Alberta United States Albuuerue, NM United States United States United States Canada United States Cline, Don Cliver, Bubba Cliver, Cris Cloyd, Timoty Coan, arry Co‰ran, Tony DAY BREAK II BUBBALLOON HAPPY HOUR GLORIOUS DRIFTER SUPERFLUOUS COLORADO Greensboro, NC eisville, T eisville, T ˆunnells, †A Ne udson, M† Broomfi eld, CO United States United States United States United States United States United States Coffi ng, Steve Coo­, €elli Coo„er, al Co„as, erry Courtney, Greg Coen, Dave TWIST OF FATE HIGH MAINTENANCE UPTUIT EZ BALLOON SMILE HIGH TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL Albuuerue, NM Greenood ‚illage, CO ƒort o„e , Ontario Sellersburg, †N Dallas, T Corrales, NM United States United States Canada United States United States United States Cogar, eremy Colisa, Brenda Co…, ordan Craford, Grant Crou‰, Clayton Cuneo, ƒeter BLOCK PARTY ZOE PATCHES JR. FINISH LINE SANDIA SUNRISE II Norton, O Bulverde, T †ndiana„olis, †N os unas, NM Denver, CO Albuuerue, NM United States United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 36

Curry, Ron Cutter, ill Da€ie, Ryan Da€is Jr‰, Šil Dereey, Ste€en Desƒres, Denise 770 KKOB LIBERTY TWILIGHT ZONE HUWAKA GOT THE HOTZ BOOBOULINA Corrales, NM Poeni,  Rio Ran o, NM luquerque, NM Ros oe, ­‹ Cedar Crest, NM United States United States United States United States United States United States DeVaney, Mark Di key, Frank Dierin‚er, Natan Di‹iero, Barry Dimmitt, Bill Dinkler, Fred POP-A-TOP, AGAIN 2ND WIND TEXAS BLUEBONNET LARRY THE PHOENIX SUNRISE ANGEL CARRIED AWAY Bosque Farms, NM luquerque, NM Menasa, ­ Cester Sƒrin‚s, P ‹os ‹unas, NM ‹i€in‚ston, ‡ˆ United States United States United States United States United States United States Doll, Penny Donley, Dean Dou‚erty,Don Drau‚n, Ken Drennan, Ben Dr‚an , ‹uka RACING WITH THE WIND RAINBOW RYDERS DARK SUNRISE XTREMELY CONTAGIOUS SHOVELMAN SUNDANCE BALLOONS Roeland Park, KS luquerque, NM Colorado Sƒrin‚s, C„ Burlin‚ton, NC Cordele, Š Belmont, „ntario United States United States United States United States United States Canada Duff, Jeff Dumke Jr, Don …dmiston, Fred …i orn, Da€e …ismin, ‡om …klund, ‡immerly SINCERELY FLO STARS MARAUDER’S MARK BLUE MAGIC KALISTA luquerque, NM Floren e, ­ Ma†ell, ‡ˆ Corrales, NM est ‹afatayette, ­N asurn, ­‹ United States United States United States United States United States United States 37 PICTURE PERFECT

Albuquerque ˆnternational Žalloon Fiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Eldridge, Stacy Ellis stgulen, Debi Ery, ‚ordon Evans, ‡i E…er, Dan Fall, Darrin REDNECK COWBOY PLUM FIRED-UP FRESH AIRE III CREW BALLOON BLUE MOON BAZINGA! Rio Rancho, NM Albuquerque, NM Norƒolk, NE edar rest, NM ‡ucson, A€ „ackson, Mˆ United States United States United States United States United States United States Fenske, David Ferguson, ­en Fischer, „ason Fisher, ‡o Fitch, Matt Fitzgerald, illia CRIMSON STAR ITSA TOUCHIE SUBJECT FIBONACCI BREEZY RIDER PLUM FANCY VOYAGER Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM S…arthore, †A Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM ‰ubbock, ‡‹ United States United States United States United States United States United States Fitzatrick, illia Fleury, Mike Fogue, †atrick Ford, Mike Francois, „eanMichel FoŒ, Mark INTEGRITY FLEUR DE TUCSON IMTS WHITAKER’S GIFT DRAGONFLYES ALF Albuquerque, NM Red Rock, A€ olubia, M Albuquerque, NM ‰a Šiguerie, Salles ourbaties ocoa Žeach, F‰ United States United States United States United States France United States Francouer, Danielle Freedan, Neil ‚abriel, „ason ‚allant, Mike ‚arcia, ‚regory ‚arcia, „erry A SMILE FROM THE SKY RAINBOW RYDERS SPIRIT OF ‘76 AURORA’S FLAME ELLA-VATION TENTAI THE SEUEL Montreal, uebec Albuquerque, NM Aurora,  olubus, ˆN Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM anada United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 38 ®

Gardner, Tom Gauthier, Guy Gauthier, Marty Gauthier, Ted Gauthier, Travis Gebhart, Aaron AJUUA DREAMER ORANGE CRUSH T BABY DAY DREAMER CANDY CORN STEP-N-UP Albuquerque, NM enderson, T †ater‚ord, MI ontia, MI †ater‚ord, MI Mil‚ord, IA United States United States United States United States United States United States Gebhart, James Geor­e, eter Gianetti, Mihael Gilles, Je‚‚ Gindlesƒar­er,Mar Glas, ihard DOUBLE TROUBLE GRAND BRITANNIA FIESTA SUNRISE TCBALLOONTOURS PHENOM HEAD WEST Indianola, IA €‚ord, €‚ordshire Boulder, C Traverse City, MI Murƒhysboro, I‡ hoeni€, A„ United States Great Britain United States United States United States United States Gleed, David Glen, Bill Godlevsy, Curt Goldbloom, Jenn GonŠales, Mihael Goodman, Bill PEGASUS HEAVENS QUILT SUNWALKER WONDERFUL WHIRLED THE JOURNEY BUTTER FLY Coldstream, British Columbia Marioƒa, A„ ‡ittleton, C Norristoˆn, A io anho, NM Alturas, CA Canada United States United States United States United States United States Goosey, i Gorenfl o, Mie Goss, Di Gra‚, Sandy Gra‚‚, Gerry Graham, Sandy TJ’S TOY TM FLUFNSTUF LAST MANGO AMERICAN RACER LOFTY INSTAGRAHAM leasant ill, M Albuquerque, NM ‡eander, T ‰loˆer Mound, T Albuquerque, NM Alta ‡oma, CA United States United States United States United States United States United States 39 PICTURE PERFECT

Albuquerque ‹nternational Balloon Œiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Grassbaugh, Robert Grauberger, Sheldon Green, ‚ohn Green…ood, †ric Griego, ‚eff Grote, Matthe… I DON’T KNOW RAINBOW RYDERS INTREPID ENCHANTED AMERICAN BEAUTY JESTER UNWINDZ Albuquerque , NM Gardnerville, N Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Rio Rancho, NM United States United States United States United States United States United States Gunter, Ryan Haarhuis, Sanne Hac ett, Myia Hahn, Allan Ha‡e , ƒayne Hance, Mi e WIZZARD ARIANA RIK RAK HEAVEN BOUND, TOO FLYING COLORS MIKE’S 2 IRRESISTIBLE Albuquerque, NM Breda, North Brabant ƒalla ƒalla, ƒA Aurora, „ ­yndall, S Mc inney, ­€ United States Netherlands United States United States United States United States Handl, Stefan Harbold, lar e Harris, Mar Hartshorn, Sharon Har…ell, ˆat Haynes, Anthony SANDIA SUNLITE IT’S A ZOO FULL CIRCLE SEEKING NIRVANA MAVERICK ALMOST THERE Heroldsbach, Bavaria harlotte, N enver, „ Amarillo, ­€ eithville, ‰A Houston, ­€ Germany United States United States United States United States United States Haynes, evin Hays, raig Head, ­ar Healy, Bob Hea, Brian Heartsill, ‚oe LA CUMBIA BEAUTIFUL NOISE HIGH OVER HEAD AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ BLACK DOG TEXAS RACER Bogotá, istro aital oell, ­€ Helen, GA Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM San Angelo, ­Š olombia United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 40 ®

2019 AIBF Program - Page 43

Albuquerque ‡nternational alloon iesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Heartsill, Lucas Heartsill, Rhett Hea­in, ƒary Hebrlee ‡‡, ud Heron, Mike Heide‰an, Mark TEXAS RACER II TEXAS STAR ALMOST HEAVEN DIAMOND GIRL BRIGHT IDEA DESERT FLYING VIKING San Angelo, TX ort orth, TX ƒates­ille, TX The Šillages, L Albuquerque, M Albuquerque, M United States United States United States United States United States United States Heiken, Paul Heinrich, Sally Held, Adrian Hennigan, ˆohn Hernande…, Mike Hickey, Mike SPHERICAL TURTLE PATIENCE CUPID’S HEART USA VELMA MAKIN MEMORIES Albany, OR Phoeni, A Lachen, Sch„y… ‡ndio, ‹A ort Œd„ard, ‚ Royal, AR United States United States S„it…erland United States United States United States High, Mark Hill, ryan Hoch, †arcy Hodges, Œric Hoefl er, ƒreg Hoer, ˆohn PEPPERMINT DREAM TOO BASKETCASE HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS KKISSES OF FIRE CAPRICE DU CIEL JYNS TONIC Albuquerque, M Page, A Milo, ‡A Rio Rancho, M ‹haillon, Lorraine Ti’eras, M United States United States United States United States rance United States Hoheins, Mark Hoge, Peyton Hoidahl, ˆi‰ Hol‰es, †a­id Holt, ˆudy HooŽer, ˆerry THE VIKING DRAGON PHEISTY SQUIRREL JOSEPH’S COAT DESERT DRIFTER S.S. AMERICA Rio Rancho, M Louis­ille, €‚ La Lu…, M RocheŽort, MO Phoeni, A ‹orŽus ‹hristi, TX United States United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 42

TOWN OF BERNALILLO SMALL TOWN | BIG EVENTS May 2-3, 2020 Authentic Native American Arts Festival 10am-6pm | Loretto Park, Bernalillo May 2-3, 2020 Rio Grande Celtic Festival 9am-6pm | Rotary Park, Bernalillo May 25, 2020 Memorial Day 11am-1pm | Rotary Park, Bernalillo June 6, 2020 Farm House Ale Event 12 Noon-6pm | Loretto Park, Bernalillo July 4, 2020 4th of July Celebration / Mayor’s Bash 11am-4pm | Rotary Park, Bernalillo August 9-11, 2020 327th Annual Fiestas De San Lorenzo Time TBA | Rotary Park, Bernalillo August 15-16, 2020 51st Annual Sheriff's Posse Rodeo 6pm-9pm | Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo Grounds August 29, 2020 7th Annual Mountain West Brew Fest 11am-7pm | Loretto Park, Bernalillo November 7-8, 2020 AKC Sporting Dogs Show 8am-5pm | Rotary Park, Bernalillo December 4, 2020 36th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting 6pm | Bernalillo Town Hall December 5, 2020 36th Annual Nighttime Christmas Parade 6:30pm-8pm | Camino del Pueblo, Town of Bernalillo www.townofbernalillo.org

lbuƒuerƒue ‰nternational Balloon ‹iesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Hora, Tomas Ho­ell, Dustin Ho­es, „ip Hueschen, Ric„ Humiston, Charles Humphreys, Ben G-DADDY HIGH CIRRUS WILDFIRE TOOTS FLAMEBUOYANT 2 COX811BALLOON Praha €inden, ‚ Colorado prings, C Cedar Crest, N€ lbuƒuerƒue, N€ Columbia, € Czech Republic nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates Hungerford, Brenda Hunter, eth Hurst, €att ‰bbotson, €ar„ ‰bbotsonŠulli…an, manda ac„son, Neil HOT FLASH ZILTOID! THE CAPTAIN MARIAH STARDUST FLYING CIRCUS Dayton, NV lbuƒuerƒue, N€ Tru‡ton, € rand Prairie, T ‹ort Œorth, T lbuƒuerƒue, N€ nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates ames, ay ames, Ric„ ohnson, Colleen ohnson, eff ohnson, €i„e ohnson, Randy WANDERER AIRBENDER MARY ALICE IN WONDERLAND KEMO SABE SKYTREK AIR SHE GOES rland, C udson, T €itchell, Nˆ rroyo rande, C €itchell, Nˆ Bosƒue ‹arms, N€ nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates ones, Chris ones, ason ones, oel ones, Richard ones, te…e †arlsson, Diane SERENITY RAINBOW RYDERS BREAKING WIND POLAR DAWN TEXAS MAGIC AFTER MIDNIGHT marillo, T …erland Par„, † eale, C Concord, NH Belton, T Chandler, T nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates nited tates Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 44

SUNWEST TH, TRENG SEGACY L & SPIRIT SUNWEST SILVER CO INC 324 Lomas Blvd., NW Albuquerque, NM 87102 (800) 771-3781 Sunwest on the Plaza 56-58 Lincoln Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501 (505) 982-022 Shop Southwest Style at Sunwest  1 (800) 771-3781  [email protected]  offers.sunwesthandmade.com/balloonfiesta

Albuˆuerˆue nternational alloon †iesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Kassam, Munir Kauman, lair Keee, Chris Keller, Kelli Keller, om Kelly, Mike ROAD TRIP STARS AND STRIPES NIFTY GADGET FUNNER FUNNEST PRIMARYDREAM Nairobi ulsa, K Cross ­lains,  ‚a ‹uinta, CA ‚a ‹uinta, CA Albuˆuerˆue, NM Kenya United States United States United States United States United States Kenworthy, Chris Kerber, Rick Keyser, Ral‡h Kimball, Jayson Kious, homas Kirson, ‰amian ON THE ROCKS RAINBOW RYDERS EOS DISCO DREAM ON RAINBOW RYDERS Rio Rancho, NM ayland, M Albuˆuerˆue, NM Na‡a, CA Albuˆuerˆue, NM Albuˆuerˆue, NM United States United States United States United States United States United States Klein, Ray Knuth, ­aul Koenig, ‰aŠid Kollin, ‰ennis Komadina, Mark Kross, ob SKUBI RACER SOMETHING CAME UP BLULOON MINI PHEE NEVER FORGET MORNING MANNA Scottsdale, AZ Crestwood, K€ Menasha,  Œord, M Rio Rancho, NM Ra‡id City, S‰ United States United States United States United States United States United States Kugler, John ‚aƒoye, ‚aurent ‚amb, ­atrick ‚ang, ‰ale ‚ard, Anthony ‚aRotonda, Carol STILL FLAMING LBI AERO CORDERO JELLY BEAN IRIS AEROTONDA McCook, N Scy„Cha…elles ‚as Cruces, NM aber, Alberta Albuˆuerˆue, NM Albuˆuerˆue, NM United States †rance United States Canada United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 46

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Al‚er‚e €nternational Balloon Fiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Lavoie, Michael Lavorna, Brce Lason, Alan Lee, Bill Lescarea, Alan CAT SASS AERODACTYL BASS PRO SHOPS TRUE-LEE NEW MEXICO RAINBOW RYDERS Arizona City, AZ Astin, ­ ƒiryville, MO …allp, NM Šhoeni‡, AZ United States United States United States United States United States Lete, Cheryl Liel, Steven Lierti, Chris Lierti, †aniel Lindsey, …re AIRLOOM AIRHAWK AIRTIGHT MORNING WOOD FLOATING AWAYSIS Rio Rancho, NM Marco €sland, FL „ihlands Ranch, CO Bo‡ lder , S† Sa‹‹ord, AZ United States United States United States United States United States Lips, Arne Lites €€€, Art Little, Lee LladoˆCosta, ‰osep M Lofl in, ‰acŽ LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN DOUBLE FLASH PHENIX TRAMUNTANA EMERALD Oostende, West Flanders Al‚er‚e, NM Mstan, Oƒ €alada, Catalonia Arora, OR Beli United States United States Spain United States Loardi, Steve Loenstein, Al Ltz, ƒeith Lynch, Bill Lynch, ‰i WINNERS CIRCLE SUNSET MINI HIGH MAINTENANCE II SIZZLER WHIRLAWAY deood, ­ Al‚er‚e, NM Saint Charles, MO Neosho, MO †estin, FL United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 48 ®

MacKechnie, Roger Macean, Tristan Macsimming, Mar Maes, Ted Mancini, ­‰­‰ SILVER SPIRIT TIME FLIES MOVIN’ MAGIC WELLS FARGO II NIGHTLIGHT Tucson, AZ Al uquerque, NM „arris urg, A Al uquerque, NM Al uquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Manus, William Marshall, ­imm€ Martens, …ric Martin, Ronald Martindell, ˆonald MEH MORNING GLORY HOTSHOT LOUIE DAWN SONG II Bosque Farms, NM Sonoma, A †ndianola, †A Tama, F Al uquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Martinez, Franie Mar‚, Michael Mason, ­a€ ird Mass, Ro ert Mast, Bill BONNIE BLUE FIRED UP TOO FLAME ON PITA’S KISS RAVEN os unas, NM roser, Tƒ Al uquerque, NM Al uquerque, NM Al uquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Mclinton, Scott Mconnell, Tom Mc‡rath, at Mc‡uire, ˆan Melesi, Nicholas US BANK ZIA KERRY GOLD WILD THING TOO! IZIA BALLOON rosect, K Al uquerque, NM ucaia, A ollege Station, Tƒ Al uquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States 49 PICTURE PERFECT

lbuuerue ‹nternational Balloon ‡iesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Melton, Dave Me an­ello, Steven Mi­halek, Gary Mi­k, Bryan Miller, Di­k PURPLE HAZE MEZZMERIZE OSLIVE VZDUCHO ALBUQUERQUE HOPPER THUNDERSTRUCK New Harmony, UT lbuuerue, NM …a‚ayette, C lbuuerue, NM Miami, ‡… United States United States United States United States United States Monk, Chris Mor€an, Gary Mou€han, Gavin Msuya, Moses Mullinaˆ, Tom RAINBOW RYDERS GARY’S BALLOON ANGEL WINGS CHYM FM 5 O CLOCK HIGH Glastonbury Bed‚ord, NH lbuuerue, NM Belmont, ntario Greenville, SC Great Britain United States United States Canada United States Mumm, Karalyn Nakamura, ƒudith Nash, ƒohnny Neubauer ƒr, i­k ’Brien, Bob CITRUS IN THE SKY BOUNCE DOUBLOON CON NEGRO BREAKING WIND NAVAJO BOB eno, N „la­itas, NM „arker, C „ort ran€e, ‡… ‰auŠa­a, ‰‹ United States United States United States United States United States ’Byrne, Clarke ldenbur€, Sue l€uin, „aul livier, rvin ’Neill, Mark FUEGO ENCANTADO J.A.M. SILVER LINING EARTH CHILD SUNDANCE BALLOONS lbuuerue, NM lbuuerue, NM Chandler, † Siouˆ ‡alls, SD Belmont, ntario United States United States United States United States Canada Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 50 ®

Osborne, Dwayne Ostrand, DJ Owen, roo…e Paisley, Jr‰, John Pattyn, Dale SKYSCRAPER DEN’S ADKBALLOON.COM SUNDANCE III HYGGELIG Phoenix, AZ Oxord,  Saratoga S†rings, Y urlington, C ennesaw, A United States United States United States United States United States Paulin, Jerry Paulin, athew Pawar, Sangram Pee…, €red Peete, ‚i„hele TREE TOP FLYER UNWIND CHECK RIDE O’LOUGH SILVER LINING Yuma, AZ Yuma, AZ Pune, aharashtra Albuquerque,  Albuquerque,  United States United States ndia United States United States Pendleton, Craig Person, ud Peterson, Deborah Peterson, ƒi„… Petrehn, John SPIRIT TOO! SCREWED UP GATOR BLUE AWAY PETE’S PRISM CANON- SEE IMPOSSIBLE Albuquerque,  aines­ille, €‚ aban…, ‡ˆ aban…, ‡ˆ ‹ouston, ‡ˆ United States United States United States United States United States Petrehn, aury Petrehn, Paul Phil†ott, artin Pi­i„, ru„e Polito, ‡ony FARTHER ON PHILLIPS 66 AUSPICIOUS MISS WYOMING BIRD WILLY Olathe, S ƒio ƒan„ho,  ixby, O ƒo„… S†rings, ŠY nlet ea„h, €‚ United States United States United States United States United States 51 PICTURE PERFECT

Albuquerque nternational Balloon Œiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Ponticelli, Jack Poers, Daron Price, ell Pulaski, Bob Ra‰ireŠ, Oscar CAROLINA KALEIDOSOPE TEQUILA SUNRISE PRIMARY COLORS SKI LIFT FIG-LEON East Bend, NC Peaukee,  Rio Rancho, N Pine‡ille, ˆA e‹ico Cit United States United States United States United States e‹ico Raper, Robert Raa, Shan Ret, Richard Rice, Brad Rice, Deborah FALLEN ANGELS SULLAIR A HITACHI GROUP COMPANY GOLDEN HIGH HEARTS A’FIRE FOTROT North Bend, OR i­hland,  Dallas, €‚ Rio Rancho, N ouston, €‚ United States United States United States United States United States Rice, Dick Richardson, Shane Rie­er, ƒir­inia Rile, €heron Ritchie, Dale SPIRIT OF FIESTA II WILDTHANG! FEELIN’ GROOVY CHERRY BOMB EMILY Albuquerque, N Albuquerque, N Sheridan, „ Colu‰bia, O …olden, British Colu‰bia United States United States United States United States Canada Robinson, Cod Rodden, John Roholt, Jesse Ross, John Rucker, John GRAND BANANA 2.0 SONRISE RAINBOW RYDERS PACKERS 1 NOT YET NAMED ansas Cit, O Oasso, O …lendale, A† Appleton,  …enoa Cit,  United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 52

Rudy, Walt Ruth, Dale Saia, Chris Sain, Richard Sachenacher, Rudi HOUR BIG BUNDLE OF JOY DAWNS DELIGHT WONDER BREAD SEA BREEZE NEVER TOO OLD Wadsworth, OH Aluuerue, NM O erland ‚ar­, S Henderson, †‡ owell,MA United States United States United States United States United States Salazar,Alfred Salazar, atelyn Sanchez, ƒli„ah Sanchez, Ron Sandlin, †ony RAINBOW RYDERS SKY MAGICK UNITY WELLS FARGO 1 STOP LIGHT Bernalillo, NM os unas, NM Aluuerue, NM Aluuerue, NM …ishers, ŠN United States United States United States United States United States Sasser, Daniel Scheer, Ste e Schic­, Chuc­ Schill, ˆ ‰ane Sch€itz, ‰on MAS TEQUILA! MARGARITA BRILLIANT SHADOW WHISPERING SPIRIT FLYER Charlotte, NC Castle Roc­, CO Bosue …ar€s, NM Aluuerue, NM ittleton, CO United States United States United States United States United States Schuler, Nolan Schultz, Mar in Schulz, Daniel Schwe€€er, asey Scott, Michael BELLA COLORADO SUNDANCE BALLOONS SCARLET ANGEL GAME ON! SPIRIT’S RAINBOW Manitou Srins, CO Bel€ont, Ontario Belen, NM Wichita, S O­laho€a City, O United States Canada United States United States United States 53 PICTURE PERFECT

Albuuerue €nternational Balloon ˆiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY See, Glenn Sehers, os Seibel, „ach Shelha†, Shai Sheran, Carol RACY MADAME SKY STAR SUNDANCE BALLOONS SANDIA THE FINAL FRONTIER Elephant Butte, NM Breendonk Belont, ntario Albuuerue, NM ansas Citƒ, M United States Anterp, Beliu Canada United States United States Sherrill, Dan Short, Dennis Skach, Bruce Skelton, Me Sklute, enneth BUCKET LIST CHAMPAGNE COWBOY ZROZRO7 MAHARANI FRACTALS Manchaca, TX Broken Arro,  …ichita, S Castle ‡ock, C Tepe, A„ United States United States United States United States United States Skocdopole, Cliff Sart, Chris Satana, Bernard Sith, athƒ Sith, Neal REDDEE ‘N WILLING DREAM CATCHER III EMINENCE LEVITY FIRST LIGHT Condor, Alberta ­untinton, €N El ‚aso, TX Albuuerue, NM Albuuerue, NM Canada United States United States United States United States Soffera, anet Spanier, Mark Spear, eff Suires, ‡ick Standefer, …aƒne VACATION OH ZONE RAINBOW RYDERS HIGHER DESIRE AIR TOY Albuuerue, NM ‚eachtree Citƒ, GA Sonoa, CA ‡io ‡ancho, NM €talƒ, TX United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 54 ®

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lbu„uer„ue ‡nternational ‹alloon ˆiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Steinbock, Tom Stevens, atrick Stockley, Don Stran€, ndy Stran€, ‰icard SUNSET GLOW RAINBOW RYDERS MOONSHINE ART DECO FREEDOM Crestwood, KY oeni,  Murray, UT Selby Tw…†, M‡ OŠord, M‡ United States United States United States United States United States Strickland, Dave Stukas, Dan Stukas, D­ Sullivan, Dave Sullivan, Mark SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE CAROLINA BREEZE LUCKY STRIKE CHECKRIDE CODE RED Columbus, OH Central, SC Central, SC ˆayetteville, ‚ lbu„uer„ue, M United States United States United States United States United States Sutter, Denis Tadolini, Ken Ta€€art, ‚re€ Takac, Keit Taylor, ‹rian LUCKY CHARM OUTLAW WHATCHAMACALLIT TAKACH ANOTHER BREEZE MAJOR AWARD Hallsville, MO Denver, CO Citrus Hei€ts, C lbu„uer„ue, M Columbia, MO United States United States United States United States United States Taylor, Tim Tennis, David Tacer, ƒlaine Tomas, ‚eor€e Tomas, ‚lenn DEE IV CAVU I’M BANANAS 2 TIGER PAW EXPRESS MAEZ/FROST Salt Lake City, UT Tieras, M lbu„uer„ue, M Hallsville, MO Crestview, ˆL United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 56

XTO Energy and ExxonMobil are proud to be part of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® as we reach new heights in New Mexico. We’re committed to providing energy for businesses and families to thrive while limiting our environmental footprint. As one of the nation’s leading producers of oil and natural gas, environmental responsibility is key to our operations and at the heart of what we do every day. XTOENERGY.COM

Albuquerque nternational ‚alloon Fiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Thompson, Jon Thompson, hil Thon€dee, Nithis Thornton, Flod Trapp, ‚rian RAINBOW RYDERS BURR SINGHA FROM THAILAND THUNDERCLOUD TINY Kissimmee, FL alena, L ‚an€­o­ Saint Louis, M‡ Lebanon, ‡ƒ United States United States Thailand United States United States Trieber, Steve Trillanes, Elisa Trillanes, Mar­ Turner, Steve van ˆ­, †hris RAINBOW RYDERS PHAT STUFF SKINNY STUFF DIAMOND-AIRE ZEPHYR Eastport, ME Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Atlanta, A Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States United States Van Sant, Kurt Van Sant, Lori Vandeƒoe„, Ed Venel, Travis Vereb, Fred BURNING DESIRE BLACK MAGIC WOMAN COLORADO BALLOON RAINBOW RYDERS LUCY Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM ‚roomfi eld, †‡ ‚loomin€ton, N Tampa, FL United States United States United States United States United States Vesel, Sott Voorhees, Mi­e adle, Mi­e al­er, ‚ill al­er, Eli‰abeth TOO GRATEFUL CRYPTONAUT RENEGADE HONEY DO LOOKING GLASS lie, T Albuquerque, NM eldon Sprin€, M‡ Albuquerque, NM Šio Šanho, NM United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 58


Al ­ er­ e ˆnternational Balloon ƒiesta® BALLOON DIRECTORY Wallace, Marilyn Walsh, Dan Waner, Andrew Watson, Barney Watson„Meine, Pe……y RAINBOW THRU HEAVEN DISTRACTION X HUBBABUBBA COOL BEANS!! STARLITE Santa Monica, CA Redlands, CA El Paso,  Placitas, NM Santa Pa la, CA United States United States United States United States United States Weir, Nathan Wells, Bill Wel, ere West, €ay West, Mar JACK FM SIERRA SUNRISE GUILTY RED, WHITE & POOH SUNDOG Belmont, Ontario Carson City, NV Al ­ er­ e, NM Sio ‚ ƒalls, SD Sio ‚ ƒalls, SD Canada United States United States United States United States White, Cheri Whitin…, Mar Whitlin…, ˆan Wiley, Sam el Wilinson, Ste‰e TOUCHSTONE ENERGY BIG TOP ROY-G-BIV WILEY COYOTE HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAZ COOPERATIVES Den‰er, CO Al ­ er­ e, NM San Marcos,  Palm Desert, CA †aeway,  United States United States United States United States United States Williams, Andy Williams, Šim Williams, Sr‹, †ewin Wilson, Šohn Wilson, Petra HIGH LIFE PIX SPLIT-TAIL SPECTRUM ZIPPITY DOOHA ‡alena, ˆ† €aty,  †as Ve…as, NV Al ­ er­ e, NM Œot SŽrin…s, SD United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 60 ®

Woehlke, Dave Wolfe, Dennis Wolfe, …onathan Wolters, ayne Won‚, Dale RAG TIME ZULU INFINITUDE BLUE THUNDER URSA MINOR Oxford, MI aa, F ƒlbu„uer„ue, M ­olts Suit, MO ancho Cucaon‚a, Cƒ United States United States United States United States United States Wood, Bruce Woodhead, Bill Woodruff, ƒdele Word, ‡len Wri‚ht, hoee SOCKO HIS SKY AIRE-N GO BRAGH FLAMETHROWER CHAIN GANG Carbondale, CO ­arrison, ID ƒlbu„uer„ue, M ƒnthony, M ƒlbu„uer„ue, M United States United States United States United States United States Wyss, Chuck €oun‚, Debby aora, oretta ielinski, ƒlan ier, …esse WINDSWEPT RE/MAX SAKI BOMBER FEATHERLIGHT II FRUIT LOOP! Fort Wayne, I ƒlbu„uer„ue, M ƒlbu„uer„ue, M iles, I io ancho, M United States United States United States United States United States ier, achel vada, …oe HUCKLEBERRY STINGER io ancho, M Mcƒllen, † United States United States 61 PICTURE PERFECT

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® Other Participating Pilots Bacon, Robert ‰ic‚e, Bill †ernande‘, ‰uncan Lo‡enstein, Ran Parsons, Ian Sˆit, Al esel, ­iˆ SUN FLYER ŒN‰ ƒIN‰ MAERI­ SUNSET RISE R…GER T†E PANT†ER STARS AN‰ STRIPES T…… GRATEFUL Albuquerque, NM orrales, NM Albuquerque, NM Suisun it, A Bristol Grass La‚e, MI Rio Ranco, NM United States United States United States United States Great Britain United States United States Ball, Lauren ‰ic‚e, arol †iben, Eric Lu’ton, Sall Pendleton, Mae Bell Stan‚o, Nic‚ ƒat‚ins, on GYPSY SPIRIT ŒN‰ ƒIN‰ ƒAN‰ERER LA‰Y ESTER PITA’S ­ISS BU­ET LIST †ALELUINATI…NS err alle, A orrales, NM oluˆbus, GA Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque Austin, T– Albuquerque, NM United States United States United States United States NM United States United States Bennett, Brian ‰ic‚e, aˆie †illar, Garrett Ma‚in, essica United States Sto‚oe, Mar‚ ƒilliaˆs, Ste„e AB ŒN‰ ƒIN‰ LIN‰Y INTEGRITY Pelan, iˆ †YLA T†E FR…G MISS ƒY…MING A enc, IA Albuquerque, NM Scales Mound, IL Rio Ranco, NM ELMA Ne‡ar‚ …n Trent, orrales, NM United States United States United States United States Lincoln, IL Nottin aˆsire United States Bolton, ­ennet Enloe, Stuart †oo„er, Mi‚e Mares, on Paul United States Great Britain ƒilson II, ‰ale STEP€N€UP ‰IAM…N‰€AIRE ST…RMS EN‰ BURNING ‰ESIRE Pelan, Teresa Strand, Tiˆ YNT†IA SEAL arlisle, IA ƒoodstoc‚, GA Aˆarillo, T– Albuquerque, NM ELMA SUNNY B…Y Au usta, MI United States United States United States United States Lincoln, IL Blooˆsbur, N United States Boo‚, ƒall FoŽenber , Robert aˆes, Russ Martin, ­aren United States United States ƒood, Ran FIESTA BLUL……N ƒAN‰ERER SILER SPIRIT Podrus‚i, enn Suttle, Penn GYPSY ‰RIFTER Albuquerque, NM Blac‚ ree‚, ƒI …rland, A Tucson, A• L…UIE SUNNY SI‰E UP Truc‚ee, A United States United States United States United States †i  Ri„er, Alberta Strasbur , …† United States Bradle, Sa„anna Fric‚e, Barbara ­arlo„ec, Fran‚ Ma, Rod anada United States Yob, ‰a„e LITTLE BIT …F †EAEN SAN‰IA SUNRISE II ‰ESERT ‰RIFTERS PEPPERMINT ‰REAM T…… Ra“n, esse Tolle“son, Toˆ T…MF……LERY Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Scottsdale, A• Albuquerque, NM RAER – ‰A­…TA SUNRISE olorado S’rin s, … United States United States United States United States ƒilson„ille, …R ‰etroit La‚es, MN United States Bradsa‡, Saˆ Gala‘, Y„ette ­enned, rai McAllaster, Pred United States United States LEITY P†AT STUFF RISING A• SILER LINING Reine‚e, ­at Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM PoeniŽ, A• Albuquerque, NM PEG LEG PETE United States United States United States United States Maoˆet, IL Brossett, Gar Galle os, Fran‚ ­in , risto’er Mclinton, Adaˆ United States BREA­ING ƒIN‰ S­Y MAGI­ ‰…UBLE TR…UBLE U™S™ BAN­ Rosenlo“, ‰ean Midland, GA Los Lunas, NM Urbandale, IA arlotte, N BALL……NAFUL SUNRISE United States United States United States United States Teˆ’e, A• Burˆan, Leo Gates, on ­nut, ‰ee Mon‚ , laire United States A SMILE FR…M T†E S­Y EM…I S…MET†ING AME UP BUSBY T†E ŠUEENS GUAR‰ Run e, ‰a„id Montreal, Šuébec …s‡estr, Sro’sire rest‡ood, ­Y Glastonbur, Soˆerset SPIRIT’S RAINB…ƒ anada Great Britain United States United States Grand Prairie, T– Brd€‰ic‚e, Ni‚i Goade, Mi‚e Larson, Mart Ne‡coˆer, esse United States ŒN‰ ƒIN‰ LA‰Y ESTER RE‰, ƒ†ITE AN‰ P……† RAINB…ƒ RY‰ERS Sabia, Aˆanda Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque, NM Ra’id it, S‰ Mount o, PA ƒ…N‰ER BREA‰ United States United States United States United States …„erland Par‚, ­S aton, Ro Green, Mi‚e La„oie, Taˆˆie Ne‡lin, Pat United States TIME TRAELER T†E FINAL FR…NTIER AT SASS FEELIN’ GR……Y Sanders, ase edar †ill, M… ‰es Moines, IA Ari‘ona it, A• Ri„erton, ƒY †…T S†…T United States United States United States United States Nor‡al‚, IA lone, ­e„in Gri“fi n, ‰an Liberti, Mi‚e Nic‚erson, Eric United States †IG†BISUS ‰IAM…N‰S AIRTIG†T NEER T…… …L‰ Seˆour, oe Las e as, N Fort ollins, … Rio Ranco, NM Mil“ord, N† AB III United States United States United States United States Indianola, IA ‰a„is, Bran †andl, Sabrina Lindse, Susan …bie lo, Susanna United States †UƒA­A SAN‰IA SUNLITE FL…ATING AƒAYSIS I•IA BALL……N Sortall, Raˆond Albuquerque, NM †eroldsbac, Ba„aria Sa““ord, A• ƒeiãÿenorn, Ba„aria SŠUEA­IE, Bat United States Gerˆan United States Gerˆan Great Britain ‰eSantis, Rebecca †einric, Pili’ Loe“fl er, Ste„e …lstad, Ricard Suˆate, ­enn ABŠ †…PPER PATIENE ‰AƒN’S ‰ELIG†T SUN‰…G RISING STARS Albuquerque, NM PoeniŽ, A• Albuquerque, NM †ot S’rin s, S‰ …rlando, FL United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 62 ®

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THE “FIESTA” BALLOONS Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Official Program 64 ®

THE “FIESTA” BALLOONS BY WALLY BOOK FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE t seems only appropriate that the Albuquerque International ® Balloon Fiesta , as the world’s premier ballooning event, should have its own balloon -- and of course it does owever, there I actually have been, and are still, three “Fiesta” balloons, one by happen- stance and two by the Balloon Fiesta’s design All are airworthy and frequently grace the sies in and around Albuquer- que, and occasionally, out of country Spirit of Fiesta II went to France with Balloon Fiesta irector of perations, ­am €ars, in the summer of ‚ƒ„… †he original “Fiesta” balloon was not created for the Balloon Fiesta itself, but it may have been an outgrowth of a short-lived attempt to create a new, Albuquerque-manufactured balloon brand Bob ‡uppenthal was a mechani- cal engineer by trade ˆat the engi- neering consulting fi rm Bridgers and €aŠton‹, and an avid balloonist, †hunder huge part in promoting and further- huge part in promoting and further- balloon dealer, and owner of AŒ‡Ž ing the sport of ballooning Bob and The original Fiesta fl ying Balloonport, a balloon repair station ­id were much more friends than they with other balloons in in Albuquerque e was in the unique were competitors †he balloon they Pagosa Springs, CO. position of being able to capitali‘e on designed in „…’“ was going to be the a grand idea ­id Žutter is legendary test bed for a line of balloons called for his general aviation roots and his “”omad” that were in some respects – 65 PICTURE PERFECT

for example plans to ae a oor in te te balloon as spinning enoug tat te balloon as spinning enoug tat sie of te baset – a­ aea of its te pilots a to eep a isual reference te pilots a to eep a isual reference time€ ‚arge scale prouction as neer on te ori—on in sigt b­ staning in on te ori—on in sigt b­ staning in initiate an ƒoma neer too off te mile of te baset an presumabl­ because of te ig cost turning in te opposite irec‹ of liabilit­ protection€ But some of te tion tan te irection tat esign concepts eentuall­ too fl igt te balloon as rotating€ in te form of te fi rst “Fiesta” balloon Œe slot top esign contin‹ esignate moel A‡‡ serial ˆ 0001 ue to be problematic – it also registration ƒ22‰‡Š€ in’t release ot air as quicl­ Fiesta as built as a 12‹gore balloon as esirable in a ig in lan‹ tat as isuall­ reminiscent of an earl­ ing ‹‹ an in te en as aban‹ Œuner balloon but not as bulbous€ one€ ˜entuall­ te balloon It as se n on te bias lie a Barnes as fi tte it a ™elcro efl ation as fi tte it a ™elcro efl ation or Balloon Žors balloon€ ‘e n on panel similar to te earl­ •aenš panel similar to te earl­ •aenš te bias means tat te gores ’tose Aerostar balloons an ultimatel­ Aerostar balloons an ultimatel­ banana peel sapes tat togeter gie a paracute top lie most current a paracute top lie most current a balloon its inerte tear rop sape“ prouction balloons€ ere cut an se n at an angle ’on te •uppental sol A˜•›O to œar‹ •uppental sol A˜•›O to œar‹ bias“ rater tan on te per‹ bias“ rater tan on te per‹ penicular ’at rigt angles“ lie penicular ’at rigt angles“ lie man­ balloons€ Œe original man­ balloons€ Œe original fabric as n­lon taffeta cosen fabric as n­lon taffeta cosen because a ma”or fabric manu‹ because a ma”or fabric manu‹ facturer appene to be aing facturer appene to be aing a big sale on canar­ ­ello fabric€ It as increibl­ strong The rebuilt, reborn Fiesta fabric€ It as increibl­ strong urable an long lasting but fl ies again! urable an long lasting but er­ er­ ea­€ Once construction as com‹ Once construction as com‹ plete •uppental an oter plete •uppental an oter r­l žunter o a been ballooning friens proceee ballooning friens proceee oring tere an o to te testing stage€ Œe as also an ai balloon‹ FAA requires tat test fl igts FAA requires tat test fl igts ist€ žunter an A˜•›O of experimental aircraft be retaine te responsibilit­ conucte from an airport for te “ or in progress” ’or balloonport“ in an uncon‹ for te “ or in progress” ’or balloonport“ in an uncon‹ balloon in te eal een geste area€ Œe iea is to balloon in te eal een after ƒorm ›ourtne­ preent fl igt in congeste after ƒorm ›ourtne­ bougt into te compan­€ areas ere b­staners bougt into te compan­€ žunter brougt togeter migt suffer in”ur­ cause žunter brougt togeter te enelope an s­stem b­ an experimental aircraft te enelope an s­stem equipment an fi nise te incient€ equipment an fi nise te tas of maing te balloon Œe slot top ent an e‹ tas of maing te balloon legal in te experimental fl ation s­stem in’t func‹ legal in te experimental categor­€ Balloon registra‹ tion as ell as te­ oul categor­€ Balloon registra‹ tion number ƒ22‰‡Š as ae lie but •uppental tion number ƒ22‰‡Š as born on paper in 19‡‰‹‡9 as sol on te concept born on paper in 19‡‰‹‡9 an as fi rst certifi e in te an reall­ ante to mae an as fi rst certifi e in te experimental categor­ in it or€ Œe main issue experimental categor­ in 19‰0€ A˜•›O as name as a ig rate of rotation 19‰0€ A˜•›O as name as te o ner on te original cause b­ air escaping as te o ner on te original registration certifi cate€ troug te slots ic registration certifi cate€ ouln’t al a­s close up completel­€ Brian Œ­ree one of te pilots tat This photo taken during infl ation often fl e Fiesta on tose shows the diagonal cut of the earl­ test ops relates panels. tat on one of te fl igts Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 66 ®

The second “Fiesta” balloon, Spirit of Fiesta I. PICTURE PERFECT 67

fl ying for many years to come€ ‚ere is alreay a esign for a re‹lacement en…elo‹e but te Boar is consiering eter to allo te AIBF logo on a balloon one by one ini …iual€ ‚e boar members an¦ious for a neer­ larger balloon in’t a…e long to ait€ ‚e ‚ir “Fiesta” bal loon­ Spirit of Fiesta II­ came along in August 2012€ It is currently one an fl on Darryl unter an is by nine club members¥ se… friens fl e te original bal en members of te AIBF loon troug muc of te boar an to Balloon 19 0s­ an ten for many Fiesta em‹loyees€ It is a years it sat in storage€ ‚e ’ameron balloon­ moel balloon as rebuilt in 201ƒ ¨90 “90­000 cubic feet•­ using a muc ligter but still an te registration num urable fabric in use in balloons ber is ž¡¢”¢¢€ As of tis urable fabric in use in balloons riting te balloon as toay€ „yan unter­ a relati…e toay€ „yan unter­ a relati…e logge a‹‹ro¦imately of Darryl’s­ no ons an fl ies of Darryl’s­ no ons an fl ies 1‡0 ours€ DicŽ „ice­ € It as about ‡0 ours on Fiesta€ It as about ‡0 ours on club treasurer­ re‹orts te ne fabric€ tat it is use ‹rimarily to ‚e ˆecon “Fiesta” balloon­ ‚e ˆecon “Fiesta” balloon­ ‹romote te Albuquerque Internation Spirit of Fiesta I, as intene al Balloon Fiesta an aareness of te to be te gran ‹riŒe for te ile fl ying€ s‹ort of ballooning in general€ „ice inner of te 199 Balloon Fiesta€ ‚e balloon is a ’ameron moel belie…es te balloon is not fl on often ‚e balloon is mostly yello­ it a žƒƒ “ƒƒ­000 cubic feet•­ serial Ÿ ¡1 1­ enoug­ an tat it oul be goo ite s‹ace aroun te mile it an registration Ÿ ž¢‡10£€ It as for it to a…e more e¦‹osure€ ™ost te Albuquerque International manufacture in ¤uly­ 199 € ‚roug of te ‘‘’ members a…e teir on Balloon Fiesta logo€ ‚e logo is te te years­ oter boar members balloons an only fl y Spirit of Fiesta II orŽ of ‘yna ’ris‹ino­ a gifte asŽe to ›oin te club as tey ore at Balloon Fiesta an oter ballooning gra‹ic esign artist­ o also a‹ out teir ‹ersonal balloons an ary e…ents€ ‹ens to be em‹loye by Balloon Bennett­ –arry ˆeason­ an ™iŽe „ice ‚is balloon is also o‹erate as a Fiesta€ “‚o learn more about tis an ere ae to te grou‹€ club balloon itin an ‘‘’ “limite oter Balloon Fiesta logos­ turn to A time came en e…en more boar liability com‹any•­ ose members ‹age ƒ”€• members ante to ›oin in­ an tey must be Boar ™embers or œm‹loy –oe…er­ it turne out tat tat ante a neer­ larger “tan a ƒƒ­000 ees of AIBF€ „e‹airs are te res‹on inning ‹ilot ecie to sell is cubic foot moel žƒƒ•­ balloon to sibility of te member uner ose ‹riŒe€ —at to o it a beautiful fl y€ ‚e ilemma ten became¥ at control te amage incurre€ ™em ne balloon it te Albuquerque to o it te ol balloon˜ ˆte…e bers ‹ay ©1 ‹er minute of infl ate International Balloon Fiesta logo on šomaina recogniŒe it as a great time€ It is ientical to te secon it˜ Boar members ™arŽ ˆulli…an an o‹‹ortunity to acquire a balloon to “Fiesta” balloon e¦ce‹t tat te basic ˆte…e šomaina felt tat tey i not use as a training ‹latform for tose balloon color is all yello itout te ant ›ust anyone fl ying te Balloon of is family members intereste in ite ‹resent aroun te equator in Fiesta logo so tey ‹ut togeter a learning to fl y€ –e bougt out all te Spirit of Fiesta I€ grou‹ of tose irectors an staff e¦isting oners an became te sole Many thanks to Steve Komadina, members o ante to Žee‹ te oner€ –is son ™arŽ learne to fl y Ryan Gunter, Norm Courtney, ick balloon for Balloon Fiesta€ It as in Spirit of Fiesta I€ Anoter benefi t Rice, Marge Ruppentha, om McCon o‹erate liŽe a club balloon an te to šomaina – ose oter balloon ne, rian yree, George ahn, Mariee oners ‹ai ‹er our to fl y it it te as te is signature ˆtorŽ s‹ecial Schmit Nason, and eth rightSmith goal of generating enoug re…enue to sa‹e “Great Eggspectations•  as for their contri­utions to this artice€ efray some of te cost of registra tat it as muc easier to infl ate te tion­ insurance an annual ins‹ection regularsa‹e Spirit of Fiesta I at fees€ œac oner as res‹onsible for glo e…ents€ ˆte…e lo…es te balloon re‹airing any amage tey create an ‹lans to Žee‹ it airorty an Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 68 ®

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THE IRISH BALLOONIST BLESSING BY DICK BROWN FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE he original author is an bothar leat” hich literall transƒ unknon the tet has lates as ‡o ›ma œ nƒéirí ›riseœ an bóthar multile ariations an ›the roaœ leat ›ith ouœ in other surrisingl  accoring ors “€a ou be successful on our to ­om €c‚ormick Žourne ” or “‰ae a safe Žourne ”„ ­he TIrish Ballooning Assoƒ French oul siml sa “Bon Ÿo age”„ ciation ast resient “hile the author of this articular blessƒ the Irish Balloonist Blessing has not ing is also unknon man attribute it to been in common use in Irelan since …t„ Patrick as it is similar to his ritings„ the late sities hen moern hot air ballooning got its start„ As to fi nƒ May the road rise up to meet you. ing its source ­om cautions there are May the wind be always at your bac. man similar Irish blessings„ May the sun shine warm upon your face …ome call it a blessing some a the rains fall soft upon your fi elds and ra er„ †r„ ­om €c‚onnell ast resiƒ until we meet again may God hold you ent of the Albuquerque International in the palm of is hand. Balloon Fiesta turns to the ictionar „ A blessing is to inoke iine faor to Again in an sun are inclue in consecrate something b rite action this ra er but rain too erhas in refƒ or or an to eress gratitue„ A erence to the ¡meral Isle’s lush green ra er seeks ‡o’s faor an rotecƒ lanscae„ ­he ancient Irish ere sai tion a solemn request for hel but is to hae a ee areciation for nature„ also an eression of thanks„ ‰aing the in at our back ma ‰ere is the common tet for a blessƒ iml lack of an harshis or seere ing recite at ostƒfl ight ceremonies ­his oular ersion contains the challenges„ …ailors ala s ish for an sometimes at secial celebrations natural elements of ballooning – in “Fair “ins an Folloing …eas” – a honoring aeronauts ho hae asse an sun – but also the human emotions nautical blessing origin also unknon on‹ of loe an Žo „ an another a of sa ing “‰ae a In ‘ul 201’ ‘ames “ilson riting for safe Žourne ”„ It has long been use The winds have welcomed you with Irish‚entral a igital meia coman b seafarers hoing for the safest an softness. The sun has blessed you with catering to Irish Americans suggeste smoothest a ahea in other ors its warm hands. You have fl own so high one ossible source of this blessing is a ieal in sees ›as in ballooningœ and so well that God has joined you in faorite traitional Irish blessing often ith trael in the same irection as the laughter And set you gently down into use as a ra er “€a the •oa •ise – ocean currents„ Imagine a essel being the loving arms of Mother Earth. to €eet —ou”„ In ‡aelic it is “‡o nƒéirí Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 70

THE IRISH BALLOONIST BLESSING BY DICK BROWN FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE The sun has blessed you with its warm hands. . . Photo by David Dickinson pushed along as the wind pushes a May you fi nd old friends waiting to balloon along. Even in the current greet you, there on the outside track. of the Rio Grande, pilots exercising a We’re gathered together old times splash n’ dash have experienced the to remember, ‘tis but for ourselves linear combination of “Fair Winds” and we would grieve, “Following eas”. o we’ll sing you a chorus and bid om ewis, an rishman and  ­€ear you farewell  fair winds and a fol veteran of the ‚ritish Ro€al ƒav€’s lowing sea. submarine service, has written the l€rics of a song that combine the rish Šs om „c‹onnell points out, there pra€er “„a€ the Road Rise …p to „eet is a slightl€ modifi ed pre­fl ight pra€er †ou” and the nautical blessing “Fair version of the rish ‚alloonist ‚lessing Winds and Following eas”. With his that also uses the word “ma€”. permission, his fi rst stanˆa is provided below‰ May the winds welcome you with softness. May the sun bless you with May the road rise up to meet you, its warm hands. May you fl y so high may the wind ever be at your back, and so well that od oins you in 71 PICTURE PERFECT

Drifting Downstream Photo by Bennie Bos laughter and May He set you gently back again into the lov- ing arms of Mother Earth. Incidentally te eritage of om connell affectionately no n in local ballooning circles as Fater ime goes bac to te ­cottis lan €onald on te Isle of ­ye ‚ust off te nort est coast of ­cotland’s mainland May you fl y so high and so well... and 2„0 air miles nort of €ublin… AIBF photo †e may ne‡er no te eˆact origin of te Iris Balloonist Blessing but e tin e no en it landed in Albu‰ Ozone Ranger balloon and elŒed tem loon Fiesta and trougout tis state querque… Šarly ‹e eˆico balloonists form te Buffalo iŒ aŒter of te and tis country it ill liely continue belie‡e it came it te t o Œilots of €ublin Balloon lub… to in‡oe safe fl igts and safe landings te €ublin Balloon lub €a‡id ŽooŒer Iris balloonists continue ‚ourney‰ and onor tose o a‡e fl o n so and arles icael Aleˆander en ing to Albuquerque for te Balloon ig and so ell… tey comŒeted in te fi rst †orld Žot Fiesta… Pauline Ann Baer fl e in te The author thanks three Toms in the Air Balloon amŒionsiŒ in Febru‰ Fiesta during te years 2010‰201– and development of this story Tom Mc- ary 19„‘… ese Iris aeronauts ere alcolm Šrnest †ite fl e during te ormick of ublin reland Tom e­is befriended by Bill €ouglas ’im oler years 201—‰201„… of €hipley ‚orkshire England and Tom Fran Bacon and “ay Bonda o †ile te Iris Balloonist Blessing Mconnell of os Ranchos de ƒlbu„uer- cre ed for tem… en Piccard dealer may no longer be used in Ireland ere „ue …€ƒ. icael O’”rady “usso sold tem is at te Albuquerque International Bal‰ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 72 ®


BRANDING ® BALLOON FIESTA A logo is a symbol used by an organization to identify its products or services. A theme is a recurring subject that identifi es an experience. BY TOM MCCONNELL FOR THE AIBF HERITAGE COMMITTEE Œhe Albuquerque Inter­ co righte animals for his ® national Balloon Fiesta balloon rall ‚ ˆence the is no ifferent‚ Ž€en for st lie roarunner in the €er fi rst Balloon Fi­ the balloon for the 19‘2 esta in 19‘2 ’hich as rogram‚ †i also use calle “International Bal­ this same ”oarunner­ loon Festi€al “ ”all ”• in­a­balloon logo for founer †i –utter ha to the title­age of his come u ith a logo that nel forme balloon oul con€e the magic club› Albuquerque Aero­ an fun of a orl­class bal­ stat Ascension Association‚ loon e€ent‚ †i ultimatel Œhe famous –o ote as No matter ho big or ho small ecie to use a south­ ae for the actual almost all businesses an organiations estern theme coie race the fi rst balloon­ sooner or later face the challenge of from the ˆare “ ˆoun ing cometition to coming u ith some in of s mbol races of earl Žuroean come to Ne ˜e™ico‚ or logo that at a mere glance not onl an American balloon Œhe ne™t ear hen ientifi es the organiation to its cus­ e€ents here the ˆare †i agree to host tomers but also lea€es the customer balloon taes off fi rst the fi rst šorl ˆot­Air ith a clear imression of hat the or­ chase b the ˆoun bal­ Balloon –hamion­ ganiation is an oes‚ ƒolen Arches loons‚ ˆe ne that the fl eet­ shis he again contacte an one„ “†ooshes” on shoes„ ˆo foote selom­fl ing roarunner šarner Brothers an got ermission šarner Brothers an got ermission ‘bout that ale ith the bite out of as the state bir of Ne ˜e™ico‚ to use the –o ote an the ”oarunner to use the –o ote an the ”oarunner it„ None of those logos inclue the ˆe contacte šarner Brothers the to a€ertise the secon e€ent‚ †e€eral organiation’s name – but most eole creators of the famous ”oarunner osters ere mae to romote the can rattle off the name of the coman an –o ote animate fi lm cartoons 19‘œ e€ent an the title as change ithout e€en thining about it‚ an got ermission to use to of their to “Albuquerque International –o ote­ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 74 ®


nings of an actie „lanning and nings of an actie „lanning and ting tat can be logoed †ometimes im„lementation grou„ ‹is im„lementation grou„ ‹is te colors cange‚ but te basic logo cor„oration as been fi nancing cor„oration as been fi nancing remains te same on all te arious and „roducing te AIBF eent and „roducing te AIBF eent uses for ŠŠ of our noƒ Š• €ears for ŠŠ of our noƒ Š• €ears In addition to te Balloon Fiesta’s –arious attem„ts at fi nd –arious attem„ts at fi nd cor„orate logo‚ eac €ear’s eent as ing a suitable ing a suitable its oƒn slogan‚ or catc logo for te logo for te „rase – for e™am„le‚ tis cor„oration cor„oration €ear’s teme is “Picture resulted in resulted in Perfect‚” and a„„ro„riatel€ te creation te creation ac”noƒledges ­anon as te of a neƒ of a neƒ „resenting s„onsor logo in te logo in te mid 19•0s mid 19•0s An article An article in te 19•Š in te 19•Š Bal Bal loon Fiesta loon Fiesta „rogram „rogram attributes attributes tis design tis design to Albu to Albu querque querque ffrreeeellaannccee aarrttiisstt RRiicc”” freelance artist Ric” RRooddeess‚‚ ƒƒoossee ssuubbmmiissssiioonn Rodes‚ ƒose submission ƒƒaass ccoosseenn ffrroomm aammoonngg ƒas cosen from among ddoo‘‘eennss ooff eennttrriieess ‹‹iiss llooggoo do‘ens of entries ‹is logo Roadrunner Balloon Fiesta” Purists ad a ca„ital “A” for Albu ad a ca„ital “A” for Albu note tat it sould ae been “Road querque‚ created b€ using querque‚ created b€ using runner ­o€ote Balloon Fiesta‚” since a balloon as te center of a balloon as te center of te Roadrunner ƒas being „ursued te “A” †ome said tis te “A” †ome said tis b€ te ­o€ote and not te oter ƒa€ logo loo”ed li”e tƒo seals logo loo”ed li”e tƒo seals around… †id een ad a s„ecial Raen bar”ing at eac oter bar”ing at eac oter balloon made ƒit te ‡arner Bros ‹e circa 19•’ logo ‹e circa 19•’ logo ­o€ote on one side and te Roadrun endured until 199• ner on te oter – te image ere ƒas ƒen —€nda ­ris„ino‚ ƒen —€nda ­ris„ino‚ used as te coer „oto on te 19‰Š a long time balloon „rogram ‹is balloon‚ Roadrunner II‚ ist and gra„ic artist ƒas often used as te “Roadrunner” and „resentl€ te AIBF and „resentl€ te AIBF for subsequent balloon races rece„tionist‚ created In 19‰Š‚ †id ad te idea of creating te current logo It a cor„oration to „roduce and ost ot cleerl€ s„ells out “Bal cleerl€ s„ells out “Bal er balloon rallies Œe called it ‡orld loon Fiesta” using bot loon Fiesta” using bot Balloon ­am„ionsi„s‚ Inc ‹at ƒas gra„ics – te multi ƒen †id’s famous ‡orld balloons colored balloons – and colored balloons – and began a„„earing Œe ultimatel€ ad te ƒord “Fiesta‚” and te ƒord “Fiesta‚” and fi e of tem‚ of arious si‘es ‡en e re„resents a bold‚ organi‘ed and „roduced te second colorful identit€ for ‡orld Œot Air Balloon ­am„ion a bold and colorful si„s in 19‰’‚ e again lost mone€ on eent ‹e logo in tis ugel€ acclaimed eent ‹is ƒas arious colors and ƒen a non „rofi t organi‘ation came forms a„„ears on into being‚ su„„orted b€ local busi eer€ting from te nesses and olunteers and our ten balloon to ˜ac”ets‚ ma€or‚ Œarr€ “inne€‚ ƒic became letteread‚ bum ”noƒn as “Albuquerque International „er stic”ers‚ „ins‚ Balloon Fiesta‚ Inc” ƒit a President‚ „atces‚ tote bags a committee‚ b€laƒs and te begin  „rett€ muc an€ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 76 ®

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GETTING THERE IS HALF THE “FUN” BY PAUL SMITH, AIBF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Official Program 78 ®

GETTING THERE IS HALF THE “FUN” BY PAUL SMITH, AIBF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR raffi c. Perhaps the most the traffi c control plan for Balloon dreaded word in the plan- Fiesta access. ning of Balloon Fiesta. Clearly there are lots of Physical limitations Tcritical issues in the op- Balloon Fiesta Par is located in the eration of Balloon Fiesta, City of €lbuquerque and its location such as fl ight regulations, airspace, pi- presents certain challenges for access. lot and balloon qualifi cations. oweer, he launch fi eld is bounded on two traffi c is one area where we hae little sides by €€FC€ drainage channels. or no control. he only public access oer these Balloon Fiesta employs a full-time channels is by two ehicular bridges ransportation anager. is areas and three pedestrian†bicycle bridges. of responsibility include Par  ide, he third side of the Par is the ­andia Courtesy ­huttles and paring, as well Pueblo eseration. ‡hile our relation- as traffi c. hroughout the year, we ship with ­andia Pueblo is stronger meet with €lbuquerque Police ‚epart- than eer, we aren’t allowed to con- ment, Bernalillo County ­heriff’s „ffi ce, struct roadways through their resera- City of €lbuquerque ransportation tion. ‚epartment, the … ‚epartment of he fourth side, the east side of ransportation and the traffi c control the Par, includes ˆ-‰Š. he ˆnterstate deice company. ogether we deise highway does a great ‹ob of allowing PICTURE PERFECT 79

Fiesta Para an Balloon Fiesta Fiesta Para an Balloon Fiesta Para •to lanes– from I-2ƒ Para •to lanes– from I-2ƒ Assuming 2ƒ’ er car„ fi lling eer Assuming 2ƒ’ er car„ fi lling eer traffi c lane aailable„ this man cars traffi c lane aailable„ this man cars oul equal more than — ƒ miles oul equal more than — ƒ miles of cars in each lane˜ Assuming of cars in each lane˜ Assuming e can rocess one car eer si™ e can rocess one car eer si™ secons in each lane„ it oul tae secons in each lane„ it oul tae 1—š minutes-about three hours- to 1—š minutes-about three hours- to ar 11„000 cars˜ ar 11„000 cars˜ Obiousl e nee to„ an o„ ar cars more quicl than that ›e constantl reie our roce- ures to see u the rocess ›e or to hire more arers an aring fee collectorsˆ a signage to reare riers for the aring fee collectionˆ or ith the ‹it to offer aitional access oints to the Par ­his ear„ the ‰e “e™ico Œegislature allocate œž ƒ million to fun imroements to Balloon Fiesta Par access Ÿo those funs ill be use has not et been funs ill be use has not et been etermine but some ieas inclue¡ This aerial photo, looking south from over the Sandia Reservation, shows some of the ac- etermine but some ieas inclue¡ cess limitations to Balloon Fiesta Park. There just aren’t many roads. I-25 is at upper left. acquisition of aring near the Par ith shuttles into the Parˆ reuros- north-south traffi c aroun the area of Another art of the resonse is ing a ortion of the €Ž lot south of the Par but it also creates a boun- base on our infrastructure an our Alamea Bl for automobile aringˆ ar ith onl to access oints from eman on it AIBF has access to constructing an entrance ram to„ an the east sie of Albuquerque-Alamea about 1ƒ„000 aring saces uring from„ I-2ƒˆ an re-esign of the Par ¢ Bl an ­rama €oa Balloon Fiesta Public access to the €ie loaing£unloaing areas Par inclues Alamea Bl to Balloon ›e reali¤e traffi c ill continue to Demands on the Infrastructure “useum ”rie •to lanes–ˆ Šan “ateo be an issue for Balloon Fiesta an an Our guests hae sometimes •to lanes– to Šan ”iego or Balloon eent as large as ours ›e also real- commente that e’e been i¤e that aressing this issue ill een conucting Balloon Fiesta more imor- for almost ƒ0 ears an e tant as e shoul hae traffi c issues aroach our resole b no ­here hae ƒ0th ¥ent in been comments about ho 2021 other large eents hae been able to resole their traf- fi c issues„ so h can’t e… Part of the anser is to loo at other eents’ “solutions”ˆ From 1986-95, an in oing so e’e foun the south RV other large eents face the parking lot was same challenges I isite the Balloon the ‰AŠ‹A€ race at Œas Fiesta’s launch site, and portions Žegas an after the race„ of it are still used e sat in the aring lot for for landings. Re- three hours before e coul confi guring the leae ‘enerall„ Balloon site might create Fiesta’s aring lots ill extra parking. be emt ’ƒ minutes-one Alameda Blvd. is at the bottom of hour after the close of each this image. session Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 80 ®

2019 AIBF Program - Page 83

LIFE LESSONS LEARNED WHILE BALLOONING The author, hoping to learn something . . . Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 82

LIFE LESSONS LEARNED WHILE BALLOONING BY KIM VESELY allooning is a great ƒvery balloonist has been there, or Ballooning makes yo a bette ie. teacher. soon will be. I remember spending a Žh, some of my friends are going to We’re not talking  year one morning over the sewage treat contest this one . . . soon after I got academics here, though ment plant in ˆas ‰ruces, going up and my pilot license, I took aloft a normally ballooning is both science down trying to find a wind layer going talkative friend who didn’t say a word B and art and a wonderful somewhere – anywhereŠ  suitable as the whole flight, and then after I landed starting point for teaching both. Rather, a landing site. ‹rustratingŒ Žh, yeah. allowed, almost as an afterthought‚ ballooning is a great teacher about life. Smelly, too. ‘nd I couldn’t do a thing  “–ou fly better’n you drive.” But seri It develops responsibility, discipline, and about it but wait for the wind to change. ously. šo fly a balloon successfully, ust character. Sure, some people learn this ƒventually, a breath of wind did material as in driving a car successfully, you have  i’e, and we got to a decent landing site. to think ahead and anticipate potential stuff hang gliding or uilting or a thou sand other noble pursuits. But there’s We ust had to wait it out. problems. ‘naly’ing what’s coming nothing uite like having to problem ‘s astronaut “im ˆovell, the com up on the road ahead, thinking about solve a thousand feet in the air – you’d mander of the troubleplagued ‘pollo what you’d do if something une›pected better figure it out ‘cause it’s a long way ”III flight, famously noted, you can panic  happens, and leaving a margin for er down. and bounce off the walls, but in the end ror minimi’es the potential for trouble ere are ust a few of the lessons you’ll be right back where you started – behind the wheel and in the air. „Žf  and you still have to solve the problem. course – here’s the knockonwood line learned over ­€ years pursuing balloon ing on the ground and in the air‚ So you might as well be patient. – behind the wheel and in the air even if Ballooning teaches patience. In a  Ballooning teaches flexibility. ˆike you leave that margin for error, some balloon, you go where the wind goes. all aviators, balloon pilots launch with a times stuff happens. ‰runch.‡ ƒnd of story. It’s true you can go up and flight plan‚ launch here, fly for an hour Ballooning teaches yo to leae a down to find winds going different di in this direction „or directions‡, and land magin o eo ‘bout that margin rections and speeds at different altitudes there. –ou take off, and—voilàŠ  halfway for error – it’s one of life’s most valuable „in a balloon, it’s how the pilot “steers”‡.  through the flight the wind direction lessons. In driving, it means not follow But no matter how much you wish the changes. So much for the flight plan. So ing too closely. In ballooning, it means balloon would go this way, if the wind’s you’d better have a plan B, and ‰, and ™ leaving enough room when you land so going that way, it is what it is and you’re . . . because what goes up must come if the wind changes direction suddenly, stuck with it. down somewhere. you don’t get pushed into something 83 PICTURE PERFECT

a cre but t€at’s t€e e”ce… a cre but t€at’s t€e e”ce… ballooning into lifelong friends€is tion  tion  ‰€e’re riceless •en Blanc€ard t€e “One •en Blanc€ard t€e “One Ballooning teaches responsibility. –inute –anager” gu sas –inute –anager” gu sas Ž‹ert€ing about being in‹ol‹ed in bal… “—one of us is as smart as all “—one of us is as smart as all looning screams €a‹ing to be reson… of us” and t€e members of of us” and t€e members of sible – to ourself to t€e balloon team t€e best cres ­no t€at t€e best cres ­no t€at to ot€er ilots in t€e s­ around ou to In t€e interest of safet and In t€e interest of safet and t€e landoners €ere ou land (more fun t€e do t€eir or­ as if fun t€e do t€eir or­ as if on t€is later and for being safe and t€e balloon t€e ilots t€eir t€e balloon t€e ilots t€eir €a‹ing fun fello cre members and fello cre members and Ballooning teaches discipline. ‰€e e‹erone else in‹ol‹ed are balloonist’s da begins before dan t€eir on famil members as in often in t€e middle of t€e nig€t O‹er time t€e trul Before e‹en getting to t€e launc€ site become a famil ‰€e t€e ilot €as been in contact it€ Flig€t €a‹e eac€ ot€er’s bac­s ‘er‹ice and e‹aluates eat€er data and trust in eac€ ot€er to sea­ u and trust in eac€ ot€er to sea­ u from a ‹ariet of sources from so€isti… if t€e see somet€ing amiss (‹ital in Over trees, powerlines, if t€e see somet€ing amiss (‹ital in cated ebsites to stic­ing a fi nger into and buildings: a situation ­eeing e‹erone and e‹ert€ing safe t€e air to see if t€e ind’s bloing ™e calling for patience and O‹er time t€ese bonds often transcend or s€e €as ta­en a quic­ in‹entor of fl exibility. t€e balloon equiment because it’s t€e balloon equiment because it’s (building oer line ou don’t ant to run into At or­ it means getting t€ings done enoug€ a€ead of deadline t€at ou’re not “toast” if somet€ing €aens at t€e last minute In s€ort t€at margin for error ­ees ou out of trouble Ballooning nurtures leadership ability. „€en ou become a balloon ilot ou also become t€e leader of a team resonsible for t€e safet and ell…being of our assengers cre sectators and anone else €o mig€t s€o u in our fl ig€t at€ ‡re as… sengers sectators all loo­ to ou for direction … and more ‰€ere are a Šillion quotes about €at leaders€i is and isn’t but fe leaders €a‹e been around longer and earned more resect t€an Œueen ŽliŠabet€ II ‘€e sas’ “…O‹er t€e ears I €a‹e obser‹ed t€at some attributes of lead… ers€i are uni‹ersal and are often about fi nding as of encouraging eole to combine t€eir efforts t€eir talents t€eir ent€usiasm and t€eir insiration to or­ toget€er ” As team leaders t€e best balloon ilots do “ust t€at Ballooning teaches teamwork. If t€ere are a Šillion quotes out t€ere about leaders€i t€ere are a Šillion and one about t€e imortance and ‹alue of teamor­ Ballooning is a team sort eriod requiring a ground cre t€at €els infl ate c€ase and retrie‹e t€e A good place to leave a margin for error! (The balloon is further away from balloon (‰€ere are a fe ilots €o fl  the power poles than it appears….) ‹er small one…erson balloons it€out Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 84 ®

Hard work, lifelong bonds: Jonathan Wolfe with his balloon team. really embarrassing to show up at subtle form of peer the launch site to fi nd out you left the pressure‚. ƒt’s in instruments at home, the infl ator fan is these situations you out of fuel, the radio batteries are dead, really have to now or – horrors! – you forgot to put ice in yourself, now your the cooler. On a more serious note, sills, and correctly discipline also involves being “fi t to fl y” udge whether you mentally and physically . . . and not fl y should be in the air. ing if you aren’t. ƒt sometimes helps Ballooning teaches judgment. to remember the here’s an old saying in ballooning that other old ballooning “the hardest thing about fl ying is not saying„ “ƒt’s better fl ying.” ou’re all dressed up and ready to be down here to go, you’ve hauled your crew out of wishing you were bed at the crac of dawn, and it’s ust up there than up bree y enough that you’re not en there wishing you were down here.” there wishing you were down here.” Dropping into the neighborhood: tirely comfortable with the conditions. Ballooning teaches diplomacy. Ballooning teaches diplomacy. a time for diplomacy? ­ompounding this is that other people here are few sports where a partici €whose sill set and comfort levels are pant is more dependent on the good different than yours‚ are fl ying, and will of others more than ballooning. oh, if she can do it, surely ƒ can €a very …nlie airplanes, balloons don’t gener 85 PICTURE PERFECT

ally land in a nicelydesignated Ballooning teaches life skills. location lie an airort eir Ballooning is a great incubator landing sites are oen fi elds for te sills tat mae one a ars sometimes city streets or successful arent colleague and e­en bacyards and a balloon friend e list of attributes em ist landing tere is deendent on loyers loo for in Œob candidates te lando€ner’s ositality ƒost – so€ing u on time arori lando€ners are trilled to see you atelydressed taing resonsibil But oters are not – esecially if ity for your Œob Žand your ine­i tey a­e orses or oter animals table mistaes‘ €oring €it your Happy to see you! table mistaes‘ €oring €it your tat can be sooed by te noise of te fello€ team members resecting burner tose around you – all aly e­ery ƒaintaining good relations €it land time you fl y Planning aead anticiating o€ners is imerati­e bot for indi­idual get inside tat you close it again It also bot obstacles and oortunities a­ing balloonists and for big ballooning e­ents includes al€ays but al€ays listening to contingency lans and lea­ing a margin lie te Balloon Fiesta It really comes aologi‡ing to and resecting te land for error to accommodate te ine­itable do€n to te …olden †ule – treating te o€ner no matter o€ uset e or se snafus in €or and life are ­aluable sills eole on €ose roerty you land as may be e guy €o came u €it te to a­e bot at te offi ce and at ome you €ould €ant to be treated if a bal saying “‰ilomacy is te art of saying €it te souse and ids And Œust tin loon landed at your ouse and training ‘nice doggie’ until you can fi nd a roc” of all te fun you ad learning tem your cre€ to do te same is includes defi nitely doesn’t belong on a case cre€ maing yourself and oters ay and asing ermission – or attemting to – or in a balloon baset disco­ering friends from all €als of life before entering someone’s roerty and surrounded by te beauty and magic of maing sure tat if you oen a gate to ballooning Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 86 ®


Visit Socorro Unlike any other city All photos courtesy of: M. Colleen Gino Visit www.flickr.com/inlightful A great place to live, explore, learn & play www.socorronm.org

2019 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® Special Shape DirSpecial Shape Direectctooryry 89 PICTURE PERFECT

Albuƒuerƒue nternational Balloon ‡iesta® SPECIAL SHAPE DIRECTORY Ary, George Aston, Greg Assis, uiz Audenaert, „oen August, ‚oe Baker, Bill BLACK SHEEP MISS BELL SAXON SMURF ROCKET, THE FLYING SQUIRREL BIMBO Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo eridian, D São Paulo, São Paulo Destelbergen, †ostˆ‰laanderen e­€ort Bea, CA Tyler, TX Brazil United States Brazil Belgiu United States United States Baker, Dave Ballinger, Barry Berry, „eit Boniontro, aros Bonner, Paul ADELAIDE THE KOALA IN THE BUFF SPYDERPIG ARMADILLO (TATU) SIMBALOO Tata, Berksire ubbok, TX Po€lar Blu……, † São Paulo, São Paulo Basingstoke, Ša€sire Great Britain United States United States Brazil Great Britain Boulet, ark Boyer, Don Bro­n, Toby Burro­s, Paul Ca€anale, ‡rank PIRATE JACK ITSY BITSY KERMIE BUSTER THE BULLDOG CAROUSEL e­€ort Bea, CA Belen,  Denver, C† Bristol, Banes †rard ake,  United States United States United States Great Britain United States Carlton, Dean Cassell, ‚aes Cavin, ‚on Celentano, iael Cesnik, uke WAGZ BEAGLE MAXIMUS YELLOW BIRD ANNIE THE LADYBUG FREEDOM FLIGHT V Danville,  Albuƒuerƒue,  ndialanti, ‡ Allen, TX Saint Cloud,  United States United States United States United States United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 90 ®

 ieruzzi, ­aria o‰, †ordan DaŒis, Tim DaŒison, Neil De Almeida, Ricardo THE LOVEBIRDS ONE EYED JACK BUSBY BALLOONAFUL SUNRISE WOOZI Simi €alley, A Šndianapolis, ŠN Worcester, Worcesters ire P oeni‰, AŽ São Paulo, São Paulo nited States nited States reat Britain nited States Brazil de Toledo, Paulo ‹dards, Don Folley, Tamie Fonseca, ‡uiz Fortney, Wayne antt, Doug BIG HUG SNOBIRD TE AMO NITROFISH SUNNY BOY HAM-LET uaru‚á, São Paulo €aldez, AK Salt ‡ae ity, T São Paulo, São Paulo Kingsport, TN De‡and, F‡ Brazil nited States nited States Brazil nited States nited States arcia, ­ie len,  ristop er len, ­ic ael ra am, olin riggs, Katie rimes, Doug 1 DOWN 8-2GO JOEY BEE JOELLY BUD E. BEAVER SUSHI BILA Al„u…uer…ue, N­ Spoane, WA ­esa, AŽ Belgrade, ­T Dayton, N€ Al„u…uer…ue, N­ nited States nited States nited States nited States nited States nited States risold, Scott ruen„erg, †o n ‘aliczer, †e’’ ‘le„ec u, Kristop er ‘olly, Andre POKEY TOMCAT INFAMOUS FOOT PUDDLES TALL STEVE Selir, N ‡ongmont, ˆ Reno, N€ Wasilla, AK Breadstone, loucesters ire nited States nited States nited States nited States reat Britain 91 PICTURE PERFECT

luŠuerŠue Œnternational Balloon ‹iesta® SPECIAL SHAPE DIRECTORY „olmes, ‰erry „oo­er, Lee Kalousdian, uens Karlsson, Žiane Kola, ‰on COSMOS 1 EMOJI MR. FISH WALKIN’ ON AIR CHIC-I-BOOM ‹ort Wort, …† €s‚estry, Sro­sire São Paulo, São Paulo Candler, …† Croo s, SŽ United States reat Britains Brazil United States United States Komadina, Steve Kuice , Petr Laloi, Cristo­ Lamert, Benoit Lamert, Micel THE STORK CON AIR DICKER ANTON DARTH VADER BALLOON MASTER YODA BALLOON Corrales, NM Brno Kiel Court ‡Saint‡Étienne Court ‡Saint‡Étienne United States Czec e­ulic ermany Belgium Belgium Langford, Neal La­ointe, Wil La‚orn, ic La‚ton, ‰effrey Liley, Brian SPLASH KEYSTONE WILLY2 HUMPTY DUMPTY OWLBUQUERQUE CATHY’S HOPE Bat, NC €‚asso, €K Louisville, Kƒ odalming, Surrey ‹all Branc, …N United States United States United States reat Britain United States Little, ollie Loy, Mi e Lu­ton, oert Macedo, Warley Macs imming, Mar SARAH THE WITCH HIGH KITTY LADY JESTER LOTTIE DOTTIE CHICKEN SIMBA lendale,  Cedar „ill, …† luŠuerŠue, NM São Paulo, São Paulo „arrisurg, P United States United States United States Brazil United States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 92

Martin, Ian Mitchell, Max Monahan, Todd Moore, shle Moore, Gar Mumm, ˆaraln LIGHTHOUSE EL FONZ ALLYCORN WES THE WOLF OWLBERT EYENSTEIN OFF THE WALL Falfi eld, Gloucestershire Champaign, IL Lake George,  ickar, Gloucestershire Lake Ša‰asu Cit, † €eno, ‡ Great Britain United States United States Great Britain United States United States accarato, Francisco il…, „atrick „rocopio, „eter €andall, Thomas €eineke, Ža‰e €ol‘e, „at BABY MONSTER SAHUARO GRANDE KOSHARE GALLUP ENCHANTED KOALA PEG LEG PETE CYNTHIA THE SEAL €i‚eirão „reto, São „aulo Marana, † Gallup, M „lacitas, M Mahomet, IL Battle Creek, MI Bra…il United States United States United States United States United States €omaneschi, Bo‚ Schuler, a Scott, ˆen Semler, ack Se‰rin, Sidne Sharpe, Ian LILLY BEE PENCIL BOY SQUEAKIE SMILEY SCARECROW BELZEBUTH DUMA „eoria, † €eno, ‡ Bath estfi eld, I ‡illers‹la‹‡ille, alloon Bra‚ant Caterham United States United States Great Britain United States Belgium Great Britain Shrum, Mike Sil‰estre, Luis Sines, Gar Sines, anice Sneed, osh Sproul, ˆeith LA RISTRA RACCOON COCO THE CLOWN BUZZY BEE MR. BIDDLES SCORCH Salt Lake Cit, UT São „aulo, São „aulo shland, M­ shland, M­ Šutto, TŒ orth Brunsick,  United States Bra…il United States United States United States United States 93 PICTURE PERFECT

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® SPECIAL SHAPE DIRECTORY Sto„oe, Steven Stu„as, …J Tatum, …aryl Taveira, alemir Thomas, Steve BILLY THE KID FLYING BARN LUCKY LITTLE DOG ROGER THE PANTHER ‰ut , F‰ Central, SC Cummin­, †A sasco, São aulo Bristol ƒnite States ƒnite States ƒnite States Bra il †reat Britain Tremblay, Sylvain ƒrbans„i, Fran„ aillancourt, Jacob aillancourt, Richar van er Šorst, Scott PIKO UNCLE SAM OONS KEARLKE OONS WIEFKE OFF YOUR ROCK’R Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, …a„ota …unes, S… Trois-Rivières, Québec Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Sebasto‹ol, CA Québec ƒnite States Canaa Québec ƒnite States Canaa Canaa an veralle, eter iner, John €altman, …ebbi €oo­e, Scott PRINCESS NELLY HYLA THE FROG PONDEMONIUM LINDY a areth, ost laaneren ear„-n-Trent, ottin­hamshire €insor, C Stˆ ‰ouis, ‚ Bel­ium †reat Britain ƒnite States ƒnite States €ri­ht, Thom €ri­ht-Smith, Beth €ynn, Alan MISTER Z WELLS FARGO CENT’R STAGE SMOKEY BEAR Albuquerque, ‚ Albuquerque, ‚ Albuquerque, ‚ ƒnite States ƒnite States ƒnite States Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 94

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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® IntInteernarnattional Pilotsional Pilots Ary, George CooŽer, Hal Hadl, Sabria Laloi, C…ristoŽ… Na††arato, ra†is†o BLACK SHEEP P„ƒ„ SANƒA SNLƒ„E ƒCKER AN„ON BAB‘ ONS„ER Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo Port HoŽe , Otario Heroldsba†…, Ba‚aria Kiel Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo Brazil Caada Ger­ay Ger­ay Brazil Assis, Luiz a‚idso, Šo… Hadl, Steša La­bert, Beoit Obieglo, Susaa SAXON –—–˜– CON„R‘ RAƒO SANƒA SNLƒ„E AR„H AER BALLOON ƒ‡ƒA BALLOON São Paulo, São Paulo Bel­ot, Otario Heroldsba†…, Ba‚aria Court SaitÉtiee, ˆeiãÿe…or, Ba‚aria Brazil Caada Ger­ay Belgiu­ Ger­ay Audeaert, Koe a‚is, „i­ Hayes, Ke‚i La­bert, i†…el O’Neill, ar€ SR BSB‘ LA CBƒA AS„ER ‘OA BALLOON SNANCE BALLOONS estelberge, Oost laadere ˆor†ester , ˆor†esters…ire Bogotá, istro CaŽital Court SaitÉtiee, Bel­ot, Otario Belgiu­ Great Britai Colo­bia Belgiu­ Caada Ba€er, a‚e e Al­eida, Ri†ardo Held, Adria Lag, ale Parsos, ƒa AELAƒE „HE KOALA ˆOO‡ƒ CPƒ’S HEAR„ ŠELL‘ BEAN ROGER „HE PAN„HER „…at†…a­, Ber€s…ire Sao Paulo, São Paulo La†…e, S†…”yz „aber, Alberta Bristol Great Britai Brazil S”itzerlad Caada Great Britai Bell, Gra…a­ de „oledo, Paulo Hoefl er, Greg La”to, Šeššrey Pa”ar, Sagra­ S…ortall, Ray­od „…ogdee, Nit…is BLANK C‡ECH BƒG HG CAPRƒCE  CƒEL OˆLB’ER’E CHECK RƒE S’EAKƒE SƒNGHA RO „HAƒLAN al‚er, ˆor†esters…ire Guaru‰á, São Paulo C…aillo, Lorraie Godal­ig, Surrey Pue, a…aras…tra Bat…, Bag€o€, Great Britai Brazil ra†e Great Britai ƒdia Great Britai „…ailad Bo‰ao‚i†, Šere‰ rga†, Lu€a Holly, Adre” LiŽs, Are Podrus€i, Še Sil‚estre, Luis „re­blay, Syl‚ai ŠACK  SNANCE BALLOONS „ALL S„E E Lƒ„„LE Bƒ„ O HEA EN LOƒE RACCOON PƒKO Bel­ot, Otario Bel­ot, Otario Breadstoe, Glou†esters…ire Oostede, ˆest laders Hig… Ri‚er, Alberta São Paulo, São Paulo SaitŠeasurRi†…elieu, Caada Caada Great Britai Belgiu­ Caada Brazil ’uébe† Boi­†otro, ar†os ose†a, Luiz HooŽer, Lee LladoCosta, ŠoseŽ  Ribeiro , abri†io S€o†doŽole, Clišš Caada ARAƒLLO ‹„A„Œ Nƒ„ROƒSH EOŠƒ „RAN„ANA ŠPƒ„ER AN REEE ‘N ˆƒLLƒNG ailla†ourt, Ša†ob São Paulo, São Paulo São Paulo, São Paulo Os”estry, S…roŽs…ire ƒgualada, Cataloia Barueri, São Paulo Codor, Alberta OONS KEARLKE Brazil Brazil Great Britai SŽai Brazil Caada „roisRi‚ières, ’uébe† Boer, Paul ra†ouer, aielle Hora, „o­as a†edo, ˆarley Rit†…ie, ale Sto€oe, ar€ Caada SƒBALOO A SƒLE RO „HE SK‘ GA‘ LO„„ƒE O„„ƒE CHƒCKEN EƒL‘ H‘LA „HE ROG ailla†ourt, Ri†…ard Basigsto€e, Ha­Žs…ire otreal, ’uebe† Pra…a São Paulo, São Paulo Golde, Britis… Colu­bia Ne”ar€ O „ret, OONS ˆƒEKE Great Britai Caada Cze†… ReŽubli† Brazil Caada Nottig…a­s…ire SaitŠeasurRi†…elieu, Bur­a, Leo Gates, Šo Kalousdia, Rubes arti, ƒa S†…ultz, ar‚i Great Britai ’uébe† A SƒLE RO „HE SK‘ EOŠƒ R˜ ƒSH LƒGH„HOSE SNANCE BALLOONS „a‚eira, alde­ir Caada otreal, ’uébe† Os”estry, S…roŽs…ire São Paulo, São Paulo alfi eld, Glou†esters…ire Bel­ot, Otario Lƒ„„LE OG a O‚er”alle, Peter Caada Great Britai Brazil Great Britai Caada Osas†o, São Paulo PRƒNCESS NELL‘ Burro”s, Paul George, Peter Kassa­, uir o€, C…ris Seg…ers, Šos Brazil Nazaret…, Oost laadere BS„ER „HE BLLOG GRAN BRƒ„ANNƒA ROA „RƒP RAƒNBOˆ R‘ERS SK‘ S„AR „…o­as, Ste‚e Belgiu­ Bristol, Baes O•šord, O•šors…ire Nairobi Glastobury Breedo€, At”erŽ ROGER „HE PAN„HER ier, Šo… Great Britai Great Britai Keya Great Britai Belgiu­ Bristol H‘LA „HE ROG But€o, Ale• Gleed, a‚id Kubi†e€, Petr oore, As…ley Seibel, ‡a†… Great Britai Ne”ar€O„ret, COLORL PEGASS CON AƒR ˆES „HE ˆOL SNANCE BALLOONS Nottig…a­s…ire os†o” Coldstrea­, Britis… Colu­bia Bro ˆi†€”ar, Glou†esters…ire Bel­ot, Otario Great Britai Russia Caada Cze†… ReŽubli† Great Britai Caada ˆeir, Nat…a Clar€, Ri†…ard Haar…uis, Sae La‰oye, Lauret suya, oses Se‚ri, Sidey ŠACK  OR „REA„ ARƒANA LBƒ CH‘  BEL‡EB„H Bel­ot, Otario Calgary, Alberta Breda, Nort… Brabat S†yC…azelles Bel­ot, Otario illersla ille, ˆalloo Caada Caada Net…erlads ra†e Caada Brabat Belgiu­ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 96 ®

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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® Gas Pilots FOXTROT CHARLIE LE GRAIN DE FOLIE Barbara Fricke Peter Cuneo Eric Decellieres Vincent Leÿs UNITED STATES UNITED STATES FRANCE FRANCE MISIA MARIE MARVINGT Andy Cayton Krzysztof Zapart Benoît Pelard Benoît Petérlé UNITED STATES POLAND FRANCE FRANCE Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 98


Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® Gas Committee†America’s Challenge ficials Chair, AIBF Gas Balloon Committee: ..........................Mark Sullivan Comman‚ Center Controllers: ......................Ben Anello America’s Challenge Event Director: ..........................Sam Parks Jeff Davis Deputy Event Director: ......................................................John Petrehn Guy Feltman aety ficers: .......................................................................Wally Book Richard Iverson Chuck Raskob Chris LaFleur aunchmaster: .........................................................................Tomas Hora Carolyn Lilley eteorologists: .......................................................................Randy Lefevre Cliff Tvede Brad Temeyer John Wilson coring ficer: ......................................................................Jim Byrd nƒoar‚ ­rac€ing E„uipment: .....................Harris “Goody” Goodwin ury: .......................................................................................................Tarp Head (Jury President) Chuck Raskob Richard Sabin e‚ia iaison: ........................................................ Kim Vesely Ken Draughn Fiel‚ preparation: ................................................ Janie Jordan Internet Flight ­rac€ing: ....................................................YB Tracking …y‚rogen Fueling: .............................................. Jose Cisneros Comman‚ Center Director: ..............................................Ruth Lind Event registration: ............................................... Jennifer Garcia …ospitality: .............................................................. Dodie Bernal Anna Nalley America’s Challenge ‡inners ­AR €‚ƒ„… †„‡€‚ƒ„… †„U…R ˆ‚S…A†­ ˆ‚S…A†­ ˆURA…‚„ K‰ ‰‚ƒ­S Š„URS America’s 1995 Richard Abruzzo David Melton USA 2241.9 1393 60.2 Challenge 1996 David Levin Alan Levin USA 706.6 439.1 38.1 1997 Richard Abruzzo Jacob Traub USA 1465.3 910.5 45.7 ˆecor‚s 1998 Troy Bradley Tami Stevenson-Bradley USA 2234.9 1388.8 58.8 1999 Race not held 2000 David Levin Alan Levin USA 3215.5 1998.1 64.1 Distance: 2001 Peter Cuneo Barbara rice USA 2095.6 1302.2 58.4 ‰icolas ­ièche an‚ aurent ciƒo‹, 2002 Richard Abruzzo ary Johnson USA 2797.08 1738.11 43.13 Switzerland, 3670.76 km /2275.87 miles (2017) 2003 Richard Abruzzo Carol Rymer Davis USA 1787.72 1110.89 63.23 Duration: 2004 Richard Abruzzo ary Johnson USA 984.23 611.6 35.97 Davi‚ …empelmanŒA‚ams an‚ 2005 Janet oles Bill Arras UK / USA 2407.28 1495.81 46.14 onathan ason, UK, 71 hours, 31 minutes 2006 Andy Cayton evin na USA 2380.99 1479.48 60.45 (2011) 2007 Andy Cayton Stuart nloe USA 1698.21 1052.89 61.5 ultiple Žinners: 2008 Mar Sullivan Cheri hite USA 1419.76 880.25 68.58 ˆichar‚ Aƒru‹‹o: five wins (1995, 1997, 2002, 2003, 2004) 2009 Race cancelled due to high wind ‘eter Cuneo an‚ Barƒara Fric€e: four wins 2010 Barbara rice Peter Cuneo USA 2175.86 1349.03 58.16 (2001, 2010, 2013, 2016) 2011 David ­emleman-Adams Jonathan Mason UK 1538.66 953.97 71.51 An‚y Cayton: two wins: (2006 and 2007) 2012 Mar Sullivan Cheri hite USA 2623.33 1626.46 62.3 Davi‚ evin an‚ Alan evin: two wins 2013 Peter Cuneo Barbara rice USA 2299.79 1425.87 60.4 (1996 and 2000) 2014 Anul€o onzález Anƒel Aƒuirre Sain 1914.3 1186.87 53.33 ar€ ullivan an‚ Cheri ‡hite: two wins 2015 Race cancelled due to weathe condition (2008 and 2012) 2016 Peter Cuneo Barbara rice USA 1394.96 864.88 54.65 2017 „icolas Tièche Laurent Sciboz Switeland 3670.76 2275.87 59.32 2018 o eent Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Official Program 100 ®

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REWRITING THE RECORD BOOK: THE EPIC 2017 AMERICA’S CHALLENGE BY KIM VESELY he goal is simplicit itself lighterthanair gas such as hrogen‚ b the sheer scope‚ ­ith hunres of launch from Albuquer rather than hot air for lift€ †hese gas hotair balloons inflating for the eˆening que’s Balloon Fiesta Par balloons can sta aloft for seˆeral as Balloon ‹lo­ proˆiing a bacrop for an fl further than an of an traˆel as far an fast as the ­in the launch “‘e’ˆe neˆer e„perience Tour fello­ competitors€ If taes them€ ‘ith no pri–e mone at a taeoff of this magnitue‚ so man ou ­in‚ ou get a troph  stae‚ the teams’ re­ar is the e„peri balloons‚ it’s onl a fe­ hunre feet  an bragging rights – an‚ if ou’re e„ ence itself‚ an e„perience unlie an from the groun that ­e unerstan ceptionall sille an luc‚ ou might other in an sport€ †he see America that ­e are part of the ­orl’s biggest brea a recor or t­o€ In bet­een… in a ­a fe­ others haˆe before them aerostatic festiˆal€” †he ‡ourne is eˆerthing€ – suspene thousans of feet aloft †he pilots in the 201‰ America’s †he 201‰ America’s Šhallenge ‹as as mountains‚ plains‚ cities‚ farms‚ an  Šhallenge ­ere able to tae aˆan Balloon Œace ­as one of the greatest riˆers ˜an often clousš slo­l glie tage of a rare meteorological ­eather competitions in the histor of competi belo­ them€ setup ­hich gaˆe them a fast trac tiˆe ballooning€ Before it ­as oˆer‚ t­o †he teams come from ifferent northeast to­ars ’e­ Ÿnglan an teams annihilate the ol America’s bacgrouns an ifferent nations but eastern Šanaa€ A fast lo­leˆel ‡et Šhallenge istance recor of 1‚999  stream eˆelope bet­een a strong the share a transcening loˆe of fl miles‚ an also beste the longest ing‚ an aˆenturous spirit‚ an the ­ill lo­pressure sstem in the ­est istance eˆer flo­n in the other great to ­in€ American ’oah Foren‚ ­ho an the remnants of ¥urricane ’ate gas ballooning istance race‚ the Šoupe  is set to fl his thir America’s Šhal heae up through the eastern ž•‚  Aéronautique ‹oron Bennett€ ‘in lenge‚ sas‚ “I loˆe the aspect that ­ith allo­ing some of the teams to reach ners ’icolas †ièche an ”aurent •cibo– eˆer balloon launch‚ ou haˆe onl blistering ˜for a balloonš spees of of •­it–erlan lane near ”abraor a ruimentar iea of ­here ou are more than —¡ mph€ †ièche an •cibo– Šit in Šanaa‚ traˆeling 2‚2‰— miles going an no iea of ­ho ou might marˆele at the sight€ ”¦I remember§ ˜™‚—‰0€‰— mš€ Œunnersup ›r–s–tof meet ­hen ou lan‚ an I loˆe that  the sunrise oˆer ›ansas an its frag œapart of Polan an An Šaton of challenge of ealing ­ith ­hateˆer mente pu––lepiece broen roun  the ž€•€ mae a ˆaliant effort to oˆer comes up€” †­otime America’s Šhal plains‚” •cibo– ­rote€ “†he crossing of tae them‚ staing aloft more than —9 lenge champion Šheri ‘hite sas‚ “‘e ¨ississippi in ‘isconsin an of course hours‚ but ha to lan about 90 miles loˆe the aˆenture of being able to fl the crossing of the Šanaian borer short as the ran out of ballast an real across the žnite •tates …­e loˆe the in the mile of the upper lae ¦”ae estate€ Ÿight of the nine competing America’s Šhallenge because it is fun to •uperior§‚ floating in the mile of a teams fle­ more than 1‚000 miles€ fl ­ith other teams an the e„citement blue sphere‚ no longer istinguishing Pilots in the America’s Šhallenge  of oing it uring Fiesta€” ”aurent •ci the s from the groun€ At the en of fl 1‚000 cubic meter ˜appro„imatel bo–‚ ­ho ­as fling a gas balloon race the night crossing Šanaa’s north at an ™¡‚000 cubic ftš balloons ­hich use a in America for the first time‚ ­as a­e altitue of 1—‚000 feet‚ for Ÿuropeans Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Official Program 102 ®

REWRITING THE RECORD BOOK: THE EPIC 2017 AMERICA’S CHALLENGE BY KIM VESELY Balloons poised to begin the 2017 America’s Challenge AIBF photo by Bennie Bos accustomed to seeing human presence ­ecame ­lan ets everywhere, it’s a discovery to feel for our laps. †he alone in the world.” sun is ­rutal dur French competitor Benoît Pelard was ing the day … at excited to fl y over the ndianapolis o night the cold can tor peedway ven mericans who’ve ­e serious,” writes fl own the race multiple times, li e four longtime competi time champion Bar­ara Fric e, never tor Phil Bryant. For tire of the magnifi cent view‚ “„hat  many teams, the love a­out ­eing in the ­as et is see toughest part of ing all the sights — the stars, shooting the fl ight is ­eing cooped up with one A journey of 2,000 miles begins with a stars, the towns, cities, farms, sunrises, other person – no matter how well single step: 2017 victors Laurent Sciboz sunsets, the la es we crossed — that they get along – for up to three tense and Nicolas Tièche begin their journey, was special.” days. ‰oah Forden puts it this way‚ with everything they might need during For the teams, life aloft can ­e ­oth “Šet’s ­e fran ‚ living in an open, hand three days aloft tied to the basket. Photo by Missi Leonard elating and stultifying. “†he daylight woven wic er ­as et the si‹e of a came, the sun curtains came up, the small ­room closet with another man sun set, the curtains came down and for a couple of days is not something 103 PICTURE PERFECT

and la“es… Our balloon te Freiburg Challenge was four miles from te cit and we ad te el of te Fire Brigade to el us trans ort dr and fold it u  Our case team accom lised an in­ credible ž200­mile tri in si€ das wit our cam er an of wic Ÿ00 miles was on un aed roads ‘e would li“e to ta“e tis o ortunit to tan“ our †anadian friends and of course all te el we receied from te aeronauts resent in Albuquerque and te ro­ digious organi‰ation of te America’s †allenge te race were records are ossible and onl as“ to be sur assed” LLeaeavving ing AAlbuquerlbuquerqqueue...... The 2019 America’s Challenge: PhoPhottoo c coourturteessyy Laur Laureent Scibont Scibozz In writing about te 201‹ America’s †allenge and te o ortunit to Over Lake Superior, “fl oating set te o ortu­ in the middle of a blue sphere, nit to fl  record no longer distinguishing the sky distances Frenc from the ground”. Quote and eteran Benoît photo courtesy Laurent Sciboz Pelard writes “”is is te onl lace were ou I would ae eer can do it ¢uro e tougt I would is too small and our want to do” great cam ion and After two or m friend £incent more das aloft te ›eÿs sould come ilots are tired But one da to Ameri­ te must ae ca…” Pelard “new suffi cient mental wat e was writing focus and si­ about In te 201‹ cal strengt to e€ecute te most callenging ase of te fl igtƒ te landing For tose com etitors using te limits of teir strengt endurance and equi ment landing can be a real we found a s ot tat at least te adenture „as two­time America’s trees were tin enoug tat it would †allenge cam ion And †aton allow us to get troug so tat te bas­ allow us to get troug so tat te bas­ ‡wo wit ˆr‰s‰tof Ša art was 201‹’s “et was on te ground and not anging “et was on te ground and not anging runner u Œƒ “‘e ran out of land ran out ˜0 feet u in te air…” Fric“e was more ˜0 feet u in te air…” Fric“e was more of ballast and didn’t ae muc sun­ succinctƒ “”e landing was interest­ ligt left … we dum ed our last tree ing – and •I am– tan“ful Peter still ad sandbags and began trowing tings enoug abilit to get us to a safe ut out of te bas“et” ”ird­ lace fi nisers down among trees” Barbara Fric“e and Peter †uneo were ”e winners ”ièce and „cibo‰ ad in a similar osition com leting teir teir own adenturesƒ “At te end of fl igt of more tan 1900 miles „as te •last– nigt we ad snow tat made te •last– nigt we ad snow tat made †uneo “•”e landing was– arrowing te balloon eaier Our goal was to and air­raising due to clouds lots of reac a cit and ›abrador †it œew­ trees and low ballast ”e fourt •at­ foundland was a good goal wit some Noah Forden and Bert Padelt in their “small tem t– we —ust ad no ballast left and landing ossibilities outside of forests broom closet” aloft. Photo courtesy Noah Forden Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 104 ®

To get their balloon out of the Vermont woods the helpful citizens of Island Pond suggested Peter Cuneo and Barbara Fricke use a “moose hauler” – a horse specially trained to tow heavy loads (like moose) out of roadless remote areas. The horse, a 16-year-old Belgian named Gold Digger, and owner Dennis Bingham towed the basket and envelope out of the woods to an ac- cessible road in just a couple of hours. Photo courtesy Ray Palmer ‹rac­ing “ystem Changes Coming America’s Challenge deb‚ts ‹o time to –—˜† America’s orld and national hot air balloon Challenge champion Al šels ill be €oined by Andy Baird, the president of Cameron Balloons ’“ and for several years the ‹he America’s Challenge ill chair of the America’s Challenge €‚ry also be moving to a ne trac­- Brian Š‚ncan and Brenda Colisha ing app this year žB ‹rac­ing are necomers to gas ballooning, b‚t provides satellite-based trac­ing America’s Challenge he and his co-pilot, even they have e”perience fl ying o‚t of services for yachting, a‚to racing, Benoît Petérlé, had themselves estab- Balloon Fiesta Par­ ‹hey completed a and a n‚mber of other competi- lished a record for the longest fl ight by training fl ight in Alb‚ƒ‚erƒ‚e in –—˜› tive sports ‹he ˆordon Bennett a French team in their balloon sie and ‹he America’s Challenge as not adopted žB ‹rac­ing a co‚ple of type held in –—˜› beca‚se the end of the years ago Pelard as prescient in another re- competition indo for the –—˜› ‹he ne trac­ing system ‚ses spect this year, the legendary incent ˆordon Bennett overlapped the begin- m‚ch smaller lighteight trac­- eÿs ill indeed ma­e the €o‚rney to ning of the Alb‚ƒ‚erƒ‚e œnternational ers that ill save eight for the Alb‚ƒ‚erƒ‚e to compete in his fi rst Balloon Fiesta Œe are e”cited to once balloon teams and sho‚ld provide America’s Challenge eÿs holds the again host America’s premier competi- more reliable coverage than the record for the most victories …†‡ in the tion for gas balloons and to elcome former system ‚sed by the Amer- Co‚pe Aérona‚tiƒ‚e ˆordon Bennett, o‚r national and international teams the orld’s oldest air race and the orld bac­ to Alb‚ƒ‚erƒ‚e ica’s Challenge œt also incl‚des championships for distance gas bal- a n‚mber of e”citing feat‚res for looning eÿs ill be fl ying as spectators, incl‚ding the ability co-pilot ith his co‚ntryman to lay the balloons’ trac­s over a ‰ric Šecellieres ‹he other n‚mber of map over- international competitors ill lays For the fi rst time, be Pelard and Petérlé, the the America’s Challenge A‚strian team of Christian ill report altit‚de data, Œagner and ‹homas eet, as ell as distance and and three-time America’s d‚ration Challenge r‚nner-‚p Žrys- America’s Challenge tof ‘apart, teamed ‚p ith fans can donload the American Andy Cayton, a žB app for free, andŸor to-time America’s Chal- can follo the progress of lenge champion the race live via the Bal- ‹he ‰‚ropeans ill face loon Fiesta ebsite, a fi ve-team ’“ contingent balloonfi estacom ith a mi” of seasoned vet- erans and fi rst-time com- petitors ‹he veterans incl‚d fo‚r-time America’s Chal- lenge champions Barbara Fric­e and Peter C‚neo, to-time champions Cheri Œhite and Nicolas Tièche and Laurent Sciboz’s remote •ar­ “‚llivan, and –—˜™ third-place landing site outside of Labrador City, Labrador/ fi nishers šoah Forden and Bert Padelt Newfoundland. Both pilots and balloon were retrieved by helicopter. ‹he other to teams are ma­ing their Photo courtesy Laurent Sciboz. 105 PICTURE PERFECT

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OPEN EVERY DAY DURING BALLOON FIESTA®! BUY TICKETS ONLINE Sunday - Thursday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Friday - Saturday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Before you drive up, reserve a check-in time! Meow.wf/tix

IN REMEMBERANCE O˜I BAUGH ŽˆšŽŸ CLARK BI‰‰ CUTTER Few people’s contributions in te –enial inl Žuc Žlar loall In une 19‹1 two broters ascene – istor of te Balloon Fiesta equal ser­e te Albuquerque International accientall or not – into te Albuquer„ tose of oi Baug wo in te 1990s Balloon Fiesta for 1— ears as a member que s ies an ina­ertentl cange transforme te mar eting of te e­ent€ of te Boar of ˜irectors two of tem our cit’s istor€ One of course was In sligtl more tan a ecae oi as Boar ‚ecretar †200™„0‹‡€ Žuc ‚i Žutter€ ‘e oter was is broter create a sponsorsip structure wic was a š‚ ›a­ ­eteran an partner wit Bill wo li e ‚i was alrea a legen„ brougt in muc neee re­enue is broter ˜on in te famil business ar a­iator an is partner in te pio„ elping to grow te Balloon Fiesta an Žlar ‘ruc œquipment€ ˆe fl ew bot neering a­iation business foune b impro­e its amenities for corporate airplanes an balloons an consiere teir parents€ ‰i e ‚i Bill caugt te sponsors an guests€ ‚e also o­ersaw te ballooning communit an te Bal„ ballooning bug ta ing te balloon bac maƒor impro­ements to accommoa„ loon Fiesta famil to be is eŠtene to PoeniŠ were e was running Žut„ tions for te meia an te re­amp„ famil€ Žuc lost is courageous battle ter Fling ‚er­ice’s Ari’ona operations€ ing of te Balloon Fiesta’s sou­enir wit prostate cancer last ˜ecember ‘oug Bill li­e in Ari’ona an ran program€ oi steppe own after te an is muc misse b is colleagues Žutter A­iation for te rest of is life 2002 Balloon Fiesta but continue to on te boar an te balloon fi el€ e continue tangentiall to pla a role elp out wit special e­ents for te Bal„ in Albuquerque an te Balloon Fiesta€ loon …useum †notabl te International Bill was one of te “Original 1”” partici„ Balloon Feeration †FAI‡ ˆall of Fame pants in te ­er fi rst Balloon Fiesta in inuction ceremon‡ an to support 19‹2 an was a regular participant in te Balloon Fiesta€ ‰ast fall prescientl te e­ent for ecaes€ ‘e fact tat Bill or not se tol friens tat ear’s FAI was able to ta e o­er te famil busi„ ceremon woul be er last e­ent as ness arguabl free ‚i up to pursue inee it was€ ‚e passe awa quietl a full„time career in ballooning an to an uneŠpectel tis spring€ nurture wat became toa’s Balloon Fiesta€ A master pilot wo spent a life„ time in te s  Bill is misse b a­iators trougout te ‚outwest€ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 108 ®

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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® NAVIGATORS Douglas Abel Do ie Bernal ”omas ‰asŠer irle Danfor Fincerƒ‚uc„ ‹atleen ’lasŠe Bet ‘erscman Jac„ ‹en all Jon Abel ­argaret Billson teen ‰astillo ‹atleen Daniels ’alene Finne tee ’lass ”alor ‘erson ”iffan ‹en†ort eri Abrams ’ale Blac„ab Žrin ‰as†ell ‰ristine D’arco Patric„ Finne Žlsa ’lassman Aman a ‘essler Anton ‹erns anc Abruo on ra Blac„ab Dole ‰aton €ussell Das Donal Fiscer Janell ’lenn Bra ‘essler Barbara ‹ing Dai A ams Debora Bla„e Jennifer ‰atron Jac„ Dai ˆalerie Fitsimmons ­ac„enie ’lenn Deb ‘illar ‰arl ‹innar ­elanie Patrice A ams €ol Blau†„amŠ oa ‰aenee ­argie Dai ‹aren Fleet†oo €icar ’lenn ‰aterine ‘ines usan ‹innar i ne ­argaret Dust Blec Denise ‰aner ‚oretta Daila Anton Fleg ‰aterine ’loer Jacqueline ‘oc„e ‰arlotte ‹inne A ams ’a Blec ­abel ‰enter ­i„e Daila ”eresa Fleming James ’o fre susan o ges Jonelle ‹inse Delana Aerts €ut Bleic €an olŠ ‰enter Jeffre Dais Œane Fletcer €ebecca ’o fre Dennis ‘olbroo„ Jeanelle ‹ious €an Arens Œilliam Blum ‚a†son ‰acon Jon Dais Œilliam Foc„e ’eorgia ’olling Patricia ‘olbroo„ Jon ‹ir„†oo ‚u Auma aƒAbeta Diane Boc„†ol t Joann ‰ambers ‹aren Da†son An re† Folmer €obert ’olling James ‘olle ‚n ‹ir„†oo Beau A„ers ‹arl Boc„†ol t ’lenna ‰aŠman ”eresa DeAn a Au re Folmer Debbie ’onales anc ‘olle usan ‹irstƒ­illsŠaug anon A„ers Ž †ar Bog an ‰erl ‰arles Fran„ Dearmin Frances Fontenot ­iquelina ’onales ‰liff ‘olman Jolie ‹leinen Donna Al ric Joan Bog an ‰uc„ ‰arles Bill Deen Jr ‹ennet Fontenot Alfre o ’onale Ai an ‘oman Žllen ‹lemŠert James Allen Alice Bolen Aaron ‰ae ‰arol Degon Bren a Forsee anc ’onale ”raci ‘oman Jaron ‹loc„ Jean Allen Jon Bolen ‰ris ‰ae alatore Degon Bill Forste oŠia ’onale Žrica ‘orton ‚in a ‹loc„ Daniel Altoff ­elissa Bon ‹le ‰ae James Deline Pamela Foss ‘arris ’oo †in Žrin ‘orton Alessa ‹luge …olan a Alara o Jeffre Boner ­aria ‰ae ‚oretta De‚ine ‰at Fournier ‹imberl ’oo †in JoseŠine ‘otle €oger ‹oeler Anton Ambri Jon Boner icolas ‰ae ­ar„ Derubeis €obert Fournier Patricia ’orman anc ‘ouse Jacquelin ‹olasc all Ambri ‰arles Boo„ ’ar ‰ernia„ ”err Derubeis Žugene Fo“†ort ”omas ’oug ‹aterine ‘o†er Diana ‹orolu„ Diana An erson Patricia Booell ”om ‰ristoŠer Fait Deong ell Fo“†ort ”on ’ra illas Austin ‘uber Œalter ‹orolu„ Jeff An erson €obert Booell ­ar ‚ou ‰risƒ Deb Detorie ‚ucia Franco James ’raam ‰rsol ‘uffman ma ar ‹rell ‚in a An re†s €obert Borruel toŠersen Donna Det†eiler ‹atleen Freebern ­icelle ’raam cott ‘uges tee ‹reuter Ben‡amin Anello Fran„ Boucier Dai ‰iccarelli ‹ra De†art ‹eit Freebern ”eo ore ’ransbur Patricia ‘umŠres Diane ‹rostag €icar Aran a ance Boucier ­icael ‰iccarelli ­i„e De†art ‹ein Frenc ‹a ’rant ‰in  ‘unt Blaine ‚a‰lair ˆanessa Arballo ‘armon Bou reau“ €oger ‰lar„ Bets Dic„enson Barbara Fric„e ‰olleen ’regor ­icael ‘urle —ora ‚a‰lair ‰ristina Arias a†n Bo†man ‰ameron ‰lements Dai Dic„inson ’ioanni Fuentes Penn ’riego J– ‘uss ‰ris ‚aFleur Jon Arias €enee Bo ‹aterine ‰lements ‚in a Diener Jeannette Fuller €o ne ’riego ‹imberl ‘utcison all ‚am antiago Arias usie Bracamonte Pra elia ‰lemons Jeff Dill Jon Fuller Ben‡amin ’riggs €amon ‘ e Œane ‚am tee Arn t Fre Bra le tee ‰offi ng ‰arsse Dillingam Bren a Furber Jac„ ’risam ­arion Ingalls Bren a ‚an au ‚orrie Auble ­argaret Bra le ”erri ‰oenour €omana Dillingam ‚a†rence Furber ‚in a ’risam Brian Ir†in Žri„a ‚anfor Aimee A†onooŠa ‰liff Brasar Bob ‰olcloug Bill Dimmitt Jon fure Ž †ar ’roen„e Daniel Ierson ‹at ‚ang Anton Baca Bill Brennan Barbara ‰ole Joan Dingmann ­aria Fure ’inger ’rossetete €icar Ierson Jerr ‚angeim ­i„e Baca Jane Brennan De†ane ‰ole €ueben Dir„ ‘erman ’abal on Jeffre ’ui e ‘arol Jac„son €e“ ‚anning €obert Baca €ita Brennan teŠen ‰oleman ˆic„ie Dir„ ‹aren ’abal on orene ’urule Pllis Jac„son ‚in a ‚arson Jor an Bacoccini Želn Bric„ner ‚eslie ‰omer Don Dobson Doug ’allager ‹aren ’uiel Jacqueline Jacobs ‰ristal ‚arue ‹le Bacoccini ”eresa Bri ges Patt ‰ong on Bran Domingue Janice ’alan ’ina ’uman Bran on Jacques ­ac ‚arue Œilliam Baggett ‰ntia Brittain €acel ‰onine Œen  Donaoo Žunice ’arbos„i Ž †ar ‘aagsma ‹atleen Januse†s„i ­i„e ‚arue James Œ Bagle ­ar Broemel Barr ‰onle Ju  Donigian Albert ’arcia ”eresa ‘aagsma Dalia Jaramillo ­oll ‚arue Žric Baille Bonnie Brogan ‹risti ‰onle PiliŠ Doonan ‰in  ’arcia ‚isa ‘a a ‹alnn Jaramillo Billie ‚attana ‰arol Bair ‰arla Broo„s ”amara ‰onle teŠen Doonan ‰or ’arcia €ic„ ‘a a Dorot Jassso Bren a ‚a† Denise Ba„er Dale Bro†n ‹ristin ‰onner ˆictoria Dore ’ar ” ’arcia Bonnie ‘an ‰onnie Jefferson Bill ‚a†son An rea Balestri Dic„ Bro†n ­in  ‰onnoll A– Žliabet Do† ‹at ’arcia Debra ‘all oel Jen„s ”eresa ‚a†son Joe Balestri Jane Bro†n Joan ‰onnor James Do† ‹eelie ’arcia Anita ‘allstrom €icar Jen„s An re† ‚aman ‚anena Balestri ­elissa Bro†n ‚in a ‰onnor ‰elina Do†ling ‚orraine ’arcia ’reg ‘allstrom Dai Jimene Patricia ‚e ‚ucian Balestri ­i„e Bro†n ‹irb ‰oon Jansen Do†ns ­i„e ’arcia ‹atie ‘allstrom ‹aterine Jonson Ž †ar ‚ear JoseŠ Balistreri …onne Bro†n €e“ ‰orbin ­aria Du le ”riston ’arcia ‚ori ‘allstrom ­atte† Jonson Patricia ‚ear ‘arris Bal„in tee Bru„e €osie ‰orte ‹eel Dumars ‰ntia ’ara €egina ‘amŠton Œatt Jonson Diane ‚eblanc JoseŠ Ballengee Peg Buell Jane ‰orell €ic„ Dunagan Beate ’efe„e icole ‘ancoc„ ‹arla Jonston Am ‚ee ‚in a Ballentin ”omas Bueno ”omas ‰ouncil ‹at Duncan €ue iger ’efe„e ‰arles ‘an fi el ­arsall Jonston Jon ‚ee ‹atleen Ban„s ‰onnie Bur ei a ‰ourtne Bueno ‹ennet Duncan ’ale ’eis ‰ntia ‘an fi el Ale“ Jonar II Donna ‚eec a a Barfi Jon Bur ‰erl ‰o“ ’errol Dunn ‰eanne ’ensinger ­arion ‘anna ’enea Jones orman ‚eec Denise Barloc„ Fran„ Burenn Paullette ‰raner Jennifer Dunn Darla ’ensinger ‹eit ‘annon Jeffre Jones orma ‚eeŠer Dai Barnes Fran„ Burenn Bran on ‰ra†for Domenica DuranƒArias ‚arr ’ensinger Dennis ‘ar ers €amon Jones ­onica ‚efere Žric Barr ara Burne Ana ‰reamer Ambrose Ž †ar s Fre ’essner cott ‘ar  €ebecca Jong €an  ‚efere Ža Barr Žlisa Bustamante ­argie ‰reel Julie Ann Ž †ar s ˆic„i ’ibbons elena ‘ar  Bla„e Jor an Dae ‚emle ’regor Barr Alan Butts ­ann ‰resŠin ­arion Ž †ar s Bec„ ’ibson usan ‘ar  ‹imberl Ju ge ­elissa ‚eonar Jacob Barr Ju  Butts Dianne ‰ress ”ami Ž †ar s teen ’ibson Arlene ‘armon ‚arr ‹aibetone a†n ‚eonar ‚aurel Barr ar Bu“ton Bruce ‰riel Patricia Ž †ar s Darrla ’iersc Annie ‘arrison Ju it ‹ale ‚n ‚esner ‚u„e Barr stanle bu“ton ‚aura ‰riel Œitmer Denae ’iersc ­aria ‘a ‹eit ‹almerton Asa ‚e†is Œilliam Barr ‰arol Br ”o ‰riel tac Žl ri ge Ja en ’iersc Anna ‘anie ‚isa ‹almerton Jon ‚e†is Deeˆon a Batres James Br ­atte† ‰roc„er An rea Žl„ins Jon ’iersc An rea ‘eacoc„ƒ€ees Pegg ‹anio anc ‚e†is ­ar‡ Ba“ter ‰larissa ‰a man ”erri ‰roc„er ‚ester Žlmer ‹en ra ’iersc ­icelle ‘eal ‰ristina ‹as„abas Paula ‚e†is amanta Ba“ter Janna ‰allison Dai ‰rosslan Jon Žlric„ ‚eon ’ilbert ana ‘eat ˆic„ ‹auffman ‹atie ‚een ec„er annon Ba“ter Joie ‰ameronƒBro†n Joce ‰ruic„san„ Donal Žng al anci ’ilbert €ita ‘ela„ teen ‹a ­i„e ‚iberti amaa Beacem usan ‰aŠal i effi tti ‰ruic„san„ Jonn Žsquiel Brent ’illesŠie ‹urtis ‘elie ‹ala ‹eating Ž †ar ‚icon Debbie Bec„ Ju  ‰arran Alan ‰uales eri Žssen ‚aura ’illesŠie tuart ‘elie €obert ‹eaen ‰aroln ‚ille Ž †ar Bec„ Albert ‰arrillo Barbara ‰urr Joanne Žans tan ’illesŠie Brittan ‘en ric„son ‹aren ‹eifeneim €ut ‚in Jon Bec„ ’eral ine ‰arrillo auna ‰urtiss ‘enr Feltman Jr Jon ’illett ‰armen ‘en„el ‹im ‹elbe Anna ‚ins„ Patric„ Bec„ ’eorge ‰arrillo Jr Dlan D ‹at Fennell ­i„e ’illigan €icar ‘en„el ‚i ‹ellner Debora ‚ister Da†n Bell Ala ‰aruso ’u Dams Dai Fens„e Diana ’ilson ‘arriet ‘ernan e ’eorgia ‹ell Donal ‚ister Jostein Bell ‚ouie ‰aruso Fre Dail ‰lau io Fernan es Barbara ’irouar ­iguel ‘ernan e ‹aterine ‹ell ‹eerne ‚ister aron Bell ‚ouis ‰aruso ‰n i Danen ‚ori Ferraro €icar ’iu ice ‹ristina ‘errera ­organ ‹ell Bruce ‚ittle Amber Benai e ‰atleene ‰asas Jon Danen €icar Fiel ˆiian ’iu ice Am ‘erring Œilliam ‹ell et ‚ittle‡on ‚aura Berger aron ‰asŠer ’ar Danfor ‹imberl A– Jerr ’la is €amon ‘errington Jennifer ‹emŠ Butc ‚le†elln Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta® 2019 Offi cial Program 112

David Llewellyn ƒrene Mercier Mary oskin ichard athbun Janet Llewellyn †lwyn Merrill †li abeth „’Brien Sandra ausch Lawrence Llewellyn Lawrence Merry Ceanne „chel Joseh ebarchik Mari Llewellyn Cathy Meyer rnel „c on Cathy eber Martha Llewellyn Šatricia Me ancello Caitlin „dom Stehen eber Michael Llewellyn Sarah Me ancello …aleria „lave erra eed Will Llewellyn Steven Me ancello Shelly „lguin †li abeth eese Marlon Long Dot Michaelson Wendy „livas Jimmy eeves Sigrid Christine Long Marc Michaelson Melissa „randay ichard eid Kathy Loven ‹olly Mickelson nn „verstreet Mary eilly Mark Loven Joe Mickelson James „verton Je‰‰ enegar Kimberle Lowe Šam Micker Deborah „wen …ickey esner Bob Lucero rlette Miller David „wens ndre eyes Cathy Luenenborg Clyde Miller ­loria „wens Šearl eyes Judy Lujan Cory Miller James Šack Debbie eynolds achael Lujan ‚reida Miller oelle Šackard Kevin eynolds Jay Luna Melissa Miller Chris Šadilla Lynda eynolds Michelle Sandoval David Solinske ichola ootle †llis 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2019 ›œITA‹› A™AœŠ HONORING GEORGE HAHN The Albuquerque International Bal a gas balloon rating an €artici€ate in A›œ•Oƒ one of Albuquerque’s an the loon Fiesta AIBF eritage Aar the Balloon Fiesta’s earl‚ gas balloon countr‚’s olest an most establishe recogni es ini­iuals ho ha­e mae com€etitions in the 19‘0s… balloon sales an re€air facilities… e signifi cant an longtime contributions In the ne”t ecaeƒ ‹eorge became ran A›œ•O for nearl‚ ž0 ‚ears an also to Balloon Fiesta through €reser­ation a leaing fi gure both in the Balloon briefl ‚ ha an onershi€ interest in Ÿ– of AIBF cor€orate or e­ent histor‚ƒ €ro Fiesta an in the ballooning communit‚ƒ balloon manufacturer Firefl ‚ Balloon motionƒ communicationƒ or eucational es€eciall‚ ell Žnon for €romoting ™orŽs¡Barnes… As a res€ecte instruc acti­itiesƒ or through other inno­ations continuing eucation for €ilots an safe tor an FAA Šesignate Pilot ›”aminerƒ that ha­e been shon to hel€ achie­e fl ‚ing €ractices… e became the •hief ‹eorge traine an¡or certifi e o ens AIBF’s mission statement… This ‚ear’s –afet‚ Offi cer for AIBF in 19‘†ƒ Assis of balloon €ilots… e as an organi er inner has been €art of the Balloon tant Balloonmeister in 19‘‰ƒ an Bal an €artici€ant in numerous safet‚ Fiesta for more than †0 ‚earsƒ €la‚ing loonmeister in 19‘— an 19‘ˆ… ‹eorge seminars in Albuquerque an across the a ma‡or role not onl‚ in AIBFƒ but in the ser­e 22 ‚ears on the Balloon Fiesta countr‚ an ga­e regular safet‚ talŽs to ballooning communit‚ in Albuquerque Boar of Širectorsƒ incluing terms as grou€s of €ilots… an nationie… ˜icePresient in 19‘9 an 1990 an as Although ‹eorge an his ife Alice In 19ˆ‰ƒ an Albuquerque ortho€eic Presient in 1991… ™hile on the boarƒ are no in retirement in Te”asƒ he re surgeonƒ Šr… Bob Bensonƒ ga­e ‹eorge ‹eorge €la‚e a Že‚ role in im€ro­ing mains an acti­e an a­i su€€orter of ahn his fi rst balloon rieŒ an ‹eorge’s the organi ation’s fi scalƒ managementƒ AIBF… A great raconteurƒ ‹eorge is still life change fore­er… e bought his an bugeting €ractices… is goal as a tro­e of ballooning talesƒ all e”cit fi rst balloon Snapdragonƒ an in quicŽ to buil a sounƒ businessliŽe o€eration ingƒ some e­en trueƒ an all €art of the succession in 19ˆˆ an 19ˆ‘ earne his hile at the same time concentrating magic that is ballooning an Balloon €ri­ate an commercial €ilot ratingsƒ on safet‚ an fun for €artici€ants in the Fiesta… learning b‚ fl ‚ing at e­er‚ o€€ortunit‚ Balloon Fiesta… šuch of his orŽ still hen conitions e­en marginall‚ €er guies AIBF’s o€erations to this a‚… mitte… B‚ the summer of 19ˆ‘ƒ ‹eorge –imultaneousl‚ƒ ‹eorge remaine as alrea‚ a sŽille – an guts‚  in­ol­e in €romoting ballooning gen com€etiti­e €ilot… e soon also earne erall‚… In the mi 19‘0s he acquire Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2019 Offi cial Program 114 ®

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PHILLIPS 66 PHILLIP 66 BALLOONS PRINT ADS - AIBF BACK COVER 4C, Page Ad CCO: AM: Live: 7.375” x 9.875” CD: AP: Trim: 8.375” x 10.875” AD: PP: Bleed: 8.625” x 11.125” CW: PM: Lisa Brody 11202737 Photo: PRF: Jay DItzer COLORS PRODUCTION NOTES APPROVALS Cyan • All line art & logos are repro Proof_____ AD_____ CW_____ GCD_____ AE_____ Prod_____ Client_____ Magenta • Unless specified by workorder, all other images Last Touched :abbey.wilhelm, 7-2-2019 12:39 PM, Yellow are FPO Studio:2019:Phillips66:66:PHI66_11202737_Balloons_PrintAds:PHI66_AIBF_ Black Scale: 1” = 1” BackCover_8.375x10.875_03.indd Printed at: None Revision #: 2

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